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  1. Low creatinine, high bun/creat ratio?
  2. has anyone had a cystoscopy with retrograde pyelogram?
  3. Horseshoe Kidney And Drinking Cows Milk
  4. Kidney size-one smaller than other?
  5. Stent Removal....HELP?
  6. pain from stones moving around in kidney?
  7. Natural remedies for Kidney stones???
  8. PLEASE READ.....Anyone with stones or know someone with stones
  9. How common are kidney stones?
  10. Kidney Stone pain
  11. Ack! UTI Help!
  12. 7 yr old kidney is shrinking!
  13. right kidney half dead
  14. Can I take prenatal vitamins when I'm not supposed to take calcium supplements?
  15. I am so mad, I could strangle my urologist
  16. How does my alcohol intake affect my kidneys?
  17. ? about stent in kidney artery - problems
  18. Kidney Failure
  19. hot pinching pain in kidney??
  20. Ketones and leukocytes...
  21. IgA
  22. Peritoneal fluid made of sugar water?
  23. Water pills and kidney damage
  24. Question...
  25. Almost 20 yrs with protein in urine.
  26. Well, I am going to have my Litho on April 20th
  27. Kidney failure?
  28. 12 year old protein in urine
  29. Chronic Kidney Disease
  30. Protein in Urine / Intolerance to milk
  31. my mother is down to 17% function
  32. enlarged kidney?
  33. Kidney disease measurement - formulas correctness??!!
  34. Blood in urine for no apparent reason
  35. Kidney stones and high fever....please advise!
  36. multiple kidney stones and ureteral strictures
  37. Duplex kidneys
  38. kidney failure
  39. Chronic flank pain
  40. Intense Pain in left flank
  41. afraid to eat
  42. Tuberous Sclerosis and angiomyolipoma
  43. Member Confussed, Please Read
  44. Steveewonder From Uk Please Read
  45. Renal Artery Stenosis
  46. "Shock" procedure to break up stones?? Scared!
  47. 14 years old-my lower back feels odd...
  48. Body for life diet = hard on kidneys?
  49. Swollen Stomach and Blood in Urine, Please Help
  50. Worried about kidney pain
  51. Stent and Pain
  52. chronic kidney infection
  53. kidney problem x-ray shows a spot or ?
  54. 20 year old with kidney stones?
  55. I'd Appreciate it if someone can give me some info?
  56. Kink in kidney..
  57. keralac (urea) & pain
  58. stones or leasions?
  59. blood in urine
  60. Nausea with stones?
  61. Stent Removal
  62. Kidney / Pancreas Transplant
  63. 5 week old son needs surgery for hydronephrosis PLEASE HELP
  64. what are the symptoms of kidney problems?
  65. Kindey Infection
  66. Increased pain after drinking fluids
  67. IVP question
  68. Curiosity question for the women on the board
  69. Doctor in Georgia or surrounding area
  70. I ended up in Hospital yesterday, oh my.......
  71. Severe Pain
  72. Kidney stone question
  73. So confused with tests !
  74. Kidney Pain When Doing Exercise!
  75. Kidney stone symptoms
  76. Strange substance in my urine.
  77. Baby with Hydronephrosis. Please Help
  78. kidney stones
  79. Someone Please help...
  80. non related live donor and Coeliac Disease
  81. please help
  82. Prevention
  83. Urine Odor, Help!
  84. kidney mass
  85. questions??
  86. PKD and cyst in psoas muscle?
  87. how do you prevent stones ??
  88. Stint after kidney was removed
  89. questions
  90. pregnant and scared that i have kidney disease
  91. Kidney Stone maybe?
  92. Is Cranberry Juice good for stones
  93. Blood in urine
  94. stones embedded in the kidney
  95. Pregnant with back pain....
  96. My First Time with Kidney Stone
  97. Kidney concern
  98. Husband with kidney stone-have questions
  99. scared mom please help
  100. Kidneys
  101. Left side/back pain and something weird in urine
  102. First stone - a few questions
  103. I have a question, if anyone can answer
  104. Question about kidney stones....
  105. Kidney stone or UTI?
  106. Very worried about family friend. Please help!
  107. What do ya'll think?
  108. New To Stones
  109. I wonder if I should be taking fish oil...
  110. Question on complex cyst
  111. getting more worried...
  112. Can Anyone Help Me Please
  113. So tired of getting kidney stones!!!!!!
  114. UPJ Obstruction
  115. Have I passed my kidney stone, or is this just a dud?
  116. 16 years old with kidney pain
  117. Recovering from lithtripsy - is this normal?
  118. Duplicated Kidney - is it a serious disorder?
  119. Proteinura
  120. Polycystic Kidney Disease - should I be concerned?
  121. message to something_witty
  122. Nephrocalcinosis
  123. Genetic?
  124. Blood In Urine..need Info Please Help
  125. Just back from the ER. Had a CT scan and have a 4mm stone
  126. Kidney stones for years and I am only 27. Now high blood pressure problems
  127. Abdonmal Angiogram
  128. Burning pain in mid back and pain on my right side
  129. Problem..
  130. reoccuring uti's
  131. Please help me.
  132. lithotripsy and nerve damage
  133. anyone with vasculitis causing protein?
  134. My stones are back and with a vengeance......
  135. I'm scared..help
  136. BUN & Creatnine; how much is too much?
  137. Renin levels
  138. Osmosis
  139. Terrible pain: Could it be my kidneys?
  140. kidney taken out
  141. What do these terms mean?
  142. about my kidneys
  143. Questions about kidney cyst
  144. upj obstruction
  145. Please tell me what these results mean.
  146. Could this be a Kidney infection?
  147. FSGS (kidney disease)
  148. my daughter has glucose in her urine, but not in her blood
  149. Help with test results please!!!
  150. Could this be kidney stones?
  151. Please help..possible kidney problems!!!
  152. Help! ? a/b kidney cyst
  153. is this a kidney problem?? please help
  154. Protein in Urine, biopsy
  155. Has anyone ever been through this? or can someone help
  156. Just been diagnosed...
  157. fosomax, calcium, and kidney stones
  158. Why is there bllod in urine?
  159. Kidney's are working right
  160. Kidney Problem?
  161. protien in urine?
  162. Pain is back 1 1/2 weeks after Stent is out
  163. Message for Butterflytrans--
  164. getting lithotripsy done, what should i expect?
  165. how long does it take to become sterile after having PID???
  166. new here
  167. can't sleep
  168. About to have Percutaneous Nephrostomy surgery for kidney stones -- any input?
  169. kidney pain in the morning
  170. 16 years old, kidney infection
  171. i have taken quite a few different pills..need help..
  172. Rapid, yet mysterious health problems surface in 26 year old female
  173. Stones Pass During Ejaculation?? Please help.
  174. Does this sound like a stone? and a question about IVP...
  175. Reactive arthritis caused by UTI
  176. feeling really anxious...what will calm me down safely?
  177. Nephrotic Syndrome and giving blood
  178. 2 more kidney stones and very depressed
  179. Anyone have this procedure before for their kidney stone removal?
  180. Causes of protein in urine?
  181. Please help...another stone possible
  182. boosting ammune system while on antibiotic
  183. What mri saw
  184. Painful Procedure?
  185. Diovan (Valsartan)
  186. Mpgn
  187. Is infection without fever possible?
  188. TWO Kidneys
  189. ? on BUN/Creatinine Ratio
  190. Could this be a Kidney problem?
  191. Dark circles under eyes and quick weight loss
  192. Chronic stones is this another bout?
  193. Could someone please help
  194. IVP test?
  195. IgAN and Diovan
  196. Protein in Urine
  197. Questions, What A Night.
  198. Bilateral Hydronephrosis
  199. hello my name is katalina44
  200. What could this be? Help!
  201. I need help!!!!!!!!!!
  202. Is there no way to help the kidney
  203. Is it time for me to get checked?
  204. Please advise - Getting results on CT Scan and scared...
  205. Stones in the Kidney
  206. Blood In Urine
  207. Here is one if someone can explain!!!!
  208. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  209. Shooting pain when I urinate
  210. Duplicated Kidney
  211. Small Kidney
  212. Pain Management Clinic for Recurring Stones??
  213. Polycystic kidneys help needed
  214. question for anyone who had side or back pain...need answers, please!
  215. New grandchild born with only one kidney
  216. Biopsy for uninsured
  217. What urology doctor said & I am mad.... Help Please
  218. pain in back
  219. Meds....
  220. Could This Be A Kidney Stone?
  221. renal cancer my little story
  222. Possible kidney stone....and i'm freakin
  223. Contradicting symptoms...?
  224. I have Kidney Pain and can’t go to the doctor
  225. kidney stones
  226. analyze this
  227. Renal mass and a lot of questions
  228. Sorry, but I have another question....
  229. UTI test done....please, please, please help
  230. Blood Work Questions CBC and A1C
  231. new to baord, kidney stone help!!
  232. How to prevent future stones?
  233. are fevers caused by kidney disease contageous?
  234. Need help interpreting IVP and Cytology results
  235. Help...what could this be???????
  236. questions on the do's and don'ts
  237. Help with my kidney cysts
  238. new here son got dx today
  239. Slightly elevated creatinine
  240. Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ)
  241. Potassium Citrate
  242. Cystoscope Question
  243. kidney infection?
  244. blood in urine, flank pain after illness
  245. water pills?
  246. Question for those of you who work....
  247. Urine Smell?
  248. Question regarding supplements
  249. Low oxalate diet
  250. Donating a kidney to my brother

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