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  1. I dont know where to start, can you guys help me?
  2. Does IBS Cause Pain???
  3. stool softener
  4. Does immodium stop working if it is used to much?
  5. Is this to drastic?
  6. Possible IBS?
  7. I dont think this is IBS..:-(
  8. My *** is always itchy!
  9. Just diagnosed...any suggestions?
  10. how do you hold down a job with ibs?
  11. Scared to death I'll ---- in my pants in public
  12. 5 weeks and no natural output - What's up?
  13. what is this?
  14. IBS or should I be worried?
  15. is this IBS?
  16. Is this a stupid idea?
  17. Travel sickness pills what do u think?
  18. Have recently been told I have IBS
  19. IBS or more?
  20. Feel like I've been kicked
  21. not sure what to eat anymore
  22. Please help am pulling my hair out!!
  23. Pain under right rib
  24. Can gas make you feel as if you are going to explode!
  25. bile salt diarrhea
  26. Anyone tried Amitiza?---Gun shy
  27. Perimenopause and IBs
  28. Constant Rectal Pain
  29. Anyone here ever take Symax?
  30. recall of zelnorm
  31. I am new to this board!
  32. For Pain Associated with IBS
  33. question about immodium..
  34. trapped gas in chest (help!)...fast pulse questions
  35. IBS - Constipation - Mineral Oil
  36. Lower ribs hurt? Anything to do with IBS?
  37. IBS/Blood in stool
  38. Besides bloating....
  39. Is this IBS? Please help
  40. Abdominal distension/bloating
  41. bile regurgitation
  42. Eating out
  43. Nature Cures for IBS?
  44. Any Suggestions?
  45. Strange Symptoms
  46. Fleet prep and blood pressure meds...
  47. Female Doctor in NYC?
  48. IBS symptoms?
  49. Bloating for a Year
  50. pain in groin
  51. My IBS is back but different symtons. Any help
  52. Colonoscopy Prep Preview (Visicol)
  53. Lower Abdominal pains
  54. Ibs?
  55. could i have ibs?
  56. advice... please!
  57. Ruining my life
  58. about amitiza caps
  59. Nausea with IBS?
  60. New to this Site- Think I have IBS
  61. What to do about 10-day constipation
  62. Colonoscopy Prep Question for Tuesday...need advice
  63. Does spearmint or peppermint work better for gas/cramps?
  64. How does this even happen??
  65. No cold fluids?
  66. 5-HTP cures IBS !
  67. hi all...newbie here-IBS possibly not sure
  68. Azathioprine and pregnancy
  69. Do you suffer from bloat?
  70. just been diagnosed- IBS
  71. IBS and bowel question
  72. I just want to die
  73. TTC on meds
  74. Does anyone bowels react this way?
  75. I dont get it, can someone help
  76. Question About BM'S
  77. Just Wondering...
  78. body leaking foul odour
  79. Is this just a stamach virus or something else???
  80. Nightime pain and pressure from gas
  81. Colon Cleanse
  82. Sharp stabbing pains?
  83. no idea what to do
  84. crazy symptom
  85. Proctalgia Fugax
  86. Where is your pain located?
  87. Does this sound right?
  88. IBS and drinking alcoholic beverages?
  89. Metamucil in the UK
  90. Sharp pain just above pubic region?
  91. New here & question
  92. Fed up, Lactose or IBS-D?
  93. Burning, itching and occasional dripping?
  94. Stop the Bloat!
  95. Ibs?
  96. Zelnorm causing heart attacks and strokes question
  97. Frustrated with pill taking and flare-up
  98. Been Sick For 2 Months Found Cause
  99. question for those with low IBS abdominal pain
  100. Anyone have probiotic side effects?
  101. Peppermint Capsules for IBS?
  102. Q regarding frequency of symptoms
  103. What Is IBS????
  104. need help only 15 thinking i might have ibs? please help
  105. Digestrin, for IBS does it work?
  106. Diagnosed with IBS
  107. Connection Between IBS and Allergies?
  108. Question about IBS
  109. New to forum
  110. I think it is back?
  111. anyone get skipped heart beats?
  112. I need help, could this be IBS????
  113. Question
  114. Digestive enzymes?
  115. Can I get IBS now at age 56?
  116. Could this be IBS?
  117. stomach pain to the point I almost passed out.
  118. Could I have IBS?
  119. How long do your IBS flareups last?
  120. Whey protein & IBS w/ constipation
  121. Sinking feeling that precedes diarrhea
  122. new to ibs can you help me?
  123. colitis question
  124. Question about Xifaxan
  125. Does this sound like IBS
  126. any suggestions
  127. anyone suffering from dry burning mouth
  128. Can you get a charley horse...down there?
  129. Body Adjusting to Being Regular?
  130. Does anyone get cramps after sex due to IBS?
  131. How did you find out you had IBS
  132. Protonix anyone?
  133. back pain and IBS
  134. Bad breath and IBS
  135. Weight loss??
  136. where do you feel it when IBS starts to act up?
  137. What Do You Mean By "Pain"?
  138. hello! please give me the lowdown...
  139. hepatic flexure
  140. Is this ibs? Morning trouble!
  141. Malabsorption or IBS cause mental health problems?
  142. I forgot to mention.....
  143. I need some answers from colitis sufferer's
  144. Gluten Free
  145. Questions about IBS
  146. Does any one have this problem with IBS?
  147. WARNING-Probiotics
  148. Does this sound like IBS to you?!!!
  149. Comments PLEASE
  150. Post diarrhea next day pain spasms...
  151. anyone else had these symptoms
  152. this seems to work for me
  153. ick...my problems
  154. I'm new here
  155. Yesterday's colonoscopy
  156. Inflammation
  157. Important Question
  158. ? about symptoms
  159. Rumbling and sharp pain under left ribs
  160. what do you recommend?
  161. Just Diagnosed with IBS
  162. 17 year old son
  163. Average age and symptoms
  164. Symptoms-Too Much Fiber At Once?
  165. Burning Stomach
  166. A Man's IBS Tale
  167. Has anyone tried Sunrider?
  168. What causes IBS and the symptoms
  169. anyone get dizzy or light headed?
  170. Colonscopy?
  171. rapid heartbeat and chest pain with IBS?
  172. Is this IBS please advise
  173. IBS or Something Else?
  174. Something is finally helping with my diarrhea!
  175. anyone pregnant with IBS?
  176. Could it be?
  177. My symptoms
  178. Not eating give me bloating and pressure
  179. Question for Harry about fiber
  180. IBS Or something else?
  181. Alcohol and IBS
  182. What are the symptoms?
  183. abdominal pain help
  184. The IBS/PMS Connection
  185. Constant bloating for 8 months
  186. child with IBS
  187. Post Colonoscopy HELP!!!!!!!
  188. Upper abdominal pressure with IBS?
  189. Just Discovered I have it... Any Tips would be Appreciated
  190. best way to de-stress
  191. Please Help/suggestions!
  192. What have YOU done to help with IBS-D?
  193. Is there such a thing as an IBS clinic?
  194. Probiotics - are there side effects?
  195. Diet for IBS "D"
  196. for those using fibre to help with diarrhea
  197. Ibs Or What????
  198. gluten free diet
  199. IBS and bad taste in mouth?!
  200. What symptoms do you feel with flare ups?
  201. Constipation Problems?
  202. Joint pain with IBS?? Anyone have this?
  203. CT scan, pain in lower right side
  204. IBS and weight loss
  205. Diagnosed with IBS..Gas and Pain.
  206. Anal Fissure and Irritable Bowel
  207. vomiting while voiding, bleeding - anyone have this?
  208. mucous in stool?
  209. IBS Medication
  210. hip pain with ibs??
  211. Ibs???? I Dont Know...please Help????
  212. IBS Help
  213. How do you know if it's IBS or "bug"?
  214. Activia for IBS
  215. Clostridium difficile - can it give false negatives?
  216. Red wine???
  217. Ibs or appendix
  218. SO confused..can u have "partial" IBS??
  219. Categories?
  220. Hot flashes caused by IBS??
  221. How do you Know if It is IBS?
  222. Recipes for IBS sufferers
  223. Please, Please, Please, Please,
  224. sweating, almost passing out
  225. Horrible stomach pain out of the blue
  226. Medical Accomodation = Employee Nightmare
  227. Not sure if this is IBS
  228. Strange Bowels?!
  229. Librax, is it a safe drug, addiction/withdrawal potential ?
  230. Stomach problem?
  231. diet help please!
  232. Zelnorm???? IS IT TRUE??
  233. OMG, Help me now.........Please
  234. please help
  235. dizzy/heady
  236. Need some quick advice
  237. cant take much more
  238. IBS - Dully Achy Stomach?
  239. Problems at Night with IBS
  240. is this ibs or not
  241. Pain, pressure, burning feeling and swelling in abdomen -- IBS? Any help please.
  242. Constupation and bloated stomach
  243. Need Information
  244. Anusitis and Diet! What do you eat?
  245. Anyone have flat stools?
  246. Dizziness and digestive problems??
  247. Discomfort under ribs...........
  248. stomach pains are back.
  249. Morning all
  250. Triggers

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