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  1. A Long Road
  2. Seeking user sleeperwoken
  3. Need a legitimate Lyme disease doctor in the northeast GA area
  4. Just diagnosed: My story
  5. Looking for a LLMD in NYC or Jersey area, I am from Staten Island
  6. New York State prohibits Igenex lyme test?
  7. Still Feeling Blue
  8. For all looking for an LLMD in your neck o' the woods
  9. need llmd south jersey/philly
  10. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  11. Looking for LLMD in WI/Eastern MN
  12. Looking for a LLMD in MN.
  13. 15 Months on Antibiotics and almost better.
  14. Help finding LLMD in upstate NY
  15. Interpreting test results help!!
  16. Happy Thanksgiving US Lymies!
  17. Seeking LLMD in Fairfield County CT
  18. what is this?
  19. Need Help Finding LLMD in Idaho (Boise Area)
  20. Could Use help in Diagnosing Lyme and Interpreting WB
  21. Looking for LLD in Northeast PA??
  22. re: initial lyme results
  23. Lyme Doctor Near NW Ohio??
  24. Desperate for LLMD in NH OR MA
  25. Lyme test results
  26. Please help with lab results
  27. Help with test results Please!!
  28. lyme?
  29. Mysterious Symptoms! Please help.
  30. Could this be Lyme
  31. Lyme in child?
  32. Is it really lyme if....
  33. i feel i may be in the late stage of lyme
  34. Wondering if I have Lyme..
  35. Mepron and weight gain?
  36. Confused with symptoms-found Lyme with electrodermal screening
  37. Could this be it? If so, where to find a doc?
  38. Could it be back?
  39. What do my western blot results mean?
  40. Lyme Dr in South Carolina
  41. testing and treating for chronic viruses
  42. Ears RINGING like crazy!!
  43. Lyme with dysautonomia
  44. Desperate to find a Lyme Doctor in Atlanta
  45. Don't know what to do!!!
  46. Need help finding LLMD in Nashville
  47. New to Board - It has to be Lyme!
  48. Can smone please help me with testing?
  49. lymes??????
  50. Second time with Lymes. Advice?
  51. Second time with Lymes. Advice?
  52. Is This Lyme Disease ? Likely | More Than | Very
  53. Test results help???
  54. Detoxing
  55. going crazy!
  56. What if all Bands Indeterminate except #18
  57. Treatment for Lyme Disease
  58. Lyme's Disease Doctor Request
  59. IFR sauna treatment for Lyme?
  60. How long should I be off antibiotics prior to Igenex testing for LD?
  61. Referral needed
  63. Is Lyme the only cause for low CD57??
  64. Severe nausea
  65. Looking for LLMD in Tennessee
  66. LLMD in TN
  67. Chronic Lyme experiences
  68. Concord MA LLMD
  69. Candida+Lyme and Herx questions
  70. So Cal LLMD needed yesterday!
  71. Qs about lyme, lab results, boluoke
  72. In need of a LLMD in MN
  73. Diagnosed w/ MS...have unusual symptoms...heard Tom Grier...desperate
  74. Early Lyme Disease Questions
  75. Could this be my lyme coming back?
  76. PEDIATRIC llmd needed - northern NJ/Rockland Cty NY
  77. What to expect?
  78. Brucella Test Results
  79. stop the itching
  80. Lymes?? Dr thinks I'm just "stressed" please help!
  81. Possible Tick bite?
  82. Understanding Western Blot
  83. Not sure this is Lyme?
  84. LLMD in CT
  85. Confused...
  86. LLMD in Central NJ
  87. Help with die-off!!!
  88. Could this be lyme? Please help
  89. Lkg for isk8 & her post from 05-13-2008 re "not sure it's lyme disease?"
  90. lyme disease
  91. Lyme Disease Heart Block
  92. LLMD in the Montana or Arizona Area?
  93. Diagnosing a late stage infection
  94. Lyme Dr on Long Island
  95. Positive Western Blot, no symptoms
  96. Getting better? or worse...
  97. Test results today: most "positive" my md has ever seen
  98. Best time to test for Lyme?
  99. Need LLMD in North NJ: Morris/Essex/Somerset county
  100. Has Anyone Out There Tested 0 Bands on Western Blot & Later Tested Positive?
  101. Is It Lyme's
  102. My Story
  103. LLMD in South Jersey
  104. New here with test results
  105. Negative tests, never saw tick and no rash
  106. Lyme Disease? Treatment? Undiagnosed 6yrs!! Please, please help.
  107. LLMD or LLPCP in San Francisco area that accepts insurance?
  108. Loss of sense of smell...
  109. Lymes Dr in MN
  110. LLMD Northeren Nevada?
  111. Doxycycline prescribed for Lyme's
  112. late stage lymes??? need mn doc...
  113. Lyme Diet & Probiotics
  114. Lyme and high iron
  115. Thinning Hair and I have Lyme
  116. Well Meaning but Uninformed Doctors
  117. Could this be Lyme Disease? Help needed please!
  118. LL doctor needed
  119. After All These Years
  120. Looking for LLMD on Long Island (Hamptons Area) New York
  121. omnicef for lymes... bartenella
  122. Llmd?
  123. Low Ferritin With Lyme Disease....
  124. Lyme Disease After Processing My Own Deer and Pig Meat?
  125. Normal CBC With Lyme Disease?
  126. LLMD around Athens or Atlanta, Georgia?
  127. Lymph node question for lymes.
  128. Can this be Lyme disease?
  129. ? Bull's Eye Rash
  130. lyme disease help
  131. Best Course of Action?
  132. Need Inpatient Lyme Disease Treatment
  133. Suspected Lyme Disease UK - What Next?
  134. Welcome to the Lyme Family
  135. need help please.
  136. Lyme Newbie
  137. 12 year old son has Lyme, Mom has ?s
  138. Negative Lyme disease test?
  139. How to get Lyme out of your sinuses
  140. Lyme or Tick borne illness???
  141. Looking for Direction
  142. Can Lyme Disease by passed on?
  143. Possible Lyme? So frustrated...
  144. Lyme disease help needed urgent ????
  145. Western Blot questions
  146. Newbie, Symptoms...
  147. Depressed and anxious
  148. Llmd
  149. Herxing 24/7??
  150. Re: anyone have Rocky mountain spotted Fever
  151. Tinglling/Eye twitches/Off Balance
  152. Please help me. Bicillin CR question
  153. What does herx feel like
  154. my test results are negative
  155. My Lyme immune id test- is it valid?
  156. Lyme questions
  157. Loooking for a LLMD and do I have lyme??
  158. positive elisa - please advise
  159. Extremely itchy and scared..
  160. Lyme and Musical Hallucinations?
  161. Is this Lyme?
  162. Any Lyme success stories to tell?
  163. Has anyone here had Lyme without Fatigue
  164. Is it common to get OCD from Lyme?
  165. Need a LLD (Lyme Literate Doctor) in my Area
  166. Salt/C Regimen
  167. Are These Lyme Symptoms?
  168. Opinions needed...
  169. Unsure of what to do
  170. Our current nightmare
  171. some advice for a novice...
  172. Not sure what to do
  173. Doctor didn't tell me about my positive Lyme test 3 years ago.
  174. Lyme Disease Symptoms After Surgery?
  175. Pressure/tingling in face, and head?
  176. Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC/ I'm in a fight....
  177. Looking for LLMD
  178. Need a Doctor!
  179. Suggested I post here
  180. Any information would be great because I am at a loss!! :)
  181. llmd in miami
  182. Could this be Lyme?
  183. should I schedule appt. about lyme disease
  184. Lyme question.
  185. please help anyone
  186. Lyme tests
  187. lyme disease or lupus or something else?
  188. Aggravated
  189. Need some insight - desperate
  190. New to Lyme
  191. abx / supplements regimen
  192. [B]IV Primaxin[/B], Anyone have experience with it?
  193. Can only band 23 mean lyme?
  194. Lyme or MS?
  195. Is this Lyme?
  196. Almost convinced that I have lyme, but want to see what you think....
  197. New to this forum...Desperately seeking LLMD
  198. Could it be Lyme
  199. acai?
  200. LLMD near Georgia
  201. Lymes??
  202. Change of medications - feeling worse
  203. Need Lyme Doctor in Plano, Texas area
  204. Getting Weaker
  205. too much abx?
  206. VA medical centers & LLDM in NC ?
  207. LLMD recommendation near Sacramento CA
  208. Lyme Literate Ophthamologist in Minneapolis, MN
  209. what are side effects of drinking while on lyme meds
  210. Lyme and headache
  211. What's going on with me?
  212. Story and seeking LLMD in Pgh, PA area
  213. Test results back
  214. My four year old was tested for Lyme disease and it was negative ...
  215. Diagnosed with ibs but can it be Lyme? Please please help
  216. Anyone deal with Lyme and Cancer at same time?
  217. Symptom questions...
  218. AAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Itching while typing was tick feasting!
  219. Is it Lyme??? Please Help.
  220. Is Western Blot the definitive test?
  221. Need Help!
  222. Help me find a doctor who believes in and treats chronic lymes in or near Michigan
  223. Lyme and liver/kidney damage
  224. insomnia
  225. Am I a Lymerix victim ?
  226. Hi all, help needed
  227. Please Help! I need a LLMD near Southern IL
  228. Stabbing pain, please comment. I'm worried..Herx?
  229. When to draw the line?
  230. how much doxy? please!!
  231. dealing with the ill effects of the herx sx
  232. I took Doxy for a week.. When can I test again??
  233. newly diagnosed- resources?
  234. Do you think it's Lyme? In pain.. Please help!!!
  235. What I get from readin is that Lyme's is difficult to diagnose?
  236. Getting a blood test for Lyme disease, but ..
  237. LLMD in Syracuse, NY
  238. new to all of this and feeling so tired..
  239. looking for LLMD
  240. Lyme desease and terrible hip pain
  241. Anyone ever get these off colored bumps on hands and feet?
  242. New to Lyme.. very scared
  243. Question about Bartonella rash
  244. Many symptoms of Lyme... help!
  245. Need some advice. Feeling low (Lyme, MS?)
  246. erlichiosis
  247. Not Sure if I Have Lyme Disease
  248. Positive Lyme test after 11 years of thinking I had MS
  249. help..
  250. Lyme Disease? Or something else? What is wrong with me?!?