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  1. Low Testosterone and Sleep Apnea
  2. Do I have Primary or Secondary Hypogonadism?
  3. Memory Loss
  4. acidity and pain in stomach
  5. fish and milk
  6. tricep tear
  7. new to HCG, need help please!
  8. what could yellow bumps when i ejaculate be?
  9. low testesterone good sperm count
  10. How far back should my foreskin retract?
  11. Help Worried About Pubic Area
  12. Testicular problem
  13. Low T/Viraloid
  14. Guys, when did your gynecomastia go away?
  15. hcg
  16. Just started Testosterone injections, question?
  17. why do i have pain in my left testical
  18. Gynecomastia and Myomin
  19. Odd 'bumps' on penile shaft.
  20. Lump on right testicle.
  21. Private parts hygiene
  22. What's wrong with me??
  23. PPP or Cyst?
  24. Confused
  25. Long term testosterone and thyroid therapy added problems HELP!
  26. Medium sized lump on outside of scrotum
  27. Tightened foreskin and cuts
  28. groin
  29. Foreskin tightness.
  30. new with some questions
  31. Where should levels be?
  32. Very Curious
  33. Swollen testicle, painful urination, and blood in semen, New Here Need Help!
  34. Testosterone Replacement Experience?
  35. estrogen erections
  36. what can i do to stop my wet dreams
  37. sore breasts
  38. Dont know what it is please can anyone help?
  39. Very unsure! Please help
  40. Rolled the skin up on my penis now its swollen
  41. torn Frenulum
  42. Conundrum: castrated, but high testosterone on Androgel
  43. Spots on scortum?
  44. side affects of testim
  45. itchy inner thigh lower butt and genitals
  46. helppp
  47. Hard, white skin on penis...from masturbation?
  48. Is this something I should be worried about?
  49. Odd lump in pubic region.
  50. my forskin wont go back over my penis
  51. New to Testim, concerned, need advice
  52. Extremely pronounced dorsal vein on left of penis, but no pain
  53. Phimosis
  54. Anyone on Arimidex/anastrozole?
  55. Ejaculation-Pain at the base of the neck
  56. Help me please!
  57. Terrible itching
  58. Bumpy Foreskin
  59. can vigorous exercise and dieting cause burst blood vessels / capilarries?
  60. testicles behaving strangely - verdict?
  61. What can cause a man to be too thin?
  62. Dry skin under penis rim only when erect?
  63. Passing seamen
  64. Frenulum scar causing pain. No solution?
  65. Lab results, currently on TRT
  66. White residue from Androgel
  67. Eczema? Itchy, smelly!
  68. Low sperm count and no motility
  69. what is the cause of white crust on base of the glans penis
  70. In need of some advice re penis and foreskin.
  71. what is precum leakage?
  72. 32yo male exercise regimen, 6-pack? Toning?
  73. urethra in two pieces
  74. Horny Goat Weed
  75. Bump on Penis
  76. Phismosis Q's: Head sensitivity and the frenulum
  77. Hair problem
  78. Atenol and Zocor affect upcoming Vasectomy ?
  79. worried about BXO, have seen 2 doctors
  80. pearly penile papules?
  81. What the heck is wrong with me
  82. Ringed lump under nipple.
  83. Std?
  84. Sore Left Testicle
  85. F to M Trans and Testosterone
  86. why should I not apply androgel to my penis or scroutm
  87. Red Scrotum; General Questions
  88. Blisters on inner thigh
  89. Ongoing penis problem...
  90. Mri results
  91. am losing my hair and am too young for that!
  92. i think i may have piles
  93. Cycling Androgel with clomid
  94. pelvic/genital imflamation and excessive heat.
  95. Reduced ejaculate
  96. Calling orion (about tonsil stones)
  97. Discomfort in left testicle & in my left side
  98. my problem
  99. Low testosterone, slightly high TSH- began testosterone therapy (labs included)
  100. Lower abdominal pain right side when having sex
  101. HIFU for Prostrate Cancer
  102. Dark spot on penis
  103. Relief for “Red Scrotum Syndrome”
  104. Clomid for low T?
  105. sunkin nipples on a man
  107. Irritated meatus(possibly enlarged)
  108. Foreskin Issue
  109. little white pimples on the foreskin
  110. Loss of EQ and glans sensitivity after just one jelqing session
  111. Low sex drive(16 year old)
  112. Neck pain
  113. Allergic to gf before her period? is this possible?
  114. Low Testerone -- Worried about cause
  115. Problem going to the toilet
  116. Decreased ejaculate - very recent!
  117. Pearly penile papules treatment removal in Los Angeles???
  118. Treatment for Male Yeast infection...
  119. Lump on foreskin for 6 months
  120. Red Sore Ontop of ForeSkin
  121. Red Sore on TOP of Foreskin
  122. Black Marks on Mouth and Penis
  123. Purulent Discharge + Right Testicle has a Burning Sensation
  124. my penis lose colour
  125. Lack of body hair
  126. Is HRT right for me? What other tests should I get?
  127. how to make strong the sperm
  128. Hello + Help me diagnose Quad tingle/numbness....
  129. Weird vein.
  130. Height
  131. testicular pain
  132. Occasional pain in right testicle
  133. sigmiod sphincter is contracted for too long!
  134. Dry skin
  135. Elongated "bump" on the anus
  136. Sweating way too much!!!
  137. small growth on my testicles
  138. Do i have hgh deficiency or hypogonadism
  139. ParaPhimosis - Treatments other than Circumcision
  140. morning sweats
  141. Testosterone shots - how often?
  142. Itchy anus...
  143. dizziness..
  144. Frenulum tear!
  145. Tight foreskin for the first time as adult, desperate for help
  146. Lump on left testi that goes away and comes back
  147. Bad pain when urinating this morning.
  148. Foreskin help!!!
  149. sperm in urine
  150. Tight Foreskin and Stinging
  151. Hematospermia?
  152. Intact adult, frenum breve? need advice
  153. Varicose Vein under foreskin
  154. panic attack or not?
  155. leaking penis
  156. red bump on side of penis - please help
  157. need help please!!!:[
  158. testicle pain
  159. what causes a red scrotem
  160. small bump on penile shaft
  161. Extremely hard scab like white crust on the outside of foreskin
  162. White spots on foreskin
  163. Many hormone questions - testosterone replacement & more
  164. Men height
  165. Long Term Testicular Pain
  166. Gf & I - smelly genitals
  167. strange feeling when ejaculating or peeing
  168. Swollen Eyes & Testicles Help
  169. how long does it take for testosterone replacement injections to work
  170. What is this spot on my penis glans?
  171. Testosterone levels
  172. Low T: Running out of options
  173. left testicle
  174. Yellow urine
  175. my penis is red, sore,burning and so are my balls
  176. Sore red and swollen foresking, burning sensation in frenulum and urethra Please Help
  177. What could this raise bump on my shaft be?
  178. groin pain and diarrhea
  179. Bump on scrotum
  180. Hypogoandism or something else?
  181. pain in my testicles when i lie on my front
  182. Is this normal when using Testim?
  183. What is this on my inner thigh?
  184. Glans swells when erect?
  185. vision problem
  186. body vibration
  187. Hydrocele (scrotum) in adults
  188. how many times can you go on viagra
  189. Husband went to 10mg Androgel/please help
  190. Headache after ejaculation
  191. pee questions
  192. Moluscum problem
  193. My penis head is dry and flaking! Pls Help This is driving me nuts!
  194. Hypogonadism and ED
  195. how to resolve the problem of semen in urine
  196. Low T and AndroGel maybe not working
  197. I am 75 and having Prostate problem
  198. Decreased ejaculate volume. Why???
  199. Pain under left arm pit into chest
  200. plz help me
  201. Help please just back from doctor, new symptoms
  202. What is this? (cancer)?
  203. Pump vrs sachets
  204. Need help interpreting Free and Total Testosterone Levels
  205. Low T & treatments?
  206. Low T & treatments?
  207. i cut my foreskin and need help
  208. Unlar nerve problems after surgery
  209. Yeast Infection or simply irritated?
  210. Dry Flaky skin on Glans
  211. Shrinkage of Penis
  212. Need some help!!....
  213. shiny, scaly, blotchy penis head
  214. Been on Testosterone For 4 yrs - wondering about getting off
  215. Injected tesosterone in blood vessel I think-question about this
  216. redness on head of penis and red scrotum
  217. Small Bump on penis
  218. androgel/testogel question
  219. lack of libido what to do
  220. what can replace androgel testosterone gel
  221. Burn When Peeing
  222. facial hair
  223. bad reaction to arimidex?
  224. Yellow Semen, UTI or STD...or nothing?
  225. why does my erection go up
  226. Dermatologist full body exam ? ? ?
  227. painful balls
  228. Blood in semen after blue balls
  229. what is the best cure for male yeast infection
  230. Swelling of testicles after surgery
  231. Bicep question
  232. Please Help!!!!! Itching Penis
  233. expired androgel ok?
  234. groin fungal infection and sex
  235. what the heck!
  236. bubble in my ball sack
  237. Testosterone Cyp SDV and MDV
  238. willl my penis and testicles still grow? I'm 18?
  239. sore head of penis
  240. does low testosterone levels prevent me from getting my wife pregnant?
  241. what type dressing do i use on draining boil in coccyx area
  242. blood coming from head of penis
  243. Please help with testosterone
  244. Urinary problem?
  245. Testicle Pain and Prostate-like symptoms
  246. can you help
  247. The penile fart...peweef
  248. Glands problem i think...
  249. A patient with unknown disorder
  250. Symptoms of low T?

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