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  1. schizoaffective
  2. Tired Of Always Being Timmid
  3. giving up hope
  4. Did
  5. I'm So Confused.
  6. Lowered Mental capacity
  7. what should i do
  8. Could 1 diphenydramine trip cause permanent mind dulling?
  9. Wsib
  10. Fear of throwing up
  11. Is this considered addicted to the internet?
  12. Depakote levels
  13. Brief Psychotic Disorder
  14. My Memory
  15. am i going crazy?
  16. Very Special Case
  17. Depakote and Risperidone
  18. No Idea What Is Going On ......Scared
  19. side effects of Paxil
  20. What is wrong with me?
  21. Does anyone know?
  22. Why is changing anything after 40 termed a "CRISIS"
  23. flare up
  24. feeling like you dont want to go out
  25. Depakote ER, Zoloft, Seroquel
  26. very angry or a mental illness?
  27. A constant burden
  28. spacing out
  29. Disturbing thoughts seem real
  30. Strange and Violent Urges
  31. Am I crazy?
  32. How long after coming off Celexa (Citalopram) will it take to lose weight?
  33. mental health
  34. Extreme paranoia from being baker acted 6 times in 2 months!!!
  35. Humming constantly?
  36. Low self-esteem...
  37. Depression or Bipolar?
  38. Initial Anxiety from AD (Pristiq).
  39. Family Advice
  40. Please, please help me.
  41. Whats the point? [Long Read]
  42. pregnancy and mental breakdowns
  43. Had a mixed episode,therapist refused to believe I am bipolar, Thinks I'm Depressive
  44. I need lots of advice, Please!
  45. always have to be in control
  46. i think i am losing my mind
  47. i need advice
  48. Does anybody else like to relive painful accidents?
  49. Mental Health is risking my realtionship.
  50. Anxiety? Schizophrenia? Help.
  51. ADD,depression,bipolar
  52. Rapid Eye-Movement and Vivid Dream interfere my Good-Nite-Sleep
  53. Attachment Disorder?
  54. menningitus symptoms recurring as i get older, or just the affects of medication
  55. Confused
  56. Please help something is very wrong with me, i need your opinions.
  57. short time memory loss
  58. Maybe I need more help than I thought.
  59. i dont know anymore...please help me...desperate
  60. Extreme jealousy leading to violence
  61. What do I do?
  62. Childhood abuse is ruining my life again!
  63. How to overcome..
  64. Vividly Seeing and Hearing Things Right After or Before Waking
  65. How do you stop seeing numbers in your mind
  66. girlfriend was raped one year ago
  67. HRT Androgel Side Effects
  68. Sleep problems
  69. My dreams predict tomorrow
  70. Food Addictions=HELP
  71. I constantly dream of him... but it has never been a nightmare before.
  72. what am I supposed to do about this?
  73. GP vs Psychiatrist?
  74. how to stop taking seroquel
  75. Am I freak/monster?
  76. Empty
  77. Just looking for a little advice or answers...eating problems now
  78. Question of sort of losing mind?
  79. Is he properly diagnosed?
  80. Negative Thoughts Ruining My Life
  81. Sedatives
  82. Studies
  83. I dont feel like I fit and I never will again
  84. Please help. Mental issues following a difficult break-up.
  85. I need help so badly and am so scared!
  86. Can anyone help?
  87. Hypnosis for Sexual Anxiety??
  88. Should I be in therapy?
  89. How to bide my time?
  90. Amphetamine Overdose... Trouble Ever Since.
  91. Wellbutrin SR Question
  92. Need suggestions
  93. I am crazy and suffering Dementia right?
  94. Anxious about appoints- for anything- that I set up!!
  95. Scab picking -scratching - obesession
  96. What is wrong with me
  97. coming off cypramil what are effects
  98. Something wrong with me?
  99. Maxed Out Medication Blues...
  100. whats wrong with me?
  101. Can a woman rape a man?
  102. Nervous Exhaustion
  103. Serious memory loss, need advice please
  104. Luvox cr
  105. Why do I have the opposite of OCD? Any help/advice/thoughts?
  106. I Really Fear for the Future
  107. klonopin
  108. need advice of whats going on
  109. Could this be something serious?
  110. My mother-in-law has glass eye, but believes a new real eye is growing in underneath.
  111. I just read something scary-
  112. Office Staff Issues
  113. Question about generic Dexedrine
  114. Pretend relationships
  115. Long term memory and schizophrenia
  116. Trying to Live Harmoniously
  117. Hearing songs that's not there
  118. Can't Sleep Without Seroquel
  119. serequel why do I itch when I quit taking it
  120. Confused with diagnosis
  121. What is the problem?
  122. 34 Year Old Virgin
  123. hormones (I think)
  124. Unwanted thoughts/ Urges
  125. Multiple issues - don't know where to get help
  126. Could I be developing a serious memory problem at 19?
  127. Feeling unmotivated
  128. im just ****** off!
  129. Impending Insanity
  130. Should I see someone about this?
  131. Childhood rages/tantrums/meltdowns whatever...
  132. Not sure what to call it.
  133. Anxious for no reason- Do I need help?
  134. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  135. diagnosed with depression anxiety and ocd what meds will i be put on?
  136. could stomach/anal pain be imagined from trauma?
  137. Confused by Life and Myself - Any advice appreciated
  138. Mood stablizer meds
  139. Cymbalta and Mania
  140. i don't know what's wrong, see if you're a genius
  141. I Just Was Asked Out on a Date...
  142. Trying to find out name of medication that was given to me in 1957
  143. anxiety and possible dissociative disorder
  144. Paranoia not real?
  145. Controlling your emotions?
  146. my girl was raped in the past
  147. help with passive aggresive behavoiur
  148. Please help me
  149. Just wondering if this is normal.
  150. Gross Habits
  151. anti-social disorder/Psychopathy Symptoms..
  152. speech difficulty
  153. Am I going crazy (Need Help)
  154. Inner Dialogue
  155. Doesn't believe anything's wrong
  156. What to do?
  157. Please help...
  158. Abusing drugs while manic?
  159. A curious social problem
  160. Denial
  161. Help. Please.
  162. Husband making me mad
  163. why you shouldn't take xanax
  164. Drug Induced Phycosis
  165. Where's my happiness gone??
  166. No solution/no closure
  167. advice please
  168. help - I think there's something wrong
  169. talking to people that aren't there
  170. Paxil withdrawal... 36 hours of hell, my story
  171. what is this?
  172. Wrong path..
  173. Don't want to take meds
  174. sweating
  175. A Bit Confused
  176. How to Proceed...
  177. Should I take the full dose? (Antidepressant)
  178. Mentally ill without any support
  179. Addicted to videogames ?
  180. My Dr just ignores me,
  181. What is wrong with me. I know the b4's & afters, but wheres the "
  182. Self-injuring (SI) is not a subject for this board.
  183. I'm losing it!!!!
  184. This board is for Mental Health Patients, not a place to vent about them.
  185. dep, anx, or other?
  186. Medication weight gain? Today's appt
  187. Why I am I so Angry all the time now?
  188. Overprotective parents
  189. Please help :C
  190. Hi...
  191. Reality vs. Fantasy
  192. Sociopathy developing?
  193. upsetting experience
  194. Going slightly mad + Venlafaxine Withdrawl?
  195. How to get normal ?
  196. Whats wrong with me
  197. Emailing a counselor...
  198. Lapses in memory
  199. whats this happening to me
  200. bipolar..not bipolar.. bipolar....what to do.
  201. Complex fantasies as a coping mechanism?
  202. Horrible Psychiatrist
  203. Social interaction opinions or thoughts?
  204. Trouble accepting diagnosis
  205. something wierd...
  206. Out of Options
  207. What kind of mental disorder?
  208. Mind is going out of control
  209. This Alligator And Guy In Black
  210. Losing connection with body
  211. Do I belong here? if so, I'd like some help?
  212. Irritating (yucky) feeling in head
  213. Heard These Voices
  214. Depersonalization or Dissociative disorder?
  215. Depersonalization or Dissociative disorder?
  216. Depression = Migraines? or Vice Versa?
  217. how to taper off lexapro 2 weeks of being on lexapro 10mg
  218. Schizophrenia or Bipolar?
  219. How do I deal with anger
  220. Bipolar/ssi/ssd?
  221. Zoloft/trazadone
  222. possible ocd/anxiety?
  223. had a concussion and never got it checked
  224. Intrusive thoughts
  225. A plea for help.
  226. Energy levels affecting my mental clarity
  227. Mindsite mental health assessment
  228. Mental self sabotage...
  229. do i have a psychological problem
  230. question
  231. Is this OCD? Please help!
  232. Please Stop the Music
  233. I'm Going Crazy
  234. dream interpretation
  235. Embarrassment talking in front of people
  236. What to do about my son?
  237. concussions memory loss
  238. Dissatisfaction with life
  239. Anxious around others
  240. Anyone know anything about BIID a.k.a BDD?
  241. i've been on lexapro for 5 weeks but I'm still feeling anxious
  242. My over analyzing is killing my relationship
  243. Can't do today
  244. anyone on olanzapine?
  245. What are the long-term effects of concussion
  246. Prolonged sexual fantasies
  247. why am i so irritable all the time
  248. Worried about my ex, and seriously wondering if she has a mental disorder
  249. I think I'm a sociopath
  250. my first appointment