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  1. kidney damage if I take lexapro.
  2. What can I expect?
  3. how high does creatinine have to be in transplant patients before going back to dialy
  4. Kidney infections
  5. Kidney Test Abnormal
  6. Does anyone have an answer for my girl?
  7. My dad has to have a kidney removed What can we expect after the operation ?
  8. Right Flank pain, NOT kidney....
  9. Chronic Kidney Infection
  10. my son is 3 year old and he have a big renal cysts in his left kdney
  11. possible kidney stones (my daughter)
  12. Concerned about husband's kidney stone
  13. Black urine
  14. 16 yrs. old son
  15. what to do when u have kidney stones
  16. Newbie with concerns......help appreciated.
  17. One Doc said 1.5 and 1.3 but urologyst says one LARGE one
  18. May I have some help?
  19. is it bad to drink alchohol when you have IgaN?
  20. pelvic fluid
  21. Questions
  22. What is random Urine Creatinine?
  23. Renal artery stenosis
  24. Water in My Kidney
  25. Are these results normal?
  26. GFR- please help interpret what this means
  27. does low potassium cause urine color changes
  28. is this chronic ache kidney related
  29. is this a kidney problem?
  30. blood in urine
  31. i wish to lower my creatinine level of 160
  32. Huge Kidney Cyst
  33. Hematoma from kidney surgery
  34. Could this be kidney stones or is it a strained muscle?
  35. Use of Black Cohosh & Soy Isoflavones
  36. This is probably a stupid question when is it kidney failure?
  37. Kidney Infection??
  38. B Vitamins and Kidney Disease
  39. what would cause both kidneys to hurt
  40. Kidney post-surgery care
  41. Kidney Error
  42. i feel like i have a uti, but my urinalysis came back negative--why?
  43. What caused this??
  44. What is the normal level of creatinine mine is 1.3 % and I am a diabetic
  45. Kidney one only now pregnancy time what's happening
  46. Things going well
  47. what are the effects of having only 1 kidney
  48. should I stop taking hydrocodone if I am have lithotripsy?
  49. Trapped gas - what to do?
  50. gfr
  51. Bartter's Syndrome??? Rare Kideney Disorder
  52. What did the Neuphrologist mean?
  53. Kidney tumour found awaiting removal of kidney
  54. Growth on Kidney found on CT
  55. Kidney stone
  56. grey color urine
  57. Kidney Tumor Removal Complications
  58. what medication is used for lisotripsy
  59. Kidneys & Diabetes and Ileostomy Anyone else have all 3?
  60. Pyeloplasty surgery. Check this out.
  61. advice please
  62. how long should a urine infection roughly last for
  63. kidney cyst
  64. My Kidney Related Issue, Please Help.
  65. Right kidney larger than left per CT scan
  66. A little help with new labs
  67. ?diminished total MAG clearance
  68. Floating Kidney and pain
  69. pain in my abdomen when i pee
  70. In Desperate Need For Help
  71. how do you know if you have passed a kidney stone
  72. 1.5cm stone
  73. Kidney Disease and PRILOSEC
  74. Chronic Kidney Stones
  75. Son with protein in urine
  76. dehydration and kidney problems
  77. Kidney stones and lots of blood in urine
  78. pain management needed
  79. kidney removal
  80. Renal colic/ thinning of the renal cortex/no other symptoms
  81. Questions about Dialysis
  82. A modern mystery
  83. Cysts on kidneys.
  84. Mom in severe Kidney Failure
  85. Out of range eGFR and Creatinine in the elderly?
  86. why i urine a lot at night ?
  87. Lab results and fatigue
  88. kidney growth
  89. kidneys
  90. Kidney Stone Stuck in Urethra
  91. Stones, three ureters, and.....
  92. Had CT Scan w/ contrast Need Help
  93. bllod in urine?
  94. restriction
  95. Cysts in kidneys
  96. what creatinine level is high enough to start dialysis?
  97. Cola colored urine
  98. Kidney problems
  99. 4cm kidney stone
  100. Having a CT Scan - Need Advice Fast
  101. Kidney Function % - What does it mean?
  102. Non-functional kidney and other problems
  103. Kidney problem
  104. Kidney function improvement
  105. Dont want to mess around, need a straight answer, please..
  106. how long does a transplanted kidney function
  107. Kidney Damage...Why.....
  108. Urine is not foamy but a bit bubbly
  109. right kidney removal
  110. kidney mass
  111. Now what do I do :(
  112. Update
  113. IgA or Thin Basement Membrane?
  114. Really upset
  115. ER Visit New Numbers
  116. Needing to talk
  117. High Importance-Refusing Meds
  118. Anyone ever heard of this?
  119. Lithotripsy on infant w/ kidney stone
  120. Kidney Function 4% Dialysis Not Started Why?
  121. Kidny Stones
  122. stone in kidney
  123. what does it mean when your kidneys hurt that you have to go to the washroom and then
  124. Is this a kidney stone/infection?
  125. What do you know about HCTZ?
  126. Mees lines?
  127. Renal Parenchymal Disease
  128. Confused by pain
  129. fever, high white blood cell count & groin pain
  130. Persistent stomach pains due to a kidney stone?
  131. hurnia,hydronephosis,pregnacy
  132. When you have a kidney stone, what makes the kidney feel like it is fluttering?
  133. Can you die from Kidney failure before you see a doc.
  134. stint
  135. Salt sensitivity
  136. I'm ready for dialysis...I think
  137. Cramps? Or Kidney problems?
  138. Low GFR? Lupus? Help :*(
  139. Kidney removal, pain medications & constipation
  140. Hypendense Cyst
  141. Kidney disease causing skin/hair damage?
  142. acute kidney failure. creatine went to 1200 took 8 days to come back to 70
  143. hi
  144. kidney mass
  145. lasic nuclear test of the kidney
  146. Close to dialysis and Scared!
  147. small growth on my kidney what is the teatment for this
  148. Calcium
  149. Potassium level and renal insufficiency
  150. Creatinine 1.6.
  151. partial nephrectomy - blood in urine?
  152. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  153. Ahhhh they're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  154. Dead kidney never working again?
  155. Dietary restrictions issues
  156. Left flank pain
  157. Last month I was fine-now I have CKD stage3?
  158. i may have kidney disease, looking for advice ,
  159. urination
  160. function of kidneys is 15% what does this mean
  161. problem w/ urine?
  162. protein in urine
  163. kidney blockage
  164. pain in left flank area
  165. Only one kidney...
  166. in CKD, can my GFR go up and down?
  167. kidney stones
  168. blood in urine/ high protein in urine - please help!
  169. what could a 5 cm mass be on my kidney?
  170. Mom is end stage renal patient..
  171. at what levels of creatinine will i need dialysis
  172. 5mm kidney stone
  173. Help
  174. Hematuria
  175. hemoglobin ur ql small
  176. kidney stones
  177. Is the cause kidey infection?
  178. uric stones?
  179. Solitary kidney
  180. thinning kidney cortex
  181. flank pain. OUCH
  182. Kidneys shutting down
  183. urine test for chronic kidney disease
  184. pee problems
  185. renal disorders
  186. Worried: Hypoechoic area with internal echoes on Kidney
  187. kidney disorders
  188. Shrinking kidney
  189. New here and new "semi-diagnosis"
  190. I might have a kidney stone?
  191. MPGN type 3/NSF
  192. amyloidosis - I'm so scared for friend
  193. A little scared
  194. what is scarring of the kidney?
  195. kidney removal - diet after surgery
  196. Dialysis
  197. shrinking kidneys
  198. I am scared.
  199. jerking when sleeping
  200. Scarred kidney causing pain, Anyone suffer the same?
  201. suggestion:
  202. why dont they use pain medicine in stent removal
  203. What causes the kidney to enlarged?
  204. Stone Formation
  205. Really Scared
  206. stone
  207. quick question
  208. Cystoscopy/ureter Stent
  209. frustrated and scared
  210. Does kidney failure have anything to do with pshycosis?
  211. doctor did a dip stick test and said there was blood in my urine test came back negat
  212. 1.9 creatinine level
  213. what effects does dehydration have on eGFR
  214. kidney
  215. urine test
  216. abdominal pain when in need to urinate
  217. blood in urine have anything to do with pain the kidneys?
  218. i have swelling and back pain by left kidney
  219. How can diuretics mess with your kidneys
  220. Blood clot in AV graft. How do they fix that?
  221. when you have a kidney failure do both kidneys fail
  222. Which Dr. should I be seeing?
  223. why does urine have protein
  224. What does dehydration of kidneys come from
  225. IgA nephritis and pregnancy - need info
  226. what will happen when you have high creatinine in kidney
  227. hey think this should be in here?
  228. dull pain in the right and left sides of lower back
  229. sharp pains in kidney area
  230. leading homeopathic doctor for IgAN
  231. Help One week post op still running fever
  232. Help with Tricitrates solution
  233. Proteinuria and biopsy - confused and afraid
  234. Kidney stones?
  235. ate glass pieces
  236. Peritoneal dialysis
  237. Pyeloplasty Sugery NEED HELP!!
  238. BUN & Creatine Elavation
  239. I'm concerned - need info.
  240. Blood creatinine of 1.59 whats next?
  241. Anyone have Polycystic Kidney disease?
  242. 24-hour urine vs. Random urine sample values
  243. Random urine vs. 24-hour urine
  244. kidney stone
  245. how can you raise your GFR
  246. Symptoms when passing a stone?
  247. Acne and Kidney Failure?
  248. Protein urine
  249. Where do I get the test strips?
  250. 10 days Later still in Pain.....