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  1. Unable to love or just apathy?
  2. How can I stop obsessing and get these thoughts out of my mind?
  3. low self esteem
  4. So it's 5:20 central... and i just woke up...
  5. Why Do I Feel Paranoid-Depressed-and Anxious ALL at the sale time ?
  6. toureettes?/
  7. Put the negative in the right context
  8. introduction
  9. Hi - What mental illness do I have?
  10. My life is falling apart... help?
  11. Hard time sleeping...
  12. Why do I continue to sabotage myself?
  13. Finding the balance and HOPE
  14. scratch sores until they bleed
  15. Post Cult Trauma Syndrome or Nervous Breakdown?
  16. What kind of disorder?
  17. negative thinking and negative images
  18. Symptom Check
  19. Anti-tripoline
  20. Psychiatrist passed away. Records?
  21. Severe anxiety and other mental health problems
  22. My Wife
  23. Zyprexa - Sexual Side Effects ??
  24. What should I do?
  25. Mild Shock?
  26. Two Question's about Risperdal....
  27. Dad and mental illness? Please read the whole thing, thank you
  28. Need a shoulder
  29. Meds and Pregnancy
  30. Ok, here goes something. Your opinion please.
  31. I need help learning to cope.
  32. sufferer from ocd and my partner of 43 yrs been diagnosed with cancer
  33. First Psychotic Episode
  34. ughhhh. what is going on with me?!
  35. Please Help Me Figure This Out
  36. Weird Spells, please help!
  37. Hello - new here and wanted to introduce myself
  38. I think I am being watched
  39. please help..i just dont know what i can do
  40. my tendency to make mistakes
  41. Lamital, Seroquel and Lorazapam Sore neck
  42. Mild Concussion?
  43. stopping virtualization in brain
  44. clozapine long term use does it work
  45. Help me!
  46. Long term effects of concussions
  47. Dont know how to help!
  48. Is there a quarter life crisis???
  49. need some advice please!
  50. Lost and Sinking
  51. I don't know who I am anymore
  52. To all of you who offered me advice pls read this
  53. What is wrong with me? Please help?
  54. anxiety attack caused by toothache
  55. Question to heavy computer users...
  56. Nephew with "who cares" attitude
  57. life experiences don't 'sink in'
  58. Having some pretty nasty thoughts
  59. Going to the psychologist
  60. Am i going crazy?
  61. Unwanted Thoughts
  62. Anyone have these problems?
  63. Your Opinion
  64. Me
  65. therapy questions
  66. what should I do? help
  67. I feel worthless now. (wall of text about depression)
  68. Just found out disturbing news...
  69. bad thoughts
  70. What's wrong with me?
  71. signs of developing antisocial pd. maybe?
  72. I really dont know..
  73. Telephone Therapy Sessions?
  74. Positive people
  75. Why am i forgetting things?
  76. What is wrong with me?
  77. Fatigue/sedation
  78. So I had a question...
  79. iam i crazy
  80. I fail at life.
  81. visual fog or cloudy vision
  82. he does not care. shows no compassion, even to his own son
  83. please help my friend
  84. Anyone on Mood Stabilizers?
  85. whould the EEG be the same on the left side of the brain or in a different area?
  86. happiness 'set point?'
  87. I think there is something wrong; help?
  88. Can anyone figure me out?
  89. Long Term effects of a concussion
  90. really weird question
  91. Re: My Psychosis and OCD, Please Help Me!
  92. Sad in the Evenings
  93. PTSD/Now HIV
  94. Oh boy Cymbalta is EXPENSIVE!!!
  95. Scatterbrained
  96. Hi NEXIS/Everyone-New to this board
  97. Need advice about medicine
  98. bad thoughts
  99. How to use androgel
  100. Bit of a weird one
  101. Head shakes uncontrollably while speaking in groups
  102. wellbutrin and effexor
  103. anxiety and worrying of 'losing it'
  104. What is wrong with me, this is the worst anxiety ever.
  105. Stay length
  106. questions about psychosis
  107. electric shocks in mental hospitals
  108. My Psychosis and OCD, Please Help Me!
  109. Can anxiety cause depression?
  110. Wellbutrin vs. Effexor XR??
  111. Advice needed plz
  112. only 22 and scared of death
  113. A Question About 2 "Habits"...
  114. Please help me...
  115. Considering going in for a psychological evaluation.
  116. VIVID memories that aren't memories!?
  117. 'Mental' problems for DAYS after going out for a drink? HELP!!
  118. how do i get someone registered to a mental institution
  119. Anxiety & Alcohol
  120. antidepressants causing problems
  121. I Stopped Taking My Paxil Cr
  122. transference issues
  123. seroquel how to stop taking
  124. what is psychologist and psychicatrist
  125. What is this?
  126. AM i Crazy?
  127. What happens if I check into a mental hospital?
  128. Constant Daydreaming.
  129. My memory is absolutely abysmal. Stress induced? I don't know.
  130. Lack awareness... is there help for me?
  131. rispedol
  132. New lifestyle is killing my self-esteem...
  133. Trichotillomania
  134. Family member help
  135. Whats wrong with me?
  136. Waking Up With Bad Mood
  137. Narcissistic with no emotions
  138. My appointment with Early Psychosis
  139. I feel very dreamy all the day and i have very poor concentration?
  140. why do my sentences come out backwards
  141. Self esteem and motivation issues
  142. cymbalta help?
  143. Dream-Like State
  144. What is wrong with me?
  145. Please can someone advise me
  146. Health Anxiety Anyone Else Have It ? Driving me Looney
  147. Getting Pregnant
  148. On dealing with a BPD
  149. I'm only depressed when I'm at home.
  150. Medication not working anymore? Paranoia, obsessions, etc.
  151. read!!!
  152. Delusional Disorders, ANYONE?
  153. feeling out of control
  154. Ideas for helping nephew?
  155. lying
  156. Has anyone ever experienced Delusional Disorder Jealous Type??
  157. Mood swing question.
  158. Recovery through the arts...?
  159. getting a diagnosis in the UK - im being ignored
  160. Depression has returned after boyfriend dumped me
  161. Risperdal, Seroquel
  162. help
  163. Can Celexa And Welburtrin Be Taken Together
  164. How to get over someone you have to see every day?
  165. Involuntary Twitches
  166. Thinking make trouble
  167. Blacking Out
  168. Mental Weight Problems
  169. Stuck - Afraid of everything
  170. what do dreams about killing people mean?
  171. Visual hallucinations
  172. Jealousy - How Can I Change?
  173. fear of dying in sleep
  174. symptom of my anxiety or something more?
  175. Seroquel Question
  176. Antidepressant: Dosulepin.
  177. Went to the doctors...
  178. What could be wrong with me?
  179. how to stop seroquel
  180. how to help someone you thinks unstable?
  181. Please help..I can't stop daydreams
  182. Depression in morning
  183. What's wrong with me?
  184. Dillusional and paranoid
  185. confused/male nipples
  186. Is there something wrong with me? Please help, much appreciated
  187. Is it me that needs help or everybody else?
  188. Talking to myself, loving myself, hating myself. I think I have a mental ilness.
  189. What the hell is happening to me
  190. Can sympathy from a psychiatrist be genuine?
  191. Tense, anxious, doesn't like small talk, has sexual problems needs help
  192. Being Mardy and Sulking
  193. games that i feel are being played (without prejudices)
  194. mom has ill mind...
  195. I need to retaliate
  196. help!! what's wrong with me?
  197. how many refills can you get for xanax
  198. Is this a mental health issue?
  199. Foggy head,slight dizziness,lose track of thought.
  200. Why Can't I Speak Up?
  201. Antidepressant: Citalopram.
  202. A compulsive liars recovery....
  203. How do brain activity affect allucination or is it the other way round?
  204. negative thoughts
  205. :confused:questions ??? without prejudices (help)
  206. Freak of the year award...Do I win? Kinda wish I were a female, sometimes.
  207. depressed, reoccouring, frustrating thoughts
  208. Someone-something is taking over the driver's seat.
  209. Old Age setting in? Or.....(my inlaws)
  210. Could you make a clear difference between the psy fields?
  211. I feel stupid!
  212. Issues of Consent
  213. hard to cope
  214. I was wondering if anybody could help me.
  215. Where to post about 'triggers' ..? Here or elsewhere? Advise pls.
  216. How make understand family member need help?
  217. Please help me!
  218. What does it mean?
  219. risperdol
  220. Not quite sure where to post this......
  221. Lacking creativity
  222. Does this make any sense at all to anyone bar me?
  223. normal...............so many varying degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  224. What could this be - mental illness?
  225. Could this be a mental problem?
  226. colour, sounds,etc triggering negative reactions or feelings in mental health patient
  227. zoloft and decreased male libido
  228. Dealing for years now, still no effective treatment or diagnosis. Bipolar/Borderline?
  229. I think im mentally unstable, please help.
  230. Is there something wrong with me mentally?..and i disturbed?
  231. fear of rejection
  232. living in my own private hell
  233. scab picking
  234. I need help, I am driving my family nuts
  235. Off-label usage of Zyprexa?
  236. I believe everyone here should read "The Power Of Now" Echart Tolle.
  237. I think I'm not normal..
  238. Mental Health/Borderline??(Long)
  239. Worry people may think I'm crazy
  240. Statutory Rape??
  241. seeing horrible images when i close my eyes
  242. Various thoughts I have, anyone got any advice?
  243. Scitzo Effective son Faces Jial
  244. Mental health as opposed to psyical health
  245. Scitzophrenia/Psychosis - What helped me the most...
  246. Multiple personalities for other people
  247. Perceived breathing problem
  248. Shizoid personality disorder...
  249. A Mess, Stressed, Depressed
  250. zoloft side effects.