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  1. Igenex lab results
  2. Need LLMD in West Michigan area
  3. For lymies who have improved with symtpoms
  4. Can Lyme get worse after giving birth?
  5. Need LLMD in GA or Nearby ASAP!
  6. Looking for a LLMD in the DE/MD/NJ/PA area
  7. Why do pos. Bands Change over time?
  8. Need LLMD in eastern Washington state
  9. Self-diagnosed Lyme and past vestibular. 18yrs old and scared.
  10. diagnosed Meniere's & Fibromyalgia -- suspect Lyme
  11. just diagnosed with Lyme
  12. Help with test results please?
  13. Lyme & SSDI
  14. Can someone help me with a diagnosis
  15. Possible lyme... got CBC back very WORRIED!
  16. How do I get someone to test me for Lyme?
  17. anyone tried Ozone injections or the rife machine
  18. Lyme treatment
  19. What is the deal with these rashes?
  20. HELP! Is this Lyme or not?!
  21. LLMD in Seattle
  22. UTI Discomfort & Lyme?
  23. Newly diagnosed Lyme with questions
  24. Migraines, Severe Pain, Fatigue, Ect. Treatment
  25. Borreliosis
  26. Urgent petition
  27. Lyme disease
  28. Herbals + IV Abx?
  29. Ovewhelmed
  30. Lyme...or other suggestions?
  31. Anyone had swollen lymph nodes for years?
  32. Lyme reactivated by flu shot
  33. Spinal tap to diagnose lyme disease
  34. Lyme herx lasting months
  35. Looking for LLMD in Mass./Conn.
  36. Thoughts on 4-week course of Rocephin
  37. How conclusive are spinal tap result?
  38. Recurring Tick Bite??
  39. Request doctor name for my area
  40. where should i begin testing?
  41. Looking for LLMD(Lyme Literate Dr) in Miami
  42. Lyme disease and food allergies
  43. Need Doctor in or near Texas
  44. Finding a Doctor in Texas
  45. Looking for LLMDs in NW Indiana, Chicago or SW Michigan
  46. Elevated Platelets
  47. Possible Lyme - Need Advice
  48. Is joint pain a necessary symptom for Lyme?
  49. Still confused - Lyme, Lupus, something else?
  50. Newly diagnosed
  51. Lyme and GP
  52. Is it Lyme?
  53. What is Borderline Lymes??
  54. Lymes and Western Blot reflex test and ELISSA
  55. Is this the rest of my life
  56. Looking for LLMD in NYC
  57. 2 weeks of doxy enough?
  58. Hi everyone! Could someone help me read labs please?
  59. What was your experience with plaquenil?
  60. How reliable are the Lyme tests?
  61. lyme test
  62. Flu shot and lyme
  63. llmd in south jersey/philly
  64. cb1220
  65. 5 Year old with possible lyme in Syracuse NY
  66. Lyme disease
  67. Lyme Treatments - What has helped you?
  68. Help needed UK
  69. How reliable is the Western Blot?
  70. Diagnosed Lyme but not sure
  71. Neurotransmitter results-BAD
  72. Potential Lyme Disease - Northeast Pennsylvania
  73. Please Help: Igenex Results need analysis
  74. Any good canadian lyme articles?
  75. Happy Thanksgiving
  76. Pain
  77. Lyme Test Positive
  78. Chronich sufferer... help!!!
  79. Could this be Lyme's Disease?
  80. Lyme, Depressive Relapse, Both, or Hypochondria in No.VT
  81. Natural Treatment without diagnosis? Oil of Oregano?
  82. Are all LLMD Naturpathic? Can we request more tests from our Primary?
  83. Swollen Lymph Nodes?
  84. LLMD in Tampa Florida area
  85. Spinal tap?
  86. how do you test for Lymes?
  87. do i have lymes? i got the symtoms...
  88. Myers Cocktail IV
  89. LLMD in Oregon or Washington?
  90. slightly confused! Do I, dont I??
  91. Lymes disease alternative supplements
  92. Lymes Disease Doctor
  93. My Long, Weird, Confusing Story... Help, Please!
  94. Newly diagnosed with Lyme - Question regarding natural remedies
  95. recurring lymes Disease?
  96. Newly diagnosed with Lyme
  97. Diet with lyme
  98. Scheduling Appt with LLMD?
  99. llmd around north Georgia
  100. Eye and head pressure
  101. muscle atrophy bodywide with lyme
  102. chronic or post treatment lyme disease
  103. lyme disease
  104. New to Board- Looking for MA Lyme Specialist
  105. Does this sound like Lyme?
  106. llmd in pgh area for seven year old
  107. looking for a doctor around Boston MA area for Lyme
  108. Anxiety, panic, etc, not sure if lyme
  109. New Lymie, new here. On Bart treatment
  110. Need a diagnosis!
  111. Western Blot & 4yr Old
  112. lyme Disease
  113. hypothetical question about EM
  114. Lyme questions from newbie
  115. Flu shot with lyme
  116. so many symptoms... people think im crazy!
  117. Help with Lyme disease treatment in Asia
  118. Not sure if symptoms are Lymes!
  119. is this STARI or Lyme? Is tx correct?
  120. confused... Lyme or autoimmune of both?
  121. My wife might have Lyme need a good LLD to diagnose?
  122. Just diagnosed for lyme
  123. New natural cure - can someone confirm that it works?
  124. Take Probiotic while taking Antibiotic?
  125. How does one know what stage of Lyme they are in?
  126. Struggling with the constant self-obsession
  127. LLMD's???
  128. Lyme test
  129. Question about Lyme Diet
  130. Newly Diagnosed with Lymes - Help please
  131. Ringing in my Ears-Doxy? Help
  132. Can this be Lyme?
  133. Big setback - help please
  134. Heading in the right direction?
  135. Sarsaparilla and Lyme
  136. llmd thinks i had false positive
  137. Help! Most likely Lyme disease, untreated for 3+ months.
  138. IgM P 41 reactive, No real answers from Dr's, Doxy self treatment?
  139. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - NO symptoms??
  140. What is wrong with me! Long post sorry...
  141. Homeopathic doc in NJ for Lyme
  142. New here - help?
  143. Who finally diagnosis you with Lyme?
  144. Looking for input on my story, kinda long sorry
  145. Treating Lyme homeopathically only?
  146. HELP! Newbie very sick after naturopath
  147. Please help interpret Lyme Test Tesults
  148. spirochetes in my colonoscopy biopsy?
  149. Anyone know of LLMD's in Minneapolis area?
  150. Does Lyme cause low white blood cells AND low monocytes?
  151. Ankle pain?
  152. Is Lyme Disease chronic?
  153. Lyme disease - healing can happen!
  154. doxy and UV rays
  155. where is my cure?
  156. questions
  157. sound like lymes?
  158. My 10 Year old's journey
  159. Lyme & Miscarriage
  160. Going on 14 yrs of problems, Derealization, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
  161. Newly diagnosed with Lyme disease
  162. more meds?
  163. sick of lyme disease
  164. 3 wks IV Rocephin- is that enough?
  165. balance & Lyme, including oscillopsia
  166. itchy crawly?
  167. Newbie intro and looking for support
  168. Painful Tendons & muscles
  169. Doctor is considering Lyme disease, not sure if this rash is really a bullseye rash?
  170. wellvone/mepron $1000!!!
  171. Please Help! Cellulitis and Lyme
  172. My Lyme Story
  173. Could anyone help with my Igenix results, please?
  174. ABart drops & Boneset
  175. Cant walk
  176. Newly diagnosed with Lyme and Candida
  177. Different protocols
  178. Lyme's? Neck/Back/Shoulder Pain, Muscle Ache, Skin Hypersensitive, Eye Sensitivity
  179. IgM P23 ab Present do i have Lyme?
  180. Long-term Effects?
  181. Lyme disease Test Positive... Need help interpreting
  182. Ehrlichiosis
  183. advice please..Omincef,biaxin,tindamax, culurelle and bifido...scared to take it all.
  184. Does Lyme show up in regular bloodwork?
  185. Urine Incontinence
  186. Lyme and hypothyroidism?
  187. Is Lyme treatment ever successful?
  188. Has anyone had joint/neck pain reaction to Levaquin?
  189. Positive titer; 2 pos. IgG; is it lyme?
  190. My son is moving to Pittsburgh - Any ideas about how to find a great doc there?
  191. Started on cowden protocol, need advice!
  192. Need a neuro-ophthalmologist
  193. Have I got Lyme Disease?
  194. Need a LLD in MA?
  195. Need Help with Test Results From Igenex
  196. IGM 23 Present
  197. Headache from cerebrolspinal fluid leak, lyme or ???
  198. Doxy for 6 wks. Are these symp norm.?
  199. So angry!
  200. Accurate Lab Test for Lyme
  201. Help interpreting Western Blot please.
  202. Recent Lyme diagnosis based on Cd57! help!
  203. Pulse Therapy and Loss of My Mind
  204. Experiences with ceftin?
  205. Is it ever too late to manage Lyme Disease
  206. I have been on doxy for three years.
  207. Need LLMD in Upstate NY, near Oswego
  208. Third time is not a charm when it comes to Lyme
  209. Can dogs pass on lyme disease if they bite you, breaking the skin?
  210. Any one know of any LLMD's within driving distance of Boise, ID?
  211. do i have to die before they figure this out? Lyme, Ms, fibro ??
  212. Treatment times, confused!
  213. tick bites
  214. New lyme diagnosis, looking for advice please!
  215. my 18 yr old has dark brown urine
  216. New here!
  217. Bullseye Insect Bite Bites with Red Center/Lighter Ring but no 2nd Red Ring et
  218. After 6 months I've finally been diagnosed with Lyme's
  219. Lyme Disease rash on my 2-year old?
  220. CD 57 Question. Please help!
  221. any victorians with lyme/babesia
  222. Need Lyme Doc In Massachusetts
  223. Lyme Treatment Problems, Hospital?
  224. Lyme Treatment Problems, Hospital?
  225. Lymes and Horizon Blue Cross NJ
  226. Need lyme doctor in NY CT or NJ - child with neuro cog problems
  227. further info re: Lyme & osscilopsia
  228. Doctor says you're depressed
  229. Questions about the Lyme and Tick-borne Diseases Research Center
  230. Dermatomyositis and Lyme Disease
  231. I'm in so much pain
  232. Atrophy , Nuro issues, getting tested.
  233. ANA and Lyme positive testing
  234. Concerned about possible lyme - please help!
  235. Tick came back positive for lyme :(
  236. Need a LLMD in Indiana or Lower Michigan
  237. new type of testing for Lymes spirostat
  238. For all those who have been hospitalised for IV Lyme treatment, how long did it take?
  239. Lyme with Menopause
  240. Ozone Therapy for Lymes
  241. I have been battling lyme for 4 years
  242. Lyme specialist LLMD Pittsburgh, PA area.
  243. Igenex results in, please help.
  244. stinging burn in muscle lyme symptom???
  245. Onset of Lyme
  246. So, I might have lyme, but I caught it very early, suggestions?
  247. Need Good LLMD in Maryland Taking Patients
  248. Very concerned about a friend with late/chronic Lyme
  249. Terribly frustrated, need advice soon
  250. Need help reading lymes results

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