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  1. What is wrong with me. I know the b4's & afters, but wheres the "
  2. Self-injuring (SI) is not a subject for this board.
  3. I'm losing it!!!!
  4. This board is for Mental Health Patients, not a place to vent about them.
  5. dep, anx, or other?
  6. Medication weight gain? Today's appt
  7. Why I am I so Angry all the time now?
  8. Overprotective parents
  9. Please help :C
  10. Hi...
  11. Reality vs. Fantasy
  12. Sociopathy developing?
  13. upsetting experience
  14. Going slightly mad + Venlafaxine Withdrawl?
  15. How to get normal ?
  16. Whats wrong with me
  17. Emailing a counselor...
  18. Lapses in memory
  19. whats this happening to me
  20. bipolar..not bipolar.. bipolar....what to do.
  21. Complex fantasies as a coping mechanism?
  22. Horrible Psychiatrist
  23. Social interaction opinions or thoughts?
  24. Trouble accepting diagnosis
  25. something wierd...
  26. Out of Options
  27. What kind of mental disorder?
  28. Mind is going out of control
  29. This Alligator And Guy In Black
  30. Losing connection with body
  31. Do I belong here? if so, I'd like some help?
  32. Irritating (yucky) feeling in head
  33. Heard These Voices
  34. Depersonalization or Dissociative disorder?
  35. Depersonalization or Dissociative disorder?
  36. Depression = Migraines? or Vice Versa?
  37. how to taper off lexapro 2 weeks of being on lexapro 10mg
  38. Schizophrenia or Bipolar?
  39. How do I deal with anger
  40. Bipolar/ssi/ssd?
  41. Zoloft/trazadone
  42. possible ocd/anxiety?
  43. had a concussion and never got it checked
  44. Intrusive thoughts
  45. A plea for help.
  46. Energy levels affecting my mental clarity
  47. Mindsite mental health assessment
  48. Mental self sabotage...
  49. do i have a psychological problem
  50. question
  51. Is this OCD? Please help!
  52. Please Stop the Music
  53. I'm Going Crazy
  54. dream interpretation
  55. Embarrassment talking in front of people
  56. What to do about my son?
  57. concussions memory loss
  58. Dissatisfaction with life
  59. Anxious around others
  60. Anyone know anything about BIID a.k.a BDD?
  61. i've been on lexapro for 5 weeks but I'm still feeling anxious
  62. My over analyzing is killing my relationship
  63. Can't do today
  64. anyone on olanzapine?
  65. What are the long-term effects of concussion
  66. Prolonged sexual fantasies
  67. why am i so irritable all the time
  68. Worried about my ex, and seriously wondering if she has a mental disorder
  69. I think I'm a sociopath
  70. my first appointment
  71. Confrontation Help
  72. I think I am a horrible person
  73. Medication with out endless therapy / 'check ups'
  74. lexapro insomnia
  75. Friend with daily feelings of dread...
  76. Daydreaming and talking weird
  77. Assertiveness and learning. Eye contact, What does it mean?
  78. Think she needs help!
  79. best med for irritability?
  80. what should i do medical or phychitric?
  81. Anxiety attack or something else?
  82. result of the past 25 years..?
  83. how to solve daydreaming problem
  84. Feeling Rotten To The Core...
  85. What's the point?
  86. Paranoia that started with physical symptoms
  87. I Think I'm Going Insane, Please Read Whole Post
  88. My hands are shaking
  89. hallucinations
  90. Anyone here on Lamictal alone?
  91. I need to know if all of these symptoms are one disorder.
  92. how do i find out if my gf was raped two years ago
  93. wake me up
  94. Horrible Thoughts :(
  95. What is wrong with my brain?
  96. Burning skin feeling while on Zoloft. Is this normal? Help!?
  97. psychotic breakdown
  98. Please help...Anxiety, Genralized Anxiety, OCD, or what?!?
  99. Memory Lapses
  100. So sad and scared
  101. feeling low
  102. can i take zoloft with trazadone
  103. question
  104. Disturbing thoughts.
  105. In pain and confused...
  106. Mental Health problems
  107. Um...
  108. Stabbed!
  109. Constant Daydreaming Problems
  110. Hey...I am new to this but not the illness...
  111. I can't take it anymore
  112. Birth control & Anti-depressants
  113. does effexor cause night sweats
  114. Don't know where to start...
  115. Where do I start?
  116. getting over my ex.... high anxiety
  117. I think I need help?
  118. how do i know if i have a psychological problem
  119. scared for my mom
  120. weird unreal frightening cold sensation head
  121. Unsocial- What can I do?
  122. Does anyone know what could cause this?
  123. Mental or Medical
  124. Ok, so here it goes.... Can anyone help?
  125. how to get off of seroquel
  126. Update-Why am I so irritated and angry all the time
  127. Problems
  128. i feel like people are watching me when i know they are not
  129. i feel like people are watching me when i know they are not
  130. ADD - Bipolar - Misdiagnosis?
  131. Distant vision
  132. I really need help. For my boyfriend.
  133. why does my mind want to think bad thoughts
  134. Many things.....
  135. Side Effects of Effexor XR?
  136. A LOT of anxiety and a lot of stress because I'm going to a café concert w/ a friend
  137. I´m new here and there´s something wrong with me
  138. What is wrong with me?
  139. In need of help so bad :(
  140. consultancy please
  141. I am so upset
  142. Concussion Effects
  143. Am I overreacting?
  144. Help
  145. Blinking Lights, Ticking Clocks
  146. winter break
  147. What do we know about diet pills and psychosis?
  148. Im very unstable. What's wrong with me?
  149. feeling at a disadvantage when around others
  150. im new here
  151. Celexa Withdrawal?
  152. Talking to yourself
  153. It seems i hate what i want the most...
  154. what are the long terms effect with concussion
  155. Uncontrollable Rage
  156. good brain sup
  157. is there such a thing as a pseudo sociopath?
  158. So should I up my meds?
  159. I was told that the calcium/albumin ratio can cause mental health issues...
  160. How do Dr's decide on a persons diagnois as far as a mental health problem i.e. bi-po
  161. Help, please! I got lost going somewhere familiar!
  162. Does Topamax aid in weight loss?
  163. Wierd Dreams?
  164. Borderline Personality Disorder??
  165. how to trick your mind into releasing more seratonin
  166. tryn to release
  167. Please can anyone associate with me: Do i have mental health problems?
  168. Why am I so angry and irritated all the time
  169. am i worrying over nothing ?
  170. people on road hate me when Im driving a certain car! Mental health!
  171. being watched
  172. Lexapro
  173. strange and absurd thinking
  174. Am I going crazy?
  175. life is too hard
  176. Afraid to Go to Dr. Again
  177. Paranoia
  178. Poor Self-Discipline
  179. People are always staring at me. OCD, paranoia, or neither?
  180. Ocd It Controls Every Movement Of My Body.
  181. I dont know what to do anymore!
  182. Flat affect or something.
  183. Is my mind normal?
  184. Overwhelmed
  185. not hear distant feeling
  186. Hi, am new, any help appreciated
  187. Self Motivation
  188. On Therapy and the Worsening of My Symptoms...
  189. Should I confess to my psychiatrist?
  190. Need help with this one...
  191. Hello from Nashville
  192. I need someone's advice... maybe a diognosis?
  193. Bothered by Blinking Lights, Ticking Clocks
  194. Looking for a different med
  195. How do I get private mental health care?
  196. Mental Fogginess, Memory Sluggish and Hard to Think.
  197. Afraid to be my authentic self
  198. Severe memory loss at 21
  199. dating, do I tell him?
  200. Types of Counselors
  201. Reality check?
  202. Why after 16 years of medications can I not still find stability
  203. Terrible Memory
  204. Stopping medication
  205. Psychiatric ward stay - confidential?
  206. The "new" prescription pain med rules are for your safety and privacy.
  207. Rosiecas
  208. Effexor and apathy . . . . . .? Anyone . . .?
  209. Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
  210. blackout
  211. medication
  212. how to get over the fear of choking
  213. Re: Long term effects of concussions
  214. Help dealing with a man off his medication
  215. Rosiecas
  216. Anxiety and Zoloft
  217. i need to know what the name of my illness is
  218. I am Absent Minded @ 25
  219. who do i see first, psychiatrist or therapist
  220. Mental Health damaged by strokes?
  221. why am I trembling and shaking so much
  222. Grandson I adopted
  223. what med would calm me down?
  224. Am I neurotic?
  225. weaning off Cymbalta
  226. MMPI-2 Inventory evaluation
  227. my thoughts
  228. I Am Really Getting Miffed At These Mood Swings!!!!!
  229. psycological problem
  230. Obsessed/Weird Pet Peeves
  231. I cannot "picture" things in my mind. Anyone else have this problem?
  232. Obsessed with dying/thoughts of death and dying young
  233. what problem do I've? am i going mental?
  234. Eye Lash Pulling
  235. unbalance, inner ear fluid
  236. I am beginning to realize it is me and not everyone else that has the problem
  237. can random scary thoughts
  238. How to convince a psychiatrist they are wrong???
  239. Who should I see for help with my head?
  240. Oversenstive Emotions
  241. Psychosomatic or real?
  242. is anyone here afraid of using public toilet?
  243. low self esteem, introverted, alone and now depressed... total mess
  244. In a Nutshell -
  245. Disorganized thinking? Or Processing Disorder?
  246. can anyone help!
  247. Need to talk
  248. No self confidence and low self esteem for no apparent reason
  249. New and looking for answers.
  250. What is this? :-/