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  1. 2nd set of test results
  2. My saliva test results
  3. I can't stop from getting cuts when Shaving, how bad is it?
  4. An Urgent and a Not-So-Urgent Question
  5. short foreskin?
  6. Testicle Bump..PLEASE help.
  7. Phimosis Help'
  8. Small Penis
  9. Phimosis at 15?
  10. pubs area
  11. Varicocele embolization questions
  12. pain in left testicle....please help!
  13. paranioa
  14. Primary Doctor Didn't do additional Testing when Low Testosterone result came back
  15. Coming Off Hrt
  16. what is a small hard lump on my testicles
  17. Help! I cannot stop the itching..
  18. testesterone defeciency
  19. Foreskin Problem
  20. Testosterone therapy
  21. Help with Phimosis cure and topical application.
  22. Can I stop TRT?
  23. how to increase testical size
  24. unusual pimple(?) on shaft of penis skin- please help
  25. How effective are vasectomies?
  26. vasectomy
  27. how to make a penis less sensitive
  28. is it possible for the foreskin to be too long?
  29. Has Anyone Had Elevated PSA Levels?
  30. How Long Does The Swelling Take To Go Down After Circumcision
  31. Chronic Red Burning Scrotum Thread 2
  32. Late growth spurt
  33. TransUrethral Microwave Therapy
  34. how long would it take a low sperm count to reach the egg?
  35. HPV or PPP
  36. Smelly Crotch
  37. Foreskin will not retract due to vein.
  38. how to keep foreskin back all the time
  39. Cracking sound from penis during sex?
  40. low t
  41. what do clear sperm mean
  42. Lump and Abdomen Pain
  43. penis and scrotum dragging feeling
  44. Testicular pain, need advice.
  45. what makes scrotum shrink?
  46. Testicle Pain
  47. Flomax and dizziness
  48. yellow sperm
  49. AT A Loss
  50. Chest Waxing
  51. extremely small lump in left testicle
  52. How to Treat a Cut on the penis
  53. I got circumcised a week ago
  54. Hard Yellow Bump on Side of Penis
  55. 22yr old with low T
  56. TUMT Has anyone had it?
  57. if you do not ejaculate is your semen dead
  58. Hives in scrotum area
  59. Strain or worse? (testicular)
  60. Weird bumps
  61. Cysts/pimples covering scrotum
  62. left epididymis has a dull pain
  63. Problems with sweaty crotch area....
  64. gynecomastia surgery
  65. Undescended testicle (19 years old)
  66. Low T - Doctor and Lab tests
  67. can anybody recomend otc testosterone
  68. From tight foreskin to loose
  69. Im a male and It burns when I pee
  70. semen ingestion
  71. Erection Discomfort
  72. Common problem but no answers
  73. Testosterone, Free And Total Lab Results
  74. who has sucessfully treated fordyce spots on the lips?
  75. worried about my scrotum
  76. I Have Never Retracted My Foreskin (19 years)
  77. penis
  78. Red scrotum/frequent urination after ejaculation
  79. itchy penis
  80. Chronic Pain & Lump In Testicles. Two Docs, One Wants Surgery & Other Says No
  81. Recently found out I have Phimosis, Zoon Balanitis, and Frenulum Breve...
  82. Help Me out here, Young, But having pains, Please
  83. Boyfriend w/high psa and enlarged prostate
  84. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  85. Top of foreskin swollen
  86. Anyone had this pain above testies and around base of penis??
  87. tingling
  88. How often do you visit a low T doctor
  89. Pain at Base of Penis, (Vein?Ligament??)
  90. hanging testicle
  91. A Thought about Atrophy
  92. Insatiable back itch
  93. how much does your sperm count have to be to do artificial insemmination
  94. "Emergency" Question - Penis Problem
  95. Slight pain in left testicle
  96. How Did My Testosterone Number Double Without Supplements?
  97. Pain and Discomfort in testicle when erections
  98. what can one do to correct low sperm count
  99. 3 black dots
  100. Whats going on, Penis seems retracted?
  101. penis
  102. Testosterone, Libido & Insomnia Question
  103. Testosterone Therapy/Maintaining Testicular Function & Fertililty/HCG & Clomid
  104. yikes!.. hair/ hairline now getting thinner!
  105. Low T
  106. why does ur scrotum
  107. lump on top of penis
  108. Stagered AndroGel application
  109. why would testicales swell
  110. Testicular problem
  111. new Testosterone Numbers, low LH
  112. penis
  113. unusual weight gain and bad gas
  114. when does a guy penis stop growing
  115. A second glans?
  116. Questions about boyfriend's elevated PSA
  117. Raw, red patches on penis.
  118. Flaccid Penis Size
  119. Dorsal Slit Q's
  120. how to thick semen
  121. no sex drive-been on T-shots almost 2 years - what could be the problem?
  122. testosterone dosage?
  123. I think one of my testicles is shrinking...
  124. terminal milky urine
  125. Jock Itch?
  126. low testosterone during puberty
  127. Itchy Scrotum (please help)
  128. Androderm - Recurrent Rash under Patch
  129. Androderm 5 Mg Patch and Still Low Testosterone
  130. My Testosterone Levels Doubled???
  131. 7 years of pain and still looking for diagnosis
  132. GH or IGF-1?
  133. Phimosis, Seeing Urologist
  134. Sore nipples
  135. Hold your testicles and cough test
  136. Anal Concern?
  137. penile implant
  138. ******** growths or cysts
  139. False Positive PSA LEVELS Test Results
  140. how a doctor exams a foreskin during a physical
  141. Help with thryoid
  142. rash on penis
  143. Testosterone levels...second test results
  144. Late Puberty at 15
  145. Lump
  146. Have a painful bump/bruise right below my stomach.
  147. Testicle Cough Test - Help!
  148. Please Help I'm a guy with a fat butt
  149. can estrone and estradiol get too low?
  150. circumcised
  151. Small pimple like bumps on penis and scrotum
  152. Any nerve link between your penis and belly button????
  153. Success story?!
  154. Testicle Pain
  155. fungal infection
  156. salt
  157. Questions about tight foreskin of the penis
  158. Prostate Biopsy Has Anyone Had It Done?
  159. what are the symtoms of low testosterones?
  160. Question
  161. Men's depilatories
  162. men's mustache
  163. i got a question
  164. Possible Foreskin Infection
  165. hi
  166. how to remove hair around the *** area
  167. Getting dorsal slit done
  168. Need Betamethasone or alternative for Phimosis
  169. Prostate Biopsy How Bad Is It?
  170. Right testical pain
  171. Hypothyroid and Low T
  172. heart pounding after eating meals
  173. Chronic Itch
  174. An Adhesion
  175. pomegranate juice
  176. pain and shrinkage in left testicle
  177. Growth Hormone deficiency
  178. why is there blood coming out of my penis
  179. small white bumps on my penis that dont go away and dont bother me
  180. Constant Dizziness
  181. i have a pain in my testicle what could it be
  182. could taking lisinopril cause ed
  183. Simultaneous pain in glans and big toe
  184. what causes my left testical to hurt?
  185. Do these T levels Warrant T Therapy?
  186. what makes beard grow
  187. 7 million sperm count question
  188. Androgel Roller coaster update
  189. Full Prostate Bad?
  190. dots on penis?
  191. black colourd spot/mole on upper thight
  192. Didn't know where else to put this (Breathing related)
  193. I'm 21 with a normal testosterone but libido is baaaaad... Estradiol?
  194. Question for those with BPH
  195. Testicles are shirnking
  196. plz help, so embarrassing...
  197. pain in left buttock
  198. Paternity, due dates, conception birth certificates
  199. my testies
  200. Smelly testicles
  201. Knocked in the testicals aand still have pain 4 days later ..normal?
  202. Freaking out when foreskin is retracted
  203. Redness after Shaving - A losing battle
  204. does beer cause man boobs
  205. If my testical hurts on and off at times, what is it
  206. what is it if you have white pimples on your penis?
  207. After a Circumcision
  208. two fold question about tinnitus
  209. Any one familiar with "Prolieve Thermodilation System" for BPH
  210. T Replacement and Diet
  211. High cholesterol and TRT
  212. I am sick, can I take Avelox and Lotrimin for a yeast infection
  213. blood in semen
  214. will a person get vericocele on right if operated on left
  215. what is metronidazol prescribed for
  216. Steroid effects on Estradiol
  217. Several BB-sized lumps under the skin of my penis.
  218. Hgh?
  219. little bumps all over my peanis head
  220. Post Gynocomastia surgery question
  221. can seamen come out when urinating
  222. mark57
  223. testosterone
  224. Are you supposed to fast before doing a Free Testosterone blood test?
  225. Now what !!!!!
  226. 10 times normal?!!
  227. does testosterone shots for males have any side effects
  228. does rogaine work?
  229. testicle problem
  230. how to get rid of pearly penile papules ??
  231. Free Androgen Index
  232. Lab results - Input anyone?
  233. why do my nipples burn when i sweat
  234. to Replace or not to Replace
  235. Low Testosterone-questions
  236. High Estrogen/High Testosterone
  237. no sperm or fluid when ejaculating
  238. discharge
  239. hello
  240. Low Testosterone
  241. how do you stretch the foreskin
  242. ANDRODERM how long till it works
  243. how to loose man boobs
  244. I need vasectomy help! Please read if you had one
  245. at what age should puffy man nipples go away
  246. Question for men who have had a vasectomy
  247. Blood v. Saliva test for T with Androgel?
  248. I just found a lump under my left arm
  249. erection problems
  250. Testicular Pain

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