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  1. Flagyl
  2. Lyme Nosode Effect & Igenex IgM/IgG results
  3. Should I get a second opinion?
  4. Quest diagnostics
  5. New here
  6. Next Step????
  7. Feel like no one cares
  8. lyme symptom; radiating heat from skin
  9. Need pediatric doc in Northern VA/MD/DC area
  10. Marshall Protocol
  11. Lyme disease? Joint aches and fatigue back with a vengeance!
  12. South Jersey/Philadelphia Doctor LLMD question
  13. Been going through hell for nearly 5 years Lyme Disease? Long Read
  14. Symptoms all in my head?
  15. Lld in ct
  16. Crazy symptoms! is this lyme?! HELP
  17. LLMD As close to staten island ny as possible.
  18. lyme and joint pain
  19. Seeking LLMD in Eastern Mass
  20. 11 Year Old dX'd with Fm
  21. I have been diagnosed with Lymes
  22. Igenix results?
  23. Muscle Twitching Frequency/Pain Description
  24. LLMD in Colorado?
  25. Fatigue, Brain Fog, Tinnitus, Joint Pain
  26. LLMD in Honolulu
  27. Does this sound like Lyme?
  28. LLMD in Houston please
  29. Just diagnosed with Lyme Disease
  30. Natural Crystal Salt and Vitamin C
  31. 6 yr old with Babesiosis
  32. Inpatient clinic for Lyme Disease?
  33. Late Stage Lyme - After Antibiotics Q's
  34. do i have lyme disease?
  35. Is the Babesia treatment working?
  36. Lyme Disease Question!
  37. question about the bite
  38. LLMD In Manitoba Canada
  39. if i have lyme will i herx?
  40. Update
  41. I'm losing my hair
  42. Lyme DZ?? HELP!
  43. What tests and what ABX for Lyme and co-infections?
  44. LLMD in Oklahoma or near???
  45. confused
  46. my wife likely to diagnose with lyme..?
  47. Not looking for diagnosis, just wanted to ask a few questions...
  48. scared please talk with me about my results!
  49. Just a few questions?
  50. lyme disease + nerve damage
  51. Indigestion and heartburn
  52. Do symptoms of Lyme disease show up right after getting bitten?
  53. Lyme doc
  54. Is this possible?!?!
  55. New here. Your help needed.
  56. Igenix or MDL? Heading for a Nervous Breakdown
  57. Dallas, TX POA/Medical POA urgently Looking for Lyme Literate doctor
  58. Looking for lyme literate doctor in NJ!!!!!!!
  59. Disease onset
  60. Can a person have Lyme without the bull's-eye rash?
  61. Lyme Doc in California Bay area or NYC that uses Mepron
  62. Need Information Please
  63. Mepron and Biaxin reactions
  64. anyone have Rocky mountain spotted Fever
  65. Babesia treatment
  66. feeling hopeless
  67. a couple questions...
  68. What else to test for in Spinal Fluid? Any suggestions?
  69. Please help - Awful symptoms need LLMD in VA
  70. Seven weeks ago, I pulled a deer tick off of my four year old. Pedi says .....
  71. Thank you to everyone here
  72. Band 41 and a positive RF
  73. Lyme Treatment Rife or Infrared Sauna
  74. Igenex results - Lymes help- multiple sclerosis diagnosis
  75. Need Help Western Blot Test - Igenex
  76. Salt/Vit C treatment
  77. Hi all, new to the board.
  78. Babesia Experiences
  79. Need your opinion!
  80. Do my symptoms fit lyme's disease?
  81. Finally tested CDC positive after 6 months but no symptoms. Now what?
  82. Possible Relaspe?
  83. Only band 23 positive...what does this mean
  84. Should you be tested if no symptoms?
  85. My Treatment Doesn't Seem Right! Please help.
  86. How do I find a LLMD in Indiana?
  87. Any experience with using Doug Coil Machine
  88. at the end of my rope
  89. Igenex results -- interpretation
  90. IGENEX Results, Help!
  91. Flu shot????
  92. Is the Western Blot test accurate?
  93. Lyme in Kentucky
  94. I have Lyme Disease.
  95. severe headaches with left side joint pain
  96. LLMD in Arkansas
  97. Insane Itching
  98. Saw an LLMD in TN -- did I waste mine and his time??
  99. Losing it with spouse! Anyone else?
  100. LLMD in GA, FL, SC, NC, or DC will travel
  101. Under our skin documentary????
  102. LLMD in Richmond, Virginia?
  103. LLMD in Ontario
  104. how do i pulse flagyl
  105. Questions about tick bites
  106. llmd visit... really confused now!
  107. After treatment for Lyme disease, will I ever have symptoms again?
  108. Treated for LD B4...getting similar symptoms again. Anyone experience this?
  109. Genetic Blueprint of Lyme found for 13 strains...
  110. tingling in hands when walking
  111. Help me on the reports please
  112. How common is bone pain with Lyme Disease?
  113. Lyme Disease Remission?
  114. Question about herxing...
  115. A Suggestion - if you suspect you might have Lyme Disease
  116. Recently Diagnosed
  117. new symptoms, really scared!
  118. Need help please
  119. My Story - opinions appreciated
  120. Joint pain
  121. looking for LLMD in Los Angeles, have other pressing questions, thanks, God bless...
  122. joint pain
  123. Need Advice anxious - IGM / IGG My story
  124. Cracking Joints Anyone?
  125. Moving with Lyme Disease
  126. cloudy vision and dizzieness
  127. False positive for Lyme because of Epstein Bar Virus?
  128. A good day?
  129. Success stories
  130. Similiar Onset, Anyone? Or Strange?
  131. Location question about Lyme
  132. Safe preventive antibiotics for pregnant woman?
  133. Newly diagnised with Lyme, looking for advice and a LLMD near Boston MA, thanks!
  134. Breast Pain & Lyme
  135. detox
  136. Flying with Lyme
  137. This is really scaring me..........
  138. How do you know if you've been bitten by a tick?
  139. Desperate for LLMD in VA - please help!
  140. alcohol and Lyme and my story
  141. Llmds
  142. Someone please read!
  143. PM with names of doctors in E. TN or SW VA, KY or NC
  144. couple of questions............
  145. Alternative treatments
  146. Lyme? undx'd need answers, advice
  147. i'm looking for a LLMD in NYC
  148. LLMD's in western PA
  149. Which tests should I get done?
  150. Air Hunger?
  151. does my mom have lyme?
  152. Have symptoms, but not entirely sure...
  153. Lymes diagnosis
  154. 23 weeks pregnant and just got bit by a deer tick
  155. Nursing and Recurrent Lyme Disease
  156. I'm going to need a lyme specialist
  157. New York City Lyme Doctors
  158. I am so confused!
  159. curious what protocol you have used
  160. need LLMD in MI, OH, IN, PA (west), NY (southwest)
  161. looking for lyme literate dr near chambersburg pa or hagerstown md
  162. Please help: Correct dosage of doxycycline?
  163. Stomach Problems
  164. Please help me.
  165. Possible Lymes?
  166. Lymes Literate DR UK?
  167. question about labs and will I get back to "normal"
  168. strange chest tightness
  169. Help need lyme doctor!!
  170. advance lyme disease
  171. In Need Of Help
  172. Lyme Literate Dr. in Richmond Virginia please!
  173. IV Levaquin referral
  174. Anaplasmosis????
  175. This is ridiulous!!!
  176. Doxycycline
  177. Vitamin Herx?
  178. Mepron/Zithromax Success???
  179. Llmd
  180. My mother is very sick...lyme?
  181. is this lyme disease?? cant get a diagnosis please help..
  182. New to site
  183. Bicillin injections
  184. Bactrim DS - Scared
  185. Help! Need IGENEX test interpretation!
  186. What if you are treated for lyme but you don't have it
  187. Treatment
  188. Vitamins?
  189. Frustrated with Lyme
  190. what kind of bug causes bullseye rash
  191. yeast infection in the gut?
  192. Equivocal + Presence of Antibodies
  193. My lymes disease story.
  194. Trouble Breathing? Heat aggravating symptoms?
  195. Questions after new diagnosis
  196. first herx?
  197. new here looking for help/advice
  198. Positive screen & Negative west blot?
  199. Any Canadians out there who tested positive on our testing?
  200. Allimax a Garlic Supplement?
  201. Ceftin Reaction or Just Anxiety?
  202. lyme disease specialists
  203. Muscle,joint,and bone pain
  204. Lyme making me anemic???
  205. what to do for palpitations?
  206. Gas and Chest Pains with Lyme?
  207. how do i know if i have lyme's
  208. Wishin' he could understand how sick I really feel...
  209. Documentary
  210. Prism effect in eyes
  211. Difficulty swallowing and ....
  212. Herx??
  213. Indigestion with lyme?
  214. Newbie Igenex Results
  215. Newbie Igenex Results help
  216. Lyme? here are my symptoms...
  217. Lyme test results
  218. Biaxin for Bartonella
  219. Cold Symptoms?
  220. One thing after another...
  221. Seeking Feedback on PA LLMD
  222. Positive IGM but negative IgG?
  223. Bolouke Lumbrokinase
  224. Lyme hyperthermic therapy
  225. Lymes herbal treatment..does anyone know if this product is safe?
  226. Understanding Lyme Tests
  227. untreated rmsf help
  228. ligament cramp
  229. Lyme Disease
  230. Is it Back or Chest Pain?
  231. Does this sound like Babesia or Lyme?
  232. Can I Stop Taking Cefprozil
  233. Can you really be cleared from all your symptoms after having lymes?
  234. Anyone have experience with colostrum
  235. Do you have thyroid dysfunction along with lyme?
  236. LLMD in Indianapolis
  237. Scared About New Med...Advice Please
  238. Do I have lymes
  239. Doc thinks lyme
  240. On meds. But no relief!
  241. Could this be lyme disease?
  242. Does anybody with lyme feel their balance is off?
  243. lyme doctor central pa
  244. Newbie with Quick Question - 6yo with knee pain
  245. Comments on my labs???
  246. lyme disease
  247. Cefzil Alone?
  248. My six year old had a tick on him and he is sick.
  249. Pregnant and Tick-bit!
  250. How long before your symptoms started to show after tick bite?