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  1. reinfected?
  2. Fibromyalgia or Lymes?
  3. I don't think I can do this another day
  4. Help????
  5. HELP??? is it fibro or lymes????
  6. lyme relapse or something else
  7. Bowen test
  8. Mercury Poisoning I have tested Postitve this is very Important!!!
  9. Interesting Appointment with My doctor today.
  10. Quick Question
  11. Lyme and Sex?
  12. Finally saw an LLMD today...
  13. interesting abx info
  14. How long could you have Lyme Disease
  15. Interesting Post - Fibro Thread...
  16. Have Appointment with Clinic in NC we all Know
  17. Most Important Lessons Learned...
  18. I don't know what to say but I am saying it with tears
  19. Merry Christmas & Update
  20. Happy Holidays!
  21. Progress!!!
  22. Has anyone ever been cured of Lyme disease?
  23. Lysine
  24. Lyme Disease without fatigue
  25. latest documentary is on pharmaceutical companies!!
  26. Natural Sugar in Diet
  27. bright side to needing care
  28. Infectious Disease Doctor Drama
  29. Help Me Out Please!!!!
  30. Ticker
  31. could this be lyme, I never had the rash
  32. Blood Drawn and Flare Up or Coincidence?
  33. Stomach Pain Gone...
  34. Face breaking out while on Doxy?
  35. sleeperwoken DMSO?
  36. Make sure to drink plenty of water...
  37. kind of off topic question
  38. Article: Travel Advisory - New York State Not Safe for Tourists - Health Risk
  39. The Neuropsychiatric Assessment of Lyme Disease
  40. Lyme and Diabetes
  41. For NCGirl88...
  42. I wimped out, I had to use pain meds
  43. Reccomended Lyme readings?
  44. happy holidays to my support team!!
  45. Chapter Meeting this evening...
  46. VitaminC+ Salt/Sodium Chloride????
  47. Good days + Bad days
  48. I am also being dismissed by Dr. B in Pa need help
  49. anyone know of an LLMD in south jersey ?
  50. High Blood Pressure during treatment...
  51. What do you do to fight paranoia?
  52. Does flagyl make you weepy?
  53. Dallas LLMD? cjFTWORTH?
  54. herxing
  55. Now what? So frustrated and worried...
  56. Im now a MEMBER!
  57. Examples of possible Lyme Disease symptoms/treatments
  58. podi patches
  59. Any body else here tested for metal toxins?
  60. help with igenex lab results?
  61. When to be concerned?
  62. Question--any help appreciated.
  63. Hello All!
  64. Concerned in NH
  65. For NCGirl88:
  67. Woman symption question???
  68. First appt. with LLMD
  69. Lyme Diet
  70. Nantucket...
  71. Confused and Upset....*Vent*
  72. oh wow, I gotta eat certain foods??
  73. Just Diagnosed with Lyme Disease in Central Alabama
  74. New Diagnosis
  75. first symptoms
  76. Sarsaparilla kills spirochetes they think...
  77. For DancerGirl...
  78. News about nightime anxiety
  79. Mepron
  80. Went to my first Lyme Support Live Group Meeting
  81. Desperately seeking help!!! Please read this long post, please
  82. dry eyes and mouth
  83. just diagnosed with Babesia and possibly Lyme
  84. fat gain or fat lose?
  85. Lyme & Kids - Perspective from a Lyme Child
  86. Lyme Information Thread
  87. I just have to say....
  88. Guided Imagery Use
  89. Fluconasol and Lyme Eradication...
  90. IV and orals one week down
  91. Will be starting two alternative treatments - will keep all posted
  92. Illusion of the Lyme Wall
  93. My test came back negative, do you still think I have Lyme?
  94. Digestive Tract...
  95. Paxil & Possible Lyme
  96. $$$ The World Laughs with you. Broke you cry alone
  97. Would Doxy & Ceftin make healthy people feel sick?
  98. I am disappointed - Lyme and no one seems to care
  99. Bone Necrosis/ bacteria--anyone know if factor
  100. tonight was rough!
  101. Question for ticker
  102. my doc said i should be better by now
  103. You Will Win
  104. Have a laugh, my employee wrote this:
  105. Herxing - Maybe Some Relief - Found Something Helping Me
  106. The Moment I Got Sick...
  107. It's been awhile!
  108. Lyme Disease Questions?
  109. Ekim & ncgirl and and rabbit trail enthusiasts....
  110. How Do You Know lyme is gone
  111. Thank you to the people here Chlamydia Pneumoniae
  112. The Lesson I Learned Today...
  113. Ok, time for a poll....everybody ready?! Need everyones participation now!!
  114. lyme disease in canada?
  115. Stress Test
  116. How long was/is everyone on IV Rocephin for?
  117. Have any of you been tested for Leptospirosis?
  118. Month 2 of Treatment...
  119. Dr. Says just making me happy
  120. Well, I went to the doctor
  121. Would appreciate testing advice/input ASAP
  122. hbo hyper baric oxygene theropy, any opinions?
  123. Doxycycline... when did you Herx?
  124. what combination is good with flagyl?
  125. going slower
  126. Ocd
  127. Ticker
  128. For Ticker
  129. Someone please answer this..
  130. Just found out I had Lyme's
  131. Its my turn for treatment!
  132. please read my post.
  133. lyme disease and dental work
  134. soooooo frustrated PLEEEEEEEASE help
  135. Supplements to Help Lymes Disease
  136. Mark's test results
  137. My Friend Has Lyme Disease
  138. IV and Orals Started Today
  139. Appointment Results & Question for Ticker :)
  140. epiglotitis
  141. Ringing In the Ears? questions..needing answers
  142. Sharing Information about Digital Frequency Generator
  143. Possible Lyme Disease
  144. which antibiotics are you all taking?
  145. Just came back from dinner with a friend and guess what?
  146. My daughter was tested....
  147. How long does it take before antibiotics start working?
  148. Saw my Lyme Doctor Yesterday... Sharing Info
  149. ticker! test results?
  150. re: viral pharyngitis
  151. questions
  152. Bioelectrical frequencies/ rife technology/ bioelectronics???
  153. Anyone see Dr. J in Pennsylvania?
  154. Need to gain weight
  155. IGeneX tests--which the most accurate?
  156. Any Lyme disease litterate docs in Atlanta?
  157. question about a certain area
  158. Response to nc... NEW? specialist for those of us in the South??
  159. Western Blot
  160. ncgirl88 you around have a question for you?
  161. Opinions of a MD Doc?
  162. the Holidays are upon us
  163. an update on my Lymes experiences
  164. LLMD in Oregon or near it?
  165. Dr. Question (maybe Ticker can help with this too?)
  166. Lyme diagnosis after 10 yrs of MS symptoms
  167. Chest Pain Is Getting Worse
  168. Help
  169. Test changes after treatment ?
  170. Test Results AND Confused
  171. how to test for lymes in uk?
  172. Thanks, Thanks, ... and Ins. question?
  173. We test Positive, Hubby and I
  174. Ticker
  175. My hair is coming back!
  176. Cdc Requirements
  177. FIRST smack from our wonderful medical doctors...
  178. C pneumoniae
  179. Spoke to the CDC for one hour yesterday!
  180. For NCGirl88:
  181. New test results what do you think
  182. Lyme Cured Now yeast infection
  183. 1st opinion, 2nd opinion and now onto my 3rd!!!
  184. For SleeperWoken - Diet for a healthy brain...
  185. we got a diagnosis
  186. Need help knowing which KITS to order???
  187. Info About Bee Venom
  188. Bee Venom. Anybody try it?
  189. Ticker - was wondering....
  190. Information about band #41
  191. List of symptoms and need to find doc
  192. The Cycle of Infection
  193. Itchy
  194. Iím scared
  195. Where can I get the book Everything you want to know about Lyme Disease
  196. Could my bowel problems be related to Lyme disease?
  197. Mark --update, good news
  198. Just for fun went to see a doctor that put me on brain pills (;O)
  199. Hi Ekim1111
  200. how can I test for co infections?
  201. anyone had any luck with cholestyramine
  202. What to expect from antibiotics
  203. Alternative Approaches/Docs in No. California
  204. symptoms worse
  205. Minocycline
  206. Tanning Booths
  207. ID appointment
  208. helping someone else
  209. There is Hope with Lyme. 30-Years living with it...
  210. Can You Get Lyme Disease from a dead bird?
  211. Help! Antibiotics are causing an intestinal REVOLT!!
  212. Really Strange Symptoms
  213. Q-10 and ?, bad combination...
  214. Called my Lab
  215. how long do you wait to see if antibiotic is working.
  216. thoughts on the "Adv Topics in Lyme Disease" by
  218. Has anyone had voice change or seizure-like symptoms with their lymes?
  219. Unbelievable Doctors are idiots
  220. Anyone ever hear of RIDOXOLAN PLUS maybe info for all?
  221. Ticker
  222. Right again, Ticker!
  223. Thinking good thoughts for Mark and Laurie...
  224. Hi Ticker
  225. Other Countries test the Tick why not the USA?
  226. Lyme or Fibromyalgia or hypothyroid ???
  227. Heard of the Q-RiBb?
  228. Laurie
  229. could it be lyme?
  230. Me and my Lyme Looking for some Help!
  231. Mark's mom needs you guys!!!
  232. What's this mean?
  233. lab tests..
  234. Dr. Schuchman in Marlton, New Jersey
  235. Having a REALLY hard time right now
  236. Lyme literate doc in southern California?
  237. Heart Murmur with Lyme?(10 year old daughter)
  238. I smell a Big, Fat, Rat....
  239. high fever while herxing
  240. Herxing is a bummer...
  241. Questions to ask the specialist
  242. Newbie here
  243. Anyone here have nail problems?
  244. Celebrex or Bextra
  245. Share your experience with IV Rocephin and PICC line
  246. Model with Lyme disease will be on the Today Show the week of November 8th
  247. Friend has Lyme
  248. not sure zithromax is the right ab.
  249. Bill 1977 - wrote my letter...
  250. does anyone know anyone with Transverse Myelitis

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