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  1. penis problem
  2. How long for Testosterone replacement injections to have an effect?
  3. swollen veins on penis hurts
  4. My urethra(male) is red and swollen!
  5. my doctors keeps giving me different Diagnoses about me itching downbelow
  6. shrinking testicles
  7. phimosis help- need verification and advice
  8. Hardcore gamers' health
  9. Dark Spot on side of Penis
  10. Recurring jock itch
  11. Testicle facing wrong way! Help!!
  12. Mumps cause sink in testicle
  13. Feel sick and nauseous, can't pull back foreskin
  14. I have the same problem
  15. Slight penis pain on the left side of the head.
  16. Need a good Dr for hypogonadism: low T and possible infertility
  17. Very worried, please help asap!
  18. Strange sensation/discomfort in scrotum
  19. Swollen Foreskin
  20. Low Testosterone
  21. penis head red irritating and sore
  22. Head of penis Red Foreskin red and Irritating
  23. All 3 - Lengthening, Enlargement and Circumcision!
  24. Sore under foreskin
  25. Painless spots or bumps on penis/scrotum?
  26. Stone-like "object" in penis
  27. Im not sure what this line on my penis is.
  28. red scrotum story
  29. Fixing Phimosis. but I'm not sure to about where I am.
  30. Would I benefit from testosterone replacement therapy even tho doctor says my t-level
  31. Frenuloplasty post-op question
  32. please help my testicle went inside of me yesterday
  33. penis problem may need operation or procedure
  34. Lump and DE
  35. Testosterone Levels...
  36. feeling burning and stinging sensation after using Canestern hc cream
  37. Has excessive watching of porn ruined my sex life?
  38. Penis Pain
  39. Pain in groin and down right inner thigh
  40. dhea dosage
  41. pain at base of penis and 1/2 inch upwards.
  42. Help interpreting test results...PLEASE
  43. Testicle pain and other issues. Please help.
  44. Fungus?
  45. Ongoing Testicle Pain, Swollen Prostate, Varicocele
  46. Pilondal Cyst Question
  47. Boyfriend's torn frenulum, extreme sensitivity and performance issues
  48. Low Testosterone - Test results included
  49. recommendation to regain strength
  50. Still Burning After 2 Months
  51. Itching and foul smelling testicles, help please
  52. Whats normal
  53. sex drive
  54. How to lose your frenulum
  55. Dark foreskin... Is there a way to brighten it?
  56. Red bump on my frenulum! HELP
  57. Problems with skid marks on underpants
  58. 18 Year Old Physical
  59. Testicle Epididymitis Concern?
  60. penis damage from steroid creams
  61. Slight pain on penis head.
  62. need some help with phimosis
  63. painful penis all the time
  64. Just started taking Androdern for low Testosterone. Q about the liquid in patch.
  65. Painful recovery from varicocele surgery
  66. HRT/Testim Experience
  67. Persistant Urethritis Symptoms
  68. Such a pain In the testicles!
  69. Foreskin "skin fold" behind glans
  70. Red/Sore Penis and Foreskin
  71. Dark Area on the shaft of my penis
  72. discoloration on penis head
  73. penis head discoloration
  74. 17 years old, can't pull foreskin back seems to be attatched
  75. Painful lump in left testicle
  76. My Left Testicle Hurts
  77. foreskin stuck to the very back part of my glans
  78. Scrotum tight all the time now. Testicles move Inside!
  79. Curious
  80. 30 Yr Married with low testosterone-Help
  81. Problems after TURP
  82. Small white dots on foreskin
  83. Epidermoid Cyst and Scrotum
  84. large amount of puss-filled bumps in groin area
  85. Testim Absorbiton issues
  86. Dark spot on scrotum
  87. hubby
  88. Need Advice.... Wet Feeling
  89. Ejaculate blood/ blood in semen
  90. Foreskin retracting
  91. In need of serious and immediate help.
  92. Foreskin and a twist?
  93. Pulling, pressure each side of Anus !!
  94. 32 erectile dysfunction Help please.
  95. re circumcision
  96. scrotum burning/contact dermatitis
  97. Foreskin not attached to the head anymore.
  98. Please Check my semen report.
  99. Extreme testicle pain
  100. Red Scrotum Syndrome Story
  101. Frenulum swelling after Circumscion
  102. Red Bumps/Rash/Itching for a Month in Groin Area
  103. Bxo creams
  104. prostate pain after orgasum
  105. man boobs/gynecomastia
  106. How Many x pday is normal to MASTURBATE
  107. Help I want to get hard again!
  108. The back of my penis head is slightly purple, as if "bruised"
  109. Tingling on right side of scrotum
  110. Thick, clear, jelly-like, globs in mucus and semen.
  111. Why is my penis head discoloured?
  112. Low blood flow to penis head?
  113. function of hair around sex organs
  114. late maturing
  115. Penis bulges at base
  116. Test cyp and back to back org?
  117. Test cyp and acne flair
  118. is this normal
  119. PC muscles clarification
  120. The solution to Penis odor
  121. my personal "red scrotum syndrome" story
  122. red scrotum and other health issues
  123. red scrotum
  124. circumcised, itchy red blotch on penis head
  125. help with penis care
  126. Prolonged swelling post circumcision
  127. Betamethasone Cream for Phimosis Damaging Side Effect? Please Help
  128. Extreme pain when urinating
  129. Young guy trouble getting and maintaining erection
  130. Mid 50s on testosterone & have metabolic syndrome
  131. Undesended Right Testicle surgery
  132. tight frenulum?
  133. MPB, low muscle/bone mass, low free-teststosterone, high libido
  134. Large veins and more.
  135. Bladder constantly feels full ..
  136. i got a lump on one of my right side ball what could it be
  137. Do I have testicular torsion?
  138. Injection site for Testosterone Cypionate
  139. Tingling/Buzzing feeling on head of penis?
  140. Please Help! Hard White skin on Penis shaft
  141. Burning Scrotum
  142. Urinating a lot due to hpv?
  143. Testicular failure.
  144. Circumcision pain during sex
  145. 60% testosterone drop
  146. my waist got bigger but my weight is the same
  147. Phimosis- cured, but head...sensitive?
  148. spermatocele
  149. dark discoloration & bumpy texture on penis shaft
  150. Testicular Ache-Need Advice ASAP
  151. kevin
  152. Foreskin retraction problems
  153. Occasional pimplen on leg and foot.
  154. Can't Retract Foreskin
  155. STD? shrinking testicles, enlarged veins on penis
  156. Strange gynecomastia query
  157. Just had a Frenuloplasty, few questions
  158. Desperately need advice on TRT Guys
  159. [Groin] Small Pea like lump near testicles(not on the surface)
  160. Need help from those who know about/used Androgel 1.62
  161. AHH please help
  162. Low t
  163. sensitive corona of glans penis
  164. Small lump under penis skin
  165. Leg pain
  166. kevin
  167. ED issues with Acid Blockers
  168. Small painless bump on penis.?
  169. Inflamed Meatus (Months)
  170. Adhesion on my 4 yr old- surgery?
  171. Red Scrotum and Nerve Damage
  172. Swollen foreskin and possibly smegma
  173. Swollen, itchy Penis
  174. erections...
  175. Possible Thyroid Issue.
  176. Male Physical
  177. is my senem okay?
  178. Can't get it up and keep it up ... blood pressure related?
  179. soar testis please help me
  180. Sensitive tip of penis
  181. tight frenulum problem
  182. sore testis
  183. Sensitivity at tip of penis
  184. So here is my story...
  185. Help! strange redness.
  186. STD Question
  187. T has dropped since Testim. Please help.
  188. Is this true about electric razor?
  189. Boyfriend - Sore, red, tight foreskin.
  190. Mederma on penis head?
  191. Not completely sure about Tight Foreskin
  192. Understanding my nmol/L Testosterone test ??
  193. any luck
  194. Help on getting foreskin over penis
  195. Numbness in Penis whist intercourse/Loss in Erection
  196. Help with foreskin/phimotic ring stretching
  197. Virgin with red itchy marks on the base of my penis
  198. Boils on penis
  199. help with desensitizing glans
  200. Rx for a dribbling penis?
  201. Wondering about my prostate
  202. Help with my MRI Report / Testosterone and ESS
  203. red scrotum
  204. Sebaceous Cyst on Scortum? is there any solution?
  205. Do i have Paraphimosis and why 6 years and no major problem?
  206. Small Red Circles on Shaft
  207. balantis/dead skin/bad smell/thrush issues
  208. Very low free testosterone
  209. Tender epididymis.
  210. My BF has very lizard like scales on penis
  211. Pimples with hair on penis shaft
  212. libido reduced semen reduced
  213. Groin "problems?"
  214. Erectile dysfunction and low libido causing depression?
  215. Ejaculation urgency
  216. For the guys: Open-ended vasectomy
  217. frenuloplasty and bent penis
  218. abscess
  219. feeling heat in testis
  220. lump in pubic area
  221. What is there to do When you have lost your Penis health?
  222. Pain at base of penis, 19years old.
  223. healthy prostate question
  225. White thick discharge during orgasm
  226. Thick Penile Discharge during Orgasm
  227. Hard Lump In Penis
  228. How far in is the prostate?
  229. Phimosis questions
  230. Confused guy needs help!Phimosis and frenulum breve
  231. Post-phimosis question
  232. Possible priapism while sleeping? Concerned...
  233. Please Help. prostate? ED? ??? confused
  234. I need your help!!
  235. Empty sella syndrome, causing low T, high prolactin, can i get off TRT
  236. waxy coating in pubic hair
  237. Sudden loss of libido
  238. Electrical shooting in head after orgasm
  239. Weight loss kind of scaring me..
  240. Should I see a doctor?
  241. Precum & Urine
  242. Improper circumcision as a baby?
  243. athletes foot-itching in testicles any connection?
  244. whats wrong with my penis and body
  245. Pain/ uncomfort in teste
  246. Low T @ Age 25..... Help!
  247. Lump under foreskin
  248. Low Testosterone... Was This My Culprit?
  249. Short foreskin?
  250. There's no Cure For Peyronies pain,, then what? Sex life over at 30?