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  1. Fell With Sudden Impact
  2. Why do some people have trouble breathing after a large meal
  3. gargling noise coming from chest or lungs
  4. Pulmonary Effusion
  5. bronchitis
  6. Why is my chest so very bad.
  7. Nocardia
  8. when i cough up pleghm it is bloody
  9. bronchiactis
  10. Best Weather for COPD?
  11. What is wrong?
  12. chest infection - is she still infectious?
  13. worried about my mum...
  14. Pulmonary Hypertension
  15. Need some advice
  16. having trouble breathing get a chest pain when take deep breaths and a cough
  17. PCP questions (Pneumocystis Carinii)
  18. Question!!!
  19. broken rib puncture
  20. sound when breathing in
  21. Can shortness of breath be the only symptom?
  22. Inspiratory Wheeze
  23. Chest Pain to Right of Breast Bone when I cough
  24. when i drink i
  25. Pulmonary Embolisms
  26. chest hurts almost burns when coughing
  27. Can't take a deep breath
  28. what do white spots on a chest x ray mean?
  29. i have breathing problem. i have a tumour like on my chest. what to do?
  30. I have the most severe case of vocal cord dysfunction known
  31. Pain in Left Lung
  32. raspy pain in my bronchial tubes when I cough
  33. Pleurisy
  34. hurt to breathe
  35. Sign of Death with COPD
  36. please help me out!!!!!!!!!
  37. Shortness of breath at rest
  38. why can't you fly when had a pneumothorax
  39. Tuberculosis concerns..
  40. Paint fumes
  41. pulm. hypertension...what to do next..help!
  42. back pain
  43. Please help with bronchi pneumonia
  44. how long does pleurisy last
  45. Pulmonary Embolism and other issues
  46. emphysema
  47. cough up mucus
  48. Is bronchieactasis and air hunger co-related?
  49. hip
  50. lung hurts when i move
  51. Is this fast growing?
  52. bulky hilum right lung
  53. Emphysema and Burning Leaves...
  54. shadow on lung
  55. what causes shortness of breath when bending forward
  56. I think i have a breathing problem.
  57. Burning sensation in the back where lungs are located
  58. Have COPD-Is this a part of it?
  59. cough & chest pain for a week
  60. bronchitis for almost 3 months
  61. Pulmonary Hypertension
  62. alveoli sacs popping
  63. bronchialoscopy
  64. Nose and Cheek Swelling with supplimental O2
  65. what can happen if you have pressure on the lungs
  66. Trouble breathing/swallowing, pain in sternum, very difficult to exercise
  67. Pulmonary Fibrosis
  68. burning in the chest
  69. Thoracotomy pain
  70. what is bronchiactisis
  71. broncheactisis help????
  72. PE and later side effects.....
  73. i have the need to take a deep breath all the time.
  74. Joint Pain Post Steroid Withdrawal
  75. 3 months after pnemonia
  76. Recent problem breathing
  77. pain in back
  78. what does it mean when you have spots on your lungs?
  79. paralyzed diaphram
  80. been ill for nearly a year - feel helpless
  81. Possible COPD?
  82. concerned about being off of tb medicine now
  83. Worried About Husband
  84. Lung issues with a 5 year old
  85. pulmonary embolism
  86. Black sputum
  87. Dlco
  88. how to get rid of a morning cough
  89. Bronchoscopy
  90. 13 years old child
  91. chronic interstitial changes
  92. pulmonary embolism how many / long?
  93. cough
  94. stinging in back
  95. Pulmosry Hypertension symptoms
  96. Knife like pain in my lungs
  97. what causes pain during inhalation
  98. Pulmonary Hypertension - Scared!
  99. burning in chest when walking
  100. Lung nodules
  101. tracheomalacia in 2 months infant
  102. Recently Diagnosed with C.O.P.D. - Please read
  103. pneumonia final stages what to expect
  104. Pph
  105. pain in left shoulder blade and side of breast
  106. does Aleve help pleurisy
  107. Sweating constantly linked to smoking?
  108. MAC/MAI specialists
  109. Hiccups cause chest ache
  110. Follow-up post in regards to lung nodule
  111. H2O2 therapy.
  112. trouble breathing while asleep
  113. sharp pain under ribs when I breathe in
  114. Short Of Breath
  115. Mystery Illness...Mattress?
  116. doctors who diagnose immotile cilia syndrome
  117. benign lung nodules
  118. Mycobacterium Avium
  119. Congregational threads
  120. burning sensation in chest when breathing
  121. Few Blood Strain and Rusty Colour Cough at Morning
  122. should i be concerned?
  123. Undiagnosed lung/breathing problem
  124. Persistant cough
  125. Chest Infections
  126. coughing up blood in the morning
  127. good/best treatment emphysema
  128. Everyone who is having trouble breathing and with pain around
  129. Normal to not be short of breath even if
  130. Lung function-does it get better?Macrobid?
  131. 3mm nodule with cough
  132. cronic lung infection
  133. too much phlegm when i eat
  134. Swimming?
  135. lungs and congestion
  136. Cough for long period
  137. Shortness of breath in a fit person
  138. know of a good MAC/MAI specialist?
  139. Dad just diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis
  140. Having trouble taking a deep breath.
  141. primary plumonary hypertension
  142. rheumatic lung
  143. inhaled toxin
  144. sudamonis
  145. Lung Nodules
  146. Emphysema Question
  147. what now
  148. possible lung fungus help
  149. throat problems
  150. emphysema
  151. Bronchiectasis and chest pain, fact or fiction? HELP ME
  152. pulmonary function tests
  153. emphasimia
  154. Mild Scarring in Lung Apices
  155. who is receiving good treatment for Nocardiosis?
  156. Bronchiectasis, what can help? Please reply!!!
  157. when a cough lasts for two weeks, but nothing shows up on chest xray
  158. newbie with prob
  159. Black mucous
  160. Collapsed Lung / Pneumothorax
  161. how long does pleurisy last
  162. how soon can i fly after a collapsed lung.?
  163. Help!!!! Waiting for lung tests
  164. cannot take a deep breath, then i must yawn but can't
  165. Alpha-1
  166. Unknown lung disease, any thoughts?
  167. diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and severe asthma and obstructive sleep apnoea
  168. Cost of pulmunary function test
  169. TTO (transtrachael oxygen) Anyone try this?
  170. severe lightheadedness when talking?
  171. diagnosis
  172. chest congestion
  173. Tuberculosis treatment
  174. lungs
  175. uneven diaphram
  176. Blood in sputum when coughing.
  177. Smoking American Spirit Cigarrettes
  178. chronic cough
  179. coughing up black mucus
  180. sternum
  181. Persistent cough
  182. Too much antibiotic
  183. left side udder rib pain
  184. Cough, Lung infection?
  185. Has anyone tried this?
  186. Chest pain w/Interstitial pnuemonitis?
  187. pulmonary embolism
  188. I need someone to allay my fears.
  189. smoke from fireworks making my lungs burn?
  190. emphasema
  191. what is the name of the nerve that makes ones diaphram go up and down?
  192. Calling all experts on the board! :oP
  193. Lung health supplements
  194. Lung issue..Don't know what it means
  195. spontaneous pneuomthorax
  196. Non Calcified Nodule?
  197. worried about PE
  198. Chewing gum lodged in lung..
  199. Lungs
  200. Hiccups
  201. how much does a pulmonary function test cost
  202. Open Lung Biopsy
  203. Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC/MAI)
  204. My hubby has copd and will not stop smoking
  205. question..
  206. Coughing up phlegm with blood?
  207. Lung X-ray (diagnosis)
  208. Confused Breathing problems
  209. Question for anyone who wears o2
  210. pain in my side when I breath
  211. Ideas?
  212. how long will i live with very advanced emphysema
  213. breathing difficulty,skin rashes & itching
  214. kartagener syndrome!
  215. Difficulty breathing
  216. Partially Collapsed lung...
  217. what can cause a shadow on the lung
  218. very little air movement in one of my lungs...means ???
  219. shadow on lung
  220. Brazilian Nuts for Asthma Attacks
  221. Strange Feeling When I cough
  222. pain when inhaling
  223. Hi im new here, need help asap lung pains/rib pains/ back pain.
  224. Lung Problems with Lyrica
  225. Cough lasting 2 months
  226. reacurent bronchitis help right lung pain on and off please!!!!!
  227. how do you deal with the side effects of steroids
  228. After cough, how long after illness?
  229. low grade fever with no congestion
  230. Gurgle noise when I inhale
  231. lung illness
  232. Can anyone help? I'm having trouble getting a full breath of air.
  233. Trouble Taking Complete, Satisfying Breaths
  234. Pet Scans
  235. Major Morning Issues w/ Breathing
  236. Shortness of breath from...coffee?
  237. Why
  238. How do you cope with shortness of breath?
  239. Enlarged Lymph in Aortic Pulmonary Window
  240. Another yawning/breathing thread
  241. ? About "Air Hunger"
  242. Not Able To Take In Deep/Yawn Breaths When I Need To
  243. Dust Breathing
  244. Slight Pulmonary Fibrosis
  245. sharp pain in lungs
  246. Can't figure out Dad's problem...
  247. Update: Got test results back today
  248. My sister has pneumonia and has been put on respirator.
  249. Can't get a diagnosis, help! PAIN and worry.
  250. Coughing because of environment