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  1. COuld this be IBS?
  2. quick question
  3. Help! Help!
  4. Use of Restrooms not allowed
  5. does anyone take acidophilus for IBS?
  6. Muscle Spasms
  7. Help!!
  8. 7 weeks of diahrrea-- hellllppp!!!!
  9. I Wish I Could Stop Farting So Much
  10. Fatty liver - could it contribute to IBS?
  11. IBS Specialist - is there such a thing?
  12. Is this IBS I am not sure....
  13. fiber is working for diarrhea!
  14. IBS questions-Is this IBS??
  15. Does anyone have...
  16. Pain and burning in right side
  17. lump and IBS
  18. IBS? Look like I'm 6mo pregnant! HELP!!!
  19. Digestive Enzymes? Help or not?
  20. Is burping a symptom of IBS?
  21. Does anyone have SHARP stomach pain with IBS?
  22. 9 year old newly diagnosed with IBS
  23. My symptoms. IBS?
  24. any help for cramps?
  25. How i beat IBS
  26. Heres My Story Please Help
  27. citrobacter fruendii ........help!
  28. whats wrong?
  29. Is it really IBS I have?
  30. Diets to avoid rumbling gut.
  31. many questions, zelnorm, bm's HELP PLEASE
  32. My IBS.
  33. anyone have any idea what is wrong, didnt know where to post
  34. IBS is RUINING my life!
  35. Does this sound like IBS?
  36. Rare Disorder??
  37. Bad "D" last night and continuing this morning
  38. Sigmoidoscopy results..
  39. Introduction and Question about Gas
  40. Knawing pain!!
  41. just some info i found out from specialist id like to share
  42. What is irritable bowel syndrome
  43. [b]questioning Symptoms Of Ibs[/b]
  44. affects of long term use of Imodium
  45. Does Levison help anyone? Yes it does
  46. those with IBS-C, what do you eat?
  47. Zelnorm
  48. Questioning Symptoms Of IBS
  49. Questions and Tips
  50. Help! Have to go to dentist and am panicking!
  51. New to board. Stressed 38-year-old male
  52. suddenly IBS?
  53. Can't be IBS - Or is it??
  54. mucus and diareaha
  55. diareaha and stools that look like ribbons
  56. anyone else ever have this happen?
  57. Symptoms of IBS?
  58. IBS and stomach pain/cramping?
  59. Problems with Fish
  60. Alosetron a.k.a. Lotronex
  61. Questions about IBS
  62. For all who are IBS with alternating constipation and diarrhea and anti-depressants
  63. I can't believe it could really be IBS
  64. Does anyone else do this???????
  65. Protein pump inhibitors (purple pill)
  66. Has anyone had a colonoscopy lately?
  67. Rumbling Gut
  68. Most confortable method for enema
  69. IBS - 10 Years - Now on Raw Food Diet - Cant Manage . Going Mad
  70. Some questions
  71. Constipation, now this
  72. kinda new at this.....
  73. Chinese Food
  74. Pancolitis
  75. Please help...
  76. This cured me!
  77. Newbie needing Advice
  78. BENTYL for IBS
  79. LLQ PAIN and lump to go with it.
  80. Is this IBS?
  81. Right Upper Quadrant Pain is it IBS
  82. another night cut short because of gas!!
  83. Difference between IBS C and D?
  84. Has anyone had loss of appetite with IBS?
  85. Has anyone had dark stools along with constipation?
  86. What should I take for IBS-C?
  87. need some advice
  88. Hypnosis?
  89. I Don't Think I Have IBS PART2
  90. Mysterious stomach problem
  91. IBS and YEAST
  92. IBS Related?
  93. Immodium how many is too much ?
  94. I Don't Think I Have IBS - Please Help
  95. IBS Commercials
  96. Question for dating with IBS?
  97. Citrucel for IBS-D
  98. new here - questions about Mirilax
  99. this happen to anyone?
  100. how do I know...
  101. Scared in bed 2days now, IBS??
  102. ibs and effexoe i need some advice
  103. Out of options?
  104. scared out of my mind....
  105. My big problem and long letter...
  106. Dicetel
  107. i think i may have ibs? could you help me?
  108. constant gas/pain only 4 weeks b4 wedding!
  109. Feeling like your gonna blow up???
  110. my butt is bleeding plz help me
  111. Here I Am Again..still Having The Pain In Llq
  112. Thought I had IBS but it was food allergies, maybe some help for others.
  113. Do you all think this is IBS?
  114. Are these normal IBS symptoms? What would you guys do?
  115. Start Librax.... I'll post my progress..
  116. Desperately need advice...
  117. the big D for 2 weeks???? everything i eat or drink!
  118. My IBS-C is horible
  119. hope everyones doin well!
  120. pressure in lower back
  121. Constant Pain In Lower Left Quadrant
  122. Stringy BM?
  123. IBS Symptoms
  124. What Helps you?
  125. IBS and Anxiety Linked??
  126. For Rush Rulz...
  127. medication for Ibs??
  128. Everyone here
  129. New to this board
  130. Is this normal?????
  131. Does Levsin Help Anyone??
  132. whats wrong with me??? help....
  133. Is ground flax seed a good source of fiber for IBS?
  134. Anybody here take Kristalose????
  135. IBS? or something else?
  136. Have anyone had Endoscophy done and Have nasua feeling ?? ** please help **scared
  137. every month
  138. Pain in left side- IBS or diverticulosis?
  139. just curious
  140. I finally found it!!!
  141. anal discharge & stomach pain
  142. worse after bowel movement
  143. fiber and ibs question ??
  144. Colonics & IBS??
  145. Medication for IBS with constipation?
  146. Think i have IBS
  147. Depression meds (ssri's) and IBS
  148. new to this board
  149. Hyoscyamine
  150. Can Vegetarians get I.B.S?
  151. Could it be??
  152. My Symptoms what are yalls thoughts.
  153. Probiotics
  154. smoking and ibs
  155. pain in right side
  156. Question about water
  157. IBS and Fosamax
  158. neone tried aloe vera for ibs...?
  159. I may have found cure for my IBS....
  160. My IBS caused by Lyme and tick coinfection...
  161. Bacteria May Cause IBS!!
  162. Caltrate- calcium question
  163. anyone
  164. have this major problem real sick--need help please
  165. Need Help
  166. New to board-Will colonoscopy tell me if I have IBS?
  167. Looking for help
  168. Four year old with stomach and stool problems
  169. anyone have chest pain with ibs??
  170. severe abdominal pain... need help
  171. possibly IBS ??
  172. i think it's IBS
  173. Where is all this gas and cramping coming from?
  174. IBS worse in spring and fall
  175. So far diagnosed with IBS
  176. IBS-D, IBS-C - What do the alpha extensions mean?
  177. Coffee/Cafeine and IBS
  178. Study on Bacterial Overgrowth of Small Intestine and IBS
  179. Colonoscopy prep
  180. Hi Harry
  181. Severe IBS-C-I dont now how much more I can take
  182. IBS and Bacterial Overgrowth in the Small Instestine...
  183. IBS,anxiety,or both?
  184. ibs-d, taking donnatal but am becoming constipated. help!
  185. trying a new medication
  186. Shape of Bowel Movements
  187. Short-term preventative measures??
  188. Bloated 24/7
  189. drinking tons of water and still constipated..thyroid?
  190. Excessive Mucus...ONLY mucus?
  191. Normal Life?
  192. IBS-D People Please Read
  193. Foods to stay far from IBS?? zelnorm?
  194. New to this PLEASE HELP ME!
  195. Can someone please help me out?
  196. my stomachs always GROWLING 24/7 plz HELP!!!!!
  197. does anything take away the pain?
  198. buscopan for IBS?
  199. new here
  200. Help for GI patients sensitive to computer radiation
  201. Help......
  202. could this be ibs?
  203. Anxiety and IBS
  204. Heart pain/rhythm irregularity?
  205. Dicetel
  206. Foods that help diarrhea?
  207. Anybody taken "floramax"?? Im scared & need advice.
  208. Is this a normal thing?
  209. Digestrin
  210. Saw my shrink& got my thyroid checked. UPDATES!
  211. in 2 hours...
  212. embarassed
  213. Stomach Acid Reducers Cause Acne?
  214. "Butt-load" of questions about colon cleansing, colonics, and herbal teas
  215. Just got dianosed with IBS...
  216. Have you had your thyroid tested??
  217. New to Board/Can anyone help?
  218. Need info for my little sister!!!!
  219. anyone similar to this ?
  220. Diarrhea and IBS
  221. Eggs anyone?
  222. Only eating fruits - need help please! Is that unhealthy?
  223. Does anyone else get mouth sores quite often?
  224. Upper Stomach Spasms with IBS
  225. New Research in colon cancer link
  226. IBS & Distended Stomach.....
  227. Pregnant with IBS anyone?
  228. list YOUR ways of PAIN management
  229. Sick and Tired of this
  230. Flavored Metamucil?
  231. How can I stop taking laxatives..addicted?
  232. Sugar, Artifiical Sweeteners and IBS
  233. does any one have both
  234. please PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!!
  235. The Big D AGAIN & AGAIN
  236. Fiber has really cured diarrhea
  237. Desperately Discouraged! Help Wanted!
  238. IBS and Working & Driving
  239. Cant think of a title.I need help and support.
  240. Can you please describe your symptoms?
  241. Nerveous stomach
  242. Backed up for a while now
  243. What has worked/improved/cured your IBS?
  244. Help for my wife...
  245. Fungal defense and IBS
  246. Help! Is this IBS & what can I do?
  247. ibs and fibromyalgia
  248. Leaky Bowels
  249. Pain Overdose! Girls w/IBS and Period@same time
  250. Digestrin for IBS?

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