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  1. Magnesium
  2. Giving up on B-complex
  3. is this familiar to anyone?
  4. Just got Diangosed....questions
  5. How to pulse
  6. help...mom is stressing out...what do i do?
  7. Questions for shaynesmom
  8. Question on symptoms??
  9. ? regarding how long you had symptoms before being diagnosed
  10. End of treatment and cats claw question
  11. What exactly is Lyme Disease?
  12. Mainly dizziness for two years, enough of a symptom?
  13. ?? for all Lyme disease sufferers
  14. Sierra Integrative Medical Center??
  15. Acupuncture
  16. Ask Doctors: Do you know what a Herx is?
  17. FSU QB Diagnosed With Lyme
  18. Feeling so discouraged
  19. I might have Lyme Disease?
  20. Takemylife - when & where?
  21. Dorkdad...how are you and your fam?
  22. Anyone heard of the Marshall Protocol?
  23. Daryl Hall
  24. TEE went well
  25. Prayers need now pls!!
  26. just wanted to put this out there...the "whys" of drinking lemon juice
  27. Update on the "off antibiotics experiment"
  28. Newly Diagnosed...please help
  29. Ticker, any ideas?
  30. Just wanted to say thanks...
  31. Depressed!
  32. Toxins
  33. Question about Igenex...
  34. remission and flares?
  35. Hey Lyme Experts......my question
  36. Arrived in MN safe and sound...but DR now prescribed me Prednisone? Huh?
  37. really scared now!!
  38. Herx
  39. Spoke to Igenex today
  40. Skin biopsy of lyme rash
  41. Any advice on saunas? Ekim
  42. How reliable is the Lyme Titers Blood Test ???
  43. Need prayers....bf in car accident!
  44. Ligament or Tendon pain?
  45. Rapid heart beat, fast breathing and not sleeping?
  46. New Lyme Laboratory in Florida
  47. 30 days on abx..
  48. Anyone with conclusive sleep studies?
  49. New with questions about labs and visual problems
  50. struggling....how to deal?
  51. Still Not Sure if This is A Herx
  52. Total exercise intolerance??
  53. Crazy 2 different infections?
  54. Jaw infections???
  55. Herxing on a weekly basis?
  56. Heat intolerance??
  57. know about normal vision changes with lyme ~ but does anyone have this too?
  58. Please help!!!
  59. Anyone have pain in their Ears?
  60. Hbo
  61. laurie....question about symptoms
  62. dallasmommy...everything okay?
  63. Amber... how are you?
  64. Experience tonight, and some questions
  65. Husband sick with Babesia...
  66. questions about Flagyl...
  67. takemylife...should I laugh or cry?
  68. Neuro appt. today
  69. How do you tell if a child might have lyme?
  70. Ahcc
  71. Anyone experience problems with drainage/puss of the eyes?
  72. On the possitive side...
  73. E-MAIL TO M. WILLIAMS show
  74. I met a Lyme survivor
  75. My boy has a bullseye rash!
  76. Sun Poisoning from Doxy?
  77. Ouch! Bad herx - OK to take pain reliever?
  78. discouraged...Herx again after 1 day of Doxy
  79. TICKER!? Diagnostic Tests?
  80. Pain after ABX
  81. A question of Treatment times and such...
  82. OK to take aspirin for bad headache?
  83. New board member
  84. Anybody else have excessive bad dreams?
  85. questions about rebounding
  86. how do you stop the thinning hair from lyme?
  87. anyone else have severe pain in heels of feet?
  88. sleeper, you ok???
  89. Stay home vs. Good times with a friend
  90. Testing after abx??
  91. consistently low potassium - ? Lyme connection
  92. Need a doctor in Kingston, RI
  93. Improvements from Date of finding boards
  94. TO: ncgirl88:
  95. Going off antibiotics?
  96. T.V. Show - Dr. S and Lyme
  97. So this is more a RollerCoaster than a Merri-go-round
  98. Hr 2526
  99. LLMD rather stupid question
  100. ***Action needed for a bill in the House of Reps***
  101. Antibiotics for lyme?
  102. Cesium?
  103. is my Flax Oil bad for me? have been reading info by burrascano and am confused
  104. social security disability interview this Friday; what to expect?
  105. Trust1 are you out there??
  106. Update on my appt w/Dr. E
  107. Trying lymphatic drainage therapy
  108. anyone have info about detox baths or hydrotherapy?
  109. first my story, then a question about Doxy?
  110. quick question???
  111. Need Prayers
  112. Feeling totally scared!!
  113. left side problems
  114. Anxious and Irritable!
  115. Need quick advice re: yeast & Diflucan
  116. Lyme testing (Good Question)
  117. Okay, what is this?
  118. Physical Activity and Worse symptoms.
  119. Quick Question
  120. Cholestyramine results?????
  121. drug reactions and lyme
  122. Which Babs Test Did You Have At the J Clinic?
  123. Toxins
  124. A little bit of good news..
  125. Toothbrush/Toothpaste issues....
  126. anyone who knows how to use a stethoscope...
  127. You know, at Times I swear I am having a heart attack :(
  128. neuropathy??
  129. Anyone...? Anyone...?
  130. Help..should I go to hospital?
  131. Herx
  132. 4:23 AM - Having a herx - But Smiling
  133. Lyme and weight gain
  134. Chronic Lyme :(
  135. Update - Getting somewhere finally...
  136. Has anyone used SpiroNIL (Teasel Root Extract)?
  137. Is It the Lyme/Babs or am I Just Going Crazy?
  138. Chiropractor
  139. I'm depressed
  140. TINUVIEL please repost "Is it the Lyme/Babs or am I just starting to go crazy? "
  141. Is this a Herx reaction.....?
  142. Is it Lyme
  143. SHARON---saw you on the boards--call
  144. Is it the Lyme/Babs or am I just starting to go crazy?
  145. question on ABX
  146. Lyme disease blood test
  147. Told to decrease abx?
  148. Just found out neighbor's dog died
  149. Urination Problems and what I was told about it
  150. Weebie Jeebies
  151. How long til you start feeling better?
  152. Those 5 minute pains?
  153. doxy and vitamins/minerals
  154. Need lamotta's opinion
  155. Not dx'd and need help..please
  156. Hear it from the Homopathic People
  157. CJfortworth--you out there, hon???
  158. Does this Make Any Sense?
  159. Questions on future IV.
  160. Best Hospitals for Lyme Treatment
  161. Off of IV Rocephin
  162. Person to Person Transfer..impossible..
  163. Is there a "best" test for Babs?
  164. LYme patients and Amalgam poisoning?
  165. Too much water
  166. How do you store your Toothbrush?
  167. Rocephin
  168. Should this tick be tested?
  169. rash and herx
  170. abx is killing me!!
  171. Herxing or what?
  172. What is this cat claw stuff..
  173. Is there a seperate test for Master's disease?
  174. New co-infection discovered!
  175. Newly Diagnosed (sort of) with Lots of Questions
  176. Starting to get depressed...
  177. Pro's help: Tick bite & then a Severe cold sore followed, Should i go to lyme doc?
  178. Question About Lab
  179. I didn't believe you guys about the Doxy!
  180. Thanks jon
  181. help w/ meds question?
  182. Muscle boo-boo question
  183. Got tests back, It's negative..
  184. Contact lenses- yes or no?
  185. Exdacncer?
  186. Massage... a good thing or a bad thing?
  187. Question for musclenjoints
  188. Ticker, if you see this
  189. To see this Homeopath or Not to see??
  190. I think I am in for a long battle...
  191. removed
  192. Hr 2526 New Lyme Bill
  193. Dear God Please Help Me!
  194. Cured!!!!!!
  195. Something positive to report
  196. Received Book "Beating Lyme Disease"???
  197. do oral abx help the dreaded brain fog?
  198. herx
  199. Really disgusting but important tick info
  200. Crawling the Walls...
  201. Deejavu What brand of Silver are you taking?
  202. A herx or worse?
  203. Question for Exdancer
  204. Looking for all Vitamins/minerals!!!
  205. Question for 6Blues
  206. Tinuviel...Bothrops...Ncgirl88...Exdance r...Ekim111...Samaya35...Raleigh86
  207. Laugh of the day
  208. Question for gottagetbetter
  209. ticker...did you see i posted the results?
  210. Rash changing shape, and pictures..
  211. stomach pain
  212. Daughter's Bulls-Eye Rash Years Ago
  213. Three Stooges tick removal
  214. Just read an artical on how Lyme is over treated
  215. Confused about tick bite
  216. Vision changes?
  217. Hi Ticker ;)
  218. Tick in the Refrigerator...Good Grief!!!
  219. female question, please!!!!!!
  220. CAn anyone describe their recovery?
  221. Accupunture really helped my headaches!
  222. Lesions on brain
  223. Need Lyme Dr in MN area...NEED help, what do you think?
  224. Cysts
  225. Am i being treated correctly & getting better?
  226. Someone needs to figure this out!
  227. When will I herx?
  228. got WB test back, IGG and IGM...
  229. Need advice on Insurance
  230. low hemoglobin and white count
  231. Does anyone know what happened to Dr. DeMarco?
  232. Ticker & other experts...pls advise !
  233. Detox baths, what are the ingredients?
  234. 2.5 weeks on doxy, pins and needles...
  235. pins and needles down arms when in sun! anyone else?
  236. Need Ideas To Promote Lyme Awareness
  237. Arthritis worse with Doxy, good sign?
  238. diarrhea from abx.
  239. My husband got bitten by tick today!
  240. My LD Paper *Long*
  241. Honestly believe I'm losing my mind
  242. How many in your family have Lyme?
  243. According to eMedicine, the Lyme blood test is 100% accurate in LATE stage Lyme
  244. Lyme VS ALS
  245. Do you ever feel the only thing you talk about is Lyme?
  246. Dr. was a bite - but not sure was a tick
  247. For Just Dave4Now...
  248. PMS, Periods and Lyme
  249. How many have traveled long distances to the Jemsek Clinic?
  250. OK, lets go over this one more time... please help

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