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  1. xifaxan
  2. Digestive Advantage
  3. Problems when eating leftovers
  4. pain
  5. 85 Year Old Mother troubled by DIARRHEA
  6. My GI appt and IBS.............
  7. Is this IBS? feeling hopeless!
  8. Does anyone have this probem
  9. In need of IBS relief medicine!!!
  10. Changing Symptoms
  11. Has Anyone Tried This for IBS?
  12. Is excess bowel sounds a symtom of IBS?
  13. Arrgh! Will ths never go away...
  14. suitable cure for constipation .. Mint !
  15. constipation colonics and laxatives
  16. Please Help
  17. Metamucil and thin stools
  18. Question????
  19. Ibs???
  20. dun simply eat herbs, will lead ibs
  21. Going to University...and having IBS
  22. prune juice, apple sauce & all bran cereal for constipation
  23. newly diagnosed with IBS
  24. Small Intestinal Overgrowth Syndrome plus IBS with Constipation
  25. hemorrhoid or something else?? :(
  26. Hardening of bowel wall?
  27. Any Ideas ,IBS, Lactose Intolerance
  28. Could this be IBS?
  29. Grrrr!
  30. ibs dizzines?
  31. LOwer back pain and stomach pain, could this be ibs
  32. been off work for over a year with ibs please help!!!
  33. Do i have IBS?!
  34. irritable bowel syndrome causing rough anxiety!!help please
  35. Two questions from long-time IBS-D Sufferer
  36. IBS sufferer, I need help/reassurance.
  37. Very Tired-does anyone else feel this way with IBS? Need reassurance
  38. Do any of you have really frequent nausea with IBS?
  39. Vivonex
  40. Help! IBS-D after eating all day long
  41. Yellowish coated tongue, is this a symptom of IBS?
  42. Could this really be IBS?
  43. New to Board!
  44. Could someone help me out here.....
  45. Life of an IBD sufferer?
  46. Does this sound like IBS??
  47. Digestive Advantage
  48. Do you have to take prescriptions?
  49. want to do an exclusion diet
  50. Fight for Yourself...Maybe your Dr. isn't
  51. Help for Chronic Constipation - Amitiza
  52. Gas what is left to eat-??????
  53. sexual intercourse sets off IBS (for women) and nausea?
  54. IBS? Need to Know
  55. i'm just making this harder for myself to deal with.
  56. colonoscopy and gastroscopy
  57. Laxatives aren't working
  58. keep loosing weight?
  59. Rapid Gastric Emptying?
  60. IBS this bad?
  61. Suffered for 3 years w/ no dx
  62. Dose of Culturelle or Enzymatic pearls for IBS???
  63. Anyone tried colon cleansing?
  64. Yogurt Problems- Need Help
  65. Gastro Problem - smell of food...
  66. Just Diagosed - Please help
  67. Natural help? ANybody done this?
  68. Familial Mediterranean Fever (recurrent polyserositis)
  69. had my test!
  70. IBS? or something eles?
  71. Coconut cure?
  72. feeling of unfinished defecation
  73. nettle tea
  74. Severe pain above pubic region
  75. IBS diets/mealplans
  76. Frequent Bowel Movement and Frequent farting
  77. Abnormal Stool Shapes
  78. New to the boards
  79. Possibly IBS?
  80. stress-related IBS attacks - help!
  81. Please help - very concerned
  82. colonoscopy #2 and EDG
  83. Cold Sweats, Dizziness, Crazy Diarrhea, Cramps...
  84. Pooping Rocks
  85. ibs with D
  86. Is this IBS?
  87. can anybody help me please
  88. I dont know where to start, can you guys help me?
  89. Does IBS Cause Pain???
  90. stool softener
  91. Does immodium stop working if it is used to much?
  92. Is this to drastic?
  93. Possible IBS?
  94. I dont think this is IBS..:-(
  95. My *** is always itchy!
  96. Just diagnosed...any suggestions?
  97. how do you hold down a job with ibs?
  98. Scared to death I'll ---- in my pants in public
  99. 5 weeks and no natural output - What's up?
  100. what is this?
  101. IBS or should I be worried?
  102. is this IBS?
  103. Is this a stupid idea?
  104. Travel sickness pills what do u think?
  105. Have recently been told I have IBS
  106. IBS or more?
  107. Feel like I've been kicked
  108. not sure what to eat anymore
  109. Please help am pulling my hair out!!
  110. Pain under right rib
  111. Can gas make you feel as if you are going to explode!
  112. bile salt diarrhea
  113. Anyone tried Amitiza?---Gun shy
  114. Perimenopause and IBs
  115. Constant Rectal Pain
  116. Anyone here ever take Symax?
  117. recall of zelnorm
  118. I am new to this board!
  119. For Pain Associated with IBS
  120. question about immodium..
  121. trapped gas in chest (help!)...fast pulse questions
  122. IBS - Constipation - Mineral Oil
  123. Lower ribs hurt? Anything to do with IBS?
  124. IBS/Blood in stool
  125. Besides bloating....
  126. Is this IBS? Please help
  127. Abdominal distension/bloating
  128. bile regurgitation
  129. Eating out
  130. Nature Cures for IBS?
  131. Any Suggestions?
  132. Strange Symptoms
  133. Fleet prep and blood pressure meds...
  134. Female Doctor in NYC?
  135. IBS symptoms?
  136. Bloating for a Year
  137. pain in groin
  138. My IBS is back but different symtons. Any help
  139. Colonoscopy Prep Preview (Visicol)
  140. Lower Abdominal pains
  141. Ibs?
  142. could i have ibs?
  143. advice... please!
  144. Ruining my life
  145. about amitiza caps
  146. Nausea with IBS?
  147. New to this Site- Think I have IBS
  148. What to do about 10-day constipation
  149. Colonoscopy Prep Question for Tuesday...need advice
  150. Does spearmint or peppermint work better for gas/cramps?
  151. How does this even happen??
  152. No cold fluids?
  153. 5-HTP cures IBS !
  154. hi all...newbie here-IBS possibly not sure
  155. Azathioprine and pregnancy
  156. Do you suffer from bloat?
  157. just been diagnosed- IBS
  158. IBS and bowel question
  159. I just want to die
  160. TTC on meds
  161. Does anyone bowels react this way?
  162. I dont get it, can someone help
  163. Question About BM'S
  164. Just Wondering...
  165. body leaking foul odour
  166. Is this just a stamach virus or something else???
  167. Nightime pain and pressure from gas
  168. Colon Cleanse
  169. Sharp stabbing pains?
  170. no idea what to do
  171. crazy symptom
  172. Proctalgia Fugax
  173. Where is your pain located?
  174. Does this sound right?
  175. IBS and drinking alcoholic beverages?
  176. Metamucil in the UK
  177. Sharp pain just above pubic region?
  178. New here & question
  179. Fed up, Lactose or IBS-D?
  180. Burning, itching and occasional dripping?
  181. Stop the Bloat!
  182. Ibs?
  183. Zelnorm causing heart attacks and strokes question
  184. Frustrated with pill taking and flare-up
  185. Been Sick For 2 Months Found Cause
  186. question for those with low IBS abdominal pain
  187. Anyone have probiotic side effects?
  188. Peppermint Capsules for IBS?
  189. Q regarding frequency of symptoms
  190. What Is IBS????
  191. need help only 15 thinking i might have ibs? please help
  192. Digestrin, for IBS does it work?
  193. Diagnosed with IBS
  194. Connection Between IBS and Allergies?
  195. Question about IBS
  196. New to forum
  197. I think it is back?
  198. anyone get skipped heart beats?
  199. I need help, could this be IBS????
  200. Question
  201. Digestive enzymes?
  202. Can I get IBS now at age 56?
  203. Could this be IBS?
  204. stomach pain to the point I almost passed out.
  205. Could I have IBS?
  206. How long do your IBS flareups last?
  207. Whey protein & IBS w/ constipation
  208. Sinking feeling that precedes diarrhea
  209. new to ibs can you help me?
  210. colitis question
  211. Question about Xifaxan
  212. Does this sound like IBS
  213. any suggestions
  214. anyone suffering from dry burning mouth
  215. Can you get a charley horse...down there?
  216. Body Adjusting to Being Regular?
  217. Does anyone get cramps after sex due to IBS?
  218. How did you find out you had IBS
  219. Protonix anyone?
  220. back pain and IBS
  221. Bad breath and IBS
  222. Weight loss??
  223. where do you feel it when IBS starts to act up?
  224. What Do You Mean By "Pain"?
  225. hello! please give me the lowdown...
  226. hepatic flexure
  227. Is this ibs? Morning trouble!
  228. Malabsorption or IBS cause mental health problems?
  229. I forgot to mention.....
  230. I need some answers from colitis sufferer's
  231. Gluten Free
  232. Questions about IBS
  233. Does any one have this problem with IBS?
  234. WARNING-Probiotics
  235. Does this sound like IBS to you?!!!
  236. Comments PLEASE
  237. Post diarrhea next day pain spasms...
  238. anyone else had these symptoms
  239. this seems to work for me
  240. ick...my problems
  241. I'm new here
  242. Yesterday's colonoscopy
  243. Inflammation
  244. Important Question
  245. ? about symptoms
  246. Rumbling and sharp pain under left ribs
  247. what do you recommend?
  248. Just Diagnosed with IBS
  249. 17 year old son
  250. Average age and symptoms

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