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  1. New to this and the Testing process HELP!!!
  2. Probable lupus rash
  3. Skin Biopsy
  4. any ideas?
  5. Opinions on Pain Journal. *Long*
  6. Lupus?
  7. lupus and narcolepsy
  8. Does anyone know????
  9. wife has Lupus, depressed
  10. Diagnosis Shuffle!
  11. Weight gain with lupus? And Energy after 6weeks on plaqenil
  12. Malar Rash? Or Blushing?
  13. How did your Lupus start and progress?
  14. Valleycat13's update
  15. Anyone think they get frequent fevers, but when u check your temp, it isn't a fever?
  16. Lupus? RA? Something else????
  17. Plaquenil question
  18. [Lupus I think... ]
  19. Positive ANA and SSA - please help
  20. Plaquenil and Quinacrine combination any good?
  21. ana test result
  22. Hi Im new and would appreciate your help. Lupus rash???
  23. Lupus and Depression
  24. scleroderma
  25. Systemic Lupus.. underarm swollen Lymph nodes
  26. Torn Rotator Cuff and shoulder ligament
  27. Is it Lupus... or something else?
  28. type II diabetes and lupus effects of predisone
  29. DMARD's
  30. Systemic liver problem
  31. Results from Eos... Colitis Allergy testing
  32. Anti streptolysin & anti-ds DNA positive,please help!
  33. Conflicting Lab Tests--STILL Undiagnosed :(
  34. Probiotics
  35. Ear Congestion Lupus related?
  36. Ana blood test results
  37. lupus
  38. Feeling very grateful after my drs appt!! Any advice?
  39. Need some advice concerning meds, Love to hear from you
  40. Seeking Diagnosis Update
  41. New and need some advice
  42. Insurance and Bumps
  43. lightheaded/dizzy
  44. light headed/dizziness
  45. Systemic Is all of this Lupus? Love to hear your advice.
  46. ana reflex ana abs please help ?????
  47. medrol dosepak experiment ... what does it mean
  48. Systemic Many years searching for a diagnosis. Getting closer.
  49. I am at a loss...
  50. Cutaneous So so frustrated ? Help !!!
  51. symptoms of lupus but negative ana
  52. Labs fine, or not?!
  53. Update... appt with new Rhuemy
  54. autoimmune related symptoms?
  55. Cutaneous Introduction & skin biopsy questions
  56. Systemic Is it Lupus?
  57. Lupus? or RA
  58. Possible lupus? New here.
  59. ANA test vs Dilute Russell Viper Venom Test
  60. Possible Diagnosis, Who knows? Can you help?
  61. sun problems from lupus?
  62. Systemic Alternatives to Plaquenil
  63. any suggestions for lupus treatment?
  64. Ptt-la
  65. lesions in my mouth? and "herald patch?"
  66. Going To Dr. Next Week
  67. Sun sensitivity
  68. question
  69. Cutaneous How to deal
  70. possible Lupus Help
  71. Alternative treatments for Lupus in order to reduce (traditional) medication
  72. New here with APS. Scared and confused.
  73. Could it be Lupus?
  74. Possible Lupus Diagnosis - Help Please!
  75. Could taking hydrocortisone affect test results?
  76. Pericarditis, low blood pressure.
  77. Eosinophilic Colitis connection to lupus????
  78. Systemic facing 3 level fusion with Lupus
  79. Test result questions
  80. Blood work Questions
  81. Can my daughter have lupus
  82. Plaquenil???
  83. question about ana
  84. prednisone...love/hate
  85. What is this?
  86. In need of energy
  87. Stoping prednisolone
  88. Weird rashes / skin ... please help
  89. Possible Lupus???
  90. Systemic My rheumy is leaning towards Lupus
  91. Lab Question
  92. Ug!!!My nerves got the best of me!!!
  93. Systemic Question
  94. positive ANA and high RNP, what could this mean?
  95. do i really have any form of lupus?
  96. Is it Lupus? Where do I start?
  97. What do the results mean??
  98. Help- lab test
  99. Positive Lupus Anti-Nuclear AB (IFA) ?!?
  100. Concerning symptoms - Lupus, MS, or hypochondriac?
  101. scleroderma and polymyotis
  102. Lupus, R.A., Fibro, Lyme or ?
  103. Do I just give up?
  104. the top 5 pieces of advice to speed diagnosis and how long did it take for your dx?
  105. Negitive blood work, Fibromyalgia, NO ANSWERS...UGH!!!
  106. New to this group, positive ana test
  107. Could it be lupus?
  108. ANA question
  109. Red splotch on one side of bridge of nose, early warning sign?
  110. Hello, I'd like your opinion. Lupus or not?
  111. Systemic 38 with lupus and wants a baby
  112. Re: lupus and GI problems
  113. Lightheaded not dehydrated and no meds@
  114. Rash?
  115. Test Results in minus ssa, ssb and anar
  116. new
  117. crashing
  118. bactrim & septra in childhood kidney problems
  119. I have had bone and joint pain for years.
  120. vist with rheumy didn't meet my expectations
  121. Do you think I have Lupus? My parents think I overreact
  122. Arthritis and Lupus, Dead End w Rheumy, Need Advice PLEASE
  123. I think I may have SLE... Not sure what to do????
  124. Lupus and knee revision?
  125. Can a sunburn cause a headache and nausea?
  126. Need help understanding lab results
  127. Chronic Idiopathic Hives ANA Negative
  128. Cymbalta, lupus and tests.
  129. Finally Saw The Rheumatologist
  130. Skin Biopsy Chronic Hives?
  131. Vitamin D
  132. Systemic lupus
  133. Could my 5 year old have lupus???
  134. Does Lupus cause GI problems?
  135. How long does it take the lab to process a skin biopsy for Lupus?
  136. Will skin biopsy help with diagnoses?
  137. What is happening?!
  138. Need advice.
  139. Itching
  140. Lupus and Sun
  141. Benlysta
  142. 3 years and no answers is this lupus???
  143. Please Help Me Guys!! I wonder if I have lupus
  144. tongue hurts! and ?IBS?
  145. swollen left side of body
  146. Positive ANA, Elevated SSA and SSB
  147. New person, Do I have lupus?
  148. Could this be lupus?
  149. Seizures, pain and inflammation
  150. Prednisone and blood tests?
  151. Re: Hydroxychloroquine, please explain?
  152. Lupus and hair loss
  153. ANA blood tes
  154. Possible Lupus...Terrified
  155. Could this be lupus instead?
  156. Concerned!!
  157. Lupus ???
  158. Problem With Odors?
  159. ANA Titre 1:640
  160. Lupus and Trying to concieve
  161. Re: Worried and the docs aren't very helpful
  162. Can you have a positive ASM and ANA titer with Lupus?
  163. Systemic Tips for first appointment?
  164. I just want answers. Defeated.
  165. ugh oh, better get predison
  166. Just got test results
  167. I dont know what to do...
  168. Lupus and blood pressure
  169. Cellcept vs Imuran?
  170. UCTD with Lupus overlay???
  171. New and waiting on test results...
  172. Lupus symptom nasal narrowing
  173. teachergirl64
  174. Have any of you had this problem?
  175. Kidneys and Lupus
  176. Stopping Lyrica
  177. Lupus if your not willing to give up the stress.
  178. Surgical mesh and lupus
  179. Systemic Don't meet enough of the criteria?
  180. Summertime blues, and reds
  181. Abnormal Lab Results
  182. Which is better for you... winter or summer?
  183. Lupus?
  184. Prednisone?
  185. I'm getting desperate...please help!
  186. plural effusion
  187. Sed Rate & ANA
  188. Venting
  189. First post on lupus bd - anybody been THIS sick??
  190. A good remedy for the sunburn itch from hell!!!!
  191. i need answers
  192. The anti-RNP high titer - can it be a fluke?
  193. Systemic SLE with renal impairment
  194. What is wrong with me!!??
  195. Anyone with Discoid Lupus story?
  196. Your thoughts and experiences please
  197. Dermatology results
  198. dont understand what ana blood work means
  199. Positive ANA: What does this mean?
  200. Does this sound like you or Lupus???
  201. Ahhh! I hate waiting!
  202. Extreme Brain Fog
  203. Systemic Positive ANA but complicated medical history, any advice is appreciated.
  204. Could I have lupus?
  205. Systemic Lupus?
  206. Should I have my 14yr old tested for lupus?
  207. ANA 1:80
  208. "Up-date" Feeling Overwhelmed!
  209. Feeling Overwhelmed! "Up-date"
  210. C4 Complement Low
  211. Saw the new rheumy today :)
  212. What Should I Do?
  213. New Lupus Meds.
  214. Systemic Does this seem like the Malar Rash
  215. Don't have enough symptoms...
  216. lupus diagnosis?
  217. suspected lupus hematologist referral
  218. To disclose or not to disclose..
  219. Metoprolol
  220. Kidney failure ???
  221. Im modeling, but not like Tyra Banks
  222. Certain processed foods?
  223. can this be lupus?
  224. Orthopedist thinks it's lupus, any suggestions?
  225. Hydroxychloroquine/Plaquenil Fear?!
  226. Cutaneous Could my daughter have lupus?
  227. Can sun senitivity cause a fungal rash?
  228. Swelling/Numbness
  229. Q @ ANA results
  230. Flare after dentist appt
  231. Men and Lupus
  232. Men ad Lupus
  233. vision test
  234. Is it lupus?
  235. Systemic Advice, Opinions? SLE?
  236. Rash- does any of this sound famliar?
  237. Tired of feeling broken
  238. Lupus symptoms but negative bloodwork
  239. Type II Diabetes and Januvia
  240. Lupus symptoms test negative
  241. Mega Green Tea
  242. Immune System Boosters, Confused about vitamin use
  243. AVs and Lupus
  244. never had lupus till after the smoke fire
  245. Gout and Lupus?
  246. Wondering??
  247. Itchy Rash on Elbows & Feet
  248. Rheumatology appt in one more month
  249. Systemic Confused & concerned about combination of systems: Possibly SLE?
  250. UTCD and Plaquenil

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