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  1. HELP, Total Testosterone Levels....
  2. 29 and low T for years
  3. Right testice pain - Ligament or something else?
  4. how to get rid of bumps on penis
  5. Bunch of doctors, still need help!
  6. Papules, or something else?
  7. my foreskin does not roll all the way back when erected???
  8. Pain in right ball occasionally when i move right leg
  9. 20 years old With Low Testosterone
  10. Penile Injury
  11. Stretching Duration?
  12. Low testosterone
  13. I'm accidentally hitting my Privates often, permanent damage?
  14. who has tried the pills/ patches
  15. Testosterone sideffects
  16. Peeling, irritation, swelling...
  17. Testicular pain - can be completely corrected with some handling
  18. Low T, estradiol and fatigue
  19. Foreskin does not fully cover anymore
  20. small bright spot on penis
  21. Pain in pubic area
  22. Rotating testicle
  23. bump between my ribs
  24. testicle discomfort
  25. Help Please Scrotum Redness/ Bumps!
  26. should i go to the doctor for boil
  27. Wheat grain sized cyst on back of right testicle
  28. need advice, low t
  29. Paraphimosis? or what? advice please
  30. lump
  31. vibrating feeling in the groin area
  32. Can I have erections 2 month after breaking my penis (Penile Fracture)?
  33. Whats the matter with my Husband?
  34. Low testosterone & Vit D 28 yo male
  35. What are these bumps on my penis?
  36. Non- retracting forskin
  37. Hair Growth
  38. Weak urination...pee is in two streams
  39. Spot On Penis
  40. 18 year old with SVT?
  41. Lump/swelling above right testicle?
  42. light head sweating chocolate
  43. Very High Cholesterol
  44. Exercise to rid Man-Boobs
  45. bruising on penis?
  46. how does testosterone shots work
  47. Testicular Pain. . .
  48. Male Nipple Issue -- What is it? How to fix? Gyno?
  49. what is the meaning of a yellowish sperm?
  50. when do men stop growing
  51. i have anal warts
  52. i have a red bump in pubic area
  53. testicles
  54. Help! My Dad can't pee!
  55. fordyce spots on the penis
  56. HELP Huge Ball after vasectomy
  57. stings when i urinate
  58. Prostate Sharp Pain
  59. Pain after Ejaculation
  60. testicals how are they suppose to feel
  61. how to make strong sperm for men
  62. Small bump on top of right testicle
  63. penis stings when shake after peeing
  64. what are black dots on penis
  65. how can I make my sperm strong
  66. Issue with penis
  67. When i see a girl my penis is dischaged help me
  68. what should testosterone level be
  69. how much cc of testosterone a 52 years old man need
  70. Gynecomastia (male breast)
  71. I don't have pain but a white penis discharge
  72. Damaged penis?
  73. how to get rid of pearly penile papules
  74. how to pull foreskin over penis head
  75. burning sensation
  76. What option is better for me ?
  77. lower SHBG levels
  78. I have a tight foreskin
  79. how to pull back the foreskin?
  80. Lump on penis
  81. I had a circumcision
  82. Many problems in my left side of body
  83. Anal Pain
  84. Sore Penis
  85. when do men stop growing
  86. testosterone injcation for how long do I have take
  87. Prostate laser surgery
  88. Genital Wart
  89. Priapism
  90. punishments
  91. Vibration in my groin area
  92. Hurting
  93. gel too expensive, cream not working
  94. large varicose veins in penis
  95. Chronic problem
  96. how do u know if you have a low sperm count
  97. enlarged growth attached to my right testicle
  98. Problem With Foreskin
  99. Ppp
  100. my penis is small
  101. is it safe to go for circumcision at the age of 45?
  102. TRT: when to expect results ?
  103. Infected?
  104. what happens if i stop taking testosterone
  105. How to wipe your rear end to avoid skid marks in your underpants.
  106. what to do if red spotty foreskin
  107. How much Magnesium should I take for Leg Cramps that happen in the Morning?
  108. test results back
  109. does androgel maximizer work
  110. hcg use in hypogonadism
  111. Urethral inflammation - Looks like urethritis, but tested negative. Suggestions?
  112. Sore penis
  113. green tongue
  114. how to straight tilted penis by home methods
  115. Betamethasone 1% cream or ointment for Phimosis?
  116. Testical Pain...please help!
  117. low testosterone?
  118. when i urinate after having a cystoscopy
  119. Pretty sure not an STD
  120. That smegma question
  121. A white buildup
  122. how much for ppp laser removal?
  123. right testicle aches
  124. pre-seminal fluid
  125. i am bleeding in the penis
  126. Bloodwork
  127. weak semen
  128. Some questions about the glans and phimosis.
  129. low testosterone?
  130. Urethra opening at an angle?
  131. hurts when I get an erection
  132. Jock itch and sex.
  133. semen comes out without sex
  134. low testosterone
  135. mild sensation of muscle vibration in chest
  136. testicles hurt
  137. Ppp?
  138. taking AndroGel
  139. creatine
  140. what make sperm strong
  141. my penis stings when i pee
  142. >>> NEED Help with CBC Hemoglobin results
  143. Noctunal penile tumescence
  144. why would my testicles itch
  145. Shaving help, Electric vs Manual shaving?
  146. Baby after Vasectomy
  147. testical discomfort when sitting down
  148. High Free T, Normal Total T!?!
  149. ct scan
  150. i have these white spots...
  151. testosterone
  152. how fast does testosterone work
  153. right age for the foreskin of a penis to slip back?
  154. why is there a dark line under my uncercumsized penis
  155. how to know my sperm is strong
  156. Androlgel and oral sex
  157. how to improve sperm count after varicocele surgery
  158. Red bump on pee hole
  159. Pearly penile papules
  160. Clomid Treatment for low T
  161. does the lab have the right to not give you results
  162. Blood test results - are these normal or what?
  163. itchy penis rash?
  164. What is the clear stuff on the sperm
  165. Problem with genitals! SCARED!
  166. Stinging Anus
  167. Possible yeast infection?
  168. penis burns ejeculate
  169. penis burns ejeculate
  170.  how to let the penis head out
  171. foreskin
  172. foreskin wont move further down than the penis head?
  173. cancer/herpes
  174. testerone for antiaging & small penis?
  175. i never had sexual intercourse but have a small white pimple
  176. testicular pain
  177. Male with Puffy nipples plz help
  178. PAIN !! HELP ME PLEASE white discharge from penis
  179. HIGH FSH levels IN MEN mean ?
  180. Hirsuties papillaris Genitalis
  181. how to make strong sperm
  182. ED after infection
  183. 2.9 lh 2.9 fsh what does this mean in humans
  184. how to remove the whitish bumps on the penis
  185. what effect does masturbation have on male hormones?
  186. what is the volume of a mildly enlarged prostate
  187. Never went through puberty? My puzzling case.
  188. urethritis caused by masturbation
  189. vibration in left lower abdomen
  190. testosterone hormone 5mg dose
  191. most older men need extra testosterone?
  192. cosmetic surgery to shorten the penis?
  193. tiny white sacs near frenulum
  194. Painful balls
  195. Rarely have erections in the morning
  196. Lump on penis under the skin, what is it?
  197. New Member, Sit Up Question
  198. foreskin
  199. Pubic red spots
  200. Yes, more foreskin issues...
  201. Am i having some sort of heart attack?
  202. how you get ppp
  203. DHEA helped... then quit
  204. Cavarject unavailable
  205. penis burn- how long does it take to heal?
  206. Red bump on penis
  207. Swollen ''bump'' below my rear [Really didn't know where to post this]
  208. Penis
  209. what does it mean when your balls swell and hurt
  210. residue under foreskin of penis and odor
  211. Partially fused.
  212. testicle
  213. Varicocele
  214. Cant pull foreskin back when erect or flaccid (soft)
  215. Bxo
  216. Uncut questions.
  217. elevated prostrate levels
  218. >>>>> Hemoglobin/RBC/Hematocrit Normal?
  219. Black heads on the penis
  220. lump on shaft? Lymphocele?
  221. why is my penis parallel to my stomach
  222. Showering With Other Men
  223. Odor
  224. Fraenular Sharp and others
  225. Pain in testicles
  226. Androgel and Fertile Young Men
  227. Androgel therapy and shrinkage
  228. hypospadias defect?
  229. does Rogaine really work?
  230. Sore penis
  231. testicles hurt when urinating
  232. No semen! =(
  233. Right testosterone analysis?
  234. red dry penis and foreskin CHRONIC!
  235. steroids STEROIDS help ?? HELP
  236. why am I peeng blood?
  237. My legs are achy, am I getting sick?
  238. question about vericocele
  239. normal total t, high free t on replacement
  240. tips on how to grow beard and moustache.
  241. Testical or scrotum discomfort
  242. why do u take testosterone injection
  243. can chinese herbs cause ED or low sex drive?
  244. saliva or blood testosterone tests accurate?
  245. testicle
  246. Constant Mild Pain in Lower Abdomin? help.
  247. Unwanted erections
  248. how can i check if my sperm is strong enough to make babies
  249. did male masturbation cause kidney failure
  250. Some more phimosis q's

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