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  1. I have been battling lyme for 4 years
  2. Lyme specialist LLMD Pittsburgh, PA area.
  3. Igenex results in, please help.
  4. stinging burn in muscle lyme symptom???
  5. Onset of Lyme
  6. So, I might have lyme, but I caught it very early, suggestions?
  7. Need Good LLMD in Maryland Taking Patients
  8. Very concerned about a friend with late/chronic Lyme
  9. Terribly frustrated, need advice soon
  10. Need help reading lymes results
  11. Worse at Night
  12. Rash
  13. Does my child have Lyme?
  14. Maybe had lyme for 10 years!!
  15. Southern Tick-associated Rash Illness (STARI)
  16. Help Please
  17. Frustrated in Idaho
  18. The bite is getting larger...
  19. creepy crawlies
  20. my lyme story
  21. How soon after bite did you feel symptoms?
  22. Rocephin/PCN issue?
  23. A good source for Lyme information
  24. Lyme Disease or NOT? Marriage on ROCKS
  25. Tick Bites - No Bullseye
  26. a few questions about bartenella
  27. Sue the government for creating this diseas.
  28. Lyme Disease
  29. For Those Seeking an LLMD
  30. Need a LLMD in New Orleans, Ms Gulf Coast, or Mt. View Arkansas
  31. First post - my Lyme disease story
  32. Lyme Disease
  33. Lumbar Puncture helpful diagnosing neuro-Lyme??
  34. Chronic Lyme sucks!
  35. Ahhhh! Tick bite and allergies to antibiotics! Question for anyone to answer.
  36. tick bite? antibiotics?
  37. flu like symptoms band 18 23 41 positive
  38. Quick Western Blot Question
  39. Contacting another member
  40. Translate results?
  41. NIGHT TIME/Balance Issues
  42. First course of treatment should be ....
  43. Maybe Lyme?
  44. Chills
  45. Could this be lyme?
  46. Wondering if this is a relapse :(
  47. Looking for LL Eye doc nyc/ nj area
  48. LLMd and appointment/ LL eye doc
  49. tested postive for lyme in 2009... feeling horrible.. doc says lyme can back negitive
  50. Is this normal with lyme?
  51. Need an LLMD in Florida please.
  52. Just took like 20 drops of teseal root by mistake
  53. Looking for NJ/ NYC LLMD and Ophthalmologist
  54. OMG now my mother in law is accusing me of Munchausens by proxy
  55. I need help!!!
  56. Need a Lyme doctor in Georgia or S. Carolina!!!
  57. Has anyone had tachycardia with lyme?
  58. Even sound like Lyme?
  59. I am not a trouble maker...
  60. Acute Lyme/Early Localized, Dr. Won't Treat
  61. Lyme Symptoms question?
  62. I am so confused and scared right now.
  63. LLMD-Help?
  64. Chronic vomiting & Lyme's
  65. Lyme disease?
  66. New here looking for a LLMD in Birmingham, AL
  67. Anyone from Sydney?
  68. Leg weakness
  69. Bone pain anyone???
  70. Anyone have problems with exes or people believing you
  71. LLD IN or near Alabama?
  72. Please help - can someone in the know please help translate my IGENex results
  73. Hi new to Lyme
  74. Tick bite 5 months later
  75. Looking for answers-input appreciated
  76. 22 and so stressed
  77. Flare up after teeth cleaning???
  78. Help Please need a Lyme DR. in south NJ cherry Hill area
  79. Biaxin experiences?
  80. Lyme Disease or Infection of Salivary Glands?
  81. Lyme and Insurance
  82. anyone misdiagnosed with MS???
  83. New and Need Input
  84. australian from victoria with possible lymes?
  85. Lyme disease knee inflamation and pain
  86. Lyme and pulmonary hypertension
  87. Looking for LLMD
  88. How concerned should I be
  89. lyme with co infection?
  90. is it typical to take 3 ABX at the same time??
  91. Do my symptoms fit lyme disease?
  92. Looking for a Lyme/Babesiosis doctor in Suffolk County, NY
  93. At my wit's end over this Lyme stuff
  94. Igenix Results- Need Band 31 Confirm?
  95. Newly Diagnosed - Ques about treatment
  96. Lyme disease or Adrenals?
  97. Philly Lyme doc?
  98. son had the bulls eye rash...
  99. Anyone tried flucoidan?
  100. Muscle Twitching (all over body), Headache, Ear Pressure/Discomfort, Ear Ringing (Tin
  101. Just got Imugen WB test back with 41 band IgG present...please help with a question
  102. Newly diagnosed with questions!
  103. Really in trouble...tell me if my life sounds like yours. It will help
  104. Looking For LLMD In Central New Jersey
  105. LLMD in Maryland/DC Area
  106. New and Confused
  107. Lyme from someone else?
  108. Looking for a LLMD near Fresno
  109. lyme newbie
  110. Could this be Lyme Disease?
  111. LLMD in CT or NY
  112. request
  113. Lyme without Joint Pain?
  114. Lyme Doctor in the South Please
  115. always something
  116. Spinal Tap and IV Therapy
  117. Need LLMD in Minneapolis/St. Paul vicinity
  118. Lyme symptoms are back after 2 years
  119. please help with test results.
  120. Saw a specialist, confused about visit & need help with pain management too.
  121. LYME or CANDIDA or BOTH
  122. first message-test results
  123. Lyme Literate Doctor? 2nd opinion?
  124. Need LLD in Lubbock
  125. Lyme disease ?
  126. New and confused in PA
  127. Lyme and Dental Work
  128. lyme disease and osteoarthritis?
  129. LLMD - Use Caution
  130. Lyme Disease, neurosarcoidosis,
  131. Newly Diagnosed. Questions of brain MRI too though.
  132. Looking for a LLMD in Scottsdale, AZ.
  133. Diagnosed with Lyme and possible Babesia
  134. BACK Pain - management?
  135. Looking for LLMD in SF Bay Area
  136. Lyme Test Negative IgG Positive IgM
  137. 6 month since diagnosis
  138. New this forum
  139. Still not getting any answers - please help
  140. Not sure if I have Lyme
  141. knee swelling
  142. Can lyme be dormant for decades?
  143. question on swellings/tests/herx
  144. Question for long term lyme sufferers.
  145. Could it be Lyme Disease??
  146. Lyme Blood Test, what does it mean?
  147. Lyme Literate Doctor Needed
  148. Help - cd-57 test
  149. Sign!
  150. Help!... I mean, "Hi"
  151. Lyme rash?
  152. Lyme doctors in DC
  153. when others just don't get it...
  154. Could it be Lyme?
  155. Is it worth getting tested?
  156. Recently Diagnosed
  157. LD dr.'s
  158. Long term abx effects
  159. hormone therapy for lyme
  160. Tindamax Side Effect
  161. Hello Group! New User, My Story (Brief).
  162. Drs. Won't listen and acknowledge
  163. Lyme and Depression
  164. 83 Lyme Symptoms
  165. Lyme Literate Doctor Needed In or Near Louisville, KY
  166. Need some help could it be lyme?
  167. Any 100% Natural Lyme Protocols ?
  168. Exercise and Lyme Disease
  169. Headaches that are not getting better
  170. stitches or stat lock?
  171. Losing Hope everyday with no answers
  172. any help and advice would be appreciated
  173. Is doing a IgG and IgM useful for long-term infection?
  174. Please help. What does a CD57 88 mean?
  175. Is it Lyme Disease or Could It be Lupus
  176. Lyme Disease... Are you ever free from this horrible disease?
  177. Fibro=Lyme in my case?
  178. Symptoms
  179. Doctors Havent Helped me. Is it Lyme ???
  180. Lymies with inner tremor
  181. repeated treatment failures. TICKED OFF
  182. lyme... herx or not getting better?
  183. LLMD who takes insurance?
  184. A Long Road
  185. Seeking user sleeperwoken
  186. Need a legitimate Lyme disease doctor in the northeast GA area
  187. Just diagnosed: My story
  188. Looking for a LLMD in NYC or Jersey area, I am from Staten Island
  189. New York State prohibits Igenex lyme test?
  190. Still Feeling Blue
  191. For all looking for an LLMD in your neck o' the woods
  192. need llmd south jersey/philly
  193. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  194. Looking for LLMD in WI/Eastern MN
  195. Looking for a LLMD in MN.
  196. 15 Months on Antibiotics and almost better.
  197. Help finding LLMD in upstate NY
  198. Interpreting test results help!!
  199. Happy Thanksgiving US Lymies!
  200. Seeking LLMD in Fairfield County CT
  201. what is this?
  202. Need Help Finding LLMD in Idaho (Boise Area)
  203. Could Use help in Diagnosing Lyme and Interpreting WB
  204. Looking for LLD in Northeast PA??
  205. re: initial lyme results
  206. Lyme Doctor Near NW Ohio??
  207. Desperate for LLMD in NH OR MA
  208. Lyme test results
  209. Please help with lab results
  210. Help with test results Please!!
  211. lyme?
  212. Mysterious Symptoms! Please help.
  213. Could this be Lyme
  214. Lyme in child?
  215. Is it really lyme if....
  216. i feel i may be in the late stage of lyme
  217. Wondering if I have Lyme..
  218. Mepron and weight gain?
  219. Confused with symptoms-found Lyme with electrodermal screening
  220. Could this be it? If so, where to find a doc?
  221. Could it be back?
  222. What do my western blot results mean?
  223. Lyme Dr in South Carolina
  224. testing and treating for chronic viruses
  225. Ears RINGING like crazy!!
  226. Lyme with dysautonomia
  227. Desperate to find a Lyme Doctor in Atlanta
  228. Don't know what to do!!!
  229. Need help finding LLMD in Nashville
  230. New to Board - It has to be Lyme!
  231. Can smone please help me with testing?
  232. lymes??????
  233. Second time with Lymes. Advice?
  234. Second time with Lymes. Advice?
  235. Is This Lyme Disease ? Likely | More Than | Very
  236. Test results help???
  237. Detoxing
  238. going crazy!
  239. What if all Bands Indeterminate except #18
  240. Treatment for Lyme Disease
  241. Lyme's Disease Doctor Request
  242. IFR sauna treatment for Lyme?
  243. How long should I be off antibiotics prior to Igenex testing for LD?
  244. Referral needed
  245. DOXY+PREDNISOLONE combo??
  246. Is Lyme the only cause for low CD57??
  247. Severe nausea
  248. Looking for LLMD in Tennessee
  249. LLMD in TN
  250. Chronic Lyme experiences