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  1. Possible Misdiagnosis?
  2. does anyone have negative images
  3. seraqeul weight gain?
  4. abilfy~wellbrutin
  5. Off Zoloft for 2 weeks, extreme scary low mood?
  6. in need of some help!
  7. Help Me Please
  8. Needing advice from anyone that's suffering from bipolar disorder/depression or other
  9. Extreme ups & downs
  10. ??????? Confused teen
  11. Flinching as if at pain at remembering or a memory.
  12. What is plaguing me? Please help. Yearly weight gain and loss of 20-30lbs.
  13. I'm so confused please help me out!
  14. Racing thoughts
  15. Have you ever..
  16. im always cross sad and irritated :(
  17. anxiety
  18. Serious question - BPD
  19. are ssri's worth it? anxiety
  20. imprisioned and drugged by psychiatry
  21. Does anyone have a clue about this?
  22. regrets about animal cruelty in childhood
  23. No more interests, feeling empty and miserable and unable to study
  24. Bipolar 2 - Soon to be diagnosed
  25. I don't even know what this is called....
  26. Anti-Depressants and Appetite Suppressants
  27. Asperger's? Antisocial? What is wrong and how can I fix it?
  28. No
  29. No she doesn't
  30. How to approach BP with my GP
  31. Thinks her mental health "Doctor" is trying to kill her
  32. Need some advice please!!!
  33. Keep having scary images flash through my mind
  34. Do i have manic depression?
  35. Feel angry, irritated and disappointed in myself
  36. Medications
  37. Looking for answers...
  38. Chaotic anxiety please help me
  39. Eminating Evil
  40. Physical Appearance - So Shallow yet so Profound
  41. can anyone in the world relate? i dont know what to do all of the time
  42. Not sure what to do (am I bipolar?)
  43. dad in a gang, how would you feel?
  44. Ugh. Advice, please? Anyone?
  45. First Timer! Mania yo! Haven't slept in 4 days:(
  46. Why do I feel so empty, bored, it doesn't seem normal?
  47. Switched from Zoloft to Lexapro -- Feeling a little unstable (Counteracting Ritalin?)
  48. Angry at Myself Constantly
  49. Addicted to strip clubs and Sexism
  50. whats this?
  51. My doctor gave me a antidepssant and anti psychosis and anti parkinsonism is he wrong
  52. Switching from Zoloft to Lexapro- Side Effects... ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCE THIS?
  53. I still hate my Mother
  54. Constant anxiety and fear of dying from vCJD (Mad Cow) from consuming British candies
  55. What's wrong with me?
  56. analyzing too deep
  57. I'm scared
  58. I think the universe is trying to tell me I'm bipolar... and I'm listening
  59. Relationship with a rape victim
  60. Dread having to lift a finger, please help, im desperate
  61. Spooked by my own mind!
  62. Unhealthy Eating and Poor Memory
  63. Is something mentally not right with me?
  64. feeling irresponsible
  65. Maybe there IS something wrong...
  66. wow... where to begin. very messed up situation
  67. PLEASE HELP, need some insight, need to figure out what's causing all of my symptoms.
  68. Constant numbness, dizzyness, wierd week feeling in body
  69. OCD and thoughts of hurting other people.I need help.
  70. Confused and alone
  71. am i alone?
  72. Deciding on whether to recover from my Eating Disorder
  73. Not worthy and Lying
  74. is it schizofreneia or ocd???help pls!!!!!!
  75. This is more psychological than general health...
  76. My doc doesn't care
  77. Oh Crap where to start..
  78. Schizophrenia
  79. verbal/mental abuse? Farm work and family
  80. Does anyone else feel like me?
  81. Night Terrors
  82. Feeling like nothing will really happen?
  83. Cut The Cord...
  84. Can you help me understand myself? do i have a problem?
  85. Well... is this normal?
  86. Depression Overseas
  87. Antidepressants and Sexual Side Effects
  88. Dreams... strange dreams...
  89. looking for guidance
  90. What is wrong with me?
  91. Somatization disorder
  92. Palpitations and on Seroquel
  93. Has anyone gone through Intensive Outpatient Treatment?
  94. Which mental disorder(s) do I have?
  95. Mental Health and it's Consequences
  96. olanzapine and ritalin together?thanks
  97. Seeing things without being schizophrenic?
  98. Don't feel human.
  99. Can anybody help? Does this sound like bipolar?
  100. If Anyone Could Help
  101. obsessive phases
  102. Side effects with Seroquel and Trileptal
  103. Don't know how anymore... low self-esteem
  104. I don't know what to do anymore
  105. Withdrawal? Nerves? God knows?!
  106. Overwhelmed, can anyone help?
  107. I am new here...
  108. Excited/restless/tickling feeling in my upper stomach keeping me awake
  109. This isnt normal is it? what is wrong with me?
  110. DEPRESSION:The Great Western Disease.
  111. Side effects with Seroquel?
  112. Fear of choking on food and liquids
  113. im lou i have mental probs
  114. Am I Mentally Ill?
  115. Need help
  116. Cymbalta for GAD & mild depression
  117. Worried about possible mental disorder? Imaginary people?
  118. difficult time staying in a positive mood
  119. I dont like my anixety
  120. Stretched too thin?
  121. taking fluanxol, chlorprothixene & anafranil together
  122. Worrying so much :(
  123. what do my symptoms sound like?
  124. Is my therapist crossing the line?
  125. Is this a Hallucination?
  126. Is this a Hallucination?
  127. Girlfriend coming over
  128. At the end of my tether - misdiagnosed?
  129. Worried!
  130. worried about grandmother & myself
  131. klonopin please respond somebody
  132. Saphris ??
  133. Brain Fog
  134. Mental Health
  135. Waxpaper
  136. seraqeul and enviga
  137. Fleeting obsessions
  138. envgia ativan hydroxz pam
  139. Abilify
  140. What is my problem?
  141. i dont know what to do
  142. Highly functioning bipolar??
  143. Do I have Bipolar Disorder? Or am I growing up?
  144. Do I have a Bipolar Disorder?
  145. One of my personalities is exhausting me
  146. Trying to figure it all out!!!
  147. i need help
  148. ESA work related activity group or support? (UK)
  149. Going to lose everything
  150. help with paranoia
  151. Being in a relationship with a chronic pain man.
  152. how to stop thinking about her
  153. feeling unreal and anxious
  154. Wellbutrin paranoia
  155. do i have a mental problem?
  156. Abandoned as a child
  157. Psychologist, what should happen? please help
  158. Trying, trying, trying...
  159. Fluoextine withdrawal
  160. Fulbourn Hositpal (cambridge, UK) - any reviews?
  161. Vivid dreams of killing people
  162. help me
  163. Mania????
  164. Disturbing Thoughts
  165. Indecision Runining my Life
  166. what is wrong with me?
  167. Newbody: An Introduction - Coming Here After A Bad Incident That I Caused
  168. Not feeling real/life feels like a dream
  169. Wellbutrin/Seizures
  170. My pathetic jealousy
  171. Cymbalta and Sexual Side Effects
  172. what to expect?/ what could it be?
  173. Liverpool Psychiatrist recommendation
  174. Imaginary Me
  175. Lexapro and Abnormally High Sex Drive?
  176. Irritation and Anger- Please help!
  177. paranoia and bipolar disorder
  178. Bipolar disorder
  179. Does this sound like Bipolar Disorder?
  180. How can I feel good about myself around my friend?
  181. I don't want to work
  182. Hear Voices/Internal Dialogue and See things
  183. Need some advice :)
  184. Paranoid, Insecure, Pessimist.
  185. My brain is being scraped
  186. Bipolar symptoms, what kind of Dr do I need>
  187. Cymbalta question
  188. Counselling
  189. Accessoiries
  190. Empathetic sickness?
  191. New here, intro. LONG ONE!
  192. What is happening to me? Am I depressed or is it something else?
  193. Re-Fill med. Confusion
  194. Possible OCD/I have to do things and I don't know why
  196. I Feel Like I'm Experiencing Hell
  197. How to get a psychiatrist appointment...
  198. Please Somebody Help me
  199. sometimes i really get angry
  200. Schizoaffective disorder
  201. Mental medcation Ativan
  202. Feeling horrible...
  203. I love and Hate my mom
  204. Long Term Anxiety Sufferer, Please Help
  205. Conversion disorder???
  206. ADD/OCD head feeling itchy and heavey when it happends?
  207. I need help? before i help her?
  208. Could this be causing my anxiety?
  209. Intense paranoia. Help?
  210. Intrusive thoughts & involuntarily talking
  211. Losing composure on the phone
  212. Need off meds
  213. Anxeity or what?
  214. Communication Issues
  215. Uncertain About Husband's Illness?
  216. Writing jibberish?
  217. need advice!!!
  218. What's wrong with my mind?
  219. Need advice
  220. Hello all, it has been a while and not doing so great! Luvox?
  221. Hematodipsia
  222. Anxiety Problems
  223. Over Medicated?
  224. I don't understand what's happening to me
  225. want to get off Lamictal
  226. Where's the Broodiness???
  227. Pain Medication With Venlafaxine & Ativan
  228. depression/stress/anxiety help wanted
  229. I need advice.. I am always angry....
  230. It runs in the family
  231. Mental Health in Later Life
  232. Drinking Alcohol On Clonazepam or Ciprolex
  233. Imagine people and have conversations with them
  234. Clinical Psychiatry Work Experience?
  235. someone is obsessed with me....please help
  236. Memory Lapses: Your Thoughts Please!
  237. My Doctor thinks I have Bipolar Disorder..
  238. ssri and weight gain
  239. I need to overcome morbid jealousy
  240. I'm not really here...
  241. Daily random intrusive memories
  242. MELAS - - Mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, lactic acidosis, and stroke-like episodes.
  243. Can You Diagnose My Mental Illness?
  244. Relapse and Strange behavior -Help pls
  245. Drugs for "mood stabilization"
  246. anxiety and tangent talking
  247. Help please
  248. dr ira steinman
  249. Need a good psychiatrist for pyschotic son
  250. seeing a word that wasnt there

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