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  1. for anyone who just cant sleep
  2. I guess I need some help and support
  3. only at night
  4. Anyone else unable to take road trips?
  5. The most effective long term Cure for Panic and Anxiety disorders and all Fears..
  6. Sudden relapse??? WHY?
  7. Kava..and more..what is it exactly ANd does it really help?
  8. panic attack symptoms or blood preasure
  9. anxiety over next attack
  10. Fear of crossing bridges
  11. worried mom
  12. Nervous When Meeting People - Sound Breathless..How Do I Deal w/It?
  13. Feeling Like You Cant Breathe
  14. Heart symptoms out of nowhere!!
  15. sigh...
  16. EKG change with panic attack???
  17. What makes panic a panic attack?
  18. Parnate...I don't like taking it
  19. Lorazepam
  20. am I having panic attacks? how can I stop them?
  21. perimenopause and panic
  22. Dimmed Vision when panicky
  23. Undiagnosed PD? Sorry a little long....
  24. Constant Pains?
  25. Lexapro Users
  26. Panic at dentist from needles
  27. Tingling like sensation in face
  28. how do u know if ur craz<y??
  29. Was this a Nocturnal Panic Attack?
  30. Anxiety/Panic or am I over-reacting?
  31. Are these panic attacks or a real medical condition?
  32. Fearless panic attacks?
  33. Weight loss with?????
  34. first full blown panic attack?
  35. Need advice about my problem
  36. are they really panic attacks
  37. Sea Salt anyone???
  38. fear of death?
  39. Does This Ever Happen to You?
  40. Lexapro and weight gain
  41. trouble swallowing food b/c of panic?
  42. anybody lose weight on paxil
  43. Lexapro and Zoloft Help
  44. Hypnosis?
  45. Has anyone tried Lucinda Bassett's program?
  46. sick of feeling sick
  47. how to deal with unsupportive husband
  48. What is wrong with me ???
  49. Do you think it's a panic disorder or just normal worrying?
  50. Has anyone tried "the Linden Method" for Panic Disorder?
  51. Service dogs for mental health issues
  52. How to STOP a panic attack
  53. went to neuro today-any advice???
  54. Just diagnosed with Panic Disorder
  55. Anxiety / Panic / Thyroidectomy
  56. valium/xanax?
  57. Electricity, buzzy, rumbling, tingling, constant panic 24/7
  58. Celexa, klonopin, xanax
  59. help please!!!
  60. Is this considered Panic?
  61. lack of magnesium and panic attacks
  62. meds dont feel like they're helping
  63. waking up with panic attacks
  64. shifting from zoloft to lexapro
  65. Please read!!!
  66. Please Help... Need Lexapro advice!
  67. hello folks
  68. Lexapro Round 2-my story
  69. Paxil??? Zoloft???
  70. Light Therapy Helps Treat Panic Disorder!
  71. Xanax ~ how many do you take a month?
  72. Lexapro Questions.
  73. effexor?
  74. risperdal?
  75. HELP! im lost in a whirlwind of Panic
  76. Eye question Panic ?
  77. sometimes this just is depressing
  78. I don't know what to do...
  79. i cant stop feeling my pulse
  80. Does anyone picture the worst??
  81. balloons
  82. Two Questions: How can others help me? And any info on betablockers?
  83. Best advice I have recieved about dealing with a panic attack...
  84. can't take any more!!
  85. Does anyone here take Lexapro for panic disorder?
  86. Please read.........
  87. panic attacks never ending
  88. Does Panic Make You Do This?
  89. To BEV , how are you doing now(about the salt)
  90. panic return
  91. Long term ativan use
  92. panic during pregnancy
  93. getting panicky around your peers..?
  94. Update on Sea Salt
  95. Joe Barry
  96. depersonalization/derealization
  97. A Curious Symptom
  98. Does this happen to anyone?
  99. For ASH8752.......
  100. Any recommendations on a good med?
  101. hi all im zoe
  102. Treatment centers
  103. new world
  104. How do you overcome panic when you have a real physical condition?
  105. i need some help!!! panic and ativan
  106. Panic Attack in School
  107. has anyone gone from zoloft to paxil???
  108. How can you be sure?
  109. Am I alone?????
  110. Hello, during a panic attack, how high does your pulse go?
  111. Panic Attacks
  112. wellbutrin panic attack
  113. Zoloft questions
  114. What's wrong with me???
  115. Are these panic attacks? Please help!
  116. help, help please read
  117. Panic attack meds...
  118. Panic Attacks Associated With Cerebral Palsy
  119. Attivan
  120. Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety
  121. need help, please
  122. panic attacks
  123. Lets Continue....."you Know You Have Panic Disorder When":....
  124. You Can Overcome This Panic Disorder
  125. Klonopin To Get Through A Cardiac Mri
  126. How Can You Find a Fellow Panic Disorder Sufferer to Date?
  127. Panic Attack DVDs
  128. Panic or Not?
  129. sea salt???
  130. 24/7 panic
  131. Bev92 question on sea salt
  132. Post-car accident panic attacks ruining daily life.
  133. Panic
  134. Panic forever
  135. did i just have a panic attack?
  136. panic attacks while driving... help!!
  137. hives?
  138. Brain zaps, but not from withdrawal
  139. A Panic Attack while on medication???
  140. what is this??????
  141. Pins and Needles
  142. Anyone else taking Perphe****ne??
  143. Panic attacks & BodyFlex
  144. Panic Disorder Medication
  145. uh oh, more negative thoughts
  146. Muscle Tension and Panic Attacks
  147. Finding Group discussions about Panic Attacks?
  148. beta blocker?
  149. How long does 5mg increase take to kick in?
  150. Please help me! Panic attacks and severe nightmares
  151. Is paxil usually prescribed for panic attacks?
  152. How Long Do They
  153. Paxil and Xanax Question
  154. You guys have got to try this
  155. Panic attack or asthma
  156. Just signed up...glad i found this site
  157. Please read. Could you please tell me if this has happened to you!
  158. Desribe your first panic attack...
  159. common with panic disorder?
  160. Dizzy~
  161. can anyone help me?
  162. please advice
  163. Hi guys I have a question...
  164. how to regulate breathing
  165. Could it be a panic attack?
  166. Please help me...
  167. this is a new one.......
  168. HI New Here Unsure if im having panic attack.... Please Help
  169. question for 851
  170. New on here, please help.
  171. Magnesium and Anxiety/Panic/Heart Issues
  172. Panic Disorder
  173. Zyprex Question
  174. Anxiety MEDS, Help!
  175. Inderal and Panic Disorder
  176. Flying
  177. Lexapro long term effects?
  178. Always a fear of dying
  179. going to work?
  180. Has anyone ever beaten Panic Disorder?
  181. Prozac & Klonopin or Lexapro???
  182. anyone else get this?
  183. Lexapro Withdrawl
  184. Fear of public places
  185. down somedays and lost
  186. Auto pilot?
  187. Panic Attack??!!
  188. Panicky feeling around people/when away from mom
  189. Quick Question about thought?
  190. morning panic
  191. please help anyone else get this symptom or here of it?
  192. Panic Attack or Something else?
  193. Panic attacks at the Dentist
  194. You know you have panic disorder when... part 2
  195. Will this ever go away?
  196. Lexapro making me feel worse after 2 days?? HELP!
  197. Weird observation.
  198. Zoloft Withdrawal Problems
  199. panic disorder
  200. Feeling washed out after panic attack
  201. Jaw is killing me
  202. Burning feeling throughout body - rx Emsamm
  203. Panic Disorder & OCD
  204. New to this board...not new to anxiety/panic
  205. Lexapro?
  206. Does this happen to anyone else?
  207. Losing my mind?
  208. Panic/Anxiety and Effexor XR
  209. Rapid Heartbeat/Dizziness - Doctor thinks panic attacks?
  210. help
  211. panic attack depression meds HELP!!!
  212. weird question
  213. Is it still?
  214. Panic Attacks at Night
  215. What to think?
  216. lorazepam(ativan) and alcohol
  217. panic disorder or schizophrenia
  218. Are the 2 related????
  219. Question about Xanax
  220. panic attacks
  221. My story/journey (sorry so long)
  222. For Everybody!
  223. My daughter has severe panic attacks about the weather... please help.
  224. Swallowing trouble and eating
  225. Panic and Passing Out
  226. How do I taper off Zoloft Safely!!
  227. i'm new.......
  228. Damn. thoughts?
  229. Please I need answers!!
  230. I really do not want to be on meds!!
  231. I feel alone sometimes
  232. panic attacks
  233. thinking of taking lexapro
  234. will i ever stop being afraid?
  236. Have you ever gotten off your meds and were panic free?
  237. Anxiety/Panic Disorder – Does anyone have a similar story?
  238. Victim of Zoloft (HELP!)
  239. Question about daughter with hyperventilation syndrome
  240. generic paxil
  241. Recovery stories?
  242. RIMA's for Panic
  243. extreme fatigue..
  244. i need peoples opinions
  245. Question to all on Lexapro
  246. What the heck is wrong with me?
  247. Anxiety,stress, and panic attacks
  248. A few Zoloft questions...
  249. Paxil Question
  250. Propandolol

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