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  1. Please help - Protein in urine
  2. Feet Cramping, Anemia and Hair
  3. Acute Kidney Failure - Need the truth
  4. What does this mean? HELP!
  5. Question regarding pain relief....
  6. Pain in kidney after drinking caffeine?
  7. kidney stint question
  8. 1 cm "mass" on kidney update and questions about IVP CT Scan
  9. Urocit-K headaches and insomnia
  10. Kidney pain
  11. Stent thread gone!! Help
  12. Help!
  13. Kidney problems
  14. found mass on my left kidney very scared please help
  15. KIDNEY DAMAGE from VANCO antibiotic anyone?
  16. Kidney stone nightmare - sorry, long post
  17. severe pain and have questions
  18. Kidney stone getting old.
  19. kidney cyst
  20. Please help a bit panicked and worried
  21. Kidney Stone Removal
  22. You All Are Not Going To Believe But Is True For Me.......
  23. New Here -- Is this Stones?
  24. kidneys working at 60%
  25. Need some help
  26. what can we claim for??
  27. Medullary sponge kidney
  28. About my kidneys
  29. Kstone can you Help me with this please.
  30. Advice on herbs with stones?
  31. Urgent Advice Needed!!!!!!!!
  32. Stone Passed but Dull Ache
  33. Renal abscess...
  34. Speeding up the process
  35. Kidney Stone?
  36. reacurant Kidney Infections without diagnosis
  37. Questions about kidney stones...long post...sorry!
  38. Has anyone taken Hydrochlorathiazide or Urocit K?
  39. how long does it take for stones to pass?
  40. vanishing kidney stones?
  41. Do you know what this is? (not sure where to post ?)
  42. GFR and Potassium question
  43. shrinking kidneys?
  44. kidney disease or what ?
  45. blood and crystals in urine
  46. metabolic acidosis
  47. renal tubular acidosis
  48. renal tubular acidosis
  49. Kidney infection?
  50. Kidney Stones
  51. Darn, my kidney is in so much pain tonight, arrgghh
  52. transplant recipient and re-failure
  53. Kidney Scarring
  54. Protein in urine question....
  55. End Renal Failure taking Dialysis 3X per week
  56. KSTONE,check THIS out!
  57. Nephrotic Syndrome
  58. 3 lithotrispies in 6 months still in EXTREME PAIN!
  59. do i have kidney trouble? still not getting answers
  60. 18yrs. ole and Having my first lithotripsy in 3 weeks
  61. im new
  62. Green tea?
  63. is it life threatening?
  64. can u buy self urine testing tests to check for protien or blood at the drug store
  65. im new at this..protein in urine..please help
  66. stone after stone
  67. Protein in Urine and BUN Low
  68. Abnormal urine
  69. Will this help my kidneys??
  70. Cystoscopy Could you tell me more about it?
  71. 18y/o HELP. Protein in urine. Im scared!
  72. kidney stones and the military
  73. Donating my kidney...I have questions
  74. Kidney Stones-New and questions
  75. Renal Abscess?????
  76. Undiagnosed Condition - Need Help, PLEASE!
  77. Kidney Pain only when I drink Ice Cold Drinks
  78. Could he lose his hand?
  79. Does Lithotripsy or Kidney stones cause damage
  80. I need some information please!!!
  81. Just Curious How Many Stones Everyone Has Had
  82. What does this mean?
  83. question about tests
  84. Theories on Chronic Kidney Diseases
  85. Can fluids make your kidney hurt?
  86. dialated ureters
  87. Concerned about mass found on kidney
  88. Can Kidney stone pain come and go?
  89. Kidney Stones + short term disability?
  90. Stone/Dull Groin Pain
  91. test post
  92. Drinking Fluids ???
  93. any advice please!
  94. Lithotripsy and pain
  95. Kidney stone and pregnant
  96. Kidney Pain
  97. Need Help!
  98. Chonic Kidney Stones - Looking for Advice
  99. Questions for the stone experts
  100. Hi, kinda strange question...
  101. New and have a ?
  102. chronic kidney stones
  103. Low potassium, low BUN/Creat ratio, ????
  104. Looking for info on hyperparathyroidism
  105. How do you feel when you havea kidney stone?
  106. Help me, I dont know whats wrong.
  107. Kidney stones and horseback riding...interesting information!
  108. Left Flank Pain for over 5 years-Help!
  109. Nephrotic Syndrome cures itself?
  110. upcomming kidney procedure
  111. Blood in Urine / Stones / Dull Ache 5 months
  112. Is this kidney pain? Please Help.
  113. Swedish Bitters
  114. elevated Bun and Creatinine
  115. Kidney Adult Congenital UPJ Obstruction
  116. Does anybody know ?
  117. Recovery after radical nephrectomy (Kidney removal)
  118. benign fatty growth on kidney?
  119. Dull Kidney Ache...PLEASE HELP.
  120. Losing Weight and Muscle with kidney disease?? Help Appreciated
  121. Could this be a kidney infection?
  122. Chronic kidney disease -- what to expect?
  123. Question for qstone queen
  124. Weird kidney stone
  125. passed a stone this morning, but still ...
  126. Kidney stones
  127. Can't find info for my baby...
  128. Polycystic Kidney Disease
  129. Kidey Problems?
  130. GFR results question.......panic
  131. Kidney stones?
  132. Heart Medication = Kidney stones??
  133. path report back on kidney...Oh my God!! Marcia, read!!
  134. stone question - what helps with the pain??
  135. Ultrasound of kidney
  136. Kidneys and urinalysis specific gravity?
  137. Stricture, kidney stones and a mom who is sad all the time
  138. need to drink Barium Sulfate tomorrow
  139. get well K-stone Queen
  140. Question for Kstone queen
  141. What is done to determine why i have protein in my urine?
  142. HELP 7mm stone stuck in 8yr old
  143. Laparoscopic pyeloplasty
  144. all related to kidney issue?
  145. pain but no stone on ct?
  146. kidney function/creatine/DR. appt.
  147. Can anyone relate to this pain
  148. Kidney Stone Management
  149. Smaller left kidney
  150. Urine Cytology
  151. boyfriend has enlarged kidneys
  152. Kidney Stone Issue
  153. kidney failure
  154. Kidney soreness/pain
  155. Kidney Stone Question.....
  156. Repeated kidney infections
  157. kidney stones and urgent care
  158. Need help from someone familiar with kidney issues & erythromycin
  159. Update on my lithotripsy mess!
  160. Hello EveryOne
  161. Is Fluoroscopy the same as an x-ray???
  162. Question for Miss Helen
  163. kidney stones
  164. On Table for Lithotripsy..Dr. Can't find stone
  165. IVP question
  166. New To Group Help!!!
  167. Had lithrotripsy in DEc. new pains now what?
  168. Can stones form from too much Vitamin C?
  169. BUN..information please
  170. Kidney Stone and IVP
  171. Atypical renal colic
  172. Help with kidney stones
  173. Metallic Taste in Mouth
  174. Lithotripcy
  175. How long did you wait to get a transplant?
  176. Daughter has stones
  177. my son has stones, need help
  178. How did i get scarred Kidneys?
  179. Possible kidney problem, would appreciate some advice.
  180. Creatinine at 2.4 I have Lupus Any info helpful
  181. Newbie here, real newbie - Help
  182. Help for Kidney Stone Diet
  183. Blood pressure drop during dialysis
  184. Sad... Kidney failure wont Dialysis
  185. Infection in both kidneys
  186. Are stones always hereditary?
  187. Transpoation to and from Dialysis
  188. Transplant 17 Years ago
  189. Kidney infections indication of kidney problems?
  190. Cysto uereteroscopy scheduled for tomorrow am
  191. Kidney Stones
  192. Daughter Born with a Single Kidney
  193. Peeling scar tissue?
  194. Angiomyolipoma on kidney????
  195. home remedey for kidney stones?
  196. A little confused...
  197. Any Long Term Damage From Reaccuring Kidney Infections?
  198. Some info would be cool
  199. Physical activity after cystoscopy
  200. fsgs
  201. Kidney Problems/ Ibprofuen
  202. Recurrent stones/protein in urine
  203. will i have kidney problems with next pregnancy
  204. Kidney Punch
  205. Kidney Stone Surgery??
  206. Malignant polyp?
  207. Kidney Stones, Need Info Please!!
  208. enterococcus kidney infection?
  209. pain during dialysis
  210. BK virus post transplant
  211. New to the board need to ask a question.
  212. new problems with dialysis
  213. anyone else having trouble with too much protein
  214. Has anyone had a renal angiogram?
  215. Meds not helping mom's kidney cyst infection
  216. Rugrats4 - a response for you
  217. after transplant problems??
  218. Explanation needed please....what does this mean?
  219. stones vs their treatment cause of High Blood Pressure?
  220. anybody know about this?
  221. kidney stone ?s
  222. I have Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome
  223. Dialysis Help
  224. Men...need some answers about guy stuff
  225. 2 months of dialysis...creatinine getting higher
  226. Renal Artery Stenosis
  227. Kidney Infection / stones
  228. Kidney problem?
  229. is akidney cyst common?
  230. Help .. can calcium cause kidney stones?
  231. Frequent urinating etc.....
  232. Kidney Removal
  233. Questios About Stent?
  234. Very high protein/Creatinine Ratio -- What does this mean?
  235. Whats going on with me?
  236. Confused, scared, puzzled.
  237. Plz help me
  238. lab results, what do they mean?
  239. 8ry old just dx with kidney stones?
  240. Can anyone help with test results?
  241. End Stage Kidney Disease
  242. How Do I Know I Have A Kidney Infection?????
  243. Not a UTI or kident infection, but kidneys stones...questions inside
  244. New member, I already have had one kidney removed. help!!
  245. Anyone with kidney stones tired all the time?
  246. New to Board With Kidney Stones
  247. Duplex Collecting System??
  248. Pylonephritis...or is it?
  249. Update from dr on pain at night
  250. Excrutiating Pain

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