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  1. Elevated AST
  2. Fatty Liver disease
  3. Acute vs. Chronic Pancreatitis NEW HERE
  4. NASH, Liver Failure, Cirrhosis
  5. Need some help with ultrasound results
  6. High Liver enzymes
  7. is it back ?
  8. Any help/guidance is very appreciated!
  9. Confused if I have acute or chronic pancreatitis
  10. Still undergoing tests
  11. Still undergoing tests
  12. mass found in liver
  13. Liver Lesion unidentified by CT or MRI
  14. Pancreatic tumor removal
  15. Liver enzymes
  16. Fatty liver bloodwrok
  17. Fatty liver bloodwrok
  18. How enlarged is 17 cm?
  19. Liver enzymes
  20. Is my liver damaged from Vicodin and alcohol?
  21. Possible PBC...ALT at 106
  22. Can a ultrasound show all the liver?
  23. transduodenal sphincteroplasty - post op help
  24. Wilson's Disease?
  25. FNH liver tumor and pregnancy
  26. "Large mass in liver" ultrasound result
  27. 18 YO - Could It Be My Liver?
  28. soon going for resection
  29. Sphincter of oddi dysfunction - help!
  30. Ct Scan
  31. Does this sound like cirrhosis?
  32. pancreas issues
  33. Nash
  34. New to pancreatitis
  35. Lesions on Liver
  36. Newly diagnosed - Mild Fatty Liver
  37. What could I have??
  38. Liver GGT count 90
  39. Elevated alt and ast, liver nodule
  40. Elevated AST/ALT- increased testosterone
  41. Spot on my liver, anyone have a clue what it could be?
  42. Elevated liver enzymes
  43. liver count
  44. Advanced symptoms of cirhosis in the liver
  45. Know of Non-functioning Neuroendocrine tumor?
  46. Concerned about ALT of 58
  47. Liver problem
  48. Enlarged liver & Spleen
  49. elevated liver enzymes and Bactrim
  50. liver resection
  51. FNH associated with underlying vascular issues?
  52. abdomial and back pain after taking meds in the AM
  53. this pain under right rib ?
  54. Frantic, uninformed
  55. possible Wilson's disease?
  56. Input on Liver enzymes, good cholesterol and testosterone levels.
  57. Primary Bacillary cirhosis
  58. Genotype 2a Reality
  59. Pain Management with Liver Pain
  60. Focal Nodular Hyperplasia & Gallbladder problem
  61. Elevated Bilirubin and vitamin B12
  62. Health Check Scare
  63. elevated ALT What should I do?
  64. elevated Bilirubin
  65. Pain in upper right abdomen going into back
  66. 17 year old fear of pancreatic cancer
  67. 17 scared of pancreas cancer!
  68. Fatty Liver Question
  69. A1c
  70. MRI results, can anyone tell me what it all means?
  71. Cirrhosis of the Liver Expectancy
  72. Piercing Pain under right ribcage?
  73. blood work results?
  74. Equivocal result on AMA M2-- do I have PBC?
  75. Am I getting better? What do I have to do now?
  76. Pregnant & possible alcoholic cirrhosis??
  77. Confused about symptoms...
  78. end stage liver
  79. Gilbert's syndrome
  80. Which of the following is true about Liver Disease?
  81. Please help :(
  82. Increased Bilirubin
  83. High AST and ALT
  84. Dark Brown Urine
  85. Adenomas and Pregnancy
  86. persistent mild elevation of ALT
  87. Pancreas disfunction
  88. FLT; worried about mum
  89. Pain in right abdomen/please read
  90. overwelmed following last doctors appointment
  91. am I BIG for my age.
  92. what should I expect?
  93. abdominal inflammation?? liver problems?
  94. Unidentified liver mass?
  95. Please help me understand my ALP (alk phos) levels?
  96. Sphincter of oddi dysfunction
  97. 10 weeks of pain
  98. Idiopathic pancreatitis
  99. Liver disorder and having diabetes
  100. Slightly Elevated AST
  101. giant hemangioma, alternative to resection
  102. Enlarged & fatty liver
  103. Medication raising ALT & AST????
  104. liver mass
  105. hep C and alcohol hives?
  106. Mass Found in Posterior Right Liver Lobe
  107. throwing up/nauseated all the time
  108. Is the pain related with a liver mass?
  109. Comforting update about ALT level
  110. What could it be?
  111. Liver Repair
  112. Pancreas cysts
  113. giant hemangioma
  114. Liver palms Red blotchy hands signs of chirosiss.
  115. possible liver cyst/tumor
  116. pancreatitis
  117. Anyone here have similar experience?
  118. How high does AST need to be to worry?
  119. Abnormal Lab Results in 4 y/o
  120. Big problem with liver
  121. Liver growth found
  122. I have a firm bulge below right rib?
  123. Fatty Liver - First post
  124. alt/ast elevation
  125. Liver enzymes !! need help
  126. Cirrhosis - Worst Case Scenario?
  127. Worried about ALT Level, Pls Help
  128. Liver and itching
  129. Should I Get My Liver Checked Out??
  130. Liver enzyme
  131. High Liver Enzymes ALP , ASTand ALT,
  132. Hepatic Encephalopathy
  133. FNH focal nodular hyperplasia in liver
  134. Morning After Pill and FNH on Liver
  135. Hepatic Adenomas in the New England/Boston Area?
  136. liver herniation s/p lap gallbladder
  137. Had it, done that'! Liver resection
  138. I am convinced I have cirhosis
  139. Fatty Liver/Enlarged Spleen
  140. My AMA antibodies test was positive.
  141. Liver Resection - Scar Creams and Recovery
  142. I'm at a loss
  143. Worried about my liver
  144. visible veins on abdomen
  145. Chronic Pancreatitis and Liver disease
  146. Liver Disease but what is it?
  147. AST/ALT extremely high
  148. Vitamin D Deficiency and raised ALT
  149. Pancreatic Cysts-CEA very high
  150. Can Liver fuction be affected by a benign Hepatic Tumor?
  151. Chronic pancreatitis
  152. Please help! - AST/ALT?
  153. Gilbert syndrome and hair loss
  154. possible liver lesion found by accident?
  155. Hemangioma on liver
  156. I need advice on what to do - Liver hemangioma
  157. increase in bilirubin and uric acid
  158. Liver Blood Test Results
  159. abnormal blood results
  160. Am I getting the right follow up care for indeterminate liver lesion?
  161. High ALT
  162. Absess on liver from Gangrenous Gallbladder
  163. Liver Enzymes not getting normal!
  164. elevated AST in blood work
  165. anyone out there suffering with budd chairi liver problems
  166. Got my liver enzymes back today
  167. LIVER MASS and hep c
  168. diagnosed liver hemangioma
  169. How serious is this?
  170. bilirubin
  171. Post surgery story of liver resection after adenoma tumor bigger than my HEAD
  172. Internal bleeding from where?
  173. please help me
  174. Wondering if I have liver damage.
  175. Does this sound like a liver issue??? PLEASE HELP...
  176. Strange Cirrhosis with No reason
  177. ERCP and biopsys???
  178. Sighhh Liver tumors
  179. Giant Hemagiona Tumor
  180. Wondering if my FNH came back after surgery?
  181. Fatty Liver Question
  182. Liver mass on my 1yr old boy
  183. fatty liver with microscopic blood
  184. fatty liver with small cyst and fatty pancreas ? scared
  185. unknown cause of pancreatic insufficiency...
  186. Ozone and laser blood irradiation for HCV
  187. Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis
  188. diagnosed with fatty liver
  189. Pancreatitis in son? or back problems?
  190. details of liver resection
  191. High Liver Enzymes GGT and ALT
  192. Focal Nodular Hyperplasia
  193. resection 2008, now pregnant with another tumour
  194. Please help!
  195. possible hep c
  196. Liver resection for biliary cyst adenoma
  197. Embolization
  198. Who trusts their doctors?
  199. Slightly elevated AST & double the ALT
  200. Successful Pregnancy Post Liver Resection
  201. Replacing the hepatic/liver
  202. Father in law with abnormal liver
  203. Hepatic Adenomas - Alternatives to Surgery?
  204. slightly elevated amylase levels and nausea
  205. Focal Nodular Hyperplasia FNH
  206. Extremely High Phos Alk Test
  207. fatty liver yellowish eyes
  208. Fatty liver and normal ALT/AST now what?
  209. Fatty Liver with Pain
  210. elevated ALT for years
  211. slightly elevated ALT
  212. Healthy 30yo male, elevated ALT after drinking but resolves
  213. Problem in Liver function
  214. Hepatic Hemangioma?? Or what?
  215. mood changes in cirrhosis
  216. ALT=62, AST=123, ALP=64 How serious?
  217. internal pain on right side under the lower part of the ribcage & back
  218. Laparscopic liver resection
  219. Fatty Liver
  220. liver cirrhosis
  221. spot found on liver
  222. I'm having liver issues, any help greatly appreciated
  223. I take A LOT of Tylenol...
  224. doctor seemed to do turn around
  225. Liver Test Results - Could use some thoughts!
  226. mental changes within hours
  227. birth control pills and adenomas
  228. Liver pain
  229. Rare Early Bridging Fibrosis
  230. shocked by md's statement..help
  231. Afraid I'm going into liver failure...Advice or just help?
  232. Liver resection post-op questions
  233. need help to understand this. blood test
  234. Liver disease-legs have given out?
  235. Liver Enzymes 3 times higher than normal
  236. Operation
  237. hep c and cirrosis
  238. What is Focal Fatty infiltration?
  239. what are the final stages of death like with end stage liver disease
  240. High ALT ALP Liver spots Fatty Liver
  241. Severe pains...liver masses- please read!
  242. Pain in Lower Right Stomach
  243. Focal Nodular Hyperplasia and Pulmonary Embolism/Coumadin use
  244. Information regarding cirrhosis
  245. Why is my AST/ALT raised?
  246. Lower right pain below rib cage
  247. Not liver cancer but WILL be?? What does this mean?
  248. Liver enzymes question
  249. Positive SMA but normal LFT
  250. High GGT (128), Slightly Elevated Bilirubin Total (1.1)

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