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  1. Firt Band Lyme Diease
  2. Had 1st LLMD Appointment!
  3. "The Lyme Disease Solution" by Dr. Singleton
  4. 400 mg of Doxy for past 2 weeks. Body/brain in complete turmoil. What next?
  5. Keylyme I have some questions for you.....
  6. Strange ?
  7. body temperature
  8. Possible Lyme's Disease
  9. On doxy and timing of tests
  10. side effect of plaquenil
  11. could I have lyme disease 25 years after I was bit by a tick?
  12. Burning eyeballs, burning red face, daily fevers
  13. Are there any LLMDs in Mass? Any that specialize in children?
  14. Help with symptoms
  15. where can I get Iodoral?
  16. What do you do to prevent tick bites?
  17. Tick bite, rash, treatment, testing????
  18. New to board but not new to Lyme!
  19. Counselor/therapist doesn't even understand!! What a rotten disease
  20. low absolute lymphocytes related to Lymes?
  21. Thank goodness I found this board!
  22. Biaxin side effects, how do you know if it's a herx?....
  23. Tick Bite
  24. No Rash?
  25. Lyme how to test? how to cure and get rid of? Help suggest pls.
  26. Morning Dizziness is this part of Lyme disease
  27. Lyme Disease or Liver disease?
  28. lyme insurance problems
  29. Reliable testing labs other than IgeneX?
  30. lyme disease?
  31. What do you guys think about my case?
  32. Is it really Lyme Disease???
  33. LLMD in Northern IL / Chicago
  34. bicillins shots
  35. Anti-virals, HHV-6
  36. LLMD in Southern New Jersey or Philadelphia
  37. Bicillin shots
  38. Is it Lymes or from the Kitty Litter?
  39. What to take for Bartonella?
  40. Lyme friendly neuro in central OH?
  41. Feel like I am losing it
  42. Any experience/results with MesoSilver® - Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver
  43. CD-57 and Low Platelets
  44. stomach/acid problems
  45. LD and now I'm pregnant
  46. Lymphatic examination
  47. memory loss with lymes
  48. My story and advice on finding a Dr
  49. Was your child diagnosed based on vague symptoms? What were the first symptoms?
  50. Update on my appt with Dr. E and some new test results
  51. Dr. Appt update
  52. braveheart and monarog popping in
  53. Well Mona, how did it go today with Dr Dersken ?
  54. 6yr daughter on lyme disease watch~tick found
  55. is it really lyme?? help!
  56. Flagyl
  57. ?? Lyme Disease live in Alabama
  58. Not sure it is Lyme
  59. Are nightmares more common for children with Lyme?
  60. Opinions please on my son's recent Igenex test results...do you think he has lyme?
  61. People with sick spouses too.....
  62. Question
  63. Those who had Lyme during preg.
  64. Feedback Appreciated on Jackson Dr.
  65. Your headache 'cures'
  66. Low Dose Naltrexone experience
  67. Talked to the local LLMD
  68. Moanrog--How are you ?
  69. Help Reading Results?
  70. how to test for mycoplasma ?
  71. Any input on IV Doxy and Shaky Herx's???? 6 days intoFeeling rough
  72. Need input on Igenex results
  73. cd-57....
  74. foot pain! and other symptoms
  75. Anyone know of any other docs in MD/DC/Va area
  76. frustrations with treatment
  77. Big News for chronic Lyme patients
  78. Salt and Vitamin C Protocol
  79. Pain med?
  80. Kind of amazed Lyme
  81. I'm still alive, working and everything. Saw Dr. E today
  82. Lyme Doc in England
  83. Possibility of Lyme Disease?
  84. Note to Julie 0513 in Ohio
  85. Flagl and cyst
  86. Herx on IV Rocephin
  87. bbb....
  88. shooting pains....
  89. CD57 Marker
  90. lyme and the heart
  91. cause of remittance and comeback?
  92. Did Omnicef help?
  93. allergic to penicillin
  94. fatigue
  95. Anyone with Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance? How long IV coverage
  96. pulled tick off dog...
  97. which antibiotic?....
  98. Babesia - "Past Infection" on blood results?
  99. some advise for everyone
  100. just started meds today....
  101. questions
  102. Has anyone tried the push pull IV rocephin in picc
  103. Just found out I have lymes ???????
  104. Question about herxing
  105. I think my symptoms are coming back
  106. LLMD in the Toronto area?
  107. ceftin= bone pain....
  108. Anybody diagnosed with MS or ALS, before testing positive for Lyme ??
  109. Herxes soon to start?
  110. IV Rocephin
  111. Primary Lateral Sclerosis
  112. rife machine
  113. Life insurance?
  114. Allergy Research Group Artimisinin
  115. Question about Brown Medical picc line cover
  116. I need your expert opinion on my Igenex results...
  117. Dizziness?
  118. is chronic lyme curable ?
  119. new drug cocktail - biaxin, levaquin, diflucan, etc
  120. Anyone use this?
  121. Is this caused by Lyme and will it get better?
  122. Help for possible lyme disease in the uk?
  123. Pedi Believes Wbtest Is False Neg And Refuses To Report To Cdc
  124. Is this the bull's eye rash?
  125. can dog and or cat give you lymes?
  126. has anyone gotten to point where they are not worried about transmitting?
  127. OK, Just had to get midline pulled too!!
  128. how easy/hard it is to get insurance to pay for I.v abx ?
  129. LLMD in Orange County, CA?
  130. re occurrence of lyme disease?
  131. Supplements
  132. re occurrence of lyme disease? new to this
  133. help me find a pedi LLMD in Dallas for my infected toddler!!! Please!!!!
  134. Monarog---Did you stay in Arizona ??
  135. Do I have Lymes?
  136. labs.....
  137. Got midline done!
  138. Just had PICC inserted
  139. It's nice to see symptoms going away
  140. Lyme treatment
  141. What did your Fry test look like? Anyone have bart on the inside of the cells?
  142. Had to have PICC removed
  143. could it be Lyme's?
  144. ? About Other Illnesses with Lyme
  145. Im Slowly Fading Away
  146. im back guys..
  147. lymes and tinnitus
  148. Just bitten, question....
  149. Questions for Dr. R (NY) patients taking IV Rocephin
  150. can lyme be seen under a darkfield microscope???
  151. Question for Ticker
  152. I May Have Lyme - Insight Appreciated!
  153. zithro and mepron
  154. 3rd check up with Dr. R
  155. bowen lab
  156. Dr in NJ
  157. lyme testing uk anyone?
  158. Flagyl
  159. Skin Rash/ Yeast of Diflucan causing ?
  160. Pills like Ceftin. argh!
  161. Two Months. No symptoms
  162. Burning on leg
  163. dizziness/lightheadness
  164. Sero-negative clinicly DX or CDC positive?
  165. Two months into treatment...can you relate?
  166. Dr Mcneel in Hampton NH at seacoast
  167. Why so many of us?
  168. Insurance Help?!
  169. Infectious Disease Doc Recomendations?
  170. Does MRI show lesions?
  171. Bullseye rash mysteries
  172. Lyme & Diet - *********
  173. Does anyone think their abnormal spect scan was from bartonella?
  174. New Member- Son With Daily Migraines
  175. Is 41 lyme specific
  176. Did you take IV Rocephin? I would love your input!
  177. I Have Lyme Disease Help!
  178. KTP812 How was Appt?
  179. Braveheart/Doug...Thinking of You
  180. PICC Line advice...PA / DE / MD area
  181. This is a joke, right??
  182. Could I Have Lyme Disease?
  183. Anyone hear of the new heparin recall?
  184. Bartonella?
  185. Shock or jolt feeling
  186. anyone with lyme ever have staph?
  187. Antibiotics for neuro lymes
  188. I believe I can now reccomend Niacin as an anti-borrelia treatment
  189. I had my baby girl.....
  190. I think it is Lyme
  191. Lyme for 20yrs...
  192. Heart murmur - holy crap!
  193. Very frustrated about Doctor
  194. Could I have Lyme?
  195. Picc line
  196. doxy / flagyl?
  197. muscle failure?
  198. untreated Lyme for 36 years?
  199. Anyone have a dog that had/has lyme?
  200. ringing in ears? zithro?
  201. shock sensations
  202. llmd's in Bucks/montgomery county, PA
  203. Does your LLMD treat Lyme or coinfections first?
  204. Diflucan / Fluconazole
  205. Sharing embarrassing (girl) symptoms
  206. Ceftin?
  207. Where is Bigstan?????
  208. Your GP and LLMD
  209. Irregular Heart Beat
  210. ceftin and doxycycline
  211. Cefepime
  212. lab questions
  213. Anyone know where i can get ABX?
  214. Is this a stomach issue from meds?
  215. b12
  216. For those attemping life w/out meds
  217. I'm alive but working full time with Lyme is harder than I thought
  218. should i see a specialist?
  219. New With??
  220. New With??
  221. 2nd week of plaquenil -- symptom flare up?
  222. datgrlstef..
  223. Infectious Disease LLMD?
  224. Getting PICCed
  225. Advice, Please! Tremors, Trembling, Jumpy Nervous System
  226. Lymph Nodes
  227. Bloating from Biaxin/Ceftin?
  228. iv antibiotics
  229. Blood test
  230. Is it Lyme Disease?
  231. Lyme without mark?
  232. New to Lymes have questions
  233. Good Dr in Dallas area?
  234. Fibro patient with favor
  235. Lyme disease-Western Blot analysis
  236. after you have lyme disease do you need a bllod test to see if it is gone
  237. New to this: My Lyme Disease Story
  238. My Stupid General Practitioner
  239. So glad I waited so long...NOT
  240. vacation with lyme?
  241. Just starting treatment....does this sound reasonable?
  242. Help!!! Massive headache for days!!!!!
  243. itchy?
  244. Lyme disease
  245. How long until you noticed a change on the antibiotics?
  246. Thrush, help it finally caught me
  247. Dysautonomia and Cranial neuritis
  248. help! confused, mad... tetra vs. doxy and stupid docs
  249. IGeneX Results - Input Please!
  250. Braveheart/Doug How goes it?

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