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  1. Post doxycycline
  2. Continuous slowly advancing disability = normal with Lyme even during treatment?
  3. Does exercise help?
  4. Please help!
  5. Chronic(long term) Lyme disease
  6. HELP!! Could this be lyme??
  7. IGG but no IGM
  8. Igm+Igg down, C6 up
  9. Tick bite still has not healed
  10. Beating Fatigue
  11. Physical rehabilitation with Lyme disease
  12. losing my mind - lyme, babesia or bart??? HELP!
  13. Lyme - Bulls eye rash
  14. my mother may have lyme disease
  15. I Really Need a LLMD in NYC
  16. My dr only prescribed doxycycline for 2 weeks. Is this enough?
  17. Should I wait to take meds...
  18. Coping with high doses of antibiotics...?
  19. first trimester with round red rash
  20. Please help me with my lyme and co-infections!!!
  21. Sister (in-law) attempting to verify Lyme
  22. Diagnosed with addisons may also have lymes disease please help!!!
  23. Lymes + chronic strep
  24. LLMD in twin cities?
  25. does rash always mean it's lyme disease?
  26. Did they catch it soon enough?
  27. False Negative?
  28. Bad knees from Lyme?
  29. Lyme and optic neuritis (blindness)-please help!!
  30. Related?
  31. Lyme disease Doctor in Long Island, NY
  32. How long should doxycycline....
  33. How will I know if antibiotics cured Lyme?
  34. does this sound like lyme?
  35. LLD in Tennessee....
  36. lyme drs in texas????
  37. I don't understand IgM indeterminate
  38. Under Our Skin
  39. tests
  40. Bactrim DS for Lyme.
  41. LLD in Eastern CT/Southern RI?
  42. DOXYCYCLINE...reactions...
  43. rocky mountain spotted fever!!!
  44. Again on meds...dizziness relieved by salty food..
  45. need help
  46. Can't seem to get a Dx (Symptoms fit Lyme) HELP!!
  47. My test results what do you think
  48. looking for LLMD in Maryland
  49. Test Results
  50. Dr. says I have LYME DISEASE HELP!
  51. I need to find a lyme literate medical doctor in michigan
  52. Now dx'd w/possible lyme?
  53. Post Lyme?
  54. What percentage of IgeneX Lyme tests come back positive?
  55. Lyme without flu/fever?
  56. Question about meds (Cedax)
  57. Help in locating doctor in San Luis Obispo, California
  58. Doxy - Herx vs. Side Effects?
  59. LLMD near Rochester, NY
  60. would appreciate help from your experience; orals or IV?
  61. Could it be lyme???
  62. What is herxing?
  63. brain lyme - neuroborreliosis anyone feel like they're gonna lose? it?
  64. Red streaks on the skin
  65. Anything to Prevent Deer Ticks Except for Deet?
  66. Need a LLMD IN NY
  67. Whats the point of testing band 41 if its not "important"?
  68. Someone?
  69. Lyme and Anemia
  70. Need a Dr. in North NJ....
  71. LLMD in Thousand Oaks, CA
  72. Dr. said NO LYME...without a blood test!!???
  73. Blood work
  74. Lyme and white lesion on brain
  75. Positive Western Blot... HELP
  76. HELP me PLEASe! my 4 yr old had a tic on her scalp!!!
  77. LLMD in Austin/San Antonio Texas
  78. Please PM with Lyme Literate Doctors in TN, KY, South Western VA, or GA
  79. Need Aggressive Lyme Doctor & other questions
  80. Lyme Literate Doctor in Michigan???
  81. Doctor in or near Louisiana
  82. Looking for a doctor in MD/DC/VA
  83. Western blot test
  84. Coinfections/spotted fever/typhus questions
  85. Started treatment today
  86. A Quick Question???
  87. Side effects of long-term antibiotic treatment.
  88. IV antibiotic treatment in Canada
  89. Lyme and my eyes....treatment?
  90. PICC advice?!
  91. PICC advice?!
  92. Questions about meds
  93. Question about antibiotics
  94. Has anyone been told it was Lupus?
  95. Lyme Disease in Alabama
  96. Lyme/Babasia & Natural Treatments
  97. LLMD in Illinois
  98. Blood test question
  99. What would you do?
  100. Vitamin D = Pain Gone?
  101. My story...
  102. Baltimore lyme doctors
  103. Philly Area LLMD
  104. Cure in sight?
  105. IGeneX Test Results
  106. lyme doctor
  107. probiotics, acidophilus
  108. tiny red blood circle,pin size points.
  109. Looking for a good lyme doctor in Northern California
  110. Pulled a tick off my son...
  111. ljantler - how are you doing?
  112. LLD in MD,VA, or PA
  113. Llmd in illinois or iowa???????
  114. lyme doctors in virginia
  115. I have a theory on Lyme vs. MS, etc
  116. young and terrified - lyme & eye conditions
  117. Doxy and pancreas
  118. LLMD request, recurring knee/joint issues
  119. question about LLMD in NJ
  120. lyme disease doctors Ridgefield, CT
  121. strange symptoms... anyone???
  122. IV antibiotic treatment in Canada
  123. dr says fibro, i think i still have lyme
  124. visual problems, etc
  125. Lyme or Meniere's?
  126. Sweating
  127. Boosting your Immune System
  128. Babesia treatment/ medication
  129. Neuroopthamologist in CT/NY
  130. Babesia - what indicates clearance?
  131. lyme disease doctors in pennsylvania
  132. Could I have ALS???
  133. Grasping for straws here
  134. chills/goosebumps
  135. Lyme-literate doctor in PA?
  136. Lyme being transmitted through sex
  137. Antibiotics?Having problems
  138. band 41igg and 41igm positive
  139. Pain Medicine?
  140. need LLMD in or near orange county,ny
  141. Looking for a Lyme Disease dr in Berks County, PA
  142. results are in-viral load
  143. llmd in south florida
  144. Canadian needing proper testing
  145. CD57/ NK cells
  146. Ladies only
  147. Lyme research article
  148. LLMD Wants to See Me ASAP
  149. Question about Herxing...
  150. what was the IV rocephin experience like?
  151. Missed Lyme for many years- Any hope?
  152. Looking for a LLMD in central PA
  153. doctors treating lyme disease in Chicago, il
  154. should I get tested?
  155. No ones ever heard of Melorone?
  156. Lyme Disease and Blindness - Looking for an LL Opthamologist
  157. Biaxin and Melorone??
  158. Do I really need a Lumbar puncture now?
  159. blood test results
  160. High blood sugar reading?
  161. Update on family and self
  162. Anybody ever seen Dr Kalish in Boston
  163. LLMD referral needed
  164. Bartonella Anyone?!?
  165. antibiotic side effects?
  166. Anyone see story on shooting in church in Illionois
  167. IGenex Results - Need Help Understanding
  168. Seeking doctor in Long Island, NY
  169. Back again..Update plus questions
  170. need help figuring it all out
  171. Clinical diagnosis?
  172. I am so confused???
  173. I have no energy. What do you take for this?
  174. Desperate need of LLMD in MA
  175. DR.SamDonta
  176. Do i have lyme disease
  177. IV treatment but getting worst....
  178. positive elisa negative western blot lyme
  179. Can Lyme be sexually transmitted?
  180. For those with sleep problems
  181. Equivocal Test Results?
  182. positive lyme and negative western blot
  183. where to get cpneumoniae testing
  184. Confirmed Lyme, what now?
  185. lyme disease doctor in charlottesville, VA
  186. Neuroopthamologist in CT area?
  187. pain in top of head?
  188. Need some advise, maybe Lyme?
  189. Do you remember?
  190. Dr. has stopped all meds
  191. Symptoms but negative bloodwork results
  192. Need LLMD in central Pennsylvania
  193. Support group
  194. Lymes symptoms but test negative
  195. Hydrogen Peroxide IV ??
  196. Really bad anxiety and nausea anyone????
  197. Am I on the right track?
  198. What am I looking at???
  199. LLDM in Minneapolis area
  200. do people get rashes from Babesia
  201. Lyme Misdiagnosed as TMJ
  202. Lyme?
  203. We need more LLMDs!
  204. Which type of doctor should I see
  205. symptoms of lyme?
  206. Anyone use a hot tub?
  207. I'd never heard of this symptom...
  208. Family Relief
  209. Immunity build-up? Seeking advice!!
  210. Subtle lifestyle changes
  211. Need help, Lyme test results
  212. Hi everyone. It's been almost two years since I've posted here.
  213. Lyme questions
  214. What is an IFA test from IGX?
  215. Lyme Literate doctors in Maryland
  216. Finally being treated:again
  217. Picc line users
  218. Why cant I get the flu/cold?
  219. lyme literate doctor in maryland
  220. Help! Physical effects of Lyme disease
  221. Mystery illness...
  222. Possible Lyme infection?
  223. lyme disease medical doctor newbury park california
  224. positive lyme test but don't know how long i have it
  225. L.A. Doctors
  226. IV antibiotics versus oral antibiotics?
  227. Lyme doctors in Nova Scotia, Canada?
  228. What Wasn't I Tested For?
  229. What gets better and what doesn`t?
  230. When did you get your energy back?
  231. Mino Rash
  232. Help! Rash!!!!
  233. What is the disconnect
  234. My life has been insane for a year now
  235. My story, Questions, Healing, Snapping joints...
  236. Should I be scared to take Plaquenil?
  237. Appt with Dr yesterday
  238. Could she be herxing already???
  239. Articles that debunk the IDSA Guidelines doctors
  240. 1 positive band on Western Blot-Lyme or some other infection?
  241. Lymes in Australia
  242. Daughter has significant infection in blood
  243. re-test for lyme disease not possible?
  244. LD-With Disc Degeneration, Osteoporosis..
  245. Is a bulls-eye rash always considered Lyme?
  246. lyme doctors in springfield, mo
  247. Can't get treatment in CT - Need Help/Advice
  248. Need LLMD in GA
  249. need help with nutrition and abx
  250. Look for advice for my mom