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  1. Why does my navel hurt?
  2. Red spots around groin region
  3. penis issue
  4. Scrotal cysts
  5. Penile Implants
  6. how to get rid fordyce spots foreskin
  7. Testerone shot
  8. moles on scrotum
  9. Painful Vein on Left Side of Penis
  10. Foreskin nightmare, some one please help
  11. Dry, Itchy, flaky skin
  12. Help with my weight loss plan
  13. Boy in a lot of pain: foreskin coming back and off the head of penis
  14. spasm in right testicle
  15. Pain lower left between Ribs, and hip
  16. how to make a cyst go down
  17. Unretractable foreskin. Do I have BXO?
  18. Itchy Penis with white discharge
  19. how to know if your testicle is dead
  20. thick blood
  21. Please can anyone tell how to apply Hydrogen peroxide?
  22. Fever for more than 4 days
  23. Two Possibly Related Problems: Itching on penis and anus
  24. Black mark(strip) on the penis shaft (lower)
  25. hairy arms
  26. hard, raised, painful, red bump in groin area?
  27. What is this? Please help!
  28. Groin Pain
  29. Penis is red, dry, and itchy on underside
  30. Retracting foreskin in public pool shower
  31. Unknown sore around the waste line??
  32. My Diagnosis: "Itchy scrotum"
  33. Pain in the Testicles
  34. High Iron but Low ferritin
  35. Anal Moisture/Blood/Odour
  36. Chronic Red Burning Scrotum
  37. T Issues - Clomid vs HCG
  38. Large Blood Blister or Bruise on Penis Shaft
  39. Penis related questions (Please answer its urgent!)
  40. why would a male have one sore swollen nipple
  41. Genital warts
  42. Itching Penis
  43. Regarding a red lump amongst pubic hair
  44. Does skin become dry and flaky with the use of Miconazole Nitrate Cream?
  45. uncut
  46. foreskin rip
  47. Low DHEA and Testosterone please help !!!
  48. Could I have low test?
  49. Newbie to Testosterone
  50. Todler with circumcision issue. Please help!
  51. Adjusting Testosterone injections
  52. Withdrawn testicles
  53. Chronic Prostititis issue
  54. Where to get circumcised?
  55. Question about foreskin stretching
  56. how long for urethritis to heal
  57. tretinoin as a "cure" for fordyce spots
  58. Odor in between the thigh
  59. Slight pain in the penis & itchy foreskin
  60. Frequent night urination
  61. testosterone gel
  62. foreskin got cut and blood came out
  63. Medical or checkup
  64. Erectile Dysfunction
  65. does propecia work
  66. idk
  67. Phimosis Cured - I Think?
  68. Torn my frenulum weeks ago - pain and possible scarring still persist
  69. Foul smell semenal discharge
  70. Low t, low iron, depression, 19 yr old
  71. Any guesses on what's causing these results?
  72. Bump on Scrotum
  73. Gettin an erection
  74. New to HRT. What should I expect?
  75. Pain in Inner Thighs
  76. lichen planus
  77. I just noticed this today. Scrotum feels rough and possibly scabbed over.
  78. hole
  79. high ferritin causing low testosterone
  80. Smoking - How much can it lower testosterone
  81. tight frenulum and tight forskin....
  82. Penis Skin Cracking...
  83. Dry glans after using lotion
  84. clomid or Hcg for low T
  85. First day of foreskin stretching, some questions...
  86. Neck pain
  87. Male thrush a few questions
  88. Just found out I have low T
  89. puberty
  90. Normal T level while taking TRT
  91. what is blood bumps on my nuts
  92. Concerned about infertility from Andro Gel
  93. penile papules
  94. penis problem please help !
  95. cracking of penis
  96. sometimes my penis does not get that much erection?
  97. pressure on prostate
  98. Constant Dizziness/Lightheadedness & Chest Feelings
  99. red puffy sore on pelvis?
  100. Low testosterone, high FSH and LH
  101. Pimples on my testicles and penis
  102. ed
  103. Smegma build up/cause, help treatment
  104. Breast bone larger than other (Men)
  105. cholesterol help please
  106. white dots in the inner side lips
  107. Whats going on with me?
  108. Feels like i have to pee but semen flows out instead
  109. difficulty weeing
  110. Itchy anus is taking over my life
  111. Chronic inflammation on head of penis. Circumcision necessary?
  112. Extreme sensitivity and discomfort during sex
  113. Frenulum breve - but only when flaccid?
  114. Injection problems
  115. why am not getting semen?
  116. Sexual abnormality
  117. Poo'ing after pee'ing
  118. bruises on penis
  119. foreskin
  120. Low t treatment, higher dose needed?
  121. Blood Flow/Erection problem
  122. Sudden smegma is seen more
  123. Frenulum feels like its going to snap.
  124. Wart on penis?
  125. DHEA supplements and T replacement
  126. DHEA Supplements for Men
  127. is this herpes.....
  128. What to do after preputioplasty/frenuloplasty?
  129. testicle/lower abdominal pain
  130. rash on palms
  131. advice with body changes
  132. How to inject Testosterone from a different routine
  133. testical problem
  134. please help with my rash!
  135. Phimosis problem!!
  136. Foreskin -URGENT HELP-
  137. foreskin help
  138. White Residue on Pubic Hair behind testicles
  139. Blood blisters on base of penis?
  140. Hepatitis B "window period"
  141. Oligospermia
  142. Small dark patch on inner foreskin.
  143. Fish like smell and slight discharge like substance.
  144. Varicocele and testicular atrophy; should I wait or will it worsen?
  145. Testosterones Quickness
  146. Penis getting shorter and thinner
  147. High level of FSH nd LH
  148. high prolactin, low testoterone, adenoma
  149. Scrotume bleeding - No apparent cause.
  150. how to get rid of inflammation in the testicle
  151. Help ejaculating problem
  152. Low Testosterone Levels with TRT Could someone help explain this to me.
  153. Solutions for low Testosterone
  154. Question - Someone answer
  155. New Testosterone labs
  156. not sure what this is ???
  157. Just discovered--low 'T'....
  158. Just found out I have PPP
  159. 23 yrs old, low T
  160. Low LH, FSH and Testosterone
  161. what if normal human body temperature is less than 98.7 degreesF
  162. Physical coming up...
  163. Elevated FSH/LH
  164. Vein on scrotum
  165. will it rip again...?
  166. Endo in Maine
  167. bulge or lump next to testicle
  168. Help, test results back
  169. Masturbation problems..
  170. Symptoms of low testosterone, with recent blood test results
  171. Estandron
  172. Do I have an STD?
  173. Need advice on tight foreskin
  174. Hole of Penis almost closed, scheduled for a meatotomy
  175. cyst or ingrown hair?
  176. Blood Test To Check My Health
  177. Varicocele Nightmare
  178. Why does my wifes bedroom smell in the morning
  179. Low Testosterone: Feel like I missed out on my twenties
  180. Loose foreskin
  181. glans
  182. Foreskin Problem
  183. testicle pain
  184. varicose vein pain after ejaculation
  185. Very low testosterone level..Help
  186. adhesions ? and a few more questions
  187. Blood work back testosterone readings low
  188. Pain in lower abdomen down to testicles
  189. Pulled groin in agony
  190. testostrone levels????
  191. Anyone have or had a Varicocele?
  192. scrotadynia
  193. Effects of Dropping Testosterone
  194. Scars on penis? Very sore.
  195. Disease Risk - Toilet Seat
  196. Daily Cialis
  197. The Pain
  198. endocrinology
  199. Is this an ingrown hair ? Really worried - please add suggestions!
  200. hirsuties papillaris genitalis
  201. testicles
  202. have a strange question
  203. Retraction and foreskin
  204. Testosterone replacement-question
  205. one hard lump under foreskin since childhood
  206. Swelling of "ring" around head -- post-circumcision
  207. Aftter Prostate biopsy
  208. pubic boil?
  209. Help! I need advice. Low testosterone w/ lab results for reference
  210. my foreskin has swollen and split overnight?
  211. 7 years of 'left body tightness' caused by acquired undescended testicle?
  212. Bad Anxiety and Fatigue. Can anybody help?
  213. Sore Balls From Getting Hit In The Testicles
  214. small bumps on penis, help
  215. flaky and red bumps on penis head
  216. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  217. Please help quickly...Severe lower abdominal bloating!!
  218. Pimples on crotch areaa
  219. Anyone here takes levothyroxine, synthroid, or armour For HypoThyroid?
  220. STD or UTI ?
  221. Swollen and painful left testicle
  222. (possibly) varicocele and testicle pain
  223. PPP effect
  224. testes shrinkage
  225. How do you guys feel after being on TRT?
  226. how to get rid of pain in testicles
  227. Foreskin & Frenulum
  228. Testicular implant...still possible?
  229. Pearly Penile Papule Procedure?
  230. Does anyone know if taking testosterone cause zero sperm counts?
  231. testical hit by a hard tennis ball
  232. HELP! Scared to Death
  233. Testosterone Test fasting? How about Carbo Loading?
  234. One year on T cyp
  235. I Have An Important Question
  236. Menengitis, Sore Throat, Help please
  237. Testosterone Shots hurt prostate
  238. Weird legs, how can i improve?
  239. plz b fine
  240. Testosterone experts help, something out of order?
  241. please help :'(
  242. testosterone side effects- water retention
  243. foreskin tearing
  244. Question on whether to have or not have Varicocele surgery.
  245. adhesion of the foreskin
  246. What can i do about my anxiety? Does Low Testosterone Have any link with Anxity?
  247. I have a Redish purplish bump in my pubic area????
  248. problems after paraphimosis - how to avoid circumscison?
  249. Need arguments to avoid circumcision
  250. foreskin

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