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  1. How do you tell someone? (teachers, specifically)
  2. So tired and so confused.
  3. need advice about xanax ,can they cause seizures while on them? please help....
  4. fear from the people
  5. advice
  6. Should I take a sleep aid?
  7. Possible to Stop Throwing Up with Surgery?????? Advice Please
  8. Newly Diagnosed with Panic Disorder
  9. why do i feel like im going to die all the time
  10. scared
  11. why do i feel as though i have wet myself and i havent
  12. how long until the lexpro works for panic attacks
  13. shacky anxious tingling
  14. Been Diagnosed but still worried
  15. severe panic / driving manual transmission
  16. Help!!!
  17. Blah!
  18. panic
  19. symptoms of panic attacks, or heart disease
  20. You Know You Have Panic Disorder When
  21. Heart Palpatations/flutters and PANIC DISORDER, BLAH! I need reassurance people!
  22. Can anxiety cause asthma symtoms?
  23. anxiety panic
  24. The Epilum Drug
  25. Need Help do i have panic disorder
  26. how do you stay calm iin a MRI test..
  27. Panic Attacks Gets Worse With Exercise - Is This Normal??
  28. Scared of others throwing up
  29. it keeps on happinin??
  30. panic help
  31. xanax ??? need advice on how to come off them.
  32. Panic attacks out of control due to moving alone to new country
  33. Finally ... a clear explanation
  34. Am I going to be like this forever?
  35. dosing of cymbalta
  36. Panic and Extra Heartbeat - HELP
  37. Can you get immune to prozac?
  38. Prozac and Panic Attacks
  39. throwing up attacks
  40. Exercise induced symptoms, what causes this?
  41. I'm 25 pregnant and new here.
  42. On-Going Heart Issues with Panic Disorder
  43. The Triffecta Isn,t Easy
  44. Panic Attacks
  45. Fear of driving
  46. currently on Lexapro wanting to switch meds HELP
  47. Panic Disorder with Fear of Flying
  48. Klonopin (clonazepam) and Alcohol
  49. Panic Attacks... or Something More?
  50. Anybody Have Good Results On Klonopin
  51. panic and pregnancy
  52. Massive panic attacks on Zoloft
  53. Guaifenesin for anxiety?
  54. Something Strange with my mind
  55. wiped out on remeron
  56. panic attack and sensory overload
  57. anyone notice anxiety/depression worse after a night of heavy drinking?
  58. has anyone ever tried buspar? if so how well does it work?
  59. Please help me get off Klonopin!
  60. Need help dealing with what I think is a panic disorder :(
  61. disclosing taking citalopram
  62. has anyone ever passed out from a panic attack? or is this seizures??
  63. waking up to a panic attack
  64. Withdrawal symptoms
  65. Klonopin
  66. What is cbt and the tapping technique?
  67. Panic Attacks or PSVT?
  68. panic attacks and seizures
  69. Anyone else have help from BusPar
  70. stressed
  71. I really need help...panic attacks??
  72. HELP!! I have pain attacks driving and husband forcing me to..
  73. Hi, I am new to the board.
  74. just diagnosed with panic disorder
  75. heart rate
  76. panic/anxiety attack??
  77. my daughter is having panic attacks how can i help her
  78. Do you take Medication for Panic everyday?
  79. I wish I had a support group.
  80. Going Insane
  81. Im new here and I have sevre panic attacks, Im getting married and cant lose weight,
  82. ZOLOFT NOT WORKING! Anybody have any other suggesstions?
  83. Please take time to read
  84. I think I may have a panic disorder... please give me you input
  85. Can Panic Attacks Happen Just Out Of The Blue?
  86. Panic Attacks
  87. Sleeping & Panic feelings
  88. Need help with panic attacks feel like im having a nervous breakdown
  89. Have you ever had Panic attacks with Bronchitis?
  90. Advice?
  91. SSRI and weight gain
  92. fear fear n nothing
  93. Food allergies and panic/anxiety
  94. Panic Attack or Heart troubles?
  95. any fears like mine?
  96. White coat syndrome
  97. What is the best medication for severe panic disorder? Help please ;-(
  98. Just a thought about panic attacks and help for them
  99. Fear Of The Stomach Bug! Help
  100. Anybody have these symptoms?
  101. the left side
  102. Specifically - death anxiety or panic attacks anyone....
  103. Panic attack when taking a MRI
  104. Panic in the morning only??
  105. what is the Inderal dose for panic attack
  106. when i start to fall asleep i feel wierd, what could be causing these problems
  107. Help for Daughter with Panic Disorder
  108. hi
  109. what anti dep are most perscribed for panic?
  110. Rapid heart rate
  111. why dont the klonipins help as good as the xanax for me ?
  112. Anxiety
  113. why do i feel like i am going to die
  114. klonopin expiration date
  115. just wondering
  116. i don't think prozac antidepressants are working
  117. why should i have to take zanax
  118. newbie
  119. attivan
  120. help! i cant breath properly
  121. how long before the Trazadone started working for you?
  122. Psych wants me to switch from Xanax to Valium
  123. how to deal with paranoia
  124. Please help me. im desperate.
  125. what is the difference between a panic attack and a seizure??
  126. Coworkers Making Fun Of My Panic Attacks
  127. What causes a person to have a panic attack?
  128. Has Anyone Ever Fainted Due From Panic??? Please Help...
  129. PLEASE...Help me with my 15 year old daughter!!
  130. panic/anxiety causing sleep problems..HELP PLEASE
  131. going off zoloft cold turkey
  132. Back into panic
  133. Which Meds Have Helped You The Most For Panic?
  134. Did I have a panic attack?
  135. Why do i choke when im being sick?
  136. how to taper off of zoloft safely
  137. fear of dying because my heart will stop
  138. Afraid and alone...again.
  139. paxil xanax alternative for panic disorder?
  140. panic attacks
  141. Anyone get panicky over sexual issues?
  142. withdrawal from zoloft
  143. anxiety attack? panic disorder?
  144. Panic Attack During Sleep
  145. Panic Disorders & Type 2 Diabetes...
  146. oh to be normal again (without prejudice)
  147. Ativan and klonopin
  148. Do no harm, yea right. Anxiety and high blood pressure
  149. Distinguishing Between Asthma And Anxiety With Shortness Of Breath
  150. Fainted watching a "scarred" video.
  151. xanax and geodon
  152. when i get nervous i feel like im going to throw up.
  153. Holy muscle pain Batman!
  154. fear of wetting myself
  155. Is it synthroid or just fear?
  156. Hopefully Some Help Here For Some Of You
  157. Panic Medication Advice - Help me. What should i take? I take Xanax XR 2MG and more..
  158. Celexa and Sleep
  159. Celexa
  160. Long Zoloft Withdrawal, man this sucks!
  161. panick severe
  162. Been on Prozac a week!
  163. Heart palpitations with increased actvity?
  164. Panic attacks come and go, horrifying but what next
  165. advice with Zyprexa and panic attacks
  166. Will I be able to stay on Ativan?
  167. newbie/celexa.
  168. I have panic attacks when I'm in a car
  169. I don't know what is wrong with me.
  170. newbie
  171. Anyone on new Nardil and Synthroid
  172. Help, keep needing to remind myself to breathe!!!
  173. Xanax vs. Klonopin
  174. Is this a TRUE painic attack?
  175. Why no talk of Beta Blockers?
  176. Need someone who understands!
  177. Constant Worry :(
  178. First appointment with Psychiatrist
  179. I need some help/advice please
  180. Panic attacks when in competition
  181. How do you know if you are having a panic attack
  182. My Dr. thinks I have panic attacks - but I'm in denial
  183. Hi
  184. traveling agoraphobic
  185. will my panic attacks go away
  186. scared of people noticing my anxiety...making my life hell
  187. Help with Panic!!!
  188. G-force/ stomach pains/ choking feeling/ cant move.
  189. How To Get Replies On This Board
  190. Afraid of meds
  191. Panic attack or heart attack? How do we know?
  192. Cymbalta
  193. why the sudden anxiety
  194. has anyone ever fainted due to severe panic???
  195. Need a book on Panic disorder
  196. im finally going to get off xanax with the help of my psychiatrist.
  197. please!
  198. night vs morning anxiety / panicky feelings
  199. Klonopin & Prozac Questions. Going off Xanax XR.
  200. has anyone ever tried busbar for panic and if so how well does it work ??
  201. friends and what they dont understand
  202. Ambien and panic
  203. taking meds with no relief :(
  204. difference citalopram?
  205. I Really Need Ppl's Opinions
  206. K Im Having This Symptom...is It From Not Taking My Xanax
  207. k so i need some words of encouragement please
  208. Not what i call typical panic attack help !!
  209. Random Panicing - Lacking vitamins or something?
  210. lexapro and palpitations
  211. will my panic disorder ever go away???
  212. anyone who takes xanax COME HERE
  213. not feeling normal
  214. FDA, Lexapro and Panic?
  215. Housebound Agoraphobic/Anticipatory Anxiety
  216. CBT and tea form?
  217. Panic and Stress
  218. Random sense of panic/ear issues
  219. hope?
  220. Dizziness & Swaying
  221. Panic, airplanes and Xanax xr, please advise...
  222. My son
  223. Fear of Swallowing-Have I Gone Crazy..Anyone else?:(
  224. Beta Blocker success
  225. scared of being by myself
  226. how can you tell when your ready to come off xanax?
  227. anyone ever been addicted to Klonopin....
  228. bad night
  229. Head just feels like it's about to burst!
  230. feeling better today
  231. chest discomfort
  232. this is insane, help, reassure
  233. Whats going on with me need advice
  234. length of attacks?
  235. was this a panic attack??
  236. Does anyone feel like thier doctor does not care?
  237. panic attack? anixiety? help please!
  238. Rigirl
  239. if i have panic disorder will my dr take me off if i really need them?
  240. Is this normal??!!
  241. Panic attack or something more?
  242. How to deal with a friend's panic attacks
  243. I am desparate
  244. help
  245. derealization & lexapro & stuff PLEASE READ AND HELP!!
  246. Panic Attacks?
  247. Lexapro questions
  248. Hi Everybody!
  249. So Tired Of This Airhunger Thing
  250. About to be homeless due to panic