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  1. Could it be Lupus?
  2. New and a little lost........
  3. Help!Lupus,Fibro,Heart SVT,IBS,Kidney&LiverProb,DDD,OA&more
  4. how quick does a flare react to sunsensitivity in lupus?
  5. lupus
  6. Help! Does this get better?
  7. too much protien in your urine
  8. Severe Reactions to Insect Bites
  9. Does Lupus cause a rash on the back of the neck and shoulders?
  10. i have red hard spots on my feet what are they
  11. What Is Considered a High Ana
  12. where can i find a doctor in my area that specializes in lupus and fibromyalgia
  13. Is it possible to have a positive ANA, and then be NEGATIVE?
  14. Does this sound like fibro or lupus symptoms?
  15. Weird Symptoms
  16. I am so upset and dissapointed!
  17. prednisone is the most atrocious drug ever. how do you properly taper off?
  18. reaction to lights ?
  19. Symptoms??? Lupus???
  20. Does this point toward lupus?
  21. How to convince my doctor I have Lupus with ANA of 1:640 speckled pattern?
  22. what do i have?
  23. Is it normal for one side of your body to hurt more than the other? ..please advice.
  24. antibiotics causing flare?
  25. Has anyone taken the 6 day Prednisone pack?
  26. Kidney trouble with Lupus
  27. Lupus testing
  28. New here. 1st appt looming! Could do with some advice please
  29. Plaquenil and mosquito bites
  30. Predisone Side Effects
  31. A Newbie asking about Drug Induced Lupus and Zoloft ???????
  32. Frustrated......
  33. What the future may hold?
  34. Could you guys help me?
  35. Immunologist??
  36. Lupus Fatigue - What helps? Does low-dose Prednisone?
  37. New lab results
  38. Lab work - please help
  39. Trigger thumb
  40. Do I Have Lupus?
  41. Weight loss, pain, bowel changes, ear problems....
  42. Have a question about the sun for all the experts.
  43. Does Anyone Have An Answer?
  44. Blood tests
  45. Can lupus effect your pap smear?
  46. Ended up in ER
  47. Newbie help..."Drug Induced Lupus" but I don't take any drugs...
  48. Ana With Titer
  49. how common is lupus without positive ana
  50. Rash
  51. Heard From Dr. About my Daughter
  52. Uveitis and polyneuropathy
  53. New, weird blood test, any advice welcome.
  54. Positive ANA, inconclusive anti-ds-dna....please help
  55. Teeth Problems with Lupus/Sjogrens Syndrome
  56. Waiting to get tested
  57. Malar rash
  58. Six year old with Lupus....advice please!!!
  59. Left the Rheumi in tears
  60. Negative ANA's, but diagnosed with Lupus.
  61. Test results...Can someone explain to me what it means...
  62. Can anyone help?
  63. Anyone with Lupus and RSD??
  64. Is It Always This Hard to Get a Diagnosis?
  65. Hereditory Link To Lupus ???
  66. Stroke??
  67. Can you help me understand these test results please?
  68. taking cellcept and finding out i am preg.
  69. More Pneumonia and Lupus?
  70. Quick question...
  71. Help me please...possible lupus???
  72. Possible Lupus????
  73. Possible Lupus....
  74. Test negative, symptom positive, diagnosis brushed off.
  75. organ involment...
  76. Bruising
  77. how can I make them listen about my symptoms??? help
  78. Lupus with no skin rashes or protein in urine?
  79. Possible Lupus
  80. 12 yr old daughter diagnosised w/lupus
  81. High potassium
  82. New, can someone answer a quick ?
  83. New Here - please advice
  84. surgery
  85. Lupus Flare Question
  86. Plaquenil and Rashes
  87. Vomiting
  88. Freshly diagnosed with lupus
  89. Anyone with Lupus have this problem?
  90. Treating Incomplete Lupus and APS with Plaquenill
  91. Lupus and sun exposure
  92. questions about prednisone
  93. young boy, may have lupus?
  94. Low iron
  95. ANA positive and now hypothyroid....Lupus?
  96. lupus drug trial didn't work?
  97. gluten free diet helps lupus?
  98. New to Lupus!!
  99. Newbie
  100. Hello
  101. blood work question
  102. OK to wait and watch for Lupus?
  103. ANA weak positive
  104. Is It Lupus Rash
  105. hip pain
  106. Lupus and Allergies?
  107. Dr diagnosed me with lupus last week
  108. Just to explain what is happening - from goldenwings
  109. vacation from meds
  110. I misspelled breast
  111. Lupus and Breast Inflammation
  112. Chest Pain
  113. Lupus Affect on Menstrual Cycle
  114. Help :(
  115. Went to the ER Yesterday
  116. Maybe Lupus...or maybe not - new to diagnosis
  117. Lupus markers
  118. Lipase elevated
  119. egfr
  120. I'm not sure what is going on
  121. Seeking help understanding how to support SO with Lupus
  122. Baker's Cyst
  123. Blood clot discharged in breast milk
  124. Facial Rash, Dark patch on nose, dry and scaly scalp
  125. Lupus and Relationships
  126. Can someone translate this ANA result?
  127. Questions..
  128. Atypical SLE rash?
  129. Hi veej......
  130. New to Lupus
  131. ANA positive at 1:320 - insignificant?
  132. Don't know about my Rheumatologist!
  133. Question about anti-SS-A
  134. another plaquenil question
  135. Help finding doctor in North Dallas area
  136. New to the lupus diagnosis...Help! The symptoms seem so varied!
  137. Sjogren's plus lupus
  138. Blood Work and possible diagnosis
  139. Anyone have 10 mg Prednisone effect their bloodwork?
  140. Possible Cardiac Problem
  141. Not sure what to think anymore
  142. Donna
  143. Doctor Says I Have Lupus! I Am So Scared
  144. Any suggestions to help with my Lupus???
  145. What to expect from first rheumatologist appointment??
  146. So Confused And Fed Up...
  147. How do you deal with people that don't understand and/or don't care??
  148. Help!Weird Sideeffects I think are related to lupus?
  149. Hearing loss due to Lupus anyone??
  150. 17 months - with no diagnosis
  151. Anticardiolipin antibody significance in lupus and low vs high positive
  152. Blood in Urine
  153. Have any of you had numbness/weakness in legs?
  154. what do you do to treat Low hemoglobin count
  155. Lupus effect on Legs
  156. PCP versus Rheumatologist
  157. Sooooo sick of this!!
  158. Help With Ongoing Sx
  159. Methotrexate and sulfasalazine
  160. Pleurisy
  161. Feeling crazy please help
  162. Plaquenil
  163. Treating Early Lupus with Prednisone? Scared and looking for advice.
  164. Dont know what to do
  165. I'm new and wanted to say "Hi".
  166. Blood work today
  167. Really bad rheumy appointment!
  168. lupus and bowel problems
  169. ANA titer of a 1:1280 and I am scared
  170. Low Sed rate
  171. lupus?
  172. what to do about lupus markings
  173. wow
  174. Labs Are In
  175. In a flare-new complications
  176. New symptoms, lupus related????
  177. Laryngeal Lupus
  178. how to lower protien levls in urine
  179. I may have Lupus...
  180. Butterfly rash on face, Mom has Lupus?
  181. Remicade induced Lupus
  182. A Confused Lupus Patient
  183. blood test
  184. I want to cry, scream, yell!!!
  185. why is my hands and feet swelling and hair lost
  186. blood test
  187. Lupus Misdiagnosis
  188. Ubitol for APS / Lupus
  189. lupus and sore scalp really painful please help asap
  190. To Shirlg, Also SM-RNP antibody
  191. lupus when to be worried
  192. sever leg and hand cramps
  193. New to Hughe's Syndrome (APS)
  194. Help with bloodwork
  195. prenisolone 5mgm
  196. lightheadness
  197. tcells/ white blood cells
  198. New to Autoimmune Diseases
  199. Positive ANA
  200. Hi
  201. Please Help!
  202. seeing RA on Monday
  203. New to board
  204. the doc thinks I may have lupus and now I have a scale rash on my ears
  205. Saw Rhuemy for the first time
  206. ANA titer, doc won't return calls and I am hurting!
  207. Lupus and Weight Loss?
  208. endocronologist
  209. Looking for a GOOD Rheumatologist who will listen...in Dallas, Plano or Frisco TEXAS
  210. What medicine has help you the most??? Or vitamin??
  211. I Am Very Confused!!??
  212. muscle,joint,abdominal,body aches, headaches and +moodswings
  213. New to Lupus...frightened! Test results help....
  214. Urine Test Results
  215. Sle &pregnancy
  216. i m going to the nephrologist tomorrow but i think i have alot
  217. New Here With Blood Test
  218. how malar rash feels
  219. blood tests
  220. lupus rash & prednisone = frustrated
  221. Rashes--itchiness
  222. Methodrexate
  223. immunofluroscent stain testing.......skin biopsy
  224. Rashes
  225. Lupus SLE
  226. what is hernoch-shirloin-vasculitis?
  227. Thick blood
  228. Little red dots
  229. anyone had these rashes??
  230. My 4 year old- kidney issues and prolonged fevers
  231. Lyrica
  232. Hello I'm back - again, fingers crossed
  233. testing.....
  234. Symptoms
  235. Vitamin D Deficiency
  236. ANAlgG Questions
  237. lupus and stomache problems
  238. maybe lupus? maybe not??
  239. white spots
  240. Lupus
  241. Still No Diagnosis
  242. teenager with lupus and confuzzed!!!!
  243. prednisone
  244. Chest Pain
  245. How long does it take to get tests back?
  246. Rashes
  247. Finally Diagnosed!
  248. blood test shows elevated rheumatoid..please help
  249. How long to get results from blood tests?
  250. blood test results

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