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  1. FNH after surgery and yawning
  2. cirrhosis
  3. bile reflux
  4. Alt, ast, ggt
  5. High ALT/AST - Amoxocillin?
  6. Worried About Results Of Abdoninal/Pelvic CT Scan Possible Mass Found
  7. Elevated Liver Enzymes again...
  8. FNH, upper right quad pain, docs don't want to do surgery
  9. previous alcohol use -need help understanding ultrasound
  10. Lots of Symptoms, Don't Know What's Wrong
  11. Diarrhea + Elevated Enzyme levels
  12. Do I really have a serious liver disease?
  13. Mild fatty infiltration of the liver
  14. Pressure and Discomfort Liver Area
  15. Elevated ATL After Wine Tasting in Italy
  16. Liver ATL Above Normal After Italy Wine Tasting Trip
  17. Elevated platelets and ALT
  18. Elevated amylase, normal lipase. Seeking educated advice
  19. Normal LFt Normal Ultrasound still concerned+have symptoms
  20. Are these numbers ok?
  21. Pancreatitis-Need advice
  22. MELD to low for listing - cirrhosis still there?
  23. Pain in right upper quadrant
  24. Pancreas worried
  25. pain
  26. I need help
  27. Don't know what to do.
  28. Dad suffering from Liver Failure.
  29. pancreatic problems
  30. pancreatitis with a cyst and a stone or calcification
  31. High ALT & other symptoms. What's going on?
  32. Very high Liver Function Test Results
  33. Key Hole Liver Resection
  34. Liver Cirrhosis
  35. A liver issue?
  36. Upcoming liver resection
  37. why do i have pain after liver tumor removal?
  38. FNH Problems
  39. Liver? Gallbladder? What? Possible AIH
  40. Blood Test
  41. Cat scan
  42. i need an expert liver surgeon
  43. Mystery liver disease, need help.
  44. Liver Panel Tests
  45. getting worse
  46. need answers
  47. Could it be cirrhosis?
  48. end stage liver disease need help!!!
  49. Undiagnosed - what would you do?
  50. GGT liver blood results
  51. Bile duct brushings abnormal???
  52. Elevated liver enzymes, pain under right rib cage, coarse texture on ultrasound
  53. Pain in upper right side under rib
  54. Abnormal liver function tests from blood sample, clear ultrasound, no health issues
  55. Symptomatic Benign Liver Tumor, left lobe
  56. Slightly high ALT/AST
  57. How long does it take to die
  58. minor coarse ultrasound liver texture
  59. liver function
  60. Esophageal Varices
  61. Need Info on the GGT
  62. 3 Spots found on my Liver! Im Worried
  63. growth found on liver on ultrasound
  64. Large Focal Nodular Hyperplasia
  65. Pancreatitis?:/
  66. fatty liver level of damaged by AST/ALT
  67. hi
  68. Fatty Liver and Anemia.
  69. Seeking Sphincter of Oddi Relief through Sphincteroplasty?
  70. 34 year old brother
  71. Lorrielu
  72. Feeling of fullness on the side of the bottom right rib down to the hip bone
  73. please help :-(
  74. Hyponatremia (Low Sodium) & High GGT/ALT
  75. High liver enzymes but no answer.
  76. Does This Sound Like Alcohol-Related Liver Injury?
  77. new to NASH
  78. Pregnant with Giant hemangioma's (please advise)
  79. Newly diagnosed Chronic Pancreatitis n Fatty Liver
  80. Newly diagnosed Chronic Pancreatitis n Fatty Liver
  81. Elevated AST, ALT, CK and Blood Pressure
  82. Possible End Stage Liver Disease?
  83. Possibly end stage liver disease?
  84. Primary Biliary Cirrhois
  85. dr visit
  86. anyone on Ursodiol
  87. Losing right lobe?
  88. Some info please
  89. Pain in the side
  90. high ast and alt doctor is stumped
  91. cirrhosis
  92. What are the chances of getting a liver transplant?
  93. liver pain or muscle pain?
  94. Are my liver blood results reason for concern?
  95. FNH and other health issues
  96. Recently diagnosed with FNH and have A LOT of questions
  97. High liver counts
  98. Feeling of pressure under the right rib
  99. Just have some questions
  100. Bilirubin in Urine along with leucocytes and protein??
  101. High Liver Test Results
  102. Just have some questions.
  103. Yellowing of eyes
  104. How serious is it?
  105. CT Results - 4.1CM x 3CM Hypodense lesion
  106. Adenoma 5 cm.
  107. Confused and Scared
  108. What's going on?
  109. Is anyone else getting the run around? instead of a diagnosis???
  110. New and questions
  111. I don't know where to go to next...pain always
  112. Chronic pancreatitis?
  113. Anyone with FNH experience pain?
  114. 9 Liver adenomas found in January 2012
  115. Newbie
  116. Lowered AST and ALT levels??
  117. Lipase 811 Amalyse normal, what could it be?
  118. New to liver problems
  119. Mildly Elevated Liver Enzynes
  120. Struggling to get a diagnosis
  121. high lft's
  122. Hep C and
  123. Elevated GGT what's the impact?
  124. Pain under lower left ribcage
  125. Fatty liver disease and FNH
  126. Stressing about Liver Function Tests :(
  127. 2nd Acute Pancreatitis attack
  128. Pancreatitis headaches??
  129. Possible adenoma or fibrolamellar hepatocellular cancer
  130. Sleep aids that are safe for liver disease?
  131. more risky to drink after reversal of fatty liver
  132. Thiamin
  133. Fatty Liver NASH recipes
  134. Is a GGT Reading of 77 something to be worried about?
  135. Ast/alt
  136. Profound panceas failure/enlarged spleen and fatty scared liver
  137. Bilirubin total and symptoms
  138. New diagnosis of cirrhosis
  139. Help,
  140. Worried, Previous High Alcohol Intake, Recent Abnormal Liver Test
  141. Auto-Immune Pancreatitis
  142. Liver hemangioma constant pain.
  143. Confusion about ALP. Help please?
  144. Liver Mass
  145. What is this? :(
  146. balibob
  147. recurring ascities
  148. Pain Relief that wont affect the liver
  149. Drug Test Abroad
  150. Liver, FNH and pain on left side?
  151. Lab Interpretation
  152. Pancreatitis
  153. Why is my lab test so high.LDH ALT AST GGT?
  154. Quitting alcohol, liver ache
  155. results just came back
  156. lichens sclerosis
  157. Focal Nodular Hyperplasia - Living with it.
  158. 4.5 years post liver resection...
  159. pancreas problem or something else????
  160. Opinions regarding possible liver problems
  161. mild itching, flaky scalp...
  162. Liver Hemangioma
  163. Liver Spots Found During Ultrasound
  164. more pancreatitis questions
  165. Needing some insight regarding blood work and Tylenol use.
  166. Help with blood work
  167. Is this a sign of death near???
  168. Liver Resection set for few weeks
  169. Very large fnh
  170. congenital hepatic fibrosis in an adult
  171. worried AST 56 ALT 99
  172. Liver Biospy,
  173. Elevated AST and ALT
  174. Scared! 194 ALT / 474 AST
  175. 5.6cm infiltrative mass inv distal end pan tail
  176. pancreatitis questions
  177. Hello
  178. ultra sound shows liver mass
  179. ALT down to 81 from 210
  180. itching on each side of my hips
  181. Liver Adenoma - Really scared
  182. At home urine test- pos 4 bilirubin
  183. Fatty Liver & A Daily 6 Pack...
  184. Need some insight...
  185. so glad to stumble on this.......help or advice
  186. high bilirubin levels
  187. Question about Liver Function Test
  188. MRI Results-lots of Hemangiomas and a cyst
  189. Looking for advice
  190. mildly raised amaysle
  191. Cipro
  192. ast46
  193. Ultrasound Results
  194. right lobe resection
  195. Help needed
  196. HELP! Liver lesions and dots on my skin
  197. Liver Hemangioma
  198. Am I worrying for nothing
  199. HIGH AST, ALT, and LDL
  200. Fatty Liver
  201. Cirrhosis, xifaxan and my mother
  202. Anti-smooth muscle auto-antibody level weak positive
  203. ESLD (?) - Frustrated!!
  204. CT Results - liver lesion & excess spleen tissue
  205. My ALT Is Extremely High
  206. Anyone out there with elevated liver enzymes?
  207. Liver Cysts and TASH
  208. Here comes my liver...
  209. Do I have Hemochromatosis?
  210. Liver pain I'm terrified
  211. All my effort to control Elevated GGT, failed
  212. Dead animal smell in stool
  213. Anyone else have numbers this high?
  214. ALL liver Enzymes High/ Medication?!
  215. Cirrhosis of The Liver
  216. Missing Liver Enzyme???
  217. Liver Hemangiomas
  218. Fatty Liver/Mental Illness-could it be Wilson's?
  219. Pain and the liver
  220. Things to ask the Dr. about.
  221. Worried about my mother!!
  222. how to cope?
  223. Pancreatitis symptoms, but not pancreatitis. Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction?
  224. fatty liver, no big deal????
  225. hemangioma pain
  226. Likely I have some kind of a liver condition?
  227. Long term right side pain
  228. Down, discouraged, lost, and scared.
  229. pain under right side under ribs
  230. High liver enzymes, does it matter/?
  231. dull pain in right side... liver pain or something else?
  232. Liver transplant in Costa Rica
  233. Resection for Hemangioma??
  234. Liver Adenoma
  235. Tma disorder
  236. liver hemangioma
  237. Jaundice
  238. Mother diagnosed with advanced cirrhosis, not taking meds..
  239. 749 ALT liver enziimes sundenly
  240. fatty liver
  241. could this be liver pain or something else causing this type of pain.
  242. High Enzymes and gallstones in gallbladder
  243. MPV reading
  244. Liver Failure and Heart Attacks
  245. Liver Transplant rejection
  246. Can someone help me understand high ast and high bilirubin
  247. Husband's pain possible SOD
  248. Permanent Limitations after Liver Resection
  249. FNH and birth control pills
  250. recently diagnosed with FNH

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