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  1. i think i have kidney stones. what do i do? i cant even sleep
  2. Swelling Pain below left breast - Is it a symptom of kidney problems?
  3. what to do when pregnant and can't take hydrochlorothiazide for kidney stones
  4. grade four
  5. Kidney stones hiding???
  6. Renal Agenesis
  7. Do we go to the hospital? or is this normal (kidney stone?)
  8. chronic kidney desease
  9. Worried...2 Kidney Infections, Abscess and Now Dark Spot
  10. ureteropelvic junction obstruction
  11. gfr
  12. ankle and calf swelling at left leg only, what is the cause-
  13. Renal Mass
  14. reduced kidney function question
  15. Unknown kidney problems
  16. Kidney stent removal please read
  17. Nutrition Drinks???
  18. Results of kidney scan
  19. Can frequent urination be a symptom of kidney problems?
  20. do they give pain meds for kidney stones
  21. Hydronephrosis in pregnancy
  22. how do you know if a kidney stone has passed
  23. when dialysis doesn't work
  24. Large Cysts
  25. Depression and kidney disease
  26. Degenerative Disc Disease and caused kidneys failurre im already prebematic kidneys
  27. Chronic kidney stones, possible underlying cause?
  28. protein
  29. blood n stool
  30. They couldn't unblock my tube
  31. i only have 1 kidney
  32. cretanine level
  33. fistula problems- small veins
  34. Dehydration and its effect on the kidneys
  35. High Creatinine Levels, what should I do?
  36. Dialysis
  37. Kidney cysts with internal echos
  38. What Is It Like to Have a Ureteroscopy and a Stent?
  39. Help please!!
  40. stent
  41. Brand new member: solid 2.5 cm mass in kidney
  42. Microalbumin/Creat. Ratio
  43. how to keep creatinine levels down
  44. gitelman syndrom/barta
  45. gitelman syndrom/barta
  46. gitelman syndrom
  47. left kidney removed robotically
  48. B/C Ratio
  49. Blood work results
  50. Kidney size in almost 3 y/o
  51. complex baby..
  52. time for a new urologist?
  53. urianalysis
  54. Glom Filt Rate, estimated
  55. kidney stone and masturbation? pls help
  56. Slightly complex renal Cyst
  57. Kidney stone four years ago, still pain?!?
  58. 3mm Uric Kidney Stone
  59. kidney stones
  60. my mom is having a dead kidney removed
  61. Newbee and scared
  62. low carbs = kidney concerns?
  63. my bun is 20 and bun creat is 18.2 what does this mean
  64. does healthy urine = a healthy kidney?
  65. kdney
  66. Abdominal pain with lower back pain
  67. Urine Microalbumin and Protein in Urine
  68. Kidney problem-Creatinine Level 5.2
  69. causes of a weak kidney
  70. Hematuria and Kidney Stones
  71. Guess I am new to kidney problems
  72. concerned about my daughters kidney
  73. Low IgM & Proteinuria
  74. GFR runs 28 to 30, renal ultrasound ok
  75. anyone ever passed a suture?
  76. polycystic kidney
  77. Pain Management Specialist for Chronic Kidney Stones?
  78. Please help me find answers!
  79. dialated kidney
  80. Help!!
  81. 3+ months and no sign of this stone passing - questions
  82. kidney pain stone on ultrasound none on ct
  83. Adult UPJ
  84. Kidney Disease and Colonoscopy?
  85. Stones, more dang stones
  86. Terrified about Kidney CT scan results
  87. what happens if someone have not been dialysis in a month
  88. Help with creatinine clearance results
  89. Supplements/Atrophic Kidney
  90. Polycystic kidney and creatine levels
  91. kidney test results
  92. How to increase my gfr
  93. protein
  94. Stent removal and verginity
  95. mass in kidney
  96. Stent Removal Pain
  97. wondering how long it can take to pass a stone!
  98. Renal Artery/ Small Veins growing around it
  99. just needing info
  100. dysplasia and hydronephrosis, want some answers
  101. post lithotripsy
  102. Don't know what to do!
  103. what puts protein in your urine?
  104. eGFR dropped from 89 to 51 in one year, etc.
  105. can i drink orange soda when i have a uti?
  106. Finally Passed My Kidney Stone
  107. Pain in kidney that was removed!
  108. Just had my second kidney stone attack
  109. kidney stone
  110. Odd question, I know, but: Transgendered Kidney Failur Issue
  111. Silent Kidney stones
  112. Steriod Use and Blood Test Results
  113. Kidney stones caused by oxalates
  114. Help with Lab results 24 hr Urine
  115. Please help low eGFR
  116. Cystoscopy retrograde stone manipulation
  117. Robotic surgery for kidney removal
  118. Lower back ache
  119. hemoglobin, ur, ql
  120. My creatinine is 4.2 but i feel fine
  121. Kidney Issue
  122. starting pd,plz help
  123. Question concerning kidney stones
  124. creatinine maximum limit
  125. Help!
  126. What is shrinking kidneys
  127. did this ever happen to anyone else?
  128. adrenal gland (swellon)
  129. more UTIs
  130. drugs to take when you cannot urinate
  131. Anxious About Blood In Urine
  132. Garlic?
  133. blood in Urine
  134. kidney stones
  135. Diet for Kidney disease
  136. Kidney problems
  137. Kidney Disorder
  138. Anyone have a kidney mass near size 13.5cm?
  139. The Kidney Disease Solution by Duncan Capicchiano
  140. Can someone tell me how their Lithotripsy went?
  141. Can anyone please help with this?? Dr's are stumped.
  142. Renal Scan
  143. Kidney Stone Questions
  144. Lesion on kidney
  145. kidney fuction 5
  146. Ultrasound Results
  147. exercise after nephrectomy
  148. Breaking of kidney stone
  149. Kidney donation
  150. please help
  151. antibiotics and vomiting
  152. Adhesion pain?
  153. kidney ct scan
  154. kidney stones
  155. high protein in the urine
  156. ureteral reflux to left kidney
  157. Kidney Disease and enema
  158. Suspect Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus...
  159. Suffereing from my first kidney stone. Questions
  160. Scheduled for partial - what to expect?
  161. Pain in both kidneys
  162. Nocturnal Home Hemo
  163. Could this be caused by a stone?
  164. does anyone have ckd kidney disease early stage etc
  165. Creatinine on Dialysis
  166. Creatinine on Dialysis
  167. When to Start
  168. need advice of kidney problems or any1 suffering the same as me
  169. How Long?
  170. Modalities
  171. Travel
  172. Creatinine Level
  173. Need Advice Please Help!
  174. searing pain in hip (& possibly small of back) upon waking
  175. "Need advice please!"--Doc wants to do surgery, but no pain??
  176. what is creatinine in blood work
  177. What's going on within??
  178. 6mm stone in Ureter...is it possible to pass??
  179. ? about right flank pain, possible stones, infection
  180. Staghorn calculi and Cancer
  181. protein/blood - long term - young mom needs help
  182. How Worried Should We Be-Help Please!
  183. Long Term Kidney Infection Question
  184. Kidney Problem???
  185. Spironolactone and possible kidney problems
  186. laproscopic kidney removal
  187. Hello, I new here with ?'s re lab results
  188. post stent removal
  189. they found atypical cells in my urine tests, what does that mean?
  190. why do i have flank pain after I drink alcohol?
  191. Lab Results - Please Help
  192. what can i do to not go on dialysis
  193. Acute Kidney Failure post surgery
  194. 24-urine hour test
  195. Lithotripsy
  196. how do i know if a kidney stone has passed
  197. Absent left kidney
  198. Large amounts of concentrated urine, huh??
  199. Salt or No Salt
  200. Excruciating pain when peeing after laser kidney removal
  201. A/g ratio in kidney test
  202. Kidney Infection. Emergency HELP!
  203. Kidney stone Newbie
  204. need to know what is wrong with me i have a lot of blood in urine
  205. enlarged ureter and kidney
  206. what makes kidney stones move
  207. Renal Infarction
  208. Diarrhea with kidney stones?
  209. Adrenal deficient
  210. kidney gravel
  211. Low GFR - Should I be concerned?
  212. kidney stone in uretha(?)
  213. kidney problem
  214. vision problems with kidney failure
  215. Low Creatinine Clearance?
  216. what is urology and nephrology
  217. treatments of kidney
  218. Trace of blood in urine
  219. Deteriorating GFR: Going from Stage 3B CKD to Stage 4
  220. kidney infection
  221. Emotional support after diagnosis
  222. My Lower left abdomen hurts.
  223. bun/creatinine 28.7
  224. How long does a stone stay in your kidney before it moves down?
  225. creatine and BUN values
  226. kidney stones
  227. Both Kidney to be removed in one go
  228. do we have any tretment for iga nephropathy in homeopathy
  229. stone still in kidney after 30 days
  230. Holidays after transplant
  231. Just Diagnosed with Renal Stenosis Help please!
  232. Help Anyone?
  233. Kidney pain when taking deep breaths
  234. What Doctor specializing in Adrenal issues
  235. drop in GFR and increase in creatine
  236. kidney swelling in foetous
  237. with a creatinine clearance of 29 when will dialysis need to be started?
  238. How much water should you drink in a day?
  239. Kidney and low Vit D Hydroxy 25
  240. Do kidneys do most of their work at night time?
  241. my dad is on dialysis -
  242. Do I have a kidney infection?
  243. creatine level
  244. 6th surgery....help
  245. How concerned should I be?
  246. sharp pain in kidneys when I need to pea
  247. water ionizers
  248. how many times should you have lithotripsy
  249. weight and kidney function
  250. Lithotripsy