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  1. Why can't I keep my arms still?
  2. confused - please help
  3. i don't know whats wrong with me
  4. Lack of feelings
  5. Waking up paralyzed, please help!
  6. Depressed Teenager - HELP!
  7. Lonely
  8. I am so angry and depressed. I am filled with rage.
  9. Sleeping All Day
  10. need info on blood testing mental health patients
  11. i need to help a friend Plz read!!!
  12. Am I delusional as well?
  13. Am I a hyperchondriac-please read and tell me what ya think.
  14. Fabricated Boyfriend
  15. OCD or Schizophrenia? Experts? Need help
  16. Slow thinker
  17. Any experts out there? About Abilify.
  18. feeling violent
  19. Am I really an Anti-social?
  20. Disturbing Behavior
  21. So Confused
  22. DID Dissociative Identity Disorder/Delusions -HELP
  23. switched meds again, have questions...HELP!!!
  24. I am a failure. I cant help myself. I need advice on what I should do..
  25. Disorders And Abusive Parents?
  26. Experiences with zoloft
  27. Need some help coping with symptoms and side affects....sorry kinda long
  28. Need some help coping with symptoms and side affects....sorry kinda long
  29. Interfence with Antidepressants and Birth Control???
  30. i need help
  31. Has anyone else had ECT?
  32. i want you all to know!!
  33. EMDR 4 PTSD panic eating addiction anxiety......
  34. Negative thoughts!
  35. opinions of this person?
  36. Hi, I'm new here....and I'm falling apart.
  37. cymbalta for depression/anxiety/borderline personality disorder?
  38. Feel Terribly Unmotivated
  39. Paranoid schizophrenia how do you help?
  40. effexor xr
  41. Does any-one have a successful relationship with a bpd
  42. rare odd symptoms
  43. Urgent Help!
  44. I just need someone to tell me I'm not completely screwed up
  45. Psychosis.
  46. Internal dialogue.
  47. Lexapro-your experiences with it, please
  48. I'm not dying but i dont want to die!!!
  49. I know you prolly here it a lot , but advice would help extremely
  50. Deja Vu type feeling
  51. Does this sound like bipolar?
  52. Is there a name for this?!?
  53. Meeting with Social Worker for first time
  54. Weight loss success after Remeron?
  55. Zyprexa and weight gain
  56. Unsure..
  57. xanax vs. lexapro (benzo vs. anti-depressant)
  58. I don't know what I should title this... (long post.. =/)
  59. will xanax lower my blood pressure????
  60. Social Issues??
  61. stalkers
  62. Is this ********** or something else?
  63. What to Expect?:Going to a Therapist
  64. Internet tests
  65. First Time Poster, Long Time Problems
  66. brain damage recovery
  67. Xanax / Alprazolam - What is the recommended dosage?
  68. I need advice please
  69. Depressed, anxious or addicted? O.o
  70. Memory going out
  71. advice re husbands mental behaviour
  72. Psychosis and OCD.
  73. What can I do to ease this...
  74. Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and plastic surgery
  75. Extremely Bad Memory
  76. trg247
  77. Everybody has this....right???
  78. Can anybody relate? Please read.
  79. I need someone else who hears voices to talk to
  80. I have severe depression with psychotic features and auditory hallucinations is there
  81. Question about crying
  82. A Friend
  83. A little worried here...can you help please.
  84. i need to talk to someone
  85. What is it?
  86. Lots of fears..
  87. I don't know what's wrong with me
  88. Feeling wierd about sex
  89. looking for longhairgothboy
  90. feel bugs crawling on you
  91. Why do I feel like such a loser?
  92. Voice Dysmorphic Disorder?
  93. Someone please tell me who I have to see with my problem, need major help~
  94. questioning formulation of understanding
  95. Scientology and psychiatry
  96. lonliness or self-isolation
  97. Mental health & elder abuse
  98. Denial of issue
  99. exaggeration/mental health
  100. I think I have drank myself to permanent impotence
  101. Intrusive thoughts.
  102. empty nest syndrome, is there ever an end?
  103. zopiclone
  104. Only sometimes feel really bad
  105. red Blotchy patches with anxiety
  106. Help please, I keep having bad thoughts, am I okay?
  107. i'm 27 and i can speak fine if it's simple stuff, but not mature stuff
  108. I need help on some problems ive kept quiet for to long
  109. Help!
  110. A life of obsessions
  111. kid wanting to harm animals...
  112. more emotional means more caring/loving??
  113. When u feel stuck
  114. hopeless
  115. Lamictal side effects mimick MS symptoms?
  116. pain
  117. In search of help/advice. Please read
  118. Mental Illness and Working
  119. Problem tenant
  120. Help in finding a counsellor
  121. Wellbutrin HELP
  122. Rights of Mentally Ill
  123. Do I have OCD?
  124. Please help 10 year old boys behavior
  125. help..feeling everyone out to get me.
  126. im trying to protect my children-am i right???
  127. Whats wrong with him?
  128. Celastrus
  129. mental abuse
  130. how do i fix this!!
  131. question about personality changes
  132. Emotional issue, How to deal?
  133. Trouble with people - I can't seem to talk to them.
  134. 27 male year old mental health problems
  135. Depressed, self-concious, gf on recieving end. Help me!
  136. Confused
  137. repetitive writing
  138. I Dream Of Killing People!
  139. I thought it was ADD, but now I'm wondering...
  140. I thought it was ADD, but now I'm wondering...
  141. I thought it was ADD, but now I'm wondering...
  142. Cymbalta
  143. False sexual abuse claims by autistic child
  144. Any parents dealing with teens w/mental illness?
  145. Bad day-need help with self esteem
  146. Suggestions Please on possible treatment
  147. Obsessed with death
  148. A number of issues i cant figure out!
  149. What's wrong with me?
  150. Please Help me
  151. type of psychologist to see- not sure!?!?!?
  152. GirlsFriends "past" Encounters kill me. (us)
  153. Boyfriend going to Psychiatrist next week
  154. Life
  155. What could the problem be with my 13yo son?
  156. What could the problem be with my 13yo son?
  157. Why do I keep asking myself this?
  158. Generic Wellbutrin
  159. I need some help
  160. Please Help - I just had an incredibly strange experience
  161. Disturbing dreams and made-up characters...
  162. Angry Reaction to Memories
  163. Fake converstions, fake outcomes....
  164. Occasional strange & severe symptoms: 10 years and no diagnosis!
  165. Mental Health
  166. Wellbutrin Withdrawal?
  167. Complex verbal tic identification
  168. Can't stand to hear about cruelty to animals
  169. Difficult situations overcome.
  170. Need opinion about teenage behavior problems
  171. Anxiety or panic attacks??
  172. Longtime depession and disatisfaction.
  173. I always feel like I'm on t.v.
  174. Anxiety or just the truth?
  175. anxiety:Red patches show
  176. Need some Input on my weirdness
  177. OCD and Health Obsessions
  178. Is my therapy working???
  179. I'd like to know what's wrong with me.
  180. I think I might be driving myself insane. I REALLY need HELP!! =[
  181. What could this be? How can I deal with it?
  182. What could this be? How can I deal with it?
  183. always seeking approval
  184. A friend, really, it's not me...
  185. A pill that works?
  186. I don't know if this is mental or physical -- part dinosaur? And I'm not kidding!
  187. Fear of choking. Please help! I'm scared of dying!
  188. Cancer Obsession
  189. Has anyone successfully lost the weight they gained while on Prozac?
  190. Can I drink alcohol while on 0.5 mg of Klonopin (Clonazepam)?
  191. self-esteem, view of self
  192. Self-Talk: Imaginary Characters -- Help!
  193. Blaming in the relationship - what's your opinion
  194. Chaning medications
  195. stomach pain every morning.
  196. meds for prostate pain? Help Please!
  197. Depression and OCD Meds
  198. hypocondria
  199. Was it all in my head???
  200. Generic form of Serzone side effects
  201. please help
  202. WHAT is this guys deal?
  203. What disorder is this!!!???
  204. OCD and anxiety??
  205. ssris- help!
  206. Schizoaffective
  207. Depression has started up again
  208. memories...
  209. New to Lexapro
  210. Is this schizophrenic?
  211. whats wrong with me??
  212. strange but true :(
  213. Need a good psychiatrist UK
  214. Serzone
  215. Help!!
  216. I seriously need to figure out what's wrong with me...severe jealousy and other stuff
  217. What can I do? please help
  218. please help
  219. Neck twitch triggered by anxiety?
  220. effects and aftermath
  221. whats wrong w/me?
  222. Anti Depressents
  223. Don't know what to do.
  224. Urges to get hurt or be chased
  225. Don't know where to ask this...
  226. Help Please....
  227. Please help I have done a bad thing.
  228. Question about omega 3 fatty acids
  229. I've lost it, please help me.
  230. My life right now. What can I do?
  231. Positive Talk
  232. help please?
  233. HELP! What's wrong with him?
  234. Are many Psychiatrists con-artists?
  235. Things that really bother me.
  236. ativan/buspar combo...
  237. Heavy Sedative Used in UK Mental Hospitals
  238. Geodone & Lamictal
  239. Cotard's Syndome?
  240. please help i dont know what to do
  241. Life story...sorry!
  242. What is wrong with me?
  243. Society's opinion on mental health today
  244. why am i so sad?
  245. Some just dont get it!
  246. What is wrong with this person?
  247. Dating advice for someone with mental illness
  248. Parasite Paranoia
  249. Buspirone side effects?
  250. Looking for a new medication, need feedback