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  1. Women- abnormal bleeding?
  2. remember Times article on IGeneX labs...here's an update!
  3. pins and kneedles, nnumbness question
  4. Going for balance testing
  5. Just wanted to touch base with you all.
  6. What exactly are the toxins we're detoxing for?
  7. Is this the right result detox
  8. Holy c***
  9. need advice ASAP re: lyme treatment and united health care & blue cross/bshield PPO!!
  10. Simple Solutions for Less Toxic Living
  11. Are there different strains in the UK/Ireland and North American Lyme Disease?
  12. I will be MIA
  13. Have Anyone Heard Of Dr. Allwine
  14. Any one heard of Dr. Dee in Abington PA?
  15. Questioning charges and feeling pretty low - advice please
  16. Latest Update on Me
  17. raising the body temp--for astroh2o
  18. Neck, back, arm pain--anyone experienced it?
  19. Lyme Hepatitis
  20. Probiotic: Saccharomyces Boulardii
  21. Stomach Cramps, any suggestions
  22. Anyone have jiggly vision (aka oscillopsia)?
  23. CD57... whats your numbers?
  24. To Heather:
  25. Herbs.. Wobenzyine... Coptis
  26. How do you know
  27. IV Relief Somewhat......
  28. brother age 63 dies today, cancer. I need your prayers.
  29. LLMD appointment today for us all
  30. vit c and salt
  31. Anyone have experience with muscle relaxers for stiff legs??
  32. Ruptured tendon due to lavaquin
  33. - - -
  34. face peeling from Doxy?
  35. How To Find a LYmes Specialist in MA?
  36. dizzy w/ frequent burbing
  37. Burrascano has updated document - Sept '05
  38. video of live spirochetes in skin cells
  39. anyone try natural herbs for lyme?
  40. Anyone experience Trouble swallowing, or parts of body turning blue etc.?
  41. New To The Group (Unfortunately!)
  42. Any info. on SAUNAS greatly appreciated!!
  43. Yeast Infection has made me stop my IV
  44. My Pharmacist Shocked Me!!
  45. starting new med combo
  47. Question about Lavaquin?
  48. Does anyone have Nail Ridges from Lyme Disease?
  49. Am I only one who feels shunned by friends & family?
  50. amphotericin B?
  51. Question for Raleigh86
  52. Dr Joseph B... has Prostate Cancer. Sad news
  53. Fighting for my health!!
  54. Ear infection! With all the abx I take -- how??
  55. How to get MD to refer to Lymes specialist for diagnosis.
  56. nystatin liquid or tablets?
  57. pain meds
  58. Need Lyme Dr. in Tennessee
  59. Tell me what you think about my son
  60. Detox bath question
  61. Vitamin C
  62. artemisinin
  63. ketek side effects
  64. New to the boards with a few concerns
  65. Staff infection in blood, pulling picc today
  66. an update on me...for those of you who may not follow Picc people thread
  67. Finnally had a good day!
  68. I'm Back!
  69. What do you make of this?
  70. Newly diagnosed...what's next?
  71. shakes, temp 97.4, major head pain????
  72. My Strickner panel fell even more - how boost immune system?
  73. Sagedreamer... how are you doing?
  74. NC Girl: Friend's RIFE Tx
  75. How bad to Herx before giving up?
  76. How long for IV therapy?
  77. Romans... old ? on Nattokinase, Glutathione, Transfer Factor...
  78. Sleeperwoken
  79. Clostridium Difficile Q.
  80. lyme treatment on hold due to c diff
  81. Need Dr. Help In Pa.
  82. I'm getting a sauna!
  83. Surviving...
  84. How long does it take for treatment to work?
  85. To Betterdaysforme
  86. What is Gluthamine?
  87. My detox bath experience
  88. Doxy users -- help!
  89. Cats Claw Herx still going ... after 38 days
  90. found out a friend of mine is pregnant...but she has lymes...what now?
  91. Midline catheter vs PICC?
  92. samento and noni
  93. Anyone have facial numbness?
  94. To Lymegirl
  95. Dr. Harris
  96. Anyone doing the Cumanda, Bromelain, Burbur, Samento protocol?
  97. Ticker...help!
  98. well into Neurotransmitter Protocol
  99. Went camping this weekend :)
  100. Idea's to feel good about yourself during Lyme
  101. Betterdaysforme..about your questions????
  102. How do you test for co-infections?
  103. Flagyl Question
  104. Trying something new! shake, shake, shake!
  105. update on Mark
  106. PICC line people
  107. HELP-BAD WEEK- hospital again!!
  108. Any success stories with IV?
  109. Any one heard of "Oral Salt & Vitamin C Procotol For Lyme"
  110. Temperature turnaround?
  111. I think I am Relapsing
  112. Diflucan with Doxycycline
  113. Problems With Reproductive Organs? Anyone?
  114. Dietary Supplement Caused Major Herx
  115. Need Help Ordering Igenex Test Kit
  116. hi laurie...just wondering how you and mark are doing these days?
  117. Is it me OR is it Lyme?
  118. anyone have IV treatment?
  119. Told pos. for c diff colitis, anyone had this?
  120. anyone on omnicef, zithromax, probensid or combination or ever have been??
  121. Is it possible my Friend has Lyme?
  122. Possible Lyme disease
  123. confused- my dr switched my antibiotics after only 1 month- please explain
  124. got co-infection tests back- all neg, dr still thinks babesia anyone have this happen
  125. IgeneX Test kit
  126. Hip Problems - wondering how many others also
  127. Update on my Appt with Dr Crist
  128. Colonics??
  129. Detox baths -- how do they help? I'm confused w/questions
  130. Good news plus some lyme arthritis questions
  131. Wondering about doctors?
  132. Another Family Episode!!!
  133. taking a break from this board
  134. Timeline for being tested
  135. Another Situation, Oh No!!
  136. Is Lymes truly gone?
  137. upset- saw primary care dr- he's not sure lyme- thinks I have power to heal myself!!
  138. Question about ANA screen and Lymes...
  139. What is a die-off?
  140. als and lyme
  141. Mom is still symptom free!!!
  142. Lyme Dream
  143. Not doing good emotionally!!
  144. My Birthday Today...
  145. Difference in EIA and ELISA?
  146. Exercise or not exercise?
  147. Need info on how surgery affects lyme!!
  148. Sleeperwoken
  149. update....
  150. Best antibiotic treatment for neuro-Lyme...
  151. Detox info needed
  152. Band significance...
  153. How do people pay for IV antibiotics, PICC Line, Nursing, etc- very worried!!!
  154. Artemisinin for Babesiosis - Awesome!
  155. You wouldn't beleive my results....
  156. Does Benadryl make your symptoms worse?
  157. Rocehphin
  158. Still confused
  159. Good Luck Heather
  160. I need some info on Dr. Jernigan's book
  161. Looking for answers for my sis
  162. Being tested for lymes
  163. lymes or ms
  164. plaqueril
  165. bad day
  166. Prayers for all affected by Hurricane Rita
  167. Nystatin dosage seems very high... others??
  168. Toxins, Detoxing and Lyme
  169. Lyme Info
  170. So many Questions
  171. what makes the difference in severity of disease, i.e. paralysis, ALS like stuff, etc
  172. short question electrolisis
  173. Mitral Regurgitation?
  174. my detox bath (Effects)
  175. Ticker...
  176. Appointment update
  177. Missing Members.....
  178. Severe Reaction or Something Else???
  179. Bixian and nightmares!
  180. anyone have weird sores/rash in mouth that comes and goes?
  181. Prayers needed
  182. Question about IV treatments
  183. any experience with MSM... detoxing I think...
  184. Off IV & need suggestions for oral abx - see LLMD 9/21
  185. Hi! Miss U all. Info about major TOA free Cats Claw Herx
  186. Made appointment with Dr. C.
  187. Neuroligist at BRI Bristol
  188. New symptom in Elbow... OUCH!
  189. Dr Crist Appt. What do I need to bring to it...
  190. Feedback on Dr. C in Missouri please...
  191. New Symptoms
  192. ATTN: cjFTWORTH
  193. Need info on Detox & Natural Methods
  194. very upset- lack of parent support with lyme
  195. Can Antibiotics Cause Illness
  196. Liver and Lyme - any connection ??
  197. Taking a break
  198. Throbbing muscles on your back
  199. comments needed about Wobenzyme-N, Neuro-Antiox Fromula, and Actos?
  200. Andrographis
  201. went to orthopedic doc about shoulder
  202. Lithium And Lyme
  203. NCGirl, are you okay?
  204. life after lyme
  205. Test positive for Lyme's...
  206. spinal tap
  207. Amber Update!
  208. question about mri's and lesions- should they be done with contrast?
  209. question about Lyme and ADD DX
  210. help with jaw joint symptoms? also any info about cavit (sp?) scan?
  211. re: old MrI and Spec scan- were your results similar?
  212. It's Scary to get better
  213. Doctor appointment with Dr. Crist
  214. Sleeperwoken
  215. Question about abx???
  216. Steroid injections & Lyme
  217. questioning Lymes
  218. anyone told they had pseudoseizures before lyme diagnosis
  219. Chronic Lyme - Latest research on medline
  220. how do I and the Drs know what symptoms are lyme and which are from other stuff i hav
  221. Are people actually getting better on oral or IV abx???
  222. Ciconner(detox?)
  223. When does a herx end?
  224. Rash from B12 injection?
  225. anyone uncertain about lyme dx? just told by another dr chronic lyme is overdiagnosed
  226. are people having trouble getting oral/IV meds covered by insurance?? advocacy???
  227. when would a herx happen with doxy?
  228. Betterdays ?
  229. Mark's 504 meeting today
  230. Can anyone here imagine a life without fog?
  231. Massage question for ggb
  232. Heart Problems w/chronic Lyme
  233. back from MO....sooo tired.
  234. anyone heard of dr carolyn britton- she is probably gonna do my spinal
  235. CEFTIN questions
  236. Can my twin sister have lyme too??
  237. update on doc appts
  238. saw LLMD- Dr Horowitz- he definitely feels I have chronic neuro lyme!
  239. I wonder if I have given my family lyme?
  240. To Romans about Dr Crist
  241. How to deal with nausea?
  242. multivitamins
  243. Herx or Flu?
  244. need a doctor anwhere i'm desperate!!
  245. To Ticker
  246. Naturopathic visit...
  247. Mental Meltdown
  248. question about heart issues
  249. The Miracle of Magnesium
  250. Amy Tan LymeAid4Kids Foundation

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