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  1. visit to rheumy today
  2. tiny water blister type rash.
  3. Hae referral to Rheumatologist
  4. Could I have Lupus?
  5. Is anyone continuously anemic?
  6. To: ElegantGI RE: WBC Counts
  7. Unusual sun sensitivity symptoms?
  8. Has anyone taken Provigil for fatigue?
  9. Methotrexate
  10. Do all butterfly rashes look the same?
  11. My doctor visit
  12. Sun sensitivity?
  13. elevated protein in urine
  14. I belong to the doggy club now too!
  15. Can anyone tell me what having low MCV can indicate?
  16. Yet another weird question... circulation type problems??
  17. Confirmed Diagnosis
  18. Blood test results: ANA positive 640...possibly lupus?
  19. Dreaded Rheumie appt was a breeze
  20. rash question
  21. barbara h (rash from celebrex)
  22. Plaquenil - my wonder drug
  23. blood test results
  24. WOOHOO! I am no longer morbidly obese!
  25. Do you have muscle pains/spasms with lupus or hughes?
  26. lupus and eye damage
  27. Please help w/Lab Results
  28. Strange but True. A must read!!!
  29. Is Lupus heriditary? Please help!!
  30. please help with interpreting lab results!
  31. MRI report
  32. I have butterfly rashes. Do i have Lupus? Help me pls!
  33. Possible lupus?!?!
  34. Decreasing WBC
  35. pantoloc
  36. Shawnee, did you see the rheumatologist yet???
  37. looking for nutrition advice
  38. How Long For a Diagnosis?
  39. What is Lupus
  40. Lupus????
  41. Involuntary Movement Disorder
  42. Plaquenil and eye exam
  43. the evil prednisone
  44. UV Rays and Airplanes
  45. Swollen Lymph nodes/ glands in SLE
  46. lupus walk
  47. question about car windows
  48. VeeJ ..I have a update
  49. Confused by what type of Dr. to see.
  50. Tooth Loss to the extreme!
  51. Newly Dx'd/have sweating question?
  52. If immune system is hyperactive then how can you be immune compromised?
  53. New Diagnosis/Starting Plaquenil today and venting!
  54. Ana
  55. Do Any of You get the "LUPUS now" magazine?
  56. Flu Vaccine?
  57. Pitting Edema
  58. Rheumatologist
  59. Wax/wane question - Symptoms
  60. Lupus or not?
  61. Lupus and cows milk question
  62. Does your rash itch???
  63. Sampy-- Just wondered how the new meds are working?
  64. Question about Photosensitivity waxing and waning
  65. New rash... is this a lupus related rash?
  66. How influential is stress
  67. Single parent - really scared about my kids; hurting badly
  68. Got Test Results
  69. Quest about Low Positive Anti DS DNA
  70. My first post - scared - elevated ANA - diagnosis fibromyalgia or lupus???
  71. How Long Before Results Come Back?
  72. Hello to all... I have a appointment tomorrow...need help
  73. Can I have Lupus?
  74. doctor's visit (Patience...)
  75. Family Connection
  76. Lupus Rash
  77. What Are The Symptoms Of Lupus?? Need Info
  78. I Have These Symptoms
  79. quick question about Plaquenil
  80. What do you think?
  81. Ulcer question
  82. Rash Question For All (but especially Veej)
  83. Things to avoid~
  84. Is this an associated symptom of Lupus?
  85. To top it all off...
  86. Face Rash
  87. New here and wondering?
  88. it's official
  89. How bad is a scar from a skin punch biopsy?
  90. Testing will they let me post?
  91. Saw SSD Shrink, I am tickled
  92. it's all so overwheliming...
  93. Back Pain relieved by urination
  94. VIOXX sales halted
  95. Things moving fast now.
  96. are diuretics helpful with swelling from lupus?
  97. Productive Dr. Appt.
  98. Symptoms
  99. Sulfa allergy??
  100. college scholarships for lupus patients?
  101. completely off topic but wanted to share
  102. Pain, Pain, & more Pain
  103. Butterfly rash and ANA
  105. intermittent claudication or vasculitis?
  106. I'm New Here With Question??
  107. Something new for me
  108. Not sure rhuemy's right
  109. new here, looking for info advice
  110. Bisphosphonates & Lupus
  111. Can someone please help
  112. I'm shedding
  113. Once Upon a Miserable Night
  114. help
  115. Severe Pain
  116. Chronic pain & fatigue affecting my self esteem
  117. Finally a diagnosis
  118. DHEA and Lupus-Anyone taking?
  119. could this be lupus?
  120. Cytoxan and Lupus
  121. Has anyone used Thermochrome Select or OPC?
  122. A little Worried
  123. a very colorful lady
  124. How to choose which Rhuemy doc?
  125. Being tested
  126. Having a sad day
  127. i would like to give you an update on experimental drug
  128. back problems with Lupus
  129. Has Anyone Felt This?
  130. systematic lupus and tanning bed
  131. advice please
  132. AngelicBrat is finally back home again :)
  133. Upcoming 4th Cytoxin Treatment
  134. Guess I'm not in remission after all.
  135. Everyting is going to hell..
  136. Looking for support for my wife
  137. does this sound like lupus
  138. What could this be?
  139. reaction to Plaquenil?
  140. Lupus w/ the Flu (I think?) Please shoot me!
  141. When do i have a chest X-ray?
  142. Think My Wife Has Lupus
  143. Lupus & Yeast Infections
  144. Doctors Appt
  145. What if Lupus is not treated?
  146. Nausea????
  147. Low White blood cell count normal in SLE patients?
  148. Lupus rash
  149. need help
  150. rash around mouth/Purple splotches on legs
  151. Anyone else have this
  152. Lupus after foot surgery
  153. lighter than normal period
  154. Can anyone interpret an ANA test here?
  155. need help with hair weakness...any sugg.?
  156. Systematic lupus question
  157. Got records in less than 24 hours.
  158. The Lupus Book
  159. Severe Chest Pain
  160. Ever had this med?
  161. symptoms?????
  162. Lupus & Tetnus shots?
  163. Yes, another please help me interpret my ANA test question!
  164. Get Lupus Later in life?
  165. Just Diagnosed with Lupus
  166. Aspartame links to Lupus and MS
  167. Has anyone had any luck using "uppers"?
  168. A lupis story (sad)
  169. Is there any way to know for sure?
  170. Can't seem to get records
  171. scalp pain!
  172. Going...going...gone!
  173. Ganglion Cysts
  174. Everyone OK despite the hurricane?
  175. Moonface!!!
  176. just left hospital, feeling much better!
  177. I'M SO CONFUSED, re-tests were all negative??
  178. Does white cell count indicate flare?
  179. Chest Pain Is Panic Attacks!
  180. Newbie from England
  181. ANA negative anti-ro lupus
  182. 20yr old male with ana-negative cns lupus?
  183. Please Help
  184. Chest pains!
  185. Calling all APS experts & lupies
  186. Unsure of Diagnosis
  187. Got hives and not from the meds!
  188. Chest Pain!
  189. Lupus Support Group
  190. Should I get tested???
  191. Need help with ANA result....
  192. Nodules???
  193. Do I need to contact my rheum. ?
  194. new treatment for lupus
  195. Semi-new here...
  196. SOMA Allergic Reaction
  197. Lupus Symp or hypothyroid
  198. ????Itchy hands and feet????
  199. Just wondering.... How is everyone??
  200. So how sick do I have to be for a dX?
  201. my kids both have pos. ANA and I have RA so...
  202. have fibromyagia alot of lupus symp
  203. Tremors????
  204. after the prednisone!
  205. Has anyone been dx with sle and uctd?
  206. The Waiting Game Begins *UPDATE*
  207. Anyone go to local support group?
  208. Swollen lymph nodes
  209. hmm..
  210. Pain at fingertips???
  211. new book is out
  212. Rash Question. Help me please
  213. new to board, lupus symptoms
  214. Plaquenil and Statins
  215. i look hideous
  216. autoimmune disease-not otherwise specified with vasculitis
  217. Something ODD on Cintromere Anti-body test
  218. rheumatoid factor
  219. New here. sorry this is long. need input.
  220. New Here..Do these symptoms sound like Lupus?
  221. Vitamins and Lupus
  222. Finally a Diagnosis
  223. My dear friends, I just need a shoulder for just a minute.
  224. prednisone evil??
  225. VeeJ, Angelicbrat & anyone else
  226. Ana Results....Can anyone give me their opinion?
  227. I found a new rheumy!
  228. The waiting game begins
  229. New medicine, anyone heard of it?
  230. so many questions
  231. Ouch
  232. How Long Does An "Episode" Last?
  233. I can't breathe! Anyone help me out here?
  234. Rhuemy visit today!!
  235. Help interpretting labs
  236. I've found a GOOD rheumy!!! Yippee!
  237. Is this a Lupus rash?
  238. Tests For Lupus ?
  239. Things getting worse.
  240. new to lupus
  241. Could I have Lupus?
  242. A Little More Inspriation.
  243. Prednisone helping....I think!!
  244. This one's for Vee! A little update... thanks for caring!
  245. I know I never formally introduced myself..
  246. cellcept
  247. Fast reaction to bright light, filtered sunlight.
  248. Need help with Skin Lupus Question
  249. Concerns for my Wife
  250. A Little Inspiration for us all.

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