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  1. I can't shake the depression...
  2. Muscle pain
  3. Frustrated my man takes to long to ejaculate
  4. Possible Help for Nausea!
  5. Anyone Have This Interesting Symptom
  6. how do you know when you are nearly at the end
  7. No Period since Sept..not pregnant
  8. BCP for peri menopausal symptoms???
  9. bad bad day
  10. To you who are post meno: Will I ever feel good again?
  11. What symptoms come first?
  12. blood pressure
  13. ainfante....are you still out there?
  14. Anyone try Zestra?
  15. DGL Licorice?
  16. hrt
  17. Tonight was terrible...
  18. Ok, I've Had It!!!
  20. How long until Paxil becomes effective?
  21. Menopause?
  22. estrace
  23. Needing Reassurance or Guidance (again!)
  24. Heart Murmur: Anyone else have one? Can Peri make it worse?
  25. A Little Concerned
  26. Now its low estrogen
  27. bleeding every two weeks, age 47, ultrasound shows healthy uterus & ovaries
  28. Trust me--I't probably related to Peri!
  29. Premarin
  30. desperate-Perimenapausal or heart attack?
  31. Spasms in Back
  32. Is there any hope
  33. how long for HRT to take effect?
  34. help i dont know who to turn to
  35. Exercise
  36. Herbs/suggestions to increase Libido
  37. Am I pregnant or is this the menopause?
  38. Can I Go into Menopause/Cease Periods When on Progesterne Cream?
  39. Anxiety and High Blood Pressure
  40. Still sleep deprived and feeling terrible
  41. I Just Never Envisioned
  42. Does the nausea every go away????
  43. Does anybody else have this situation?
  44. 27 and in menopause???????
  45. Another heavy period question
  46. Need some reassurance..
  47. Peri symptom or something else??
  48. What does a hot flash feel like? This is all new to me.
  49. 10th day and bleeding is heavier with clots
  50. where O where is my memory going?
  51. Fat Flush! I'm obssessing about the weight again
  52. burning sensation down arms and back?
  53. "Post-menopause? How do you feel?"
  54. Feeling scared ....this has never happened before
  55. Pre-menopause and cloasma
  56. these dreaded chills
  57. Is there a proper time to run blood tests
  58. Molly, you okay?
  59. Pains in Ovaries
  60. Bleeding like crazy, what is this?
  61. 85 days and counting
  62. changes in sexual response
  63. Hot Flash Question again?
  64. Bloody noses and menopause?
  65. Sore nipple on left breast
  66. when do you get the itchy/crawly skin?
  67. Prometrium
  68. do pms sumptoms get worse
  69. Here's One Ladies
  70. Rectal Cancer Just diagnosed Help!!
  71. need reassurance
  72. Palpitations
  73. burning in tummy and strange feelings in my heart
  74. What about this sleeplessness?
  75. If you use bioidential progesterone ....
  76. Tingling/Numbness in Hands ?
  77. Is this menopause, or something else?
  78. 1st time missing a period question
  79. Any members with brain fog?
  80. Is Perimenopause over already?
  81. Post-Menopausal Question
  82. Hot Flash Question
  83. Peri, anxiety with chest and jaw pain?
  84. exercise amd peri
  85. Question from a dumb man
  86. I am basically a newbie
  87. cramping, bloating, irritable, but no period!! What is this?
  88. could you discribe what your chills are like?
  89. Speaking of anxiety...
  90. Is This A Period
  91. What do you take to help with the peri anxiety?
  92. jello body
  93. How is your appetite on the bad days?
  94. How were your menopausal symptoms for today, 1/20/06?
  95. Your Mind and Menopause
  96. Hormones in milk and meat????
  97. synarel nasal spray
  98. Pulling Your Hair Out!!!
  99. Does anyone get painful ear aches?
  100. Do you find your tolerance level has changed?
  101. What is your #1 worst PeriMenopause symptom?
  102. How are your meno symptoms today?
  103. Searching for?
  104. Sweating behind knees at night?
  105. Anybody use alcohol to cope
  106. Depressed...Feeling Lost
  107. Is this normal???
  108. how does it happen
  109. air hunger
  110. Back from Gyno.
  111. Strange Hot Flash question
  112. Any Good Weight Loss Plans?
  113. Do you ever feel so bad you wonder if you can make it through the day?
  114. This is the only connection I can think of
  115. on 5 mg of Lexapro and still having flashes
  116. Low temperature: Is this common during peri?
  117. Increase in allergies during peri
  118. Vaginal dryness
  119. Vagifem
  120. My Breasts Are Killing Me!
  121. My periods are becoming irregular
  122. Hot red ears anyone???
  123. Confused
  124. backache help
  125. Hot Flashes,PMS,Painful period?
  126. Has Anyone Found Anything Natural That Works for Hot Flashes?
  127. Im Back From My Trip-Feeling Terrible!
  128. Emotional impact of Peri and being childless
  129. Menopause question regarding hot flashes
  130. Menopause and DDD...is there a link???
  131. Night sweats? and hot flash symptoms?
  132. Normal periods, could it still be peri?
  133. I wish somebody would have warned me
  134. Ovarian Cyst questions
  135. could it be...
  136. does anyone get any good days?
  137. Do you find symptoms keeping coming back after being gone for awhile?
  138. urinary burning
  139. At what age did you start perimenopause?
  140. Help!
  141. what comes first the anxiety or the tummy problems
  142. got a few questions about menopause, please help.
  143. Getting closer to menopause???
  144. Anemia During Peri-menopause
  145. Newly Diagnosed, Can't take HRT
  146. when & how much of calcium/magnisium?
  147. Side effects of Birth Control?
  148. what is a phanton period?
  149. Insecurity/Jealous
  150. Peri symptom?
  151. BCP Question - I Messed Up!
  152. skipped period/heavier flow afterwards?
  153. Is trembling one of the dreaded symptoms?
  154. progesterone cream - # of days?
  155. Crazy period(s)
  156. how do you satisfy your sweet cravings?
  157. Hot Flashes
  158. Fear of things
  159. headaches?
  160. anyone use testosterone cream?
  161. ovarian overload,is nobody having this problem
  162. Another guy butting in
  163. Does my body have a new & icky odor?
  164. What is your most troublesome symptom?
  165. I'm 23 and Going through menopause????
  166. Handling Outbursts at Loved Ones
  167. ovarian overload
  168. peri-menopause & pmdd anyone?
  169. Acid Indigestion
  170. What menopause books do you recommend ?
  171. Unexpected Period
  172. Vulvar pain and weight loss instead of gain
  173. At what age did you start missing periods
  174. Pulse in the ears along with the ringing
  175. Update from WVAngel
  176. When did your periods become longer and longer inbetween
  177. I forgot!!!!! So darn tired all the time!
  178. Feeling lost
  179. Is congestion a part of peri?
  180. Hello everyone! Update!
  181. Dry eyes - visual duisturbances
  182. Inner shaking and quivering
  183. My Period Won't End!! PLEASE HELP!
  184. Question on Perimenopause Symptoms
  185. Never ending period, please help with advice!
  186. Dizziness?
  187. What does a heart palpitation feel like?
  188. Feel worse after finally having period
  189. Urinary frequency and breathlessness
  190. backache
  191. Is the premarin or coincidence ?
  192. MD says no... Grrrrr!!!!
  193. Not Sure If This Is A Peri Symptom
  194. Hot flashes?
  195. Dhea
  196. Estrogen creams and cancer?
  197. Blowing off steam! Anyone else?
  198. No Period for 8 Months Now Heavy Flow
  199. For Jackie - calcium question
  200. Low body temperature--what does this mean?
  201. i need help
  202. Help- Prometruim
  203. Peri at 35???? Please help me
  204. Symptoms Gone Using Weights at Home
  205. Trouble with h.r.t
  206. Vitamin E, how much do you take?
  207. Sharp pain in ovary
  208. -
  209. Is this a symptom?
  210. Visual disturbance..is this a symptom?
  211. New book with a hilarious title that I think will really help!
  212. No sleep, no energy and singing tonight
  213. Foul Odor
  214. period type pain
  215. hormone therapy?
  216. Could someone pls help with Fish Oil and Multi choices?
  217. Symptoms still severe, but health anxiety has settled dow a bit...
  218. Perimenopause
  219. Persistent cramps
  220. Vitamin Supplements And Extreme Tiredness
  221. 35 Menopausal Symptoms
  222. Prempro-does anyone take this?
  223. My foots buzzing!
  224. saw my OB
  225. Peri Menopause?
  226. Can ortho tricyclen really help???
  227. Update
  228. Perimenopause? Please help.
  229. Is this normal? Pls help!
  230. Very worst evening of peri symptoms so far!
  231. 46 & Wondering What's Going On
  232. Prometrium- Pros/Cons/Side Effects??????
  233. Weird Feelings
  234. Please tell me this is normal.
  235. My doctor said anxiety and depression NOT caused by peri
  236. Sex drive dead
  237. New to Board and Need Advice
  238. Weird finding....
  239. New member
  240. How do you deal with the irritability caused by peri?
  241. Question about natural progesterone cream
  242. Bleeding/Spotting between periods
  243. Waking Up Too Early in the Mornings
  244. Do you just want to be home in the evenings?
  245. natural progesterone cream in the uk
  246. questions
  247. Wow, the Ortho Tri Cyclen seems to be doing me good
  248. I've decided to keep a peri journal!
  249. Getting Concerned
  250. Middle age spread

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