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  1. Plaquenil side effect: hairloss
  2. is this lupus
  3. Hi I'm New here... Rhupus?
  4. Anti-DNA slightly elevated
  5. Lupus "for now"...
  6. Plaquenil retinopathy
  7. ana positive, speckled,1;80 titer
  8. Any ideas for Lupus flareup?
  9. Red facial rash?
  10. hughes syndrome
  11. What is considered a high Anticardiolipin Ab, Igm
  12. normal ana test
  13. New to Forums, new to Lupus
  14. Plaquenil and hairloss
  15. lupus with pregancy
  16. genetic lupus
  17. lupus
  18. Are my symptoms Lupus?
  19. what is antinuclear ab
  20. Scleroderma titer
  21. Help with symptoms
  22. lupus
  23. Need an answer please!
  24. Dx'ed w/possible Lupus
  25. Lupus Remission
  26. why is wbc low, i also have lupus.
  27. Not Lupus! Now what???
  28. pain hypersensitivity
  29. I want to scream
  30. High Titer - Panicking
  31. What do I do??/?
  32. What do I do??/?
  33. Feeling "small" anyone?!
  34. New here...and so fed up
  35. psychologist testing
  36. Ana
  37. I saw the Rheumatologist today ...help!!!!
  38. Thinking about 2nd opinion...
  39. wHAT IS double stranded DNA TEST MEANT FOR?
  40. H.E. a differential diagnosis for CNS Lupus
  41. Daughter ANA Results
  42. lupus and welbutrin xl
  43. lupus pain
  44. Lupus and weight gain question
  45. Lupus and weight gain question
  46. Ana patterns
  47. Pin points on stomach
  48. Lupus, CFIDS and Connective tissue disease
  49. Really Nervous
  50. Bruising
  51. Appt. went good.
  52. why have i got three numb toes?
  53. Awful treatment with no luck
  54. Extremely High Calcium
  55. Lupus and new hope....
  56. hello there
  57. Is this any concern?
  58. What Is a Normal Ana Level
  59. Methotrexate Issues
  60. Whew!!
  61. A little help please.
  62. can anyone tell me what a ssa-igg-ab positive mean my ssb-igg-ab was negative
  63. lupus doctors in virginia
  64. Is it possible to qualify for disability
  65. APS, Lupus, MS?
  66. Can someone please help me? Scared
  67. Bloodwork
  68. Any thoughts on this?
  69. Desperate
  70. What age
  71. undiagnosed illness
  72. Methotrexate and Folic Acid
  73. need to know if i will get worse
  74. White cells and neutrophils
  75. High ANAs, silica ingestion, hsv2... advice please?
  76. Weakness?
  77. My symptoms + Lupus in Family...
  78. Face/butterfly rash
  79. lupus and chickenpox please help
  80. Test results
  81. Test results
  82. Oral ulcers to the max!!
  83. wondering if my symptoms mean anything?
  84. scleroderma
  85. lupus blood work
  86. lupus
  87. My mom's story
  88. Lupus? Am I just too scared?
  89. Joint Pain
  90. Questions regarding Lupus Flare Ups
  91. Low B12
  92. my ANA test is 62 could it still be lupus? what is normal?
  93. Very Low Neutrophils
  94. lupus?
  95. Found another good book...
  96. Sjoren and lupus
  97. Blood complements
  99. Lupus and cidp
  100. What Causes Lupus?
  101. Nucleolar Pattern
  102. Can neg. Anti-ds-DNA or Anti-Sm turn positive?
  103. Nucleolar Pattern
  104. Do I have lupus if I have an lupus type inhibitor in my blood
  105. Getting Pregnant
  106. Questions regarding Lupus
  107. Ana Pattern
  108. positive ANA
  109. Positive ANA direct test
  110. Now What????!!
  111. Anyone with glaucoma?
  112. Queastion About Lupus Test
  113. Ptt-la
  114. Orencia
  115. Question about rash
  116. Does Lupus Always Show Up In The Blood
  117. Lupus and AVN... any advice please!
  118. Plasmoquine - what side effects
  119. what's next?
  120. How Long Does The Rash With Lupus Last On Your Face
  121. Could I have Lupus?
  122. morpgine pump
  123. when i get up in the morning my feet swells
  124. mri how much does it cost
  125. Positive anti-dsDNA, but no other symptoms?
  126. what is malor rash with photosensitivity
  127. Help! I'm Worse!
  128. Anyone else been told they have mesenteric adenitis without explanation?
  129. Anyone else been told they have mesenteric adenitis without explanation?
  130. What is the difference between auto immune and immune system
  131. Does this sound like an autoimmune disorder?
  132. lupus cerebritis?!?
  133. Low Platelet Count
  134. SED rate and anti-inflammatories
  135. Diseases similar to Lupus?
  136. someone about to have a seizure
  137. Lupus and MRI
  138. terrible fatigue, leg pains, joint pains
  139. Anyone on nuerontin?
  140. DX'ed with Fibo After Blood testing, Can you Rule out Lupus?
  141. before lupus test results
  142. Plaquenil...what Side Effects?..please Help!
  143. need help to get rid of severe stretch marks
  144. Autoimmune Hepatitis
  145. Finally DX
  146. Has anyone had a low WBC or RBC?
  147. Lupus? with many immune issues
  148. Trouble Walking
  149. what is lupus. is it fatal
  150. Just feeling sore and miserable and I want to vent
  151. how does lupus effect your heart
  152. MUSCLE PAIN/BURNING? (Is it just Joints that are affected?)
  153. I could use some guidance PLEASE!!!!
  154. skin punch biopsy
  155. how can a DS DNA be positive one time
  156. Ohh One more thing........Urine Test?
  157. What was it that made you suspect Lupus & how did you get DX'ed?
  158. how lupus affects eye sight
  159. Does a molar Rash Come & go throughout the day? (HELP)
  160. Charley Horses
  161. have i got lupus or not??
  162. having major breakout of SCLE rash
  163. Please help
  164. find a doctor in my area for lupus
  165. sores that don't heal
  166. Wife having reaction to Plaquenil, any insight?
  167. tal
  168. being taken off Plaquenil
  169. hi
  170. Dr. said test positive but I don't have it yet????
  171. any ideas?
  172. new to this
  173. Lupus
  174. Does Bullous Lupus Itch
  175. Just looking for info to rest my mind....
  176. swollen lymph nodes for 9 mos-anyone else for this long?
  177. A long road to walk
  178. How long to take warfarin?
  179. How much do I push this?
  180. LUPUS? ACID? Maybe It's Not..
  181. Does anyone have these symptoms?
  182. HELP! Another Dr?
  183. Use of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) in treating neuropsychiatric lupus
  184. Constant Nausea
  185. can a postive anti-dsDNA test mean nothing?
  186. Reducing Plaquenil - Negative affects??
  187. Does Lupus Progress?
  188. my mom had swollen glands for 2years? need advice please
  189. Should I Take Plaquenil???
  190. fears about minor surgery
  191. New Rash, Not Sure if it could be Lupus Related
  192. pin size red dots in skin
  193. Plaquenil not working anymore
  194. Frequent Bronchitis with Lupus
  195. Help me if you can, do I have Lupus?
  196. methotrexate
  197. Does lupus always show up in blood work?
  198. Prednisone and/or plaquenil
  199. Does anyone worry about sleeping?
  200. Plaquenil Maintenance Dose
  201. Maybe... maybe not...
  202. scarring on cornea
  203. Hard to diagnose Lupus?
  204. platelets are 40
  205. Topamax anyone? Migraines or Lupus Headaches?
  206. Fltting in and out
  207. Question about testing and prednisone
  208. Diagnosed At Last
  209. Do you know when you're having a seizure?
  210. Crest disorder
  211. Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder?!
  212. Pain in lower legs,feet,wrists and hands
  213. platelets
  214. Blood clot in my lung
  215. remedies for mouth ulcers?
  216. Confused
  217. Hair Thinning and Lupus
  218. what is the normal range of ANA test result
  219. Need direction...
  220. HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, please explain???
  221. i had a positive ana test result last year ,his year was negative why its that?
  222. Anyone else have swelling between knuckles or horrible hand pain!?
  223. mouth and gum issues
  224. Burning mouth & tongue
  225. New Here with Questions
  226. question on dry eyes and punctal plugs
  227. Anyone that does not have rashes?or rashes that are not facial?
  228. hi
  229. Trouble swallowing due to Lupus?
  230. Mother in Law tells my kids its all in my HEAD!!!!!
  231. Undifferentiated Connec. Tissue Disease vs. Lupus
  232. Having some symptoms may be related to lupus? please help...
  233. Extreme sun sensitivity without lupus?
  234. Wondering what I have??
  235. New to Kidney trouble
  236. Ana Negative Dx!? New Here And Worried!!
  237. why do i itch with my lupus
  238. Could Melasma be Lupus Related
  239. Experience on meds ??
  240. Tender Points and Lupus
  241. new to the message board
  242. Rheumy appt. Update!
  243. VeeJ or anyone else that might know
  244. ovaries
  245. How does lighting affect everyone else?
  246. Please Help
  247. homeopathy medicine for increasing blood platlets
  248. pityriasis rosea?
  249. Nine Blood Tests
  250. About to start Imuran

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