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  1. IgA Nethropathy
  2. What can you tell me about CellCept?
  3. Blood Work-Creatinine Rising
  4. kidney removal
  5. Chronic Renal Failure - Need Some Advice
  6. peeing ALOT at night
  7. very worried about my son
  8. Kidney Disease and Nail Color Changes
  9. Recurrent Pylo
  10. Flank
  11. Ivu
  12. drinking tea and pain?
  13. Least damaging pain killer for irritated kidneys
  14. need quick help
  15. creatinine levels
  16. Kidney pain normal?
  17. Painful Flank Pain Upon Awaking
  18. Recent Transplant and Pain in Shoulder
  19. severe pain in lower right back
  20. kidney stone symptom question
  21. How many times should you urinate a day?
  22. Polycystic Kidney Disease
  23. missing kidney, grade 3 reflux and dilated ureter on good side in infant
  24. Sore kidnney's?
  25. Kidney stone not passing
  26. Very foul smell to my urine
  27. Stent Removal was a piece of cake!!!!
  28. Kidney Disease and Anemia Question
  29. Questions please read
  30. Question about back pain
  31. Need stent removal reassurance Please
  32. chronic nausea sufferer, first time in this forum - anyone please help
  33. Does blood in urine continue as long as you have a stent?
  34. question about possible kidney problem
  35. Looking for ONT1628 for update on daughter
  36. Stone Prevention (info)
  37. Any stent removal stories?
  38. Cystascope
  39. A week after surgery, is this normal???
  40. Pain in kidney area when awaking
  41. could peeing=pregnancy?
  42. Question about Creatinine Level
  43. Strange symptoms - help!!
  44. Horror story of stone surgery
  45. Kindey Hurts when I drink Alcohol
  46. ? about stone surgery
  47. Protein and blood in the urine
  48. How long till i'm no longer in pain????
  49. Donor testing
  50. worried about sister
  51. kidney stones....can they stay in
  52. Off Dialysis, help
  53. Surgery is over!
  54. Kidney Stone Question
  55. Question about having a Stent
  56. Is it possible to drink too much water?
  57. What can it be? Any ideas please
  58. How long does the surgery take?
  59. Having surgery for non painful stones. Help!
  60. sharp pains on front of both kidneys
  61. symptoms
  62. slightly off topic stent question
  63. help with acute renal failure
  64. What could this mean?
  65. Pain in my side
  66. how long to heal ? from stone surgery?
  67. Hi I am looking for an answer if someone can give it to me!!!
  68. Pancreatitus
  69. Kidney Problem Causing Nausea?
  70. Kidney pain and drinking water
  71. Emotional Problems & Kidney Stone Operation!!!
  72. ? about kidney stone pain
  73. Post your lithotripsy experience
  74. Kidney problems with normal creatinine?
  75. Is anyone takng Remeron?
  76. Litho planned - any advice
  77. Protein in Urine
  78. Urologist said today, I need surgery....
  79. canabis and ESRD
  80. Kidney stone pain location
  81. Having stent removed in uro's office, how bad is it???
  82. stent encrusted w/stones
  83. cloudy urine in morning
  84. Herbs for kidney stone!
  85. options for dealing with nonfunctioning kidney
  86. Please Help..Blood in Urine and hands & feet are swollen..whats happening?
  87. I wonder if this is good for kidney stones..............
  88. Lucency on cat scan what does that mean?
  89. dialysis
  90. Kidney pain, dark urine - what could it be?
  91. Pain, blood, protein and pus PLEASE HELP!
  92. Bloody Urine Still!!!
  93. Renal Artery Stenosis Confirmed...
  94. Need Advice
  95. Microalbuminuria levels ??
  96. Ureteroscopy found no kidney stone
  97. Kidney Stones
  98. Symptoms of Kidney Disease???
  99. Smaller Kidney on Right Side
  100. Passing a 6mm stone?
  101. Not Quite Sure But...
  102. 2year old with kidney disease
  103. frequent urination
  104. Fsgs
  105. Kidney infection?
  106. Shock wave to remove stone, painful ??
  107. 15 And Throbbing Kidney
  108. Kidney cyst...or is it?
  109. A Cyst in the kidney?
  110. Sound like a kidney problem?
  111. Berger's Disease
  112. How do prevent future kidney stones?
  113. Lottsa kidney stones
  114. First kidney stone- please help!
  115. Kidney...problems
  116. Constant kidney pain
  117. ureteroscopy ? anyone have it done?
  118. Polycystic Kidney Disease
  119. Stone size ?
  120. Need information on kidney cysts :(
  121. Pain relievers
  122. this might be a dumb question but i need an answer...
  123. Can anyone help me with this....i dont' understand this
  124. I have mixed growth UTI and have bad back pain even into my spine and shoulder blade
  125. Creatnine level
  126. Had a kidney infection, skipped a period!
  127. Protein in Urine
  128. quick question that needs an awnser
  129. bilateral urethral jets
  130. Ultrasound vs. IVP, I'm kinda confused
  131. When do you find out the results of an IVP?
  132. Stone Surgery
  133. Does this sound like a Kidney Stone?
  134. sonogram
  135. kidney disorder AND high blood pressure
  136. Ganoderma Lingzhi
  137. help... please
  138. ache/pains looonnnng time
  139. HELP....
  140. VCUG advice?
  141. how long does it take?
  142. 4mm kidney stone
  143. Potent Urine Smell
  144. NEED HELP
  145. here's my story and recommendations
  146. UTI not getting better.....
  147. IVP Test
  148. over 1 centimeter stone and
  149. Chronic UTI...had enough!!
  150. to dissolve stones
  151. Chronic Renal Failure
  152. how sick were you when you had kidney stones?
  153. Duplex Kidney
  154. side presser
  155. kidney and itching issue
  156. I hit a bump and have had kidney pain since...
  157. kidney stone pain???
  158. dialysis
  159. Renal Tubular Acidosis questions
  160. side pain
  161. back pain
  162. Diet for child with only one kidney?
  163. Need some kidney stone advice
  164. what are these test's and what happens
  165. Why do dr's put stents in after surgery for kidney stones?
  166. WANTED: Experienced stone passers
  167. rib pain caused by kidney stone???
  168. movement to uretern from kidney...
  169. kidney problem?
  170. Infections????
  171. Just diagnosed as having kidney hydronephrosis
  172. Procedure for removing kidney stone
  173. to: Juicyfruit111
  174. Kidney Infection?
  175. Can anybody tell me what's wrong?
  176. 7mm stone not moving!
  177. 7mm stone not moving
  178. blood in boyfriends urine
  179. kidney stones or not?
  180. sum1 help! -blood in urine
  181. kidneys ache
  182. I Have a Question???
  183. I need help understanding this results
  184. kidney stones
  185. Has anyone had a Appendicovesicostomy or severe hydronephrosis?
  186. significant x-ray finding? need help or explanation
  187. acidic food makes me sick after stone passed?!?
  188. High protein intake and possible kidney damage
  189. pelvic/stomach kidney
  190. renal scan adding to my fears...
  191. Kidney scarring following Ureter damage
  192. Creatinine Level of 580~Isnt that Bad????
  193. Technical question about calculating Creatinine Clearance
  194. Complications after passing kidney stone
  195. dilated kidneys
  196. Teenagers with kidney failure
  197. Uric Acid Kidney Stones with protein matrix/core
  198. Creatinine Level -- Significance???
  199. husband
  200. ? 4 muslimlady and mercury poisoning
  201. Please read, pains in sides, scared and confused :(
  202. enlarged kidney-causes?
  203. Could these pains be realted?
  204. Can anyone decipher these results?
  205. Kidney stone treatment?
  206. The stent is removed- but I am still in pain
  207. Unknown Diagnosis
  208. Is SLEEPING at night bad for stones??
  209. stone has not passed...pain has stopped
  210. any suggestions to my pain?
  211. Ultrasound shows thinning. What does it mean?
  212. protien in urine...past kidney problem returning?
  213. vesicoureteric reflux
  214. Live Donor Testing
  215. Constantly Dehydrated-Kidney Problem?
  216. mothers kidney/itching issue
  217. IgA Nephropathy
  218. microalbumin urine test
  219. left kidney split into 2?????
  220. Possible Kidney Problems
  221. The pain is gone but I have not Stones any Advice to Stop the disconform
  222. What is a renal scan?
  223. Pains in my side
  224. Questions after first stone
  225. White Urine, Burning.....
  226. No answers
  227. Did any of you have an MRI to check kidneys?
  228. A Life-Long Burden, PLEASE Help!
  229. Son with FSGS
  230. Stone pain gone for a week at a time??
  231. Please Help!!!
  232. flank pain
  233. still no answres
  234. renal artery stenosis
  235. creatinine
  236. cytoscopic exam
  237. I just found out i only have one kidney....
  238. Murcury Poising in my kidney
  239. xray showed "something like metal" he said???
  240. Does biopsy show stones and is it outpatient?
  241. Could this be Kidney related?
  242. fluid in lungs caused by kidneys?
  243. Social Security Disability
  244. Does Stone Pain Come & Go???
  245. Biopsy question and what are "larger proteins"?
  246. high protein level in urine
  247. Scarred smaller right kidney leading to hypertension
  248. Blood Test for BUN
  249. renal insufficiency
  250. Procedure for removing stone??

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