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  1. new here
  2. can't sleep
  3. About to have Percutaneous Nephrostomy surgery for kidney stones -- any input?
  4. kidney pain in the morning
  5. 16 years old, kidney infection
  6. i have taken quite a few different pills..need help..
  7. Rapid, yet mysterious health problems surface in 26 year old female
  8. Stones Pass During Ejaculation?? Please help.
  9. Does this sound like a stone? and a question about IVP...
  10. Reactive arthritis caused by UTI
  11. feeling really anxious...what will calm me down safely?
  12. Nephrotic Syndrome and giving blood
  13. 2 more kidney stones and very depressed
  14. Anyone have this procedure before for their kidney stone removal?
  15. Causes of protein in urine?
  16. Please help...another stone possible
  17. boosting ammune system while on antibiotic
  18. What mri saw
  19. Painful Procedure?
  20. Diovan (Valsartan)
  21. Mpgn
  22. Is infection without fever possible?
  23. TWO Kidneys
  24. ? on BUN/Creatinine Ratio
  25. Could this be a Kidney problem?
  26. Dark circles under eyes and quick weight loss
  27. Chronic stones is this another bout?
  28. Could someone please help
  29. IVP test?
  30. IgAN and Diovan
  31. Protein in Urine
  32. Questions, What A Night.
  33. Bilateral Hydronephrosis
  34. hello my name is katalina44
  35. What could this be? Help!
  36. I need help!!!!!!!!!!
  37. Is there no way to help the kidney
  38. Is it time for me to get checked?
  39. Please advise - Getting results on CT Scan and scared...
  40. Stones in the Kidney
  41. Blood In Urine
  42. Here is one if someone can explain!!!!
  43. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  44. Shooting pain when I urinate
  45. Duplicated Kidney
  46. Small Kidney
  47. Pain Management Clinic for Recurring Stones??
  48. Polycystic kidneys help needed
  49. question for anyone who had side or back pain...need answers, please!
  50. New grandchild born with only one kidney
  51. Biopsy for uninsured
  52. What urology doctor said & I am mad.... Help Please
  53. pain in back
  54. Meds....
  55. Could This Be A Kidney Stone?
  56. renal cancer my little story
  57. Possible kidney stone....and i'm freakin
  58. Contradicting symptoms...?
  59. I have Kidney Pain and can’t go to the doctor
  60. kidney stones
  61. analyze this
  62. Renal mass and a lot of questions
  63. Sorry, but I have another question....
  64. UTI test done....please, please, please help
  65. Blood Work Questions CBC and A1C
  66. new to baord, kidney stone help!!
  67. How to prevent future stones?
  68. are fevers caused by kidney disease contageous?
  69. Need help interpreting IVP and Cytology results
  70. Help...what could this be???????
  71. questions on the do's and don'ts
  72. Help with my kidney cysts
  73. new here son got dx today
  74. Slightly elevated creatinine
  75. Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ)
  76. Potassium Citrate
  77. Cystoscope Question
  78. kidney infection?
  79. blood in urine, flank pain after illness
  80. water pills?
  81. Question for those of you who work....
  82. Urine Smell?
  83. Question regarding supplements
  84. Low oxalate diet
  85. Donating a kidney to my brother
  86. Is it normal after two weeks to have slight fever and pain from Litho?
  87. Experiences with insertion & removal of stents (as relates to kidney stones)
  88. Constant flank pain
  89. Abdominal Pain When I Have To Urinate - I'm Worried!
  90. How sick is my dad?
  91. CT vs US for kidney cysts
  92. Difference in stone or infection symptoms
  93. Kidney Question
  94. blood in urine and problems
  95. Need some ideas please
  96. pls help...husband in a lot of pain!
  97. Daughter with reflux
  98. not stones PLEASE READ
  99. High creatine level?
  100. Having a cholic and kinda desperate
  101. Self Diagnosed analgesic nephropathy...
  102. blood in urine
  103. Having a Stone crushed tomorrow...any advice
  104. How are you preventing future stones?
  105. just not the same since kidney stone....
  106. LPHS (Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome)
  107. A realistic timeframe?
  108. what's the name?
  109. Anyone here have Alport's syndrome
  110. swollen foot...medicine side affect or ARF?
  111. Is this a kidney stone?
  112. retention in the collecting system
  113. "Stone Free" Dissolves/Break up stones??
  114. Itching Like Crazy
  115. hydronephrosis
  116. Kidney Stone surgery needed. Need advice
  117. Somebody please help me!!!
  118. Bun/Creatine ratio high??
  119. Symptom of Kidney Problem
  120. kidney stone
  121. Kidney pain
  122. Should I be worried?????
  123. infection/struvite stone
  124. Kidneys????
  125. recurring kidney stones
  126. Kidney Stone blasting normal experience?
  127. Paranoid and Crazy since Kidney Stones...help!
  128. Iga Nephropathy
  129. Renal Mass
  130. Protein in Urine
  131. Looking for encouragement - kidney mass - plus!!!
  132. Looking for encouragement - kidney mass - plus!!!
  133. Someone who understands finally
  134. Metallic taste in mouth & kidney problems??
  135. Ivp
  136. Protein in Urine?
  137. Kidney Stones & Concerta
  138. left flank pain and swelling
  139. Kidney Removal Surgery?
  140. Kidney Stones and The Act of "Self Love"
  141. Kidney Stones need help please
  142. lithotripsy - how long before you passed gravel?
  143. kidney tests
  144. Renograms- Ace inhibited vs. Baseline
  145. Kidney Mass or Cyst With Much Pain
  146. Rare kidney disease
  147. ? about kidney failure
  148. Kidney Reflux
  149. Beer and Kidney function
  150. Potassium citrate/calcium citrate
  151. Kidney pains!
  152. symptoms
  153. Ultrasound showing one kidney
  154. 5000 + mg of protien in a 24 hr. period
  155. 24 hour urine and periods
  156. Anyone taking a water pill for kidney stones?
  157. Help for my sister... Passing blood clots in her urine!
  158. Worried and anxious can someone help me?
  159. Nervous about pain in lower back
  160. Alcohol wuahhh
  161. kidney stone
  162. mass found on kidney....help
  163. desprate for feedback!
  164. Biopsy anyone?
  165. diagnosed with kidney reflux nephropathy
  166. Diet for 1 Kidney?
  167. Spinal Bifiter And Kindney Problem Can I Get Pregent
  168. Lower back pain around kidney area
  169. Size of kidney stones and pain - help!
  170. Sex with Kidney Stint
  171. Hypercalciuria
  172. hydronephrosis and kidney stones
  173. kidney stone found
  174. Fsgs
  175. Effects of alcohol with one kidney
  176. Stones In Kidneys/Painful or Painless??
  177. Bilateral Renal Insufficiency
  178. Size of kidney stones and patient experiences
  179. Wolf
  180. Help - I have a kidney stone / blood in urine
  181. Nephrotic Syndrome
  182. CT for kidney stones - what to expect
  183. CellCept too expensive?
  184. Kidney Stones and Steroids??
  185. I think everyone with calcium Oxalate stones should read
  186. a few questions about kidney stones
  187. Calcium question
  188. Why would dr. order MRI/MRA on kidneys?
  189. intermittent kidney pain
  190. Kidney Stone?
  191. blood in urine
  192. water retension
  193. 1 Horseshoe Shaped Kidney
  194. What can they do for damage caused by high bp?
  195. Is fluctuating blood pressure hard on kidneys?
  196. Kidney stone pain, NO FUN!!!!!
  197. Kidney question
  198. Renal Artery Flow Scan
  199. pregnancy...
  200. several Kidney Stone questiont
  201. Polycystic Kidney Disease Restrictions
  202. something wrong with kidneys????
  203. Microalbumin?!? What does it mean?
  204. CT scan of kidney with contrast...what was this like??
  205. Kidney stones and lipotripsy????help
  206. Multi Cystic Dysplastic Kidney
  207. My Wife's Problems/Former Provider Blows It
  208. what causes kidney stones
  209. kidney stones
  210. Need input...what do you all think?
  211. Kidney disease/transplant medication make it hard to lose weight?
  212. Anyone familiar with these symptoms? Please help!
  213. Milk Thistle
  214. Polyarteritis Nodosa
  215. Does Anyone Have These Symptoms?
  216. Newborn with severe hydronephrosis
  217. Need information On Berger's
  218. Does cipro work well for kidney infections?
  219. 1 kidney smaller than the other
  220. Is anyone on an ACE inhibitor to reduce protein?
  221. kidney cyst
  222. stones and hyperparathyroidism
  223. Seeking Info about Kidney Disorders
  224. Can kidney infections be passed sexually?
  225. pain in left flank and woried!
  226. KidneyStones?
  227. any link between proteinuria and menstruation?
  228. Please answer my blood pressure question...
  229. two questions - diet and pain in side
  230. saw nephrologist today...
  231. can kidney stones in kidney cause pain?
  232. Ibuprophen, Motrin and kidney disorders
  233. pelvic kidney and booster seats
  234. gent-a-my-ah-sin
  235. itching associated with chronic renal failure
  236. Pros and Cons of Home Dialysis
  237. creatinine doubles in two months?
  238. Help...Post Strep.... GN
  239. please read
  240. Preivious stones and meds...
  241. Help Passing a Kidney Stone?
  242. Symptoms
  243. Kidney Pains
  244. My little girl is not well- any advice.
  245. lab reports a bit off, seeing nephrologist soon
  246. Kidney stones/pain management
  247. Hyperoxaluria
  248. Reoccurring stones every 3 months
  249. How soon is it too soon to get another stone???
  250. Uric Acid Stone Prevention and taking Prevacid, Nexium, etc.

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