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  1. No longer ovulating..........
  2. Wondering how these ladies are feeling...
  3. I want to stop HRT
  4. Progesterone Cream
  5. Natural Progesterone Cream
  6. menopausal delay
  7. Vagafem and sex
  8. Discoloration above upper lip
  9. Peri & The Pill
  10. Night Sweats And Benadryl
  11. am I perimenopause?
  12. Crazy chemicals called hormones!
  13. full menopause at age 43
  14. Is this It?
  15. Extended Luteal Phase -- Pregnant ???
  16. How long have you been having hot flashes?
  17. hrt
  18. What syptoms are premenopause and what age can I have them?
  19. Birth Control Pill??
  20. Cold Sweats
  21. Can someone relate to this?
  22. I think I finally missed a period
  23. Im losing it
  24. how long after using estrace should I wait before having a pap smear
  25. is it a flush or not
  26. Does anyone know what the negative connection with thyroid goiter, etc and amberan?
  27. Abnormal Pap - Do I need Cryotherapy?
  28. Hot Flash Relief
  29. New To Board
  30. Menopause
  31. Premarin
  32. New sweatie!!!
  33. The Stress of This
  34. So fed up of this constant bleeding
  35. At what stage can you take HRT?
  36. Night sweats/chills at the same time
  37. Anyone else buzzing???
  38. Question...Please Help if You Can
  39. Sex Hurts, Please Help
  40. Continued hot flashes
  41. i'm new
  42. i tried prempro for 2 mos made me have bad stomach cramps so should i go back to gyn
  43. looked for symptoms of low estrogen. having trouble finding.
  44. Does anyone have an upset stomach with menopause?
  45. ive took aperiod after stopping for 10 monyhs is this normal
  46. I Don't Understand
  47. Digest Food
  48. new here..embarrassing question
  49. Is there anything that can help with hot flashes?
  50. Procedure Question
  51. Heavy Bleeding
  52. could the two be related?
  53. help needed and new here
  54. Is This Normal?
  55. miserable...pain...need to vent...help
  56. mega vitamins
  57. NEWBIE: Can I ask about the loss of libido?
  58. Period in Menopuse?
  59. Estrogen replacement question
  60. awful feeling with late period
  61. are these feelings normal
  62. Cramps and spotting
  63. Menopause..Post-menopause difference?
  64. D&c
  65. Describe your hot flashes to me - please
  66. Bleeding Again
  67. Has anyone experienced Atrophic Vaginitis?
  68. Are these symptoms never ending??? Help
  69. what vitamin supplements are good for perimenapausal women with panic attacks?
  70. I'm scared is this normal?
  71. ever taken or heard of estratest?
  72. Insomnia and itching..
  73. vit. D therapy..pill..UVB light..questions
  74. anyone else suffer from this
  75. Non-stop bleeding for weeks
  76. help please
  77. A plea for women who have beaten the symptoms to post encouragement.
  78. Hormones and Hives...any relation?
  79. Night sweats
  80. OK, ladies - help me out here....
  81. I NEVER had this until NOW...UGH!
  82. Perimenopause
  83. problems with skin around the eyes
  84. Hope someone can answer this HRT question
  85. Bleeding
  86. Scared Period won't stop
  87. Need advice about HRT
  88. feeling so wierd
  89. why am i having a period using progesterone cream
  90. Ostoblast...I have a vitamin question please..
  91. Need help reading vitamin D test
  92. HELP...Has anyone started to bleed after 1 year without a period??
  93. Anxiety And Menopause
  94. 47 had a regular period last month this month period is spotting from day to day what
  95. Menopause and Facial Skin
  96. Early Menopause
  97. Re: Is it true that menopause causes seizures?
  98. Early menopause???? I don't know help!
  99. Is this normal for peri?
  100. hormones cholesterol
  101. peri symptom
  102. I just had an abnormal period!
  103. High blood pressure and high cholesterol?
  104. question about prempro /HRT and smoking.
  105. HRT/Statins and Richard N Fogoros MD
  106. side effects from Vit. D.. like gas???
  107. Soy Side Effects Anyone
  108. Light headed and hot flashes
  109. Anyone deal with sweet cravings?
  110. HRT and aspirin
  111. Help - Migraines and stomach problems
  112. Question about Premarin
  113. Menopause?
  114. Dr. Theresa Dale's Book "Revitalize Your Hormones"
  115. Fatigue and perimenopause, then menopause
  116. migraines and periods
  117. Estrogen cream for painful sex??
  118. Retaining water anyone??
  119. Do really thin women get hot flashes?
  120. Topamax
  121. Question for Mcdowell..are you taking any estrogen now?
  122. Hormone testing
  123. Almost made it to menopause
  124. Relentless stomach pain...5years
  125. Itchy ear...just one???
  126. Wondering if this too is meno. symptom??
  127. me too...with the mitral valve...and racing heart
  128. Vagifem distressing side effects
  129. how do i know when i am over the menopausal
  130. Vitamin D... anyone see improvment taking it
  131. Rachell01...nerve pain
  132. so how does one know for sure.....
  133. Finger tip pain
  134. Saliva testing for hormones
  135. If you are single, do you have support during meno?
  136. A delicate question...
  137. I'm confused w/the end of menopause being symptom free??
  138. Burny feeling all over...mornings mostly...
  139. Seasonal perimenopause? Huh?
  140. Need to vent!
  141. why am i still having a vaginal discharge after the menopause
  142. Could it be?
  143. Estrogen, progesterone testing questions
  144. Multi-vitamin designed for menopause??by pamcat
  145. Dry Lips
  146. Dumb question, I know, how do you know your're post. meno.?
  147. Going to try something new
  148. Itching??
  149. menopause and anxiety/panic/stress
  150. can anyone help
  151. Ache all over
  152. Has anyone used Progesterone Cream?
  153. Heart palpatations worsen on HRT....
  154. perimenopause?? 11/12/07
  155. Hormone Levels Question
  156. novasure
  157. Headache with pressure in my ears
  158. I'm 37 and having weird symptoms
  159. WHY??-do we get stomach pian, pressure, bloating???
  160. What mulitvitamin is the "best"?
  161. Have trouble taking suppliments for meno. problems????
  162. Knee pain and stiffness
  163. Numbness/Tingling - Menopause symtoms?
  164. Hot Flashes Uncontrollable
  165. prozac for peri
  166. Induce the menstrual cycle??
  167. Peri-Menopause PMS-HELP!!
  168. do you get abdominal pain and bloating with menopause
  169. Should I just take everything?
  170. how do you know if you have started the menopause
  171. hospital date for hysteroscopy........so worried
  172. Spotting??
  173. thickening of the uterus
  174. When exactly are you peri and menopausal
  175. Doctor's office called about hormone levels
  176. bleeding after menopause
  177. PREMENOPAUSE quite a few symptoms but am i too young
  178. Hrt
  179. Back ache, leg ache, finger ache, arm ache, head ache, need I go on!
  180. Prometrium
  181. Anxiety, panic, acid reflux
  182. thicking of the womb
  183. Menopause...do the FSH numbers change first?
  184. what do you do for low progestreone menapause
  185. FSH Test
  186. Decreased Nipple Sensativity
  187. won't it ever go away?
  188. HOT FLASHES - The fire of change!
  189. Full Blown Menopause I'm 46
  190. Leg cramps
  191. Breaking out-HELPPPPPPP!
  192. Has this happened to you?
  193. Menopause and meds
  194. Help! Could this be early menopause?
  195. Is this hormonal even on HRT
  196. Poor Vision
  197. pre-meno symptoms and trying to work-how do you cope??
  198. why would a woman in menopause have a period after 7 years
  199. menopause and depression
  200. Heart palps:started instantly? HRT effects on palps?
  201. Sharpei Woman
  202. Menopause and vivid dreams
  203. appetite and anyalyzing
  204. FSH levels - Menopause
  205. nose constantly bocked
  206. circulation:meno. related?
  207. To moms the word
  208. questions on prempro and blood clots
  209. What types of HRT??
  210. Joint pain
  211. Mood Swings and Perimenopause
  212. flashes around the eyes, bright camera flash like. l
  213. HRT and heart palps
  214. Odd hrt results
  215. vulvadynia
  216. low estrogen. at 36? what to do?
  217. Bizarre problem - menopause related?
  218. recommended daily dosage
  219. help - cramps but no period
  220. Hot Flashes....need Relieve
  221. Desperate to know...
  222. Low Estrogen Levels (sore muscles
  223. is this periomenopause?
  224. bulky uterus
  225. premenopause and hives
  226. Lower back Pain?
  227. menopause/quit smoking - arrrgh!!!
  228. Post Meno and miserable
  229. olive oil and vaginal dryness
  230. Meno Minds want to know...skin and hair?
  231. Is this Perimenopause or something else?
  232. HRT and Hairloss
  233. can someone please tell me what hrt does to relieve symtons of postmeno?? please help
  234. Things taste unusually sweet.
  235. can menopause make you cry and cry and cry alot? or could it be depression.NEED HELP!
  236. Can you peri at 34?
  237. can fibrods be a part of perimenopause?
  238. can someone tell me what post meno means??? and what does HRT do to help????
  239. menopause
  240. vulvodynia
  241. Peri questions-PA says no way
  242. nerve tingling and knumbness
  243. Hormonal changes?
  244. what does HRT do to help relieve the meno symtons??
  245. perimenopause symptoms
  246. HELP Me, I am too young for menopause....
  247. any suggestions for energy?
  248. problems with confusion
  249. Uterine Abaltion...has anyone tried this?
  250. Can't Eat Certain Foods In Menopause

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