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  1. Hyponatremia muscle cramps.
  2. Addison &/or Graves Disease veterans?
  3. Surgery with Addisons?
  4. Catecholamines in Urine
  5. Mestruation--need increase in HC
  6. Addisons Disease
  7. Weight Gained from medical steroids
  8. Addison's? Can't live like this much longer
  9. medical alert bracelet
  10. Please advice: why is 11 mg. HC worse than taking 20-30 mg HC?
  11. Please help
  12. Strange symptoms
  13. Muscle Fatigue?
  14. Adrenal Insufficiency and Anger?
  15. New and need help
  16. How low was your pressures?
  17. my dr thinks I have addisons but I don't show all of the symptoms :\
  18. Hydrocortisone Tablets
  19. Searching for answers
  20. Just completed cort stim test
  21. Think they're testing me for this
  22. dad with addison
  23. Cortisol 8, 18, then 11, Doc says not Adrenals HELP
  24. Severe adrenal exhaustion?
  25. Irregular menstruation and addison's connection
  26. Wondering if symptoms could be adrenal insufficiancy
  27. Autoimmune addison's/how long does it take to destroy the adrenals?
  28. Low cortisol, veins and my blood
  29. Update on Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency ?
  30. Addison's and gallstones advice
  31. Need advice and help with these labs...
  32. Addison's or adrenal insufficiency?
  33. Addison trouble
  34. Secondary Adrenal Insufficency questions...
  35. Amino Acids to Treat Adrenal Fatigue?
  36. music in my head
  37. Back Again
  38. Need help asap puterity adrenals and no cortisone
  39. I am constantly in pain, tired and generally unwell.
  40. how can i best support my friend
  41. perimenopause difficulty w/ Addison's
  42. low cortisol after steroids
  43. Fasting blood test
  44. Those with Addison's and/or Hypopituitarism do my numbers seem right?? PLEASE HELP!!!
  45. ACTH stim test results
  46. major surgeries and adrenal fatigue?
  47. high DHEA
  48. Is it bad to eat potassium foods?
  49. Please help
  50. Daughter with Addison's and Weight gain
  51. Fatigue
  52. Addisons's and no blood pressure reading
  53. Stress meds
  54. elevated cortisol, elevated DHEA-S, low TSH and Low
  55. Herbal for Addison's
  56. how to pack a draining cyst
  57. worklife with addison's
  58. anyone with addisons? please read my symptoms
  59. Can anyone tell me what kind of test my endo done ?
  60. pickle lover
  61. hyperaldostronism
  62. Addison's for years--new issue
  63. need advise
  64. Salt Supplements
  65. Help with test results...please
  66. hello everyone, got any suggestions for me?
  67. Addison's or hashimoto's or hypothyrodism or lupus or what?
  68. prednisone and depression??
  69. Please someone help me !!!!!!!!
  70. Cortisone supplementation???
  71. Not a normal test result?
  72. Low Cortisol level
  73. suppressed immune system.....
  74. Loo problems
  75. generic hydrocortisone
  76. weight loss???
  77. Adrenal Insufficiency
  78. Constant Fever
  79. high base cortisol not doubling after acth stim
  80. Normal ACTH Test and Frustrated....
  81. Weight gain with low cortisol level? Anyone?
  82. Need some opinions about secondary AI
  83. Questions about adrenal fatigue & addisons
  84. Headaches
  85. Please help..potassium level???
  86. middle of night need steroids??
  87. Why oh why???
  88. Which test is wrong?
  89. Numb toes
  90. Need help......
  91. mucles atrophy cause of MS
  92. Secondary AI, low aldosterone just discovered...
  93. Do I have Adissons?
  94. ASI result interpretation
  95. Persistantly High ACTH levels
  96. Sore muscles & lumpy boobs and only 26
  97. Could this be Addisons?
  98. DHEA help anyone?
  99. hydrocortisone/stool issues
  100. Donating blood
  101. Dial's problem: I fially found whats wrong!
  102. low top number high bottom number
  103. acth stim results--CONFUSED
  104. acth test
  105. Not sure what I have? Help
  106. potassium, aldosterone, high DHEA, what next?
  107. Please help
  108. Need help wife is dying bad adrenals
  109. Morning cortisol level
  110. Cortef help anyone here? Im nervouse to take it
  111. Can Someone Help me?
  112. attention menstruating women...
  113. ACTH Test Results/diagnosis/treatment
  114. AD sufferers: do you experience light sensitivity?
  115. losing weight
  116. Adrenal temperature results
  117. Please someone tell me if my ACTH stim test is NORMAL?
  118. Could someone please help! Low cortisol
  119. Is hyperpigmentation is Addison's disease reversible?
  120. Green stools with hydrocortisone?
  121. Pls help! Base costisol level to get tested for AD?
  122. Low normal Cortisol level
  123. New here, strange symptom, anyone have this?
  124. long-lasting tan...?
  125. Adrenal fatigue or Addison??
  126. New Symptoms With 23 years of Addisons
  127. Is 24hour urine cortisol accurate if on menstrual????
  128. Need Help in Diagnosing-testing
  129. PLEASE HELP cosyntropin stim test
  130. Adrenal Pain
  131. H1n1
  132. wondering about getting the shot
  133. anyone who experience heart palpitations
  134. dont know what wrong
  135. Why HC may not help(?)
  136. New ACTH Test
  137. saliva testing for addisons?
  138. premenstrual difficulty
  139. depressed immune system and flu shots
  140. polyglandular autoimmune / Schmidt's
  141. Bone Density Test
  142. Addison's Diseas and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  143. Adrenal insufficiency or simply anxiety?
  144. Florinef and thirst
  145. Falling through the cracks
  146. Addison's Test results
  147. Scared, In Pain & Need Advice
  148. Overwhelmed, weight gain, Primary Adren Insuff
  149. side effects of Addison's
  150. Cortizone Levels
  151. Need your opinion!!! please help.
  152. My ACTH stim test results input pls...
  153. 17yr sons ACTH stim results and more
  154. what are the side effects of hydrcourtisone and fludrocourtisone for addisons?
  155. Hydrocortisone users
  156. Lack of response to stim test
  157. cannot GAIN weight...
  158. help with evening dose of steroid...
  159. Life Insurance
  160. ACTH Stim Test Results Help
  161. emergency solucort injection
  162. Endocrine problem causing dry eyes?
  163. Low cortisol at night and low female hormones...do I have adrenal fatique??
  164. Elevated ACTH and high-norm cortisol?
  165. Could this be Addison's Disease?
  166. Trying to get a diagnosis..... tachycardia??
  167. Post Diagnosis - very tan
  168. nausea
  169. human and dog addisons?
  170. high DHEA levels
  171. 24 hour urine test
  172. Scared, anxious, feel like I am going crazy..
  173. bulls'eye rash
  174. advice needed quickly
  175. dexamethasone?
  176. some form of adrenal insufficiency?
  177. Addison's & Depression: anyone take anti-depressant med?
  178. how low of a BP is a crisis?
  179. What is Addison's disease? Is Addison's disease (AD) a life threatening disease?
  180. HELP if I stop prednisone can I get adrenal crisis?
  181. Exercise and stress dosing
  182. just diagnosed with addisons. pls help
  183. can you have Addisons & secondary adrenal insufficiency both?
  184. Does Anyone Have a young Child with Primary Adrenal Insufficincy
  185. Another "is it possible?" topic.
  186. how do u live with this disease
  187. Saliva test results
  188. Scared I got wrong medicin
  189. cortosyn stim results
  190. Pains in Legs
  191. Addison's???
  192. Does this sound like Addison's
  193. Misdiagnosed...Fibro/Addison's
  194. fluid in legs?
  195. Secondary Addison's?
  196. why do i have low cortisol
  197. My Crisis
  198. Does this sound like Addison's?
  199. Heat Intolerance unbearable!
  200. Could this be Addisons?
  201. tumor
  202. about pregnancy
  203. Bone Pain, Corticosteroids, Cushing
  204. Could this have been it all along?
  205. New test, not Addison's but......
  206. Headaches
  207. Please help me with this
  208. renin test-REALLY WORRIED MUM
  209. Maybe 3rd time is a charm! Insulin tolerance test
  210. Please help! Posted before & No response!
  211. What do these values mean?
  212. ACTH stimulation: Normal basal, abnormal response
  213. about sweating...
  214. Should I get a difference test this time?
  215. Sons pains in legs
  216. newly dx... pls read & help
  217. what is the long term side effects taking cortef
  218. rambling... but maybe someone can advise
  219. son 10yrs old: plasma renin test elevated
  220. son 10yrs old: plasma renin test elevated
  221. why i got light spots on my skin
  222. stress managment in children
  223. so confused!!!
  224. New - high doses of HC not working!!
  225. Anybody with some info.......
  226. How do I help her?
  227. Testing for addison's
  228. wallet card holder
  229. addisons daughter cold hands
  230. Can anyone help
  231. Does this sound like addison's
  232. addison's cortisol how much
  233. So confused..please help me understand
  234. Addison's and Exercise
  235. Symptoms
  236. daughter with addison's
  237. what happens with low cortisol
  238. Hydrocrotisone Dose distribution
  239. Labs normal after On Cortef for 3 weeks
  240. Weight Gain
  241. Stimulation test next week
  242. Adrenal Glandular Dosing?
  243. Dizzy & Feeling Weak
  244. anyone been told that saliva test isn't the most reliable test?
  245. Opinion on test results for cortisol and DHEA
  246. addisons and comas
  247. Candidia?
  248. can someone help with test ?????
  249. saliva tests reliable???
  250. for adrenals to work again