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  1. Is this menopause?
  2. Scared with questions......
  3. gaaaaa- Nooo!
  4. period ended a year ago
  5. I might be in menopause
  6. What do you do? Run to the doctor with weird, vague feelings?
  7. Total lack of motivation!
  8. Nausea anyone?
  9. This feels much more than a hot flush!!!
  10. Dairy connection?
  11. What are the best books about menopause?
  12. Feeling weird/strange in body and mind!!
  13. Anyone tried citalopram?
  14. Totally Disgusted
  15. Am I nuts because I'm actually looking forward to menopause?
  16. I always felt flustered talking to my doctor...
  17. Lower Abdomin pain just like period cramps
  18. does fibromyalgia have a link to menopause?
  19. Taking HRT-What Level ESTRADIOL To Aim For
  20. why am i having a period after 12mths.
  21. what is a cystacil and rectacil
  22. slimming patch stopped hot flushes
  23. Internal Trembling and Shaking Again.....
  24. Can anyone help me with lab results?
  25. weight gain during menopause
  26. Ok ladies, it's happening again
  27. how long for hrt to start working
  28. Could it be?
  29. Routine tests?
  30. Menopause
  31. Oily Skin
  32. Suggestions for herbs or?
  33. Positional Hot Flashes?
  34. Peri-menopause symptom?
  35. how large is a 3.9 centimeter ovarian cyst?
  36. how do I know if I have hit menopause
  37. Tired of feeling CRAZY!!!
  38. FemHRT questions
  39. first childbirth pain and now this!
  40. progesterine cream
  41. when is menopause over?
  42. help with all this
  43. does menopause affect TSH Thyroid level
  44. Hot flashes,diabetes.....acupuncture????
  45. What Is This??
  46. morning nausea and menopause
  47. bleeding after endometrial biopsy normal?
  48. Pre-Menopause?
  49. long period question (graphic but I need to know)
  50. Hrt and spotting
  51. burning face, arms, tops of feet and tingling as well
  52. Cracked lips burning tongue
  53. Menopause??
  54. Prometerium
  55. Depressed or going crazy!!!
  56. I just joined and would like to say hello!!
  57. Can all this be meno?
  58. pain due to blood clots
  59. Hot Flashes/Sweats after eating anything containing sugar?????
  60. Question about premature ovarian failure/early menopause
  61. Mood Swings Driving Everyone Nuts
  62. very itchy
  63. Vagifem
  64. Question about GERD
  65. test and then more test !! Need answers
  66. New member saying hello
  67. Can someone relate?
  68. 61 and sick of still getting periods
  69. Just came across this site
  70. Weird Urethra Zap
  71. My mom is 45
  72. Lab question Estradiol (e2)
  73. Confused! Dont know what to do?
  74. Newbie with questions
  75. Menopause
  76. Menopause Attacking My Whole Body.....
  77. why am I having pain after an internal exam
  78. palpitations
  79. Anyone suffer from aches & pain?
  80. Why only some of us?
  81. Hot Hot Flashes (Sweats) all day and extreme exhaustion
  82. anyone having twitching in ankles/feet?
  83. Looking for answers
  84. Finding a doctor who will help with bio-hormones
  85. Fibrocystic Changes
  86. bleeding after sex and cramping
  87. Breast soreness
  88. Does anyone else get this feeling!
  89. Anyone in peri or meno get chills or low grade fever feeling
  90. At Last Some Relief
  91. Is my estradiol low at all?
  92. so many changes
  93. A million emotions...
  94. Prempro
  95. Dont Know What to do
  96. menopause
  97. Newbie w/ bioidenditcal dr appt, other issues
  98. Dehydration?????
  99. OK....Can't even ask my GYN, please help!
  100. FINALLY got my Bio Hormones but confuesed as can be!
  101. Stomach Upset with perimenopause
  102. so many threads-menopause,hysto & weight gain
  103. Can anyone help-
  104. Maca Root Info?
  105. Vagifem Pros and Cons
  106. Does anyone else get days when they feel both physically and mentally ill??!!
  107. Permimenopause and elevated sedimentation rate ..
  108. Spotting and then no periods
  109. early menopause
  110. Diet and Exercise
  111. Ok...anyone else???
  112. Still having cycle but lots of symptoms...
  113. Esselte Duet HRT and weight gain?
  114. Please help,need advice
  115. Help...need some more reassurance...
  116. Breast Tingling
  117. Wierd Pelvic feelings of fullness or a weight
  118. hot
  119. Vivelle dot users, what dose are you on?
  120. Entering Menopause and Questions
  121. When post meno on hrt-what lab levels do they want
  122. Anyone PostMeno Doing HRT with Vivelle and Mirena
  123. Help! Feeling extremely tired and exhausted
  124. How Do you Know when in menopause?
  125. very light colored blood?
  126. Menopause and the Mind
  127. Menopause
  128. What to expect the next month when you miss a period
  129. Early Menopause-Help any advice
  130. Vivelle Dot for 3mo/ then 10days Prometrium
  131. Swollen Ankles
  132. Waking up with blurry vision!
  133. Ok to take 2 anti-depressants together??
  134. Advice please - alone in a strange country and unsure!
  135. Got prozac now. Fed up with all the messing about!!!!
  136. Labs Question-No estrogen
  137. Description of Hot Flashes
  138. emotions
  139. Internal Trembling and Shaking
  140. Should I be through this at 54? How long does it go on?
  141. Mild Muscle weakness/fatigue
  142. night sweats - down there?
  143. Question for those who are post...
  144. Blinking symptoms back full force!!!!
  145. Uterine cyst/fibroid
  146. Anyone hear of rhodiola benefits for menopause?
  147. Need some encouragement from one fried woman to another
  148. Peri Menopause....Mirena IUD.
  149. Feeling dazed and confused
  150. Strange Symptoms
  151. Dumb Dr
  152. Does menopause always come with hot flashes?
  153. Constant/Continuous Bloating
  154. Question about HRT Estradiol and Prometrium
  155. Need Another Pep Talk!
  156. Zoloft for menopause?
  157. Menopause = new life phase
  158. Is anybody else SWEATING LIKE A PIG??!!!!
  159. Monthly cramping but no period
  160. blood test results
  161. Irregular periods
  162. Only two periods so far this year
  163. Why am I so fat???
  164. How does Lexapro help with symptoms?
  165. How long after starting HRT do you feel a difference?
  166. fast heart with menopause
  167. Sex during the menopause
  168. Age 52 - Going thru Peri - Pap Not Normal
  169. menopause symptoms PLEASE HELP
  170. Just wondering
  171. Help!
  172. Menopause Question
  173. It's Been A While Since I last Posted Here...!
  174. Hot flashes and nausea
  175. Question
  176. menopause with a smell
  177. I feel like I'm nuts!!
  178. Pre-Menapause
  179. I'm only 38, menopause already?
  180. Vaginal moisturizers
  181. help is this the menopause?
  182. Breast question-
  183. how can I tell the difference?
  184. Is anyone taking ssri & estroven together?
  185. Has anyone tried soy ?
  186. Hot and cold at the same time?
  187. Please say it isn't so...!
  188. Is breathing problems one of the menopause symptoms?
  189. Has anyone tried??
  190. Is this a symptom?
  191. I am in Post Menopause.. what do I do now?
  192. Help bloating
  193. can getting your tubes tied
  194. What Is Happening To Me!
  195. Symptoms are getting worse
  196. Getting relief at last??!!
  197. spotting all month
  198. Has anyone got relief from mental part peri / meno w ssri's
  199. Newbie with questions
  200. Test Result Questions - Confused Need Help
  201. Finally got my echo results
  202. Progesterone Cream...Helping?
  203. menopausale
  204. 3 great days and then the fog an anxiety back
  205. increased estrogen???
  206. Vivlelle Dot
  207. The Change
  208. GERD and menopause
  209. Newbie need advice
  210. HRT Users - When does treatment kick in?
  211. Internal Trembling and Menopause
  212. can any of you nice ladies help me with questions about meno and HRT??
  213. Newbie sharing ...
  214. What Peri Has Done For Me......
  215. I am a mess today
  216. Anyone feel they are always tense/difficult to relax?
  217. Emotional foggy rollercoaster and need advice
  218. Night sweats and pimples
  219. I feel so bloated and am putting on weight!
  220. Newbie with questions
  221. How Many Of You Have Had Success With Progesterone Cream?
  222. Itchiness in menopause
  223. I need help with waking up in the middle of the night
  224. Can we swap palpitation desciptions?
  225. Has anyone tried Citralopram (Celexa) for their depression/anxiety
  226. Vaginal Atrophy ?
  227. nearing the end after 8 years of peri?
  228. Celebrties In Menopause
  229. Hot flashes, cold flashes, and this morning fatigue...
  230. Does anyone agree with my description of THE MENOPAUSE!!??
  231. rachelle01 update?
  232. any ideas on how to get rid of spots
  233. Anyone have hperthyroid pop up during peri/meno?
  234. Are ear noises all part of this?
  235. Dealing with Menopause Naturally.....(hot flashes)
  236. Holter
  237. HOw many had Anxiety or were on AD before Peri Symptoms?
  238. Estrogen related tremors
  239. Mercury and hormones
  240. Can someone help me?
  241. What hurts the most?
  242. Feeling bad after your period
  243. Help!!! I'm a newbie with surgically induced hormone woes.
  244. Why?
  245. periods all over the place
  246. menopause period question
  247. Vivelle patch questions
  248. How much magnesium are you taking?
  249. Perimenopause testing
  250. question

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