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  1. anxiety and tangent talking
  2. Help please
  3. dr ira steinman
  4. Need a good psychiatrist for pyschotic son
  5. seeing a word that wasnt there
  6. not sure what I am
  7. How do I get back on track and not feel "flu like"?
  8. Imagination or mental problem?
  9. Did
  10. Obsessive paranoia/anxiety. PLEASE HELP!
  11. going crazy help
  12. OCD and Schizoaffective Disorder
  13. Why do I need to constantly check things?
  14. I need serious help...........PLEASE:(
  15. I've reached my limit with self talk
  16. why am i thinking this
  17. Insomia?
  18. extreeme waves of nostalgia
  19. Constant Worrying
  20. Lamictal and False Poisitives for PCP
  21. When my problems really started.
  22. Relationship and Depression/more
  23. bi polar and ssi
  24. My gf was raped in the past and I need help approaching
  25. Hallucinations
  26. ...successfully reducing abilify...
  27. dont know what's wrong with me
  28. Mother raped by a family member
  29. Coming off Lamictal...Need Help
  30. 16 years old, sick, easily confused and depressed--help please?
  31. mental fatigue
  32. seeing things
  33. Geodon???
  34. Help/advice needed immediately!
  35. Do I need help..Bipolar??
  36. Anxiety panic and depression
  37. Just need some suggestions.
  38. OK, so maybe it is not jus all depression, BP?
  39. Masochistic.
  40. It's Ok to lose, but what if you never win? (Depression)
  41. Are my symptoms just a mental health problem or is there something else wrong?
  42. girlfriend molested at age 8... need advice
  43. Self.
  44. need some help
  45. confused. Can someone help me find some clarity?
  46. attacks kind of like panic attack
  47. Low self esteem and warning signs
  48. What's wrong with me
  49. Finally seeking help- advice on talking about it?
  50. Memory Loss
  51. why can't I stop this madness?
  52. Honestly worried about my own mental health
  53. Please help some-0ne
  54. misunderstanding
  55. Stress relief and caffiene
  56. Doc recommended "EMDR," now EMDR isn't working...
  57. Paranoia, violent mood swings
  58. Schizoaffective Disorder
  59. Not sure what could be causing this - any ideas?
  60. New to this, and just need support.
  61. Going off Lithium
  62. Manic??
  63. So i sound like a Psychopath?
  64. Having Thoughts and dreams about killing people?
  65. I know and feel mentally ill -- but what is wrong with me???
  66. Need some help - Please read.
  67. Suffering fathers narcissism.
  68. Extremely odd behavior in friend
  69. I need advice RE: my girlfriend
  70. Very Worried over Child Behavior
  71. I need help understanding this...
  72. Am I going crazy? Big obsession?
  73. Am I a Sociopath?
  74. Neck twitch triggered by anxiety?
  75. Manic? Bi Polar? Anxiety? Depression?
  76. ?????? HELP :(
  77. What Is Going On
  78. what is wrong? help please.
  79. Restarting Celexa????
  80. Dreaming and Hallucinations
  81. Celebrity obsession and talking to imaginary people?
  82. ???????????????????????????
  83. Mood shifts
  84. I'd like some help
  85. Imaginary People and Self Talk
  86. I really think there's something wrong with me, please help!
  87. Rapid changes in interest. Not sure what to call it.
  88. Withdrawls from Risperdal
  89. Dreams
  90. wondering what's wrong with me
  91. Withdrawals of Risperdal
  92. I may be bipolar and could use some support
  93. Different Mentaly?
  94. Overreaction to losing or misplacing anything.
  95. Just found out my girlfriend was raped by 3 guys in college (years ago)
  96. Scratching myself raw...
  97. Is there a mood stabilier out there that....
  98. MMPI Test in Oklahoma
  99. Girlfriend just told me she was raped in the past
  100. Please help! I've tried talking to people about it but can't.
  101. Anguish over gut feelings with no proof
  102. Daughter
  103. Bipolar or Anxiety??
  104. Side Effects To Medicine
  105. recent flashbacks
  106. What would you do?
  107. Is This a Relapse?
  108. Celexa and loss of taste
  109. Severe, Overwhelming Fear Of Losing My Fiancee
  110. Don't know what to think please help.
  111. New and need your help..........bad.
  112. I have no clue what is going on with me!
  113. Conversion/Somatization Disorder
  114. Worried I may have a breakdown
  115. Please help me- is there something wrong or am I over-worrying?
  116. Short term or Long term memory
  117. bipolar?depressed?help.
  118. I physically CANNOT "get over" things.
  119. Depression, Bipolar...?
  120. It is possible, I know it
  121. never again ever!
  122. I don't know what to call it: Imagination/Fantasy Addiction?
  123. Obsessed with past
  124. Am I going crazy?
  125. Have GAD and HA but just have a question!
  126. alcohol trileptal concerns
  127. Celexa increased my anxiety - does it equal Biolar?
  128. first therapist appointment.what to expect?
  129. Mom won't stop making me feel wrong
  130. Needing a bit of advice please...from anyone
  131. Stuck at Home
  132. mixed state
  133. bipolar?
  134. Starting to forget things already
  135. I just found out my girlfriend was raped many years ago. I dont know to act.
  136. I need some advice please
  137. Concerning the Nonsense in My Mind...
  138. what is up with me!!!!!!
  139. Depression/Anxiety Wellbutrin personal experience warning
  140. What would work?
  141. HELP ME - depersonalization
  142. Something is definately very wrong with me and I don't know what?
  143. I feel normal and happy after quiting medicine
  144. am i going to end up hurting someone??
  145. Need advice asap
  146. My behaviour has become very poor recently
  147. Self esteem issues... Need help.
  148. Wierd thing i suffer, advice and opnions?
  149. A Strange case for a good life
  150. Help me help my boyfriend, please?
  151. Stopping passive-aggressive behaviour
  152. Why is my memory so bad?
  153. Sleep Issues
  154. I seem to have bad thoughts and such.
  155. Memory problems
  156. I feel like EVERYONE is my enemy...
  157. So tired of just suffering through my life, day by day..
  158. Depressed, Addicted, or just unappreciative?
  159. Illegal email reading... help me stop
  160. Anxiety with psychotic symptoms?
  161. sound like bipolar?
  162. General mental things? Confused.
  163. My b/f's mom
  164. Tulum how have you been??
  165. Extreme mental discomfort/insanity, does this happen to you?
  166. Twitches/tics?
  167. I don't know what is happening to me and why?
  168. A number of things. Please help.
  169. Something behind my head...
  170. Wierd things!
  171. I'm so tired of being angry all the time, and my family is starting to suffer
  172. I am emotionless
  173. Vivid Violent Dreams
  174. What is this???
  175. Starting to think I'm not paranoid
  176. I'm not sure how to approach this. Could I be a sociopath?
  177. At wit's end - need help with son
  178. Should I be concerned?
  179. voices
  180. Need some advice..
  181. Going to see a therapist
  182. Apathy
  183. What can temporarily decrease intelligence?
  184. Divorcing my therapist?
  185. Help
  186. What is wrong with me?
  187. why do i go mental over such silly things
  188. can't get over myself
  189. help
  190. Don't know what's wrong with me
  191. help help help! girlfriend was raped when young and is very cold at times (very long)
  192. please help feedbak appreciated :)
  193. HELP: lacking the sense of worry.
  194. being mean to strangers
  195. anyone else have this issue or am i normal
  196. mental health question
  197. Urges to kill
  198. Wounded easily
  199. Follow up to "having a stroke and they call in psych consult!"
  200. skin picking
  201. What's wrong with me? ):
  202. I dont think im normal
  203. would you say that a patient who is taking 400mg of Seroquel a day was taking a high
  204. Help with Diagnosis...Please.
  205. should i have myself committed ?
  206. Is this memory recall normal?
  207. Was I Insane!?
  208. Is it possible for a couple to make it when they both have mental disorders?
  209. I hate my face and body.....=(
  210. Can my Borderline Personality Disorder be cured or just go away?
  211. Anger; Creating or anticipating scenarios in my head
  212. Brain fog & confusion.. ptsd or neuro?
  213. Emotions - how do you deal?
  214. Muscle Twitches with Risperdal
  215. Was feelin great... I hate life now.
  216. needing an answer
  217. This "thing" is taking over my life!
  218. My inability to tolerate interruptions - Is it a mental disorder?
  219. I don't feel "real" and I think it's ruining my life.
  220. Hypnotic Therapy
  221. detached from reality
  222. Younger Friends
  223. conversion disorder
  224. Can it be any worse?
  225. Why am i angry
  226. how can you tell if bipolar is used as an excuse
  227. Having a stroke and they call in a psych consult!!!! Grrr
  228. Perfectionism?
  229. I am very annoyed!!!
  230. Lost.
  231. Is there something wrong with me?
  232. Could the antidepressants have triggered something?
  233. Tired of Giving and not receiving anything in return when i need it
  234. Negative experiences with a psychologist
  235. What is wrong with her..?
  236. I dont feel like I have control over my life- Please help
  237. Feeling angry, depressed, restless, naggy, etc after sports
  238. Imaginary People and Self-Talk Pt2
  239. I dont know what to do anymore.
  240. angry
  241. Im so afraid and scared i might have some form of mental health problems
  242. Photo album and NPD?
  243. Conundrum: castrated, but high testosterone on Androgel
  244. Psychotic Events?
  245. Valproic Acid, Lithium, and ECT
  246. what does a strong, supportive partner look like
  247. Confused and don't know what to do
  248. Am I Insane? Or Transgendered? I don't Know!
  249. Death Row
  250. at a loss