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  1. Second guessing myself...
  2. What, exactly, is my brain's problem?
  3. A friend needs major help
  4. why am i like this
  5. advice on moods
  6. i lose all reality perception!!!
  7. Weird Thoughts
  8. Cant control some thoughts, why?
  9. Effexor and Occasional Night Sweating
  10. Psychoanalysis
  11. Not sure if I am ill or just going through a phase
  12. Disability claim expectations?!?
  13. drug induced psychosis?
  14. sigh I wish I had someone to talk to...
  15. Can't stop negative thoughts
  16. I scared myself...what does this mean?
  17. foods effect mental state!
  18. HELP! What is wrong with me? Stress or more?
  19. Need help to understand illness... can I help?
  20. Is this Bipolar?
  21. dont have a clue why....do you?
  22. CAn you fix me please?
  23. What's wrong with me?
  24. hematodipsia
  25. Effexor.
  26. night sweating and meds
  27. Did anyone else face this as a young person?
  28. friend suspected of being a pathological liar! Help please!!!
  29. Fast heartbeat
  30. Need to vent
  31. Relationships?
  32. Just A Blurt
  33. Side Effects
  34. Re-evaluation? Should I bother?
  35. me again.Paxil
  36. Problems, problems.
  37. What is this?
  38. !HELP HELP How to get over Fear of CHOKING?
  39. Hallucinations, other things too
  40. does SERAQUIL INTERRACT with Stomach acid meds? anyone know
  41. Contest between sisters, who hurts more
  42. bi-polar/ life
  43. Bi-Polar??? What is this Please????
  44. Almost Crying Tonight/Can't deal with mom's behavior
  45. life or death situations
  46. list of problems, any ideas?
  47. Empethetic Illness?
  48. Desperate plea from the heart
  49. Friend has been diagnosed with Cotard syndrome
  50. Is there something wrong with me ??
  51. lost with words and life
  52. Problem with Mum...any ideas?
  53. Going for SSD Mental Exam - HELP!!??
  54. need advice
  55. I think i might have BIPOLAR!
  56. Anxiety disorder???
  57. Sluggish Mind
  58. Man Breast Sore
  59. Voice before going to sleep
  60. Making bad decisions again and again
  61. What is this?! How should I proceed?!
  62. Anyone Want To Play Connect The Dots With My Problems?
  63. Unemotional Husband During Pregnancy
  64. compulsive lying?
  65. It seems like I have OCD but this could be something FAR more complicating.
  66. Help with depression that improves during pregnancy
  67. I am pretty sure I have some sort of mentalproblem.
  68. Talking problem.
  69. not comfortable 0_0
  70. Is being an abuser hereditary?
  71. Risperidone
  72. clinics/treatment
  73. Is there a name for this?
  74. forgetfullness
  75. Communication disorder or mental illness?
  76. in love with stepbrother
  77. Hearing alot about Effexor lately....
  78. Zoloft and Topamax
  79. planting seeds
  80. Very Strange Situation
  81. Memory retention and recall
  82. Are you crazy if you are aware of your problems?
  83. Psychiatrist or Psychologist??
  84. Detatchment and surrealness of surroundings. Panic attacks and Depression
  85. Where to start....?
  86. Effexor-Am I hooked for LIFE???
  87. fustrated all the time
  88. Need a Sounding Board
  89. not sure what to do about this...
  90. should I tell my doctor?
  91. Seroquel Question
  92. possible anxiety disorder
  93. Sensitivity to loud noises...causing irritability, nausea, etc.
  94. zyprexa and sodium valporate withdrawal
  95. Pathological Liar
  96. Do I need to see a counselor?
  97. Paxil @ Bedtime ?
  98. Afraid of things! Whys??
  99. I'm starting to believe that i do alot of things just for attention.
  100. factitious disorder???
  101. Tics And My Doctor
  102. Is there something wrong with me?
  103. Help Diagnosis me...
  104. I have Boarderline and Bipolar disorder
  105. Mental Health & looking after yourself!
  106. He is making me feel like I'm insane; help!
  107. So many issues...what am I dealing with?
  108. Hallucinations
  109. Signs of a Mental/Emotional Breakdown
  110. So much pain....how do I heal?
  111. Echolalia- what disorder? Need some help
  112. Panic|death|VISIONS
  113. Therapist or Psychiatrist
  114. trichotillomania - hair pulling
  115. Help! Chronically late!
  116. Can Child Abuse affect You 22 yrs later
  117. Mountains or molehills
  118. best guides to mental health
  119. I am worried about my 10 yr old son
  120. Do I have a problem?
  121. Opinions of diagnosis on syptoms
  122. at what point do I step in?
  123. Weird problems. Nostalgia, getting older and depression
  124. Abuse
  125. Fantisizing about falling asleep and not waking up
  126. Do I need help?
  127. Tell me there is a name for this...
  128. Soooo screwed up!!!!
  129. titration symptoms
  130. Involuntary talking
  131. unusual urge to laugh
  132. Who has taken Geodon?
  133. Fears are overwhelming...what's wrong with me?
  134. Fears are overwhelming...what's wrong with me?
  135. I might be getting a little addicted to gambling.
  136. I don't know what to do.....
  137. I sabotage myself.
  138. I think I 'm going to lose my mind soon
  139. Is this normal for a 24 year old?
  140. Low Self-esteem
  141. effexor question
  142. Cannabis death from brain damage but still living
  143. I think I'm losing it...
  144. need help with anxiety & worry...bad!
  145. incest survivors?
  146. Trouble eating public
  147. Social Anxiety?
  148. My Past is Hurting the Present
  149. Why??? :(
  150. Crazy or just wierd?
  151. I don't have any emotions!!!
  152. What's up with me?
  153. What kind of therapy would help?
  154. What's up with me
  155. What's going on here?
  156. Problems...
  157. Problems
  158. Please tell me, am I paranoid?
  159. What the hell is wrong with me?
  160. Is this a mental disorder or just laziness?
  161. Legelly speaking
  162. xanax?
  163. Still foggy and and cutting back into reality
  164. Crazy, or hormone imbalanced?
  165. Prozac for social Anxiety
  166. I'm so worried about my mum! pls help!
  167. Memory Lost
  168. Scared of Zyprexa HELP PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU!!
  169. Making an appointment
  170. Anyone, I need your help!!
  171. I feel like I am crazy
  172. Help me.
  173. Break the taboo
  174. Extreme Fear- PLEASE HELP
  175. Can anyone help?
  176. Shy personalities
  177. What's wrong with me?
  178. Omega-3 Fish Oils and BPD?
  179. Am I mentally Ill?
  180. BDD but afraid of meds
  181. Whats my problem?
  182. Psychosis - Will I ever get out of this hell intact?
  183. Mental Abuse by parents? Not sure.
  184. Borderline personality disorder
  185. Looking for psychiatrists in NJ
  186. So many problems....how do I heal?
  187. Mental Health Doctors???
  188. Does having an underlying medical condition make mental illness any less valid?
  189. Is it okay to stop cold turkey?
  190. What is this
  191. feeling down
  192. Husband's derealization problem
  193. I need help telling my girlfriend about my mental illnesses...
  194. Doctor says BP after one visit! Started me right away on Zyprexa. Confused, need help
  195. Imaginary People and Self-Talk
  196. Effexor and Long-Term Side Effects
  197. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)-- HELP!
  198. Going Mad ?
  199. Bdd
  200. Thoughts
  201. Acne messes with my head
  202. Recreating abuse??
  203. gf with no sexual drive
  204. I'm withdrawing from Cymbalta and DYINGGGGGGGGGG
  205. First time admitting EVERYTHING - LONG
  206. Who to see - Psychatrist or Psychologist for these symptoms?
  207. Does anyone know???
  208. To all with hallucinations.....
  209. diagnosis
  210. First post here... Please help.
  211. Help Please
  212. Looking for help please!!
  213. How Long Do People Usually Stay on Lexapro?
  214. Effexor, alcohol, and weight
  215. Am I Bad
  216. Why am I this Way!
  217. Obsessive Compulsive disorder
  218. does anyone else suffer from paranoia?
  219. Multiple Personality Disorder
  220. ~I Have Lots of Issues~ HELP
  221. What's wrong with me?
  222. Telling your children
  223. Worrying 24/7
  224. White Bolld Count too High
  225. Stress following surgery
  226. Newbie - Too Much Meds?
  227. I know how it feels to be a smashed melon
  228. Does anyone else suffer with thoughts of hurting people?
  229. Am i a follower???
  230. Sorry I copied my post from the PTSD board but I'm desperate for help
  231. Obsession over boyfriend's ex-girlfriend
  232. Effexor XR and Memory Loss/Forgetfulness
  233. Effexor
  234. friend question- How much is to much to hug and touch a male friends arm or sit on-
  235. Depression/bipolar disorder?
  236. Full-Life Crisis?
  237. College Depression/am I a loser?
  238. Zoloft and Trazadone dangerious????
  239. Good confidence/self-help books?
  240. car sickness. ( some help or info please?)
  241. fear of traveling
  242. Help for my hsuband
  243. ok this is what im doing need help badly
  244. Anyone online now? I'm too scared to go to sleep... :(
  245. What do you tell people?
  246. why am I having such a hard time with this???
  247. Just what does it take to be "hospitalized"
  248. Are hallucinations, etc. a requirement for psychosis???
  249. falling feeling.
  250. I need some help and advise for a friend, please?