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  1. First LLD visit?
  2. Feelin' like a ninny goat
  3. My wish for you all...
  4. My Friends Mother also just diagnosed with Lyme
  5. Promising Lunch...
  6. Sister has Lyme also...
  7. GomezNC...andNCGirl:
  8. Lyme Disease specialist in Seattle?
  9. Anyone Tried Homeopathy treatment????
  10. when does a herx end?
  11. Can Lyme ReOccur?
  12. Bands???
  13. Appointment to see LLMD
  14. Report of my 3rd appt with Dr. E w/test results
  15. Help!!-horrible Experience With Doctor Today
  16. 2nd time with Lyme
  17. I am in dire need of a LYME specialist in Connecticut
  18. Anal Itching
  19. Dr.Jones???????????????????????
  20. Need Lyme Dr in Chester County, PA
  21. Obituary mentions Lyme...
  22. depression caused by lyme or symptoms caused by depression?
  23. test results were negative, heres the results
  24. Thrush
  25. Found interesting about Herxing
  26. HMO blues
  27. Would like to know how many couples both have Lyme?
  28. breathing problems?
  29. BetterDays For Me...Letter still Cooking...
  30. 4 year old with Lyme
  31. need llmd in Maryland
  32. MS and Lyme Story - Not happy with my friends out come!
  33. Hey sleeper--how are things?
  34. I am back on Doxy.. starting all over again!
  35. Lyme in MD: "Victims show support for Lyme disease bill"
  36. silly question for takemylife
  37. tens unit?????????
  38. It's a bad time...
  39. Heavy Metals and Depression GET CHECKED!
  40. Anyone else 2nd guess Lyme diagnosis?
  41. Body size and antibiotic dosage
  42. could it be lyme?
  43. ncgirl, where art thou?
  44. Ticks in the house
  45. Remission or Completely Eradicated?
  46. New to This Board
  47. Just one more thing to confuse me!
  48. C6 Peptide Elisa Test
  49. The Things I Am Sick Of...
  50. I am off all ABX.... :(
  51. CJfortworth--where are you?
  52. need energy
  53. question about the test
  54. How long?!!?
  55. Dancergirl are you out there?
  56. went off doxy, could that be my problem???
  57. high iron levels in blood and low WBC
  58. I hope i'm not jumping the gun over here but
  59. Organic Milk::
  60. Mark's new news and meds
  61. Saw the LLMD last week
  62. Unbelievable More and More people getting Lyme
  63. Levaquin for Lyme...Tendon pain?
  64. SheaBuck???
  65. lymes or fibro
  66. Natural Cures book...
  67. 6Blues never been so blue - is it neuro sx or cracking up?
  68. Hiding from the flu...
  69. Nova Scotia...
  70. Nantucket Beach Shack...
  71. Lyme and Mental Illness
  72. Knowledgeable doctor in Memphis area?
  73. Loose BMs ... How long is okay???
  74. Dr. Appt. last Friday, more changes!
  75. lyme migrations question about previous post
  76. OK to add zinc capsules to detox baths???
  77. Would like more info on foot pads
  78. Relief for these symptoms?
  79. INspiration for ncgirl
  80. What is the best way to get an accurate test for Lymes Disease?
  81. How's your herx?
  82. Muscle Twitching
  83. Here's a few more of my million questions::
  84. "Beating Lyme Disease with Alternative Medicine and God-Designed Living"
  85. Cure?
  86. Can you get infected more than once?
  87. lyme specific band thread??
  88. Some Lyme Disease Information
  89. Do not post LLD info or names for any reason. Read the rules.
  90. Newbie questions
  91. gerribear
  92. It must of been a HERX!!!
  93. Is My Face Red
  94. Test results???
  95. FM and Lyme
  96. antiviral
  97. Change in Treatment
  98. Anyone know of LLMD in Arizona?
  99. Brain Block...
  100. Looking for feedback for Dr. in Boston
  101. saw a neuro...need advice!
  102. Lists are effective, But.....
  103. Ticker or any other Senior Veteran please read!
  104. Doctor's App't Today
  105. so confused!!
  106. Symptoms Listings - PLEASE CONTRIBUTE
  107. Your Immune System
  108. Could you imagine having to fight Lyme without the Net!
  109. Lyme = Very hard Disease
  110. Attn: Takemylife
  111. RCA 7591, How did yor appt. go?
  112. Had rash, killed the tick, tested negative
  113. Lyme and female symptoms
  114. Trigal, how did your appointment go?
  115. concerned for a friend - possible false negative?
  116. Hi all, this is my vacation report
  117. want to see if this goes thru
  118. Need an LLMD in NJ that believes in orals
  119. My son is positive, too.
  120. need words of support
  121. Interesting Info. from my Vet today...
  122. Its been awhile since I posted
  123. Can Herbal Supplements Interfere With Testing & DX?
  124. Brain Lesions
  125. Some interesting questions
  126. Good news twice today! But what is herxing?
  127. muscle spasms and spasticity
  128. Tevlock question...
  129. A bit shocked, -negative for Lyme!
  130. MS and Lyme Disease
  131. Possible Perm. Sciatic nerve damage!!
  132. Underarm rash anyone????
  133. paranoid?
  134. Poll: Did you know you were bitten by a tick?
  135. Is this the Lyme or situational?
  136. Cat's Claw or other herbs
  137. Similar symptoms as cj
  138. latest blood confused
  139. hi telvock
  140. Update from Shaynesmom
  141. Ohio Hunter - How ya feeling?
  142. Doxy/Zithro Combo Oked by my LLMD
  143. Could it be true? Please read!!!
  144. Having son tested
  145. Help! I'm terrified!
  146. Ohio Hunter -- Laurie -- Oregano Oil
  147. Herx info and Remedy list, etc
  148. Holistic Health Resoures In Md/dc/va Area
  149. Group Hug for Laurie and Mark...
  150. Back from doctors-all tests negative
  151. Mushrooms + Diet
  152. Could this be Lyme related?
  153. Ekim - Still on Zhang's tX???
  154. Appointment to see Dr. Swami
  155. Igenex
  156. Spoke to Dr. Charles Jones' office today
  157. just took my tests.. but..
  158. Morning Walk!?!?!
  159. Fainting and Lyme
  160. Omnicef & Probenecid ?
  161. upset & confused
  162. I got my appt::
  163. wish us luck
  164. Joint pain returning
  165. Can herxing be symptoms that you haven't had before?
  166. Can anyone help my Dad?
  167. Dizzy spell so bad I fell off front porch! Ques on neuro symptoms.
  168. Doxy seems to have done the trick...
  169. Breaking up post
  170. husband positive for babesia
  171. Addressing fears... and change
  172. TICKER ~could I ask you some questions???
  173. Doxy 400 mg a day?
  174. Mom has lymes, needs a doctor and support
  175. Lyme WAR
  176. questions
  177. Dr C's visit...gotta read this!!
  178. back from my LLMD
  179. I think I have lyme disease. Can anyone point me to a doctor in atlanta
  180. to Herx or not to herx - that is the question
  181. Lyme disease question -please help!
  182. Cooperative Extension to Collect Ticks on my Property
  183. listen to your angels on earth
  184. Doxy this weekend...
  185. Band #41 pos for IGG; neg for IgM?? I'm confused
  186. Might my 2 yr old have Lyme Disease?
  187. Utterly frustrated...
  188. my doctor rocks!
  189. My First/last Visit Back To The Woods
  190. Alan G. Barbour, M.D. Book...
  191. Levaquin...
  192. Off to MO to see DR C......
  193. Update
  194. Just reporting results of visit w/ Dr. E
  195. A Gift from an Angel...
  196. Stomach a bit better...
  197. Stomach issues...
  198. what to take to detox
  199. Am I finally herxing?
  200. I'll be gone for a while
  201. Doxycycline has failed
  202. Could it be Lymes?
  203. Wow - What a trip to the Grocery!!!!
  204. cuteheart, how was your appt?
  205. Can Lyme actually cause prolapsed discs?
  206. Breakfast Foods?
  207. A recovered Lyme Patient...
  208. Stomach is Killing Me...
  209. Burning up when thermometer reads 96.2?
  210. Need LLMD in Atlanta and/or Orlando
  211. Is dizziness Lyme related? Is there such a thing as "Lyme rages"?
  212. stomach flu concerns
  213. Need a LLMD in Maryland or surrounding area.
  214. yesterday
  215. IV antibiotics vs. oral antibiotics
  216. Can smeone tell me the probabilities of this being lyme?
  217. I won't let lyme define me
  218. Adolescent Onset of Lyme
  219. sugargus, how did your appointment go?
  220. whats going on?
  221. Explanation for Septra with Mepron/Zith...for Babs...
  222. Question for Betterdays
  223. Testing and Treatment
  224. Anybody Planning on Going to Lyme Symposium?
  225. I have lost Hope
  226. Trigal...how did you make out?
  227. Interesting Day Filled with Promise...
  228. Need a recommendation for Central PA doc
  229. I have a million ::
  230. herx from diflucan
  231. Quest lab test negative???
  232. Flagyl...
  233. Can you have a neg. western blot and still have Lyme?
  234. hey guys--a thought
  235. IV Rocephin Ended - What Now
  236. When Should I Herx?
  237. Message for Ohio Hunter - good news
  238. Day 2 of IV Doxy He__
  239. could it be lyme
  240. looking for doctor in Northern Westchester, NY area
  241. could it be lyme's...?
  242. Funny Valentine's Day Card!
  243. Rib Pain!
  244. Possible Neuroborreliosis-what would the herx feel like?
  245. Anyone have this?
  246. can someone just let me have it??
  247. lyme and sleep apnea
  248. major setback, major herx
  249. What's okay with Doxy?
  250. Thank You Ticker

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