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  1. Homeopathic Treatment for IgA Nephrology
  2. why shouldn't you drink juice if you have kidney problems
  3. kidney &liver nodules????
  4. how do you lower creatinine
  5. GFR test results
  6. Is beer good for the kidneys?
  7. kidney questions
  8. Please help!
  9. kidney size
  10. Advice requested
  11. 17 years old and Kidneys Hurt with no infection
  12. why do my kidneys hurt
  13. what is the solid kidney
  14. Glom Filt Rate
  15. kidney infection?
  16. What to expect at first nephrologist apointment?
  17. Ureteroscopy Problems
  18. kidney stint
  19. Is there anything I can do to get my creatinine levels down?
  20. I am new here; I am in N stage kidney failure
  21. High Potassium
  22. hello
  23. Anyone out there with Gitelman's syndrome?
  24. Strange side affect after Kidney Removal. Are they normal?
  25. Possible to Raise GFR?
  26. Prevent kidney obstruction
  27. Kidney Stone Blasting Procedure Question
  28. I donno if I have kidney failure ><
  29. Brain damaged, may need dialysis...
  30. Change in Urines
  31. Kidney Stent
  32. Kidneys and GFR levels
  33. why left kidney always goes first
  34. my kidneys hurt and feel enlarged when I get up in the morning
  35. Renal cyroablation
  36. Proteinuria, causes unknown.
  37. high protein in urine
  38. Kidney Stone Questions
  39. creatinine(rur) what is this
  40. endocrinologist
  41. Has anyone had a ureteroscopy that failed?
  42. CT scan results on my 10 year old son
  43. Hurts to wee and doctor found a swelling?
  44. lower creatinine?
  45. difference between oxycodone and hydrocodone
  46. Kidney Stone---Hurts when I eat?!?
  47. left kidney removal
  48. how do i lower my creatinine levels?
  49. advice on kidney stones
  50. Free Copy Of Essential Guide To Kidney Cleansing
  51. Complex Cyst
  52. Greater than 2 1/2 inch Kidney Mass
  53. New to Kidney Stones
  54. any thoughts on my persistent pain?
  55. gfr 49, creat 1.69 Kidney Disease?????!!!!Help!!!
  56. Why have I an ache in my kidneys
  57. what to do if stone appears in kidney during pregnancy
  58. how long does it take to pass kidney stones
  59. lowering creatinine level
  60. how long does it take for a kidney stone to get out
  61. Please Help
  62. Kidney Infection from BLEEP!!
  63. Strong Urine odor
  64. nonobstructing stone
  65. what's the recovery time for a kidney removal?
  66. what's the recovery time for a kidney removal?
  67. kidneys filled with stones
  68. how long does it take a kidney stone to pass
  69. Pain In The Left Side Of The Body To Do With The Kidneys
  70. Ibuprofen
  71. Massive Kidney Stone
  72. pain in both kidneys
  73. more info pls..
  74. what happens to me during dialysis
  75. what if one of your kidney is larger than the normal size
  76. kidney stone removal
  77. Too weak for dialysis?
  78. How do you lower your creatinine
  79. recovery after kidney surgery
  80. How Long before Prednisone Starts to Work
  81. both my kidneys hurt
  82. both my kidneys hurt
  83. protein and ketonesin urine
  84. Nuclear Bone Scan
  85. hurts my kidneys when bending over
  86. kidneys
  87. overdose of antibiotics
  88. kidney removal
  89. what does wbc and rbc mean in your urine
  90. damage to my left kidney why?
  91. Allipurinol
  92. glom filt rate
  93. diagnosed with Gitelman's syndrome...anyone else with this
  94. how to lower creatinine levels
  95. lower abdominal ache?
  96. I have one kidney and my GFR is 49 what does it mean
  97. kidney function? help..
  98. angiomyolipoma
  99. kidney pain
  100. Flank Pain with IGA Nephropathy
  101. High Urea protein level
  102. Kidney Stone
  103. 24 hr urine screen
  104. midpol of left kidney measures 4 mm
  105. Kidney failure
  106. I need a little input, urination problems, pain
  107. Ultra Sound of Kidney
  108. Tylenol and the Kidneys
  109. Billirubin
  110. I have Berger's Disease
  111. What does it mean to have Leukolytes in your urine?
  112. I need info on low eGFR and extremely high AST levels...Please?
  113. how to lower creatinin level
  114. Urinalysis creatinine 392-hemoglobin present/no rbc's-protein high end of normal
  115. Kidney Stone Surgery??!!
  116. Rising creatinine levels
  117. What do these Renal scan results mean?
  118. Kidneys and fibre
  119. high bun level
  120. Kidney biopsy, what to expect???
  121. Do kidney stones come several months apart?
  122. kidney stone
  123. hemoglobin ur,ql what does this mean
  124. after lithotripsy
  125. 20 year old - nephrectomy
  126. kidney stone
  127. Lipotripsy - Advice or Comments
  128. Lots of stones! Question from a newbie
  129. lipotripsy
  130. low renin...need help understanding whats happening
  131. Duplicated bilateral ureters (2 ureters on each side)
  132. how long does it take to pass a kidney stone
  133. had my first bout with kidney stones... have a question 4 someone who's been thru it
  134. stinky urine year after stone and lipo
  135. Newly diagnosed with a solid kidney mass...I'm terrified...
  136. Too much protein in my urine--what the heck?
  137. lower ureteric stone
  138. UTI and remaining kidney pain.
  139. what is the correct amount of urine passed daily
  140. I could use your opinions!!!!!
  141. what does High protein count in urine mean
  142. Glom Filt Rate
  143. Kidney Stones Or Something Else?
  144. First time with a kidney stone - I can't find any information online!
  145. high white blood cell count
  146. potassium free food and drinks
  147. Flank and abdominal pain - UTI gone bad? Stones?
  148. Glomfilt Rate
  149. Nocturnal Pain in Lower Back Relieved with Urination
  150. normal bun and creatinie but low gfr
  151. Microalbumin??
  152. Is Kidney disease related to pregressive spasticity/myelopathy?
  153. gfr of 69 good or not
  154. What to do if you have protein in Urine
  155. what would cause a slightly low creatine level
  156. why aren't my kidneys the same size?
  157. groin pain
  158. What causes a high Metepherine level?
  159. what does 2+ protein in the urine mean?
  160. Organ donation - websites?
  161. is a UTI linked to kidney disorders
  162. Anyone tried the at-home tests?
  163. Kidney problem
  164. Any ideas for an antibiotic?
  165. Minimal change disease.
  166. Another Kidney Stone
  167. Enlarged Kidneys
  168. Urine discoloration what does it mean
  169. Internal Numbness - please help
  170. STage 1 mets? Possible?
  171. kidney blockage
  172. Zoloft or Gabitril Linked to Kidney Stones?
  173. Recurring Kidney Stones
  174. GFR...I don't understand
  175. my side hurts
  176. UTI causing pain in remaining kidney.
  177. cyst on left kidney and only working at 30%
  178. UTI's and Kidney Stones
  179. Hydronephrosis
  180. more stones and stents
  181. Possible Kidney Disease
  182. antibiotics not working!
  183. growth on kidney
  184. What to expect?
  185. Does Diabetic Nueropathy effect kidneys?
  186. need kidney stones out. how much cost
  187. Lemon juice/olive oil cocktail for kidney stones
  188. GFR reading
  189. missing stent!
  190. lipotripsy
  191. Ureteroscopy after abdominal surgery
  192. Elevated Creatinine
  193. How high does a creatinine level have to be to go on dialysis
  194. Duplicated Collecting System
  195. how long does pain last after laparoscopic nephrectomy
  196. Kidney ache??
  197. Injury from surgery for kidney stones
  198. my dad leg swells like sumthing
  199. uti symptoms come and go
  200. Blood in Urine due to a Stent...Question
  201. when go to toilet for urine found blood
  202. Does a mass on the kidney always mean cancer?
  203. I have to have pyeloplasty:...anyone else had one?
  204. kidney stones.
  205. Concern about possible kidney damage
  206. Possible renal damage - question about tests
  207. Grandma's kidneys shut down....
  208. Temporary Fix for Kidney Stone...
  209. Proteinuria and eGFR
  210. Proteinuria and eGFR
  211. pain in pelvis and kidney
  212. Help! New to kidney stones.
  213. what it look like simple appearing renal cysts 3.8 cm
  214. help, brother soon to have both kidneys removed
  215. Zocor
  216. Not Responding to Antibiotics
  217. I had a laparoscopic nephrectomy on Wednesday..
  218. pancreatogenous portal hypertension(PHT)
  219. Cysts Incompletely Characterized???
  220. leff side hurts? kidney problem?
  221. Despartly need input/comments - Nexavar or Sutent treatments
  222. Got left kidney taken out laprascopically.
  223. kydney stones or what?!?!?!
  224. I've been diagnosed with interstitial nephritis, what laxatives can i take???
  225. Fingernails are deep pink on the tips
  226. my son has high blood pressure and has to have a scan what is this for
  227. cyst in Left Kidney
  228. swelling that originates in the kidneys
  229. Has anyone had 100% calcium phosphate stones(brushite)
  230. Protein in urine
  231. what can happen with cyst on kidney
  232. what medication is available for protien in urine
  233. Just had 2 Babies and Now Maybe cancer ???
  234. Need Advice Please
  235. can kidney failure come and go
  236. why do i hurt where my kidneys are when i dont have a stone or infection
  237. sharp pain in kidneys and down one side of leg
  238. how long do you have in renal failure
  239. do kidney cysts always occur as a result of PKD?
  240. polycystic kidney, what to eat?
  241. kidney infection?
  242. antibiotics not working what now?
  243. cronic renal failure
  244. Reading on Albustix dip sticks
  245. waiting for the pain
  246. Kidney catheter
  247. Lemon Juice
  248. three lipomas in my body
  249. kidney removal
  250. potassium and diet question