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  1. Numbness in Penis whist intercourse/Loss in Erection
  2. Help with foreskin/phimotic ring stretching
  3. Virgin with red itchy marks on the base of my penis
  4. Boils on penis
  5. help with desensitizing glans
  6. Rx for a dribbling penis?
  7. Wondering about my prostate
  8. Help with my MRI Report / Testosterone and ESS
  9. red scrotum
  10. Sebaceous Cyst on Scortum? is there any solution?
  11. Do i have Paraphimosis and why 6 years and no major problem?
  12. Small Red Circles on Shaft
  13. balantis/dead skin/bad smell/thrush issues
  14. Very low free testosterone
  15. Tender epididymis.
  16. My BF has very lizard like scales on penis
  17. Pimples with hair on penis shaft
  18. libido reduced semen reduced
  19. Groin "problems?"
  20. Erectile dysfunction and low libido causing depression?
  21. Ejaculation urgency
  22. For the guys: Open-ended vasectomy
  23. frenuloplasty and bent penis
  24. abscess
  25. feeling heat in testis
  26. lump in pubic area
  27. What is there to do When you have lost your Penis health?
  28. Pain at base of penis, 19years old.
  29. healthy prostate question
  31. White thick discharge during orgasm
  32. Thick Penile Discharge during Orgasm
  33. Hard Lump In Penis
  34. How far in is the prostate?
  35. Phimosis questions
  36. Confused guy needs help!Phimosis and frenulum breve
  37. Post-phimosis question
  38. Possible priapism while sleeping? Concerned...
  39. Please Help. prostate? ED? ??? confused
  40. I need your help!!
  41. Empty sella syndrome, causing low T, high prolactin, can i get off TRT
  42. waxy coating in pubic hair
  43. Sudden loss of libido
  44. Electrical shooting in head after orgasm
  45. Weight loss kind of scaring me..
  46. Should I see a doctor?
  47. Precum & Urine
  48. Improper circumcision as a baby?
  49. athletes foot-itching in testicles any connection?
  50. whats wrong with my penis and body
  51. Pain/ uncomfort in teste
  52. Low T @ Age 25..... Help!
  53. Lump under foreskin
  54. Low Testosterone... Was This My Culprit?
  55. Short foreskin?
  56. There's no Cure For Peyronies pain,, then what? Sex life over at 30?
  57. white itchy thing on bottom of penis
  58. groin and testicle pain
  59. chronic irritation of the meatus
  60. thrush after antibiotics
  61. My skill to improve males's Dysuria (Difficult urination).
  62. Testim and Prostate cancer
  63. Lump in between rib cage
  64. Used to have 2 holes at tip - now one?
  65. Hcg has restored fertility, back to trt and
  66. Post circumcision problems
  67. tiny itchy red bumps on penis after sex...?
  68. Does pseudoephedrine Effect Penis Erection? And how time?
  69. Please help
  70. flakey testicles
  71. foreskin problems
  72. lost feeling in my penis, please help!!
  73. Does my penis stop growing?
  74. Please help me!!!
  75. shiny, scaly penis head
  76. Irritation at meatus - has ruined my life.
  77. Irritated meatus - has killed my sex drive and ruined my life.
  78. low T
  79. testosterone gel and hot flushes
  80. Slammed Penis
  81. Umm - Penile Problem
  82. In Testosterone HELL! :D
  83. Quick question on conversions
  84. Varicocle and effect on morphology
  85. burning after peeing
  86. Constant irritation of the meatus
  87. Testosterone shots?
  88. husbands low testosterone
  89. Male Yeast Infection
  90. Phimosis aftermath?
  91. Foreskin Stretching Help
  92. phimosis, can fully retract when flaccid but not
  93. Tight foreskin please help
  94. Bleeding from tip of penis
  95. Shiny skin on penis
  96. trouble reading testosterone results - is this low or normal?
  97. Weird spots on penis
  98. Genital Problem :(
  99. Small, Hardended Bump on Penile Shaft
  100. Strange Bump on Penis
  101. 3 weeks androgel, little results help please
  102. stretching foreskin or not?
  103. 'Jock itch' on and off for two years
  104. Do I have anything serious?
  105. Sudden pinching feeling in head of penis, what does it mean?
  106. Seemingly chronic Left Flank/Testicular Pain n' more... In need of desperate advice.
  107. Recommend Low Testosterone Dr. in Houston area.
  108. pearly penile papules
  109. 32 and having issues, possibly low testosterone
  110. Testosterone crash
  111. Rash around genitals
  112. Foreskin Stretching and Cleaning Questions
  113. Dorsal Penile Vein Ligation
  114. Pain when urinating
  115. Slight discomfort in left testicle
  116. dirt under the foreskin
  117. Unable to reach Orgasm and Climaz
  118. Foreskin problem
  119. Tight Foreskin/Frenulum
  120. Bump under the skin in lower back help
  121. Advice for Orgasm and Climax
  122. facial hair
  123. Please help me....kicked in the nuts and worried
  124. testosterone therapy shots
  125. question about my penis
  126. Help . I reealy need advise
  127. Question about an infection on the Frenulum.
  128. Filmy Foreskin from Diaper/Pull Ups
  129. Red bumps on genital area Very Nervous
  130. ED and Arimidex
  131. disscusion on sex and advise
  132. eczema
  133. Dry, red, easily irritated skin on penis after sex/masturbation
  134. Varicocele Symptoms and What to expect after treatment?
  135. Red Bumps Above Pubic Region
  136. burning scrotum
  137. Bleeding on the under skin of penis..
  138. Phimosis questions
  139. uncircumsized penis...... help
  140. Right Testicle Feels Weird
  141. Gynecomastia, or just... fat?
  142. Betamethasone and tight foreskin
  143. painful penis and tender testicles.
  144. Low Testosterone, Low LH
  145. Black heads on scrotum????
  146. cluster of little bumps??
  147. Darkish brown? rash in my groin area which itches badly on & off - Pic included.
  148. Round black balls on the testical sack
  149. Should I apply steroid cream?
  150. Big red bumps in pubic hair
  151. Very dry and inelastic foreskin, and lower scrotum sack
  152. Former Accutane User re: "help me diagnose dry, flaky, peely skin on tip of penis"
  153. Foreskin issue
  154. penis head and foreskin issue
  155. Penis head and foreskin issue
  156. I can feel a really tiny lump on my testicles.
  157. Pain at base of penis
  158. Insensitive Penis
  159. Lemon causes impotency?
  160. Estrogen levels double, bilirubin high, gynecomastia
  161. Bleeding from meatus
  162. Young male, no sex drive.
  163. Testicular blockage? Anyone relate?
  164. Cyst/Lump in Scrotum
  165. redness around meatus, swollen too
  166. what do these symptoms indicate
  167. Small group of red-ish bumps on foreskin area between the head and shaft
  168. OK, is this the epididymis?
  169. Varicocele - Stage 3
  170. Small red visible veins on glans surface
  171. White "bumps" on penis
  172. Red foreskin
  173. so many problems
  174. Foreskin
  175. Ingrown hair on my shaft, please help!!
  176. Uncircumsized... Help?
  177. Little lump on penis area
  178. Help!
  179. Need help
  180. white spots/patches underneath the foreskin (warning: contains pictures)
  181. red sore penis head and swollen foreskin.
  182. something white is coming out BEFORE i star peeing
  183. Pain in groin, upper thigh and down leg
  184. Loss of Penile Sensitivity
  185. Rash on the glans - Antibiotics problem?
  186. Burning Scrotum
  187. Androgel - great response, then a sudden drop
  188. itchy groin, one solution found
  189. Help please, testicle pain and others.
  190. Red Scrotum Syndrome -- Summary of the Condition
  191. red thing on my head when i pull back forskin
  192. dealing with a low libido for years
  193. TRT and exercise
  194. Red Scrotum Syndrome and Relationships with Women
  195. 28 Year old - 9.8 nmol/l free test....
  196. Strange pimple - like bump in groin area (picture)
  197. Penis leaking pus. Burn when I urinate.
  198. Pressure on bladder/Frequent urination???
  199. TRT @ 29yrs old, think I need a new endo
  200. Healthy 25, work out regularly ED? Please help!
  201. Slight Burn/Itch on head of penis and inside
  202. Phimosis Problems Stretching Not Helping
  203. Safe picture of current problem in groin area, need help figuring it out.
  204. help please!
  205. chronic burning red scrotum
  206. lymph node
  207. testosterone injection therapy
  208. I developed a thin, rigid vein, that is painful after an increase in sex.
  209. Issue...could it be serious?
  210. Itchy scrotum (not RSS I do not think)
  211. Pain/cramp when jumping
  212. Androgel reduced T levels!?
  213. Slightly red bump on my penis
  214. why wont i grow taller???
  215. Broken Stitches after circumcision
  216. Red bump?
  217. jock itch, ring worm, rash in groin area
  218. Cialis clears up my eczema 'down there - why?
  219. Pain in right testicle. HELP!
  220. Bump on penis?
  221. testosterone replacement options
  222. Please analyze my hormone profile for Low T.
  223. Is it cancer?! o_O
  224. health question
  225. Blood on the tip of penis
  226. Testicle Pain / Ache
  227. Groin bump and pain, abdominal pain & feeling bloated
  228. Androgel & Increasing Libido???
  229. Can i get Gangrene or something??
  230. Teenager needing advice on Pubic Hair!
  231. interesting penis problem
  232. My “Red Scrotum Syndrome” situation
  233. Depo Testosterone: Depression and Low Testosterone
  234. sore lump near nipple
  235. Urine comes out at an angle, worried!
  236. Few penis problems. PLEASE help!
  237. head of penis tingling
  238. Woke up with big Bump on Testicle
  239. shrinking penis?
  240. A pimple/pustule on my penis....is it a cancer maybe? (pictures included)?
  241. Tight foreskin - child
  242. Monthly T injections side effects?
  243. Lump in Right Nipple
  244. Doctor for TRT in Boston Area
  245. On the edge of getting foreskin back
  246. Pediatric Foreskin Question
  247. unable to impregnate my bride
  248. BXO - Do steriod creams cure it?
  249. do i have cause to worry.
  250. Testerone and E2: Feeling bad. Please Help Interpret results

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