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  1. Only tested positive 41 band... Doc says I don't have Lyme
  2. Going to see Dr. Raxlen
  3. Aggressive treatment not always good
  4. My daughters have lyme
  5. Minocycline experience?
  6. Lyme and joint problems
  7. lyme doctor syracuse, ny
  8. Lymphangitis related to Ehrlichiosis?
  9. first week on tetracycline
  10. Just an update... 7 months pregnant...
  11. Tired of Lyme - need encourgement
  12. Slow Road to Diagnosis...Question...
  13. colloidal silver
  14. Detox
  15. Update on Monarog :)
  16. Neurotransmitter testing & results info
  17. the lyme, fibro, cfs connection
  18. 3 yrs of treatment, update on my appt with Dr E
  19. New Test Results - CD57 and WB - advise needed
  20. CD-57...question...what else could cause this?
  21. Feeling very blah third week of PICC
  22. LLMD in Florida?
  23. Lyme doctor recommendation in PA
  24. Need IV Abx... how do I get them without a positive Lyme test?
  25. extreme pain in back of head
  26. how much does the western blot test cost?
  27. Question for the ladies
  28. Question for Ticker re doctor in PA
  29. Looking for a dr near bergen county nj...
  30. Chronic Lyme, and a handful of questions
  31. Question about lyme disease test and symptoms
  32. blood test results
  33. Western Blot test was negative. What do I do from here?
  34. figuring out how to do this...
  35. Hello from Mickie - I'm alive and well :-)
  36. Valcyte Anyone?
  37. Curious about Dr. in PA
  38. Burning feeling
  39. What Does This Screening Mean???
  40. Anyone have any warning on thrush?
  41. Weight gain on meds?
  42. Tony64 and Itsmylife
  43. Writeart??
  44. Do I have Lyme Disease??
  45. lyme disease
  46. Going Off Antibiotics
  47. Eyeball soreness?
  48. Health Dept. contact you?
  49. Flagyl question
  50. appt with LLMD
  51. Hmm...could it be Lyme?
  52. does anyone get mouth ulcers with lyme
  53. two questions
  54. migraines and Lyme
  55. positve ana and positve lyme test what should dr look for
  56. Wierd pain and PICC, is this normal
  57. Tindamax
  58. lab results and more to come i don't understand these results
  59. lab results and more to come i don't understand these results
  60. How long can Lyme be dormant until major symptoms arise?
  61. Problems with sleeping????
  62. Chicago/IL home health infusion question- Help!
  63. abroad with lyme desease
  64. Survived getting PICCED
  65. Question for the experts
  66. Anyone have feedback on Dr Leigner in NY and/or Dr Fein in NJ?
  67. heart murmur and biaxin
  68. just started treatment. questions...
  69. pus at the back of throat
  70. romans 77
  71. stabbing pains in groin feel really unwell
  72. Sc Llmd
  73. Starting Diflucan
  74. Tetricyclin
  75. Levaquin?
  76. Lyme Disease
  77. Thank you Ticker! Found a excellent LLMD on Foreign Soil!
  78. Starting PICC line Monday, do not know what to expect
  79. Question on Lyme disease?
  80. Neuro Lyme
  81. why is my cartilage sore and red?
  82. Zithromax
  83. How long before symptoms become more permanent?
  84. Timing of IV Meds
  85. Lyme literate urologist in CT/NY
  86. How many of you are following a special diet?
  87. anyone have moist clammy skin from lyme?
  88. lyme disease
  90. why does salt in your bath help
  91. im going to get better im going to get through herxing!
  92. how long does dizziness last with lyme
  93. still getting worse herx
  94. Herx reaction
  95. What can I expect as I start on antibiotics?
  96. lymes disease
  97. started new antibiotics and i feel worse than ever
  98. 99.99 percent sure i have lyme
  99. clinical diagnosis
  100. When visiting an LLMD
  101. Cd-57
  102. lyme disease doctor on tues should i go not matterhow ill i feel
  103. my family are coming down withe same symptons as me
  104. Anyone have experience w/Dr.Senechal?
  105. 2nd LLMD Appt
  106. Emergen-C Joint Health
  107. I will be off-line...
  108. I can't get a referral
  109. ticker, how are you?
  110. New cd coming out this track 3 lyrics, called tick tick boom
  111. Iodoral potency
  112. your side effect experiences
  113. Hyperbaric Chamber for next 40 days!!!!
  114. Lyme test
  115. Levaquin (pain)
  116. Appt today with infectious dr
  117. antibiotics should i be feeling like this
  118. 3 day off of IV Rocephin
  119. help i think i keep getting bit
  120. Advice
  121. length of treatment
  122. Depression
  123. Encephalitis or Meningitis?
  124. Oral or IV?
  125. Medication
  126. Dr update.
  127. does evyone rember getting tick removed
  128. Has anyone used the detox foot pads?
  129. Sed rate test only?? please help
  130. treatment without a positive diognoses
  131. Lumbar Test?
  132. Fibromyalgia or Lyme???
  133. Got some results but confused
  134. Need some answers!
  135. daughter so sick, need help
  136. coliform species in throat
  137. Alcohol and Lymes
  138. what should i do
  139. shortness of breath
  140. Alternative care for Lyme's...
  141. Please help me understand these results
  142. I need a LLMD in NJ.
  143. Weird symptoms for a year and a half...
  144. What if you're treated for Lyme.... but don't actually have it?
  145. DNA testing for Lyme? Just how good is it?
  146. Lymes Disease
  147. Low RBC and high WBC
  148. low iron and lyme
  149. A question about IgM test results....
  150. Chronic Lyme Bartonella
  151. iqenex results, help understand them.
  152. Insurance Coverage.
  153. How much ProBiotics should I take?
  154. Another question for Ticker
  155. Late Diagnosis ?
  156. can't go on like this
  157. Anyone being treated by infectious doctors instead of LLMD?
  158. perhaps something to be hopeful about
  159. my gp says lyme dose snot cause the following symptons
  160. Differnce in IV and picc line
  161. OK Now I am scared for my family
  162. Everyone else have unpleasant reactions to either Yaeyama Chorella or niacin?
  163. Hello from dorkdad
  164. What should I do - been diagnosed with Lyme
  165. Happy Holidays!
  166. Sleeperwoken
  167. Hello Rodney99
  168. Lyme Numbness
  169. Strange skin smells...
  170. What gives me hope...
  171. Neck Noises Gone!
  172. Please help....LYME??
  173. please help..rocephin and heart complications
  174. physical appearance and lyme
  175. Frye Lab rsults Positive!!!!!!, Igenex rsults negtive
  176. Swollen lymph nodes
  177. Bacteria-Contaminated Heparin Syringes.
  178. lyme/ phychiatric illness
  179. how can they dect lyme from lumbar puncture
  180. Lyme from Pajaroello or Spinose Ticks?
  181. Lyme and Adrenals
  182. rash questions
  183. what if you have 2 out of the 5 IgG of western blot for lyme
  184. does it ever go away?
  185. Heart problems? Diagnosed?
  186. went back to the lyme dr.
  187. Dr. DeJonge - Grand Rapids, MI
  188. What is your worst symptom?
  189. What is your stiffness like?
  190. Is severe pain always present in Lyme Disease?
  191. Red streaks on skin?
  192. Mood Swings and depression
  193. Is there any doc in South Carolina that will do IV abx...
  194. Is there any injection someone can recommend for pain/muscle spasm?...
  195. Happy Holidays " Ticker "
  196. What does your dizziness feel like?
  197. Looking for a little help,,, negative results
  198. Low CD 57 and low Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy
  199. Rocephin side effects.
  200. coughing up stuff and lyme
  201. Rebound exercise...?
  202. Herxing and scared.
  203. 7 mos treatment, not much better
  204. Marsha, Shanna, Maureen: where for art thou?
  205. Spider??
  206. Anyone Else have this weird "Boinging"?
  207. Finally have a job prospect and I'm so scared; also new therapy
  208. getting the picc tomorrow..what to expect?
  209. Oh My GOSH MicB!
  210. How do you do a detox bath?
  211. Lyme Disease in the Caribbean? Please help...
  212. Need advice... can hepatitis vaccination be harmful for lyme sufferers?
  213. eclipse97
  214. Doxy Questions
  215. Prolotherapy amazing results
  216. Lyme Test
  217. I may well have Lymes!
  218. flu...lyme...grr??
  219. Can Lyme cause diabetes ?
  220. Pain
  221. strange question
  222. Greying Teeth
  223. Neck Noises
  224. looking for support with lyme
  225. keep getting hurt
  226. Does anyone know where the closest Lyme literate doctor is to Lincoln Nebraska 68502
  227. Picc Line - Left Arm or Right Arm????
  228. Babesia / Drug combo
  229. Lyme and rib/chest vibrations
  230. great news...but also problems
  231. Need Help Quick. Is this Lyme?
  232. Feelings
  233. question about Lyme and Thyroid
  234. High Fever...
  235. Can Lyme go dormant?
  236. CD-57 took a dive from previous one in april
  237. Has anyone had babesia, but a negative PCR?
  238. short introduction + my WB results
  239. tick bite from Mid fl west coast generalized rash crick in neck
  240. meds out of your system
  241. Lyme Testing
  242. Dr. suspects lyme, no symptoms?
  243. Dr. Fritz Schardt - Diflucan and Penicillin
  244. Weight loss
  245. If I feel good on Doxy...
  246. out of work
  247. Panic Attacks and Lyme...Please share
  248. Do you know of any doctors that could help me get treatment?
  249. Suggestion for a new thread.
  250. Can Lyme antibodies resemble Lupus or RA?

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