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  1. 20 years with IBS-some alternative ideas
  2. My stomach is always bothering me
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  7. Peppermint Pastilles?
  8. stomach problems
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  10. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  11. Mucus
  12. Told my pain is IBS???
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  14. Fed Up With IBS - Suggestions?
  15. What symptoms is ACTIVIA supposed to help?
  16. 4am -6am abdomnial pain
  17. noise in the stomach
  18. Help me plz!!!
  19. Does this sound like IBS or colon cancer ??
  20. Anti-diarrheal reaction? Or is it mormal?
  21. IBS management and Anxiety
  22. pain in left side under rib when driving long distances
  23. Dos says it is "probably" IBS - Worried and waiting.
  24. Ugh What's Wrong With Me Now...
  25. stomach clenches anxiety causing ibs
  26. Constant abdominal cramping?
  27. probiotics
  28. Something that is helping me considerably! :)
  29. do digestive enzymes help with diarrhea?
  30. Not sure what I have....help?
  31. Ashamed to Write This.
  32. joint pain
  33. Newly diagnosed, any advice?
  34. rumbling tummy & diarrhoea
  35. Timing of probiotics question
  36. Anyone have this?
  37. Anyone tried the Sherry Brescia program?
  38. why does my stomach bloat after eating
  39. Sudafed and Claritin may help?
  40. Anyone Else Have This Problem?
  41. Any antidepressants for IBS D
  42. Is it possible...?
  43. Stomach noises & Nausea
  44. antibiotics
  45. 95% Improvement with VSL3
  46. hemorriods
  47. Question Anyone have this crazy problem?
  48. Ibs Help
  49. Couple of Questions
  50. donnatel
  51. Weird Symptoms...Been lead to IBS board..Please Help!
  52. Blood mucus IBS and anxiety
  53. Pain With Ibs - D
  54. Growing up makes me stressed out...
  55. IBS & the pill ...
  56. IBS-D...After trying everything...it can happen
  57. am i always going to feel like this?
  58. IBS and weight
  59. Can someone post symptoms of IBS?? How long does it last???
  60. Besides yogurt, what foods are okay to eat?
  61. Irritable Bowel and sex...question for females
  62. My wife just ran out of Zelnorm (yes...we know, but the doc said to keep taking)
  63. IBS for years, now total colectomy!
  64. "D" after 4 days
  65. can anyone help me with suggestions for my colonoscopy this week
  66. Does probiotics make your constipation worse??
  67. New oddness - not feeling great! :(
  68. Severe bloating please help
  69. Trouble with Bowels
  70. there doesnt seem to be a way around this!!
  71. Nervous Bowels and Imodium
  72. can you take immodium and citricel at the same time?
  73. IBS and new Aspirin
  74. abdominal tenderness ???
  75. new here with question!??
  76. Does IBS lead to tiredness?
  77. Abdominal Pain...almost like period cramps
  78. No stool for a week
  79. Alcohol and IBS
  80. could it be grains?
  81. anyone in uk with ibs?
  82. just cannot bulk stools
  83. is this still IBS-how can you tell??
  84. frequent and bad odor bowel movements
  85. constipation and pain!...also can anyone see their spasms?
  86. If not IBS, then what?
  87. what does blood in the stools look like
  88. Has this ever happened to you??
  89. Harry, Questions about Fiber Therapy
  90. Fibre Experts... please help !!!
  91. imodium
  92. IBS-D sufferer's... how many of you have problems with fissures ?
  93. Ibs ?
  94. Unbelievabley Stinky Gas and lots of it!!!! - Please help!! - Thank you for help!
  95. Heal LIVER to rid IBS!!
  96. Another Miralax Question????
  97. Intestinal spasms?
  98. Just when you think your getting better....
  99. Howd U No Its Ibs And Not Cancer??
  100. why does lettuce upset my ibs
  101. Does IBS really exist?
  102. can ibs feel like???
  103. please help me
  104. dont know what to do-just started colofac??
  105. IBS & Flat stool?
  106. 18 female, sweden. need help!
  107. symptoms of IBS
  108. Does anyone have this reaction to Starbucks Frappicino's?
  109. major gas problem?
  110. Symptoms of IBS?
  111. Bowel Balance Wellness oil
  112. Positive steps that I have found really helpful- please share yours
  113. possible IBS?
  114. Does IBS cause Kyphosis (Hunchback)?
  115. Stress Out when Eating Out
  116. miralax
  117. IBS pain management
  118. Does certain foods make you worse?
  119. Help, barium test fear...
  120. problem with lidocaine cream
  121. questions
  122. acacia fiber
  123. Diagnosed with IBS years ago - new developments
  124. how do you live with IBS?
  125. Does anyone have these symptoms?
  126. GAS AND MORE GAS- Do More Carbs Make you worse????
  127. Anyone w/ discomfort up under ribs and around the back w/ IBS?
  128. Does anyone else have right sided abdominal pain?
  129. Question about Amitiza/side effects
  130. Natural Remedies??
  131. Problems with constipation, using coffee to go, is it safe?
  132. Colon Hydrotherapy
  133. Gas Stop- anyone taken it? Or heard about it.???
  134. IBS or something else
  135. Anyone Used Digestive Advantage For Gas
  136. Does Anyone Know Of Anything New To Help Ibs??
  137. advice on the new test im having only one week left! help
  138. Am I the only one with pain AFTER a bowel movement?
  139. Extreme body pain with Amitiza???
  140. Diagnosed with IBS? Not sure if I agree! HELP!
  141. Calcium for Diarrea?
  142. What's wrong with me? Help needed
  143. Can this be IBS?
  144. anyone else have this happen?
  145. IBS, muscle strain or diverticulitis???
  146. Is this IBS?
  147. Gas And Vegetables Need Help
  148. a little question
  149. Calcium and kidney stones
  150. Sudden Onset- What do these symptoms sound like to you?
  151. Natural Products
  152. Relieving IBS symptoms
  153. how many hours does it take rice and to diges
  154. I need help...
  155. Inital diagnosis IBS now undiagnosed upper left quadrant pain
  156. Is this IBS?
  157. stomach problems
  158. IBS sufferer but no meds seem to work.
  159. I need help badly
  160. Help Please
  161. Side Pain
  162. what causes thin stools
  163. Ibs??
  164. please help is this all related confused :S
  165. Mild IBS symptoms
  166. intestinal sensitivity & bloating
  167. Mucous discharge when passing gas?
  168. Why does the rectom burn when having a bowel movement
  169. hypnotherapy for IBS - anyone completed it?
  170. a question about IBS?
  171. IBS and anxiety?
  172. New treatment????
  173. which dr for anal/rectal problems
  174. What works for me
  175. stool shape
  176. Excess Gas..need A Remedy
  177. Bowel Movements and Urination
  178. does salads make ibs worse.ive got terrible pain under left ribs after a salad
  179. Sharp pain when bending over with ibs
  180. pain all over stomach
  181. Rifaximin
  182. could this be IBS?
  183. very embarassing story but not sure what to do...
  184. very bad wind and pain on the leftside
  185. Pain in lower right abdomen
  186. Stomach Ache And Lots Of Gas
  187. Colon Cleansing
  188. IBS?or Colon cancer?
  189. IBS & chemical sensitivity
  190. bicarbonate of soda
  191. My IBS Cured
  192. IBS and dieting
  193. Advice on Sitz Marker test experience
  194. Elavil/Amitriptyline and nausea
  195. bloated stomach
  196. Mannaging IBS
  197. help and advice needed please
  198. Gnawing in stomach, is it IBS?
  199. forms of treatment?
  200. Please help - Do I have IBS?
  201. could this be IBS
  202. left dull ache in lower abdomen
  203. Seems it's IBS after all...
  204. Are headaches part of IBS?
  205. How to make my BM's as regular as possible..
  206. is beef broth ok to drink during prep
  207. when to take citrucel and digestive advantage
  208. Probiotics
  209. Diarrhea anytime I eat anything.
  210. when is rectal prolapse severe?
  211. New to the board with IBS?
  212. joint pain and low b12
  213. Severe IBS
  214. is ibs and sad related
  215. Parodid Gland
  216. does aloe vera stop stomach growling
  217. Major Bloating
  218. Is this typical of IBS?
  219. I have IBS- Constapation, need you..
  220. test results
  221. Can Anyone Please Help
  222. bowel change after mexico trip
  223. what in the world is up with my body???
  224. Anyone with NO "D" or "C"?
  225. which is better
  226. rate your worst pain level
  227. Can't slow down G.I. Tract
  228. Pinching and burning sensations
  229. In the depths of despair...please help
  230. Miralax
  231. what does blood from the bowel look like
  232. Weird Symptoms... Anyone Know?
  233. What Foods Can I Eat With Ibs
  234. Naltrexone for IBS-D??
  235. 10 commandments for Self Study, 3 Meals, 7 Hours Sleep, Trust in God
  236. Anyone Out There With Ibs D Living In Paris
  237. use laxatives permanently ?? is it harmful ??
  238. 4 Years later and still no luck
  239. New here, but have a question....
  240. Someone pleasee help...i don't know what to do anymore..
  241. Do I have IBS or something else
  242. Zelnorm
  243. Annoying Stomach noises
  244. Do I have IBS?
  245. IBS? or something else?
  246. Cramping after eating certain foods?
  247. diahria
  248. Elavil (Amitryptline) or Ultram (Tramadol)
  249. palpitations when trying to relax
  250. Help!!!!! Ibs???