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  1. question about mri's and lesions- should they be done with contrast?
  2. question about Lyme and ADD DX
  3. help with jaw joint symptoms? also any info about cavit (sp?) scan?
  4. re: old MrI and Spec scan- were your results similar?
  5. It's Scary to get better
  6. Doctor appointment with Dr. Crist
  7. Sleeperwoken
  8. Question about abx???
  9. Steroid injections & Lyme
  10. questioning Lymes
  11. anyone told they had pseudoseizures before lyme diagnosis
  12. Chronic Lyme - Latest research on medline
  13. how do I and the Drs know what symptoms are lyme and which are from other stuff i hav
  14. Are people actually getting better on oral or IV abx???
  15. Ciconner(detox?)
  16. When does a herx end?
  17. Rash from B12 injection?
  18. anyone uncertain about lyme dx? just told by another dr chronic lyme is overdiagnosed
  19. are people having trouble getting oral/IV meds covered by insurance?? advocacy???
  20. when would a herx happen with doxy?
  21. Betterdays ?
  22. Mark's 504 meeting today
  23. Can anyone here imagine a life without fog?
  24. Massage question for ggb
  25. Heart Problems w/chronic Lyme
  26. back from MO....sooo tired.
  27. anyone heard of dr carolyn britton- she is probably gonna do my spinal
  28. CEFTIN questions
  29. Can my twin sister have lyme too??
  30. update on doc appts
  31. saw LLMD- Dr Horowitz- he definitely feels I have chronic neuro lyme!
  32. I wonder if I have given my family lyme?
  33. To Romans about Dr Crist
  34. How to deal with nausea?
  35. multivitamins
  36. Herx or Flu?
  37. need a doctor anwhere i'm desperate!!
  38. To Ticker
  39. Naturopathic visit...
  40. Mental Meltdown
  41. question about heart issues
  42. The Miracle of Magnesium
  43. Amy Tan LymeAid4Kids Foundation
  44. can you herx from an infrared sauna?
  45. for CJ....solving your prob with that post
  46. Please Read...
  47. Cat's Claw and antibiotics
  48. I want to cry-bulls eye
  49. Appt w/Dr. Crist moved up to TUES SEPT 6TH!!!
  50. anyone told they have mercury or lead toxicity?
  51. Hi Everyone....just a quick update
  52. Mayo Clinic? Can we get an answer there?
  53. HEALING LYME.... S.H. Buhner's Book Protocol People
  54. anyone have long term memory loss as well as short term?
  55. is this from Lyme (was told it was from CFIDS)
  56. do most people w/ Lyme have MS/ALS or something that serious?
  57. Question for Deejavu
  58. Stopping Atenolol Solved Problem
  59. ( removed )
  60. anyone heard of Dr. Susan Platkin, of long island, NY, heard she is lyme specialist
  61. anyone do the PCR and/or co-infections panel through Igenex?
  62. Tick Bite
  63. remember the important things everyday
  64. seeing a LLMD soon- what tests should Ihave done beforehand??
  65. spoke to insurance- they said I would have to have a + PCR test to get IV therapy
  66. re: dr liegner and Dr horowitz in NY- got tentative appts- anyone have input!
  67. Mark's appt with Dr. Jones
  68. Quest Diagnostics Labs
  69. b12.. and an update
  70. The Times article
  71. HUGE day yesterday!
  72. Could this be Lymes?
  73. re: IV Rocephin therapy and PICC lines- I need guidance!!!
  74. re: IV therapy, Picc Lines, Long term Abx and insurance companies
  75. anyone heard of dr bernard raxlen of CT?
  76. update: some good news
  77. Which Lyme coinfections should I be tested for?
  78. How do you differentiate CFS/FM from Lyme?
  79. sick for years w/ CFS, just dx'd w/ Lyme, but dr says it is recent- makes no sense!!!
  80. anyone heard of these lyme drs from NY?
  81. I told my psychiatrist I was dx'd with lyme- he is skeptical
  82. Steroids and lyme disease
  83. Cholestyrimine
  84. Ohio Hunter, how are you?
  85. And The Ignorance Goes On.....
  86. what exactly does neurological lyme mean?
  87. anyone with "chronic lyme" have positve wb IGM, negative IGG?
  88. What neuro tests did you have for lyme?
  89. Anyone diagnosed with CFIDS/FM before lyme?
  90. Stress Test and Cardiac Testing...
  91. I need a LL Doctor in New York- city or long island area
  92. re: lyme diagnosis- forgot to mention
  93. I am so confused- tested postive for Lyme by Igenex- i need help!!!!!
  94. Is it too much for me?
  95. an update
  96. About Mepron and Babesiosis
  97. Need info on Igenex Lyme test- is everyone positive??
  98. I need a doctor!!!
  99. Have had Lyme and Babesia since 2003....
  100. Heading to Kansas - from Jeanne
  101. Caprylic Acid & Oil of oregano
  102. IV Treatment. Any info would be great.
  103. acidolphous- probotic question?
  104. aloe concentrate drink, deejavu?
  105. Western Blot results are In - What does it all Mean?
  106. Not complaining - just sharing…
  107. Hello
  108. Have a friend of neededing a good Dr. in NY
  109. Lyme testing question and disgust.
  110. Sleep and anxiety - from Jeanne by Dr. J
  111. Amber, Dorkdad, & Jeanne...
  112. ready to give up
  113. Hi all..an update..
  114. For Women Only--Menstrual Problems
  115. How Long, Oh Lord?
  116. Liquid Samento is Helping!
  117. Sauna arrived last night!! YEPPIE!!
  118. Lack of help & uncooperative kids
  119. Spilled/Ruined Prescriptions
  120. Daughter with possible Lyme symptoms
  121. lip numbness
  122. Question for Folks on Pulsed Abx
  123. Lyme and MVP
  124. Pins and needles in feet while sitting?
  125. What is the usual dosage for Rocephin?
  126. G.I., Neck, Neuropathy- Lyme ??
  127. could this be lyme?
  128. Wasp bite looks like Lyme
  129. My Father Sick To???
  130. Sorry to ask again but ... what are the co-infections to be tested for?
  131. New Sympton???
  132. Excessive perspiration?
  133. ceftin and flagyl together?
  134. torn, torn, and in process... and THANKS to ALL!
  135. Nightmares, etc.
  136. It is all becoming so much Clearer...When I really got sick...
  137. Lyme infects FSU Football quarterback Wyatt Sexton
  138. amoxicillin...
  139. Address for Dr. Singleton????
  140. Vacation ?!?!?
  141. Septra Reaction....
  142. This is odd indeed...
  143. Amber... how are you?
  144. Ob/gyn appt.- a new worry for me
  145. this is wierd!
  146. To Joan Brower and NCGirl88
  147. Ended up in Hospital today..
  148. Dr. J's special - from Jeanne
  149. To Deejava from Jeanne regarding alcohol
  150. Could these drugs help lyme patients?
  151. dallasmommy, you doing alright?
  152. CDC funding...
  153. Anyone else have the Non-Productive Cough?
  154. looking for LLMD in Maryland (Ticker?)
  155. appt with Dr. Crist
  156. relief for swollen hip and heel pain
  157. What are the side effects of the Lymerex shot?
  158. hello and update
  159. down in the dumps
  160. Ticker question... mycoplasma
  161. Questions on timing of Western Blot & tick attachment time length for transmission
  162. Yes Ticker, I do have Lyme!
  163. To Raleigh86 from Jeanne
  164. Bb has four week cycle - why stable symptoms ?
  165. has anyone used Artemisinin ?
  166. B.Hensalae???
  167. Symptoms question...and Ticker Question
  168. update on my treatment....
  169. Drs DX wrong, Flase +, Liability question??
  170. PICC line people
  171. Western Blot Results, ticker?
  172. Lyme Specialist In Ct?
  173. Very upset...
  174. Not sure if I should post
  175. To: NCGirl88...
  176. Ticker?? Anyone??Help with results
  177. been so sick... heart is a mess
  178. Nervous about seeing Neuro Tomorrow!!!
  179. HELP! Bitten by deer tick, what to do? Already have Chronic Illness...
  180. Lyme cost me my dog
  181. MS or Lyme??
  182. TeeDee/Bothrops any positives yet? none for me :(
  183. I had another Bowen test
  184. Lyme disease in Jamaica?
  185. Sleep
  186. 1945 Book with Tick Descriptions
  187. Strange bug bites....
  188. is it possible?
  189. Tequin?
  190. To BDFM Re Pale Spike and Silphitrin
  191. Moving Forward!
  192. Really Great Book on Lyme Disease...
  193. cat's claw herx?
  194. Lyme recovery and Aerobic Activity
  195. Igenex
  196. Ticker....
  197. Tips on IV
  198. Why will nobody listen to me????
  199. Deejavu...something to check on
  200. Milk thistle question
  201. Bullseye Rash Question
  202. My Symptoms....
  203. Results
  204. Back from Dr.
  205. Update on my week...it's a toughie.
  206. Answering Dorkdad's question
  207. cjFTWORTH
  208. New To Lyme - Strange Symptoms ? Please Help
  209. Hey Amber I've joined you!
  210. Need Disability Insurance Lawyer
  211. Help Please...
  212. Could someone help?
  213. co-infections--Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis (HME & HGE), Bartonella and Mycoplasma
  214. Jon How are you?
  215. Sore Joints
  216. My Own Special Angel
  217. Possible Lyme Disease
  218. Generic Rocephin finally available?
  219. Summary of 3 week visit with Dr. J #2
  220. Friend might be infected
  221. Just got lyme's, have questions.
  222. LLMD visit and Diflucan question
  223. comments from the healthy people kill me!
  224. Calming thoughts for Romans
  225. To chocolatesprinkle re B-6
  226. Antibiotic Question
  227. Thoughts To Live By
  228. AAaaaarrrggghhh!
  229. TB screening & Lyme or chronic infection
  230. It was a VERY good weekend
  231. Laurie864bla, how is Mark?
  232. Mercury toxicity and amalgam fillings
  233. New treatment program and some progress!
  234. Who's Feeling Better and Why?
  235. Visit with the Chinese Doctor
  236. smoking question
  237. Question About Babs Medication
  238. Bartonella
  239. Lyme and thyroid
  240. Sorrry everyone and thank you
  241. Lyme Disease ?? I need your experience !!
  242. getting a PIC line next week....a little scared
  243. Missing Thread from Jorgen
  244. Need New LLMD, Please Help
  245. Question for ticker
  246. Has anyone...
  247. Chronic Lyme? I need your experience !!
  248. 1st sign of improvement and silly fear
  249. Summary of Raindrop & Lymphatic therapy
  250. What on earth are platelet clumps?

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