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  1. low BUN, low OSMO, low SODIUM(all serum), what ?????
  2. creatine level
  3. what is it when you have protein in urine
  4. what are the symptons of a weak kidney
  5. what is a GFR of 67?
  6. Books on kidney disease ?
  7. IGA Nephropathy - rash???
  8. back disconfort since couple days ago
  9. oh my gosh ..i'm so swollen =(
  10. what is considered to be an enlarged kidney?
  11. Happy Thansksigiving Everone
  12. It's Official
  13. Not just one, but TWO stones?!?! Please help!!
  14. What Does It Mean To Have Protein In Urine
  15. how can you tell if a kidney stone has moved
  16. First time kidney stone, is 3mm big?
  17. My 7 year old daughter is suffering
  18. bad infection can anyone helpxxx
  19. Iím Scared! Please help!
  20. why do they do nephrectomies on damaged kidneys ?
  21. flushing over body
  22. answer for severe kidney stones
  23. Looking for insight
  24. For Medicare ONLY patients
  25. Protien in 3 year old boys urine.
  26. my hands are so swollen....=/
  27. Question about Kidney Stone Symptoms
  28. Oxaluria, my story.
  29. Need info on labs PLZ
  30. Q's abt kidney infection, stones and cyst
  31. Kidney Stones?
  32. Pelvic Kidney in an infant
  33. Quick Question
  34. ultrasound shows thinning of the kidney
  35. it annoys me that no one ever said anything to me before..
  36. ok back from docs..
  37. a few questions...new here
  38. protein in urine..kidney disease????
  39. so glad my doc appt is tomorrow...
  40. Low Vitamin D reading and kidney stones???
  41. my 18 year old daughter
  42. I have too much protein in my kidney
  43. Proteinuria
  44. New to site...Scared, don't know what's wrong with me!
  45. I'm not the only one.
  46. Please help with kidney stone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
  47. how low do you feel kidney pain?
  48. I started out with upj obstruction...
  49. type of kidney stone you have
  50. Had Lithotripsy-When can I expect stone pieces?
  51. Lots of tiny stones in each kidney...cause pain or not?
  52. Mom of 24 yr old son now on dialysis
  53. kidney disorders
  54. Hemoturia
  55. kidney surgery
  56. Self-help...... please could you help.
  57. High potassium. Help asap
  58. 2plus
  59. Kidney Stones and Lithotripsy
  60. Any one on meds to prevent kidney stones??
  61. sharp pain when inhaling
  62. cause of kidney and galblader stones
  63. Has Anyone Had Ureteroscopic Stone Removal
  64. help, pain in both kidneys.. long history of problems
  65. New Kidney Stone
  66. kidney leak
  67. what are the effects of having only one kidney
  68. recovery after ureteroscopy
  69. Hey Huck - Had the Upper GI done
  70. High Creatinine Urine
  71. How Fast Can Kidney Stones Form?
  72. dont know what to do
  73. How Many Times a Day Should You Urinate
  74. My story!
  75. low GFR and normal creatinine.
  76. transplant
  77. Does anyone have thyroid problems here
  78. Question about Kidney Cysts?
  79. Enablex or Detrol?
  80. Have PKD questions and new to board!!
  81. Sorry I haven't been on lately...spent last week in the hospital!
  82. New to the thread ?'s
  83. 3rd times a charm Lithotripsy
  84. Kidney Stones and Nausea
  85. More Questions About Lithotripsy
  86. Any Help Would Really Be Appreciated
  87. uric stones that wont come out and kidney function almost zero now what?
  88. kidney infections
  89. kidney infections
  90. Does Urocit-K/Potassium Citrate really prevent kidney stones?
  91. Help!! Daughter and Husband diagnosed with PDK
  92. pains left and right side of stomach
  93. Green Tea And Kidney Stones
  94. broncidus pain and blood clots
  95. can i take medicine when doing a 24 hr urine test?
  96. How do you know your passing the "sand"?
  97. anyone else couldn't take lithotripsy?
  98. more kidney stone symptoms
  99. Kidney Stones Again
  100. pregnancy with reflux problem
  101. Pain under left rib.
  102. Should I be concerned by my serum creatinine?
  103. Low BP; Low Protein; Low Creatinine; What is Wrong w/me?
  104. Kidney disease & disability
  105. Pain after kidney stone passes?
  106. Diabetic Kidney Disease
  107. Ectopic Kidney
  108. What are they looking for in biopsy?
  109. Too much calcium in bloodstream
  110. Problems with stent
  111. Any ideas?
  112. dark morning stinky urine
  113. how to lower creatinine
  114. results from Lithitripsy
  115. lump on my kidney
  116. poylsistic kidneys
  117. Need info about Kidney abnormality?
  118. stent pain?
  119. kidney stones- Anyone have a thyroid disorder?
  120. Protein in urine/one kidney
  121. Leg Swelling
  122. Creatinine/GFR results
  123. removal of kidney stones
  124. stone still in kidney-what kind of symptoms?
  125. need help determining quest diagnostic test results
  126. GFR decreased, creatinine increased-what do you think?
  127. could this be kidney stone symptoms?
  128. Daughter with FSGS
  129. Wierd Pain
  130. kindey infection- pain meds okay?
  131. Kidney Failure and there is no treatment
  132. kidney size abnormal
  133. pain in right side
  134. Pain
  135. renal disease
  136. dx'd with multiple myeloma
  137. - - -
  138. Kidney Leak and kidney stones?
  139. hey my friend! anyone had tummy prb after stones or lipo
  140. Kidney pain in morning
  141. update on 10yo
  142. Medullary sponged kidneys
  143. Could this be a Kidney problem?
  144. Renal Atrophy and Scarring???
  145. UPDATE ó*but no answers still
  146. Renal Tubular acidosis
  147. What In The Heck Could This Mean?
  148. Re:Finding of Small Mass in Kidney
  149. Surgery - had to cancel my cruise
  150. pain in rib still
  151. Cortisol Induced Hypertension - Anyone have experience/info on this?
  152. CT scan Ė get another reading?
  153. Not again!!!!
  154. Mass Found On Dads Kindey While Fighting PCP Pneumonia
  155. Low Creatinine Level
  156. radical nephrectomy
  157. Kidney stone, stent, and travelling w/stent - urgent!!!
  158. Young mother with renal failure on dialysis
  159. Could this be a kidney problem?
  160. Could this be a kidney problem?
  161. Kidney mass - infection?
  162. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting....
  163. Could these symptoms indicate a kidney problem?
  164. for those who had lipotripsy and stones
  165. Mother at 14% but doc doesn't consider that failure?!
  166. 10 yo daughter had kidney stone
  167. Please, need help and an opinion or two...
  168. Mild Flank Pain - Neg. for kidney infection
  169. Husbands bloodwork--questions
  170. New Problem- Any Insight?
  171. Question, is this a symptom
  172. Minimal Change Disease or Nil Disease
  173. They are guessing, aren't they.
  174. Abnormal Creatinine - Please Help!
  175. Mucous in urine
  176. Is this normal??
  177. Hydronephrosis when does it go away
  178. update new news please reply
  179. Renal biopsy
  180. Need Advice on Stent Removal
  181. Urocrit K
  182. Passing "Sand" Crystals?
  183. Is this normal?
  184. A GOOD stent experience- inside
  185. Does whey protein do anything to your kidney?
  186. Kidney Stones
  187. Life without painkillers sucks!!
  188. checking in
  189. I am not sure if this means anything or not....
  190. Experiencing kidney pain when consuming excessive fluid.
  191. still spasms after lipo had urine test
  192. Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy
  193. Wrinkley Fingers???!???!!???
  194. Blood in urine and generally feeling bad
  195. Blacked out again!
  196. Please don't think I am an idiot, I already know I am......
  197. Nephrotic Syndrome??
  198. Need help, please!
  199. Happy birthday bananarama!!!!!
  200. Kidney pain in the morning
  201. Kidney Stones
  202. lipotripsy and Inflammation
  203. Healthy 33 year old white male with kidney questions
  204. Kidney problem due to hyponatremia??
  205. Mom's Kidney surgery - gift basket ideas?
  206. question about infection and antibotics
  207. Pain after passing kidney stone
  208. No more stone...no more stent!
  209. anyone with hydronephrosis and some answers
  210. what is wrong with me?
  211. infection and meds .
  212. I'm Baffled
  213. Anybody else on Aranesp?
  214. Blood in Urine, no nitrites
  215. Need advice/info for my wife
  216. Billirubin,Protein, Blood and Nitrates found in Urine
  217. ultrasound
  218. high blood preasure after lipotripsy
  219. Clear urine but still in pain..??
  220. Mom's Kidney Removal Next Week...Worried
  221. UGH!! More confusion!!
  222. Renal Ultrasound
  223. Laser litho
  224. PKD and scuba diving?
  225. lipotripsy and pains in tummy
  226. what is it?
  227. Back soreness after lithotripsy
  228. Had my Lithotripsy today
  229. ureteral stone lipotripsy and passing
  230. need to urinate more any ideas?
  231. Kidney stone surgery preformed earlier than expected
  232. Can't sit back, can't get comfy
  233. Back pain in kidney area
  234. Kidney Stone Question
  235. ureter stone and urine
  236. HELP!! Any info on ureter reimplantation
  237. kidney problems in 9 year old
  238. Does anyone know why we can't wear mascara to hospital for Lithotripsy?
  239. When should I be scared
  240. help appreciated
  241. 6mm right kidneystone,2morow IVP need clarifications....please very urgent..
  242. Blood in unrine
  243. Calcification in the Ureter?
  244. Any way to know if I passed the stone, or could I have missed it?
  245. some questions about Pre op proceedure for Lipotripsy
  246. Question about Bun Creatinine...
  247. Question RE: transplanted kidney biopsy
  248. Test results - kidney function
  249. Stent removed- anyone feel sick/ nauseous?
  250. Kidney Cramp???

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