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  1. I might have a kidney stone?
  2. MPGN type 3/NSF
  3. amyloidosis - I'm so scared for friend
  4. A little scared
  5. what is scarring of the kidney?
  6. kidney removal - diet after surgery
  7. Dialysis
  8. shrinking kidneys
  9. I am scared.
  10. jerking when sleeping
  11. Scarred kidney causing pain, Anyone suffer the same?
  12. suggestion:
  13. why dont they use pain medicine in stent removal
  14. What causes the kidney to enlarged?
  15. Stone Formation
  16. Really Scared
  17. stone
  18. quick question
  19. Cystoscopy/ureter Stent
  20. frustrated and scared
  21. Does kidney failure have anything to do with pshycosis?
  22. doctor did a dip stick test and said there was blood in my urine test came back negat
  23. 1.9 creatinine level
  24. what effects does dehydration have on eGFR
  25. kidney
  26. urine test
  27. abdominal pain when in need to urinate
  28. blood in urine have anything to do with pain the kidneys?
  29. i have swelling and back pain by left kidney
  30. How can diuretics mess with your kidneys
  31. Blood clot in AV graft. How do they fix that?
  32. when you have a kidney failure do both kidneys fail
  33. Which Dr. should I be seeing?
  34. why does urine have protein
  35. What does dehydration of kidneys come from
  36. IgA nephritis and pregnancy - need info
  37. what will happen when you have high creatinine in kidney
  38. hey think this should be in here?
  39. dull pain in the right and left sides of lower back
  40. sharp pains in kidney area
  41. leading homeopathic doctor for IgAN
  42. Help One week post op still running fever
  43. Help with Tricitrates solution
  44. Proteinuria and biopsy - confused and afraid
  45. Kidney stones?
  46. ate glass pieces
  47. Peritoneal dialysis
  48. Pyeloplasty Sugery NEED HELP!!
  49. BUN & Creatine Elavation
  50. I'm concerned - need info.
  51. Blood creatinine of 1.59 whats next?
  52. Anyone have Polycystic Kidney disease?
  53. 24-hour urine vs. Random urine sample values
  54. Random urine vs. 24-hour urine
  55. kidney stone
  56. how can you raise your GFR
  57. Symptoms when passing a stone?
  58. Acne and Kidney Failure?
  59. Protein urine
  60. Where do I get the test strips?
  61. 10 days Later still in Pain.....
  62. CKD Stages
  63. Would anyone know answer to this,kidney stones
  64. flank pain/blood in urine/feeling nervous
  65. could this be a kidney stone?
  66. I'm worried
  67. Symptoms of kidney stones
  68. cyst could this be problem?
  69. 6 mm stone at VUJ
  70. Kidney Stones and Overeating
  71. 31 weeks pregnant
  72. Passing Stones Third Time This Week!!!!!!
  73. Horseshoe Kidneys + UPJ Obstruction
  74. Help Advice Needed Kidney Stones
  75. odd pain/sensation
  76. Kidney Stone
  77. Do you think that I have PKD?
  78. if i have had a kidney infection does that mean i can never drink again
  79. Still have moderate pain in kidney after kidney infection treatment
  80. double kindey
  81. What is foamy urine
  82. What diet is best for optimal kidney health?
  83. how long does it take to pass a kidney stone
  84. Failing kidneys?
  85. how can I lower creatinine levels in kidneys
  86. kidney
  87. high protein in urine
  88. What does it mean when a male has a trace amount of protien in his urine
  89. Kidney stones/Lithotripsy
  90. kidney failure
  91. Is this common for a stone?
  92. Lab tests question
  93. What should I take for a overall healthier kidney?
  94. Lower back pain/kidney problems?
  95. Blood an protein in urine and pregnant.
  96. Voiding Cystogram..
  97. Loss of kidney function and pregnancy
  98. weak kidney
  99. how long does it take to pass a kidney stone
  100. Problem with Kidney 'Collection System'
  101. Peas help ckd and bp
  102. kidney stones looks
  103. PKD with 35% kidney function
  104. What does GFR Blood test mean
  105. 3mm kidney stone
  106. theralith XR aftereffects
  107. Renal CT report
  108. scarred kidney?
  109. how long does it take to pass 1 kidney stone if your under 18
  110. kidney location
  111. ESWL question
  112. What does GFR 73.4 mean?
  113. Should I Be Worried About Kidney Disease?
  114. Possible Kidney Stone?
  115. how long does a kidney stone take to pass
  116. normal color of urine
  117. What is GFR?
  118. cyst on right kidney, causing right flank pain
  119. my son has kidney reflux and he is very inactive
  120. Lithotripsy
  121. kidney lesion?
  122. Is this a total failure?
  123. Is this a total failure?
  124. Has a kidney failed when the size is still normal?
  125. Renal Ultrasound results... help?
  126. 3+ blood in urine
  127. kidney
  128. Disappointed with Kidney doctor visit
  129. lesion on my left kidney
  130. 15 cm kidney stone
  131. right lower abd /groin pain
  132. Mt.dew soda
  133. Need help, kidney stone after lithotripsy?
  134. care of kidney after lithotripsy
  135. what is the right size of kidney
  136. gfr of 55 with 1 kidney
  137. pain
  138. Low A/G ratio
  139. Nephrosclerosis
  140. X-ray, ultrasound or CT scan?
  141. Kidney Stone Question
  142. proteinuria
  143. donate my kidney to my brother
  144. twinge in back could be kidney
  145. when a kidney fails
  146. how do kidneys cause swollen hands
  147. should i get checked
  148. how long should it take to pass kidney stones
  149. urine has odor with blood and pain
  150. my wife has a kidney infection, cronic
  151. what is considered low egfr
  152. Why do you feel a pinching sensation in the urethra when you have a kidney stone
  153. Kidney failure Creatine goes down 2 point
  154. can dialysis be stoped if creatinine level comes normal??
  155. kidney loin pain after uti treated??
  156. loin flank pain after uti treated???
  157. what to expect after losing a kidney
  158. Dialysis Graft
  159. lithotripsy
  160. WBC 12,200 cells/cumm elevated or not???
  161. red blood cells in the urine\
  162. what is a kidney lesian
  163. Please help... 8th kidney infection in the last 6 months.
  164. theralith xr
  165. Dialysis Question
  166. Kidney problems
  167. my baby girl has to be sedated
  168. kidney cyst
  169. i'm sick of being sick with these kidney stones how do i get them out of me?
  170. passing small stones and drug called methenamine
  171. Creatinine level and dialysis
  172. Shrinking Kidneys
  173. How to Lower Creatinine
  174. ultrasound vs ct scan
  175. Kidney stones
  176. Eletrical feeling.
  177. how long does it take for a kidney stone to pass
  178. Is this my kidney? Help
  179. GFR and UTI
  180. kidney cyst
  181. how can i get all this protein out of my urine
  182. Stange Kidney/Stomach Pain caused by Activity
  183. Ct scan showed heterogenerous abnormality on my kidney
  184. When is dialysis needed
  185. should i be worried?
  186. Kidney Stone possibility (male)
  187. urine with terrible odor
  188. What does grossly unremarkable kidney mean
  189. Please help me
  190. How many lithotripsies is too many?
  191. My hair is dead !
  192. Right Side Pain
  193. does a moving pain in the kidney mean stones
  194. kidney surgery
  195. How long does radical removal of a kidney take
  196. what does it mean when you have protien in your urin
  197. back pain after eating
  198. Kidney
  199. Help needed
  200. how does a solid mass develop in the kidney?
  201. lithotripsy
  202. Creatinine
  203. Gitelman's syndrome or low potassium
  204. freaking out
  205. Why can't i stay hydrated
  206. Scanty urine
  207. stone symptoms but no stone on xray, u/s?
  208. kidney's
  209. what to expect after simple nephrectomy on kidney
  210. low egfr
  211. Diverticulitis vs. Kidney Infection
  212. chronic kidney stones
  213. when dialysis needed
  214. how to raise GFR?
  215. kidney stone and kidney function?
  216. Kidney stent
  217. Kidney Stones
  218. i have to much protein in my urine
  219. leg pain with my kidney pain?
  220. urine result shows too much protien
  221. Anyone with MPGN type 1 (kidney disease)?
  222. Lab results worry me
  223. Wound up in ER last night
  224. Has anyone taken Urocet K?
  225. Vitamin Supplements
  226. Anybody had a kidney endoscopy done ?
  227. high red blood cell count in urine, but sick the day before?
  228. why the dearth of info on kidney endoscopy ?
  229. Proteinuria
  230. kidney stones
  231. urine has foul odor
  232. ? Renal Impairment
  233. please read - New Update on stone
  234. why does blood come out with my urine?
  235. How long can a person avoid progression of kidney deisease if he has protien in urine
  236. reducing creatinine levels (high for some reason ?)
  237. How much water?
  238. for a kidney stone to pass
  239. Is pain worse at night?
  240. why does my urine smell like plastic?
  241. Kidney disease stages and anemia help please
  242. kidney stones
  243. Kidney CT results please help
  244. Questions about kidney stones.
  245. uuurrrggg Kidney stone
  246. Multiple kidney cysts
  247. please help if you can
  248. How Long Does It Take to Pass a Kidney Stone
  249. Help after Lithotripsy
  250. anesthesia and pain meds dogs