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  1. Advice on aging parents
  2. when to start using Antiaging creams
  3. Average inpatient rehab time after hip fracture
  4. Spots
  5. what makes a face look old
  6. Grandfather loss of appetite
  7. vaginal bleeding
  8. Ending aging!
  9. I know I am not that old, but feel it
  10. what can be done for my thin skin
  11. Eye baggage.....EEEEK
  12. No diagnosis for severe edema/need help
  13. Is this even possible?
  14. 87 year old mother not feeling well
  15. Ok im 17 but i have forehead lines but..............
  16. fish oil for wrinkles
  17. Obsessed with dying/thoughts of death and dying young
  18. Aging.
  19. swollen feet/ankles
  20. Calling all vain women, how do you deal with aging?
  21. Hi white & red cells in urine
  22. I know it's all been posted before
  23. afraid for my dad...please help
  24. Ubitol
  25. is anyone sick of going to the doctor?
  26. How to help an aging parent
  27. Lines under neck
  28. dermal fillers
  29. 51 and starting to have saggy skin around arms and upper legs
  30. Swollen and painful ankles, please can anyone help?
  31. soreness in side where ribs are
  32. Mother in law diagnosis with pulmonary hypertension and arteriosclerosis
  33. Facial Hair
  34. Feels cold no matter how hot it is
  35. 51st Birthday, feeling sad
  36. Anyone know how to minimize sunspots
  37. My mother has vascular dementia-age 85
  38. My Grandma is having memory problems .. please see
  39. Swollen ankles
  40. Thinking about death more since I got older
  41. "Mostly happy"about says it all...so that will be my name here.
  42. Balance disturbance in the elderly
  43. Nursing home ?- 2 person room
  44. Doctors don't want to treat elderly
  45. How important are antioxidants?
  46. blackheads around the eyes
  47. Help please!
  48. My Granddaddy
  49. what is next after kidney shut down??
  50. Harmone Replacement Therapy HGH
  51. Mom in nursing home
  52. Aging Father...Is This Normal??
  53. I am 25, and I see forehead lines close up in the mirror.
  54. are there older women who end up alone
  55. What would cause my upper arms to hurt on the bottom after fall on my
  56. are there any tablets for color pigmentations for grey hair
  57. tablets or creams?: the anti-ageing arsenal...
  58. What is happening to my Mother, out of touch with reality
  59. Natural Advantage???
  60. what are the physical change at age 40
  61. Feeling old and miserable
  62. My Grandma Broke Her Hip...Beginning of the end?
  63. Thinking about death more since I got older
  64. anti aging
  65. jawl line sag
  66. Feeling Old and Useless
  67. Lifecell Anti-wrinkle cream
  68. Being alone and getting sick or aging!
  69. how to look more mature
  70. what happens if you do no surgery on broken hip
  71. What about coloring hair to look younger?
  72. Worried about my parents
  73. How to remove seborrheic keratosis
  74. how do i be more patient with my elderly mother
  75. what happens when the body shuts down
  76. Aquaphor mixed with Salyic Acid
  77. Discoloration from Venous insufficiency
  78. why are my ribs sore to touch on sides only
  79. Almost 38 and having a real hard time accepting it
  80. 27 and lookin old as hell :(
  81. Drowsiness
  82. Low Grade Fever/What Up with that?? 80 years old
  83. Any help for my nan?
  84. if gray hairs get plucked, does the follicle die?
  85. Deep Neck Creases
  86. i look to old for my age im told...
  87. Polymyalgia Rheumatica?
  88. grandma is ready to go, grandpa isn't...
  89. what would cause feeling of discomfort right under the lower part of the ribcage
  90. Can men wear beards in residential aged care.
  91. low blood pressure, loss of balance, weakness
  92. Depression solved, new dilemma please help me I am so afraid
  93. 88 yrs old -sleeping too much
  94. Looking older
  95. vitamin
  96. 31 noticing wrinkles...tried otc but realized i had avon anew sitting here
  97. dry scalp
  98. Teosyal diasaster
  99. Had cataract surgery./wrinkles
  100. Middle spread 4 more inches in the last few months.
  101. some new doctors
  102. Cosmetics
  103. Milia (sp) on face
  104. Frequent urinating during the night
  105. 30 soon!
  106. Stretch Marks
  107. Should women over 50 cut their hair short?
  108. HGH transdermal
  109. 55 and Running on Empty
  110. Early 40s - and noticing memory lapses
  111. Grandfather 90 depression, Any advice how to perk him up
  112. Breast pain in postmenopausal women
  113. help
  114. Scalp pimples, raised bumps on top of head
  115. How do I overcome hurt when Mom is being mean and harsh with her words?
  116. a good cream for facial wrinkles
  117. How far off are we?
  118. feeling of fullness in bowel
  119. What is my biological age?
  120. wrinkles at 15
  121. Getting in shape getting harder already or?
  122. Older Man with problems - 75
  123. Skin Tags
  124. I'm 27 male with wrinkles on side of eyes when Facial Expressions
  125. I still feel young at almost 37 but the 20 something driving me nuts.
  126. Sex after 60???
  127. Midlife Crisis????
  128. 37 and feeling like "Yuck" my body is changing!
  129. Problems around the eyes
  130. Dry skin driving me crazy!
  131. varicose veins or what?
  132. Derma Wand or Time machine, anyone tried them ??
  133. Question about my Grandmother
  134. 43 and feel like hell!
  135. looking older at 21
  136. anti aging solution longevitale?
  137. Vaginal Bleeding in elderly
  138. vasaline and hair???
  139. Wrinkles at age 13-14?
  140. How to Build Energy for 9 yr old's Visit?
  141. aging crisis.
  142. anti-aging
  143. 47 and feeling midlife
  144. Cholesterol
  145. allergic conjunctivitis caused by skincare creams
  146. Help! Midlife slump
  147. Could getting older and losing your look make you better?
  148. Should i start using antiwrinkle creams now ?
  149. Spider veins
  150. Anyone believe in reverse aging?
  151. PLEASE help! Dh and I about to lose it with mom!
  152. Anti Aging Clinics Ripoffs?
  153. Hi, I am new Ladies, wanted to say hello!!
  154. Flax Seed Oil
  155. Longevity
  156. Dehydration and fine lines....
  157. Feeling sexy after 40?
  158. Can anyone suggest a good cream for facial wrinkles?
  159. Problems with "age spots"
  160. Sleep Bra For Chest Wrinkles
  161. husband not interested in sex
  162. this is strange- i don't understand
  163. Boomers Dying 1000 A Day
  164. GeniSphere
  165. uplifting moisturising creams
  166. Has Anyone Tried HGH Injections?
  167. Only 21 but....
  168. is it possible..........
  169. Question about age spots and self tanners
  170. aging
  171. Age spots
  172. Pneumonia and delirium in elderly
  173. Crisco as an anti-aging cream?
  174. arms
  175. Dark circles under eyes
  176. Sleep issues
  177. how do I find a doctor
  178. Elderly Medical Alarms?
  179. Help with my Mom
  180. Obsessed with my ugly frown lines!
  181. A question from my mom...
  182. Depressing upper body weight gain
  183. Sunblock
  184. Turning 40 Next Week
  185. skin care regime
  186. Is there any term for this
  187. Young and wrinkling...
  188. Testostrone Replacement Male
  189. Costs for the Insured and the Uninsured
  190. Aging around the eyes. What to do?
  191. Longevity
  192. Scared, Worried, Unsure for my mother
  193. What makes us look older?
  194. Castor Oil????
  195. What do you do for corner of eye squint lines?
  196. It's my birthday - Botox & HGH
  197. I like getting older!
  198. Advice for a nifty-fifty please!
  199. Rehab gave us an ultimatum. Pleas help!
  200. Mother refused to go to the hospital, could be the end.
  201. HGH Supplemental Enhancers
  202. Crisco as an anti-aging cream?
  203. Hairy legs ruining my life
  204. Polyphenols Vs HGH
  205. wrinkles how to avoid some
  206. Forehead wrinkes ( age 16 )
  207. Psychologists from rehab make matters worse
  208. supplements?
  209. Male - Almost 21, look like Im 14..
  210. I've lost my chin!!! What's with that?
  211. brown age spots
  212. wrinkles?
  213. Effective Anti-Ageing creams and moisturisers???
  214. Parents moving again
  215. How to handle mother in the hospital?
  216. Please help dealing with mother in rehab !
  217. puzzled
  218. Turning 40 next month
  219. is it possible to treat badly in rehab?
  220. Camellia oil or Jojoba oil has greater anti-aging properties?
  221. gray hair
  222. Anyone feel tingling/jitters on face under eyes?
  223. Daily excedrin - danger?
  224. i'm finding that my 50's is my best decade yet.
  225. Jojoba Oil to keep skin young ?
  226. Newbie
  227. very depressed
  228. Maturing problem
  229. face aging faster?!
  230. Leigh Valentine
  231. Hitting the age of 30
  232. How to deal with mother?
  233. wrinkles at 20
  234. What is the best product to help reduce
  235. Fat Injections?
  236. best moisterizer
  237. face muscle exercise
  238. Anyone ever have Seborrheic Keratosis spots?
  239. Non surgical facelifts
  240. Mineral makeup
  241. Cutting Calories and Reduce Aging Study
  242. health insurance
  243. The Fountain of Youth
  244. Lying about age
  245. Am I really that old??
  246. Anyone using Alpha Lipoic Acid & it's helping your skin?
  247. What does one do for the lines between nose and eyes?
  248. Botox - I am in my early 20's
  249. suddenly my waist is getting bigger!!
  250. Dhea

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