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  1. Afraid I'm going into liver failure...Advice or just help?
  2. Liver resection post-op questions
  3. need help to understand this. blood test
  4. Liver disease-legs have given out?
  5. Liver Enzymes 3 times higher than normal
  6. Operation
  7. hep c and cirrosis
  8. What is Focal Fatty infiltration?
  9. what are the final stages of death like with end stage liver disease
  10. High ALT ALP Liver spots Fatty Liver
  11. Severe pains...liver masses- please read!
  12. Pain in Lower Right Stomach
  13. Focal Nodular Hyperplasia and Pulmonary Embolism/Coumadin use
  14. Information regarding cirrhosis
  15. Why is my AST/ALT raised?
  16. Lower right pain below rib cage
  17. Not liver cancer but WILL be?? What does this mean?
  18. Liver enzymes question
  19. Positive SMA but normal LFT
  20. High GGT (128), Slightly Elevated Bilirubin Total (1.1)
  21. College student with Liver disease
  22. Liver Cirrhosis
  23. Reason for abnormally shaped liver?
  24. salty foods
  25. Pain in the right abdomen below the ribs radiating to the front and back
  26. easy to digest calcium
  27. what happens if sphincter of oddi dysfunction goes undiagnosed?
  28. pain on my right side back moved to whole back and now a sharp pain up my right side
  29. how long does it take to heal from a fatty liver
  30. how do kidneys effect indirect billirubin levels?
  31. How Long Can You Live with Ascites?
  32. New to this part of the board Have a question
  33. My Liver Biposy Experience - the whole deal...
  34. liver mass found
  35. AST/ALT/Bilirubin low enough for concern
  36. Liver enzymes are a little high..please help?
  37. My Liver Biposy Experience
  38. I think I'm strange..spots on liver
  39. ALT 66.9
  40. how do you get masses on your liver
  41. what can we do?
  42. hydrocodone and the liver
  43. My grandma in final stage of cirrhosis :(
  44. restlessness
  45. chiari budd/ cirrhossis???
  46. Liver surgery
  47. Lesion on my liver?????
  48. Hepatic Adenomas and Surgery
  49. no one will take him seriously
  50. Liver enzyme question
  51. diet for high liver counts
  52. thick walled liver lesion with hypoechoic core
  53. Uncontrollable sudden itching 24/7 & RUQ pain...MISERABLE & waiting
  54. Hepatic Adenomas
  55. primary biliary cirrhosis symptoms
  56. Liver problem???? Need help/advise!!!
  57. Low liver enzymes & vitamin D
  58. Blood Clot on Liver
  59. A liver doctor is known as ?
  60. ascites,cirrosis
  61. extremely high GGT and ALT levels
  62. cramp in right side of body below rib cage what is it
  63. Mass in my mom-in-law's liver
  64. bilirubin count of 1.2
  65. desperate for help and advice
  66. Drinking in end stage liver disease
  67. liver test
  68. high enzine leveals
  69. side effect or declining renal function ?
  70. How was your Open Liver Resection Experience
  71. anion 3 with high enzymes
  72. Hemangioma, FNH, Hepatic Adenomas???
  73. alt of 481
  74. Liver Mass MRI Differential
  75. Benign Hepatic Adenoma
  76. Very worried!
  77. cystic lesion right lobe liver
  78. High liver counts
  79. Liver Enzymes/Hepatitis and Mono
  80. Lump in the liver
  81. timing of heavy drinking and liver enzyme tests
  82. Something doesn't seem right, ideas?
  83. Liver Levels, Loosing weight
  84. Alcoholic Hepatitus, End Stage. Home care info needed!
  85. What do you think?
  86. what stage of cirrhosis after developing ascites, edema and varices
  87. need help understanding slightly elevated AST
  88. swollen legs & liver
  89. HEP C - should I be fretting over the 2 week wait for the specialist and is there som
  90. hepatitis a, positive ana
  91. look for specialist in liver hemangioma in NYC/NE area
  92. Does this meany anything!!!
  93. Need opinion, liver....
  94. Do I have liver problems ??
  95. hepatectomy recovery questions
  96. Slightly Elevated ALT, Searching for Answers
  97. Can tissue, from the liver show up, in stools?
  98. Blood Ammonia level "71" with dx cirrhosis of liver and still drinking-need advice.
  99. how long does it take to lower ALT levels from alcohol use?
  100. Drinking plus aches
  101. spots in ultrasound on liver unknown to me
  102. I have fatty liver and I need help.......
  103. newly diagnosed fatty liver
  104. High Ferritin
  105. metanephrine free test results
  106. High Liver Enzymes
  107. ercp for elavedted liver alt
  108. Confused by Lab Test Results
  109. Is It Liver Pain...?
  110. lft immigration
  111. Anyone successfully reverse alcoholic fatty liver?
  112. alt and ast over 200...possible autoimmune hep???
  113. hepatic encephalopathy
  114. elevated liver enzymes
  115. I have a number of adenoma's on my liver.
  116. Is it safe to drink 2-3 beers or glasses of wine while on 10 mg Zocor?
  117. Doctor not treating Hep C ?
  118. Macronodular Cirrhosis Stage 3 Fibrosis
  119. Is this what happens??
  120. Liver Enzymes
  121. Palmar Erythema and Liver Symptom Sequence
  122. Liver Mass/Hep C/Liver Disease
  123. Fnh and ibs
  124. liver pain
  125. Do You Think These Liver Labs are High?
  126. My mom needs help with her liver
  127. Elevated liver enzymes please help!
  128. Alcohol has ruined my life and my husbands
  129. liver problem
  130. grwth in liver
  131. Focal soft tissue nodule
  132. Liver Failure/Jaundice/Ascites
  133. Tumor and Pain?
  134. tiny spots
  135. Liver Nodules found
  136. arm pain and sores on arms
  137. High bilirubin & jaundice.
  138. stages of cirrhosis
  139. i taste blood in my mouth
  140. bilirubin count
  141. just out of hospital
  142. what is fatty liver?
  143. elevated amylase
  144. open honest advice on liver diease
  145. have just checked that i have a mild hepatomegaly with fatty infiltration of liver?
  146. Not sure if my liver is the problem but...
  147. My 20 year old son
  148. My surgery is just one year old.
  149. Hands turning grey/blue
  150. Brand New Liver Transplant- RFA Treatment
  151. Suspected FNH
  152. I had a liver resection to remove a large tumor.
  153. Hepatic adenomatosis after liver resection of large adenoma
  154. Slightly high Lipase level??? What is that???
  155. HE is the newest complication
  156. Scared - Possible Liver Problems
  157. Looking for Replies. - cirrhosis
  158. high liver emzynes
  159. fatty liver?
  160. Need info-liver hemangiomas
  161. Gilbert's Syndrome & N-Acetyl-Cysteine supplement (side effects)
  162. Positive for Antimitochondrial antibody, tested for PBC (primary biliary cirrhosis)
  163. How long does milk thistle take to reverse fatty liver
  164. Is CT/MRI/Biopsy needed if US showed a homogeneous increase in fatty infiltration ?
  165. Elevated ALT and right side pain since March
  166. how long do people with cirrhosis live
  167. Should i be worried?
  168. shocked by dads illness
  169. An abnormal result, but I don't know what it means ~
  170. Lamisil Impaired My Life
  171. AST/ALT <1, should I worry about these numbers?
  172. Help with terminology on report please ?
  173. Vytorin & having elevated liver enzymes
  174. mystery...high cholesterol and elevated liver enzymes
  175. Can zantac cause elevated bilirubin?
  176. tender spots on abdomen that causes rib pain and chest pain
  177. fatty liver
  178. Diffuse Infiltration of Fat in Liver
  179. Now having pale, yellow bowel movements ???
  180. Acute alcoholic hepatitis: How long before enzyme levels peak, and can I exercise?
  181. Liver Lesion
  182. Do U have Abdominal Pain? Please describe ?
  183. Elevated liver enzymes (no alcohol/drugs)
  184. Is a glass of wine okay with an ALT of 62?
  185. Elevated liver enzymes in a 7 year old
  186. How serious is an ALT of 62? Levaquin related?
  187. End stage liver disease and wagging tongue?
  188. Liver?
  189. Hopefully some Encouragment for Others
  190. liver disease
  191. black pieces on teeth in the morning
  192. High GGT and ALP
  193. Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
  194. Fatty Liver
  195. Someone please help?
  196. Increased LFTs in 12 -year-old child
  197. Over the counter medicine
  198. High Liver Enzymes
  199. hi. can you help me with symptoms.please.
  200. my billirubin
  201. Cherry haemangioma - sign of liver disease?
  202. End stage liver failure, now what?
  203. I am having a swelling in the liver?
  204. Daughter's Conundrum
  205. liver numbers
  206. Don't understand doctor
  207. Newly diagnosed any information would help?
  208. Fatty Liver
  209. perplexing question
  210. Spot on liver
  211. I have fatty liver - Please help!
  212. Neuropathy May Require I end Treatment?
  213. Any other symptoms with benign tumors?
  214. does fatty liver go away
  215. Help Pls Determining LFT's
  216. elevated bilirubin and ferritin
  217. White spots on liver
  218. Liver panel - abnormal levels - thoughts?
  219. AST 660 ALT 188 shortened version
  220. Autoimmune Hepatitis And Treatment
  221. AST ALT Levels
  222. newly diagnosed with NASH/doctors no help
  223. liver
  224. liver shut down
  225. liver caused by high doses of antibiotics itchy hands and feet HELP!
  226. Liver question
  227. Liver function test
  228. Fatty Liver Question. I'm new.
  229. Process of Dying of Liver Failure?
  230. Does extreme fatigue hurt?
  231. fatty liver manila
  232. spot on liver & enlarge stomach
  233. "fnh" the size of a grape fruit
  234. when you have very high liver enyzmes
  235. fatty liver
  236. liver adenomas
  237. Congestion of the liver
  238. Alt 70
  239. Prognosis of liver cirrhosis
  240. Scared
  241. Fatty Liver Questions??
  242. The disappearing liver mass....so who's crazy here????
  243. Swollen liver
  244. liver
  245. please help!
  246. liver ct scan
  247. Normal Lab Work comes back with 125 Liver Enzyme
  248. Need information/advice.
  249. liver enzmes
  250. is it possible for liver cysts not to show on ultrasound??

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